This may be an odd Jockstrap Wednesday but this came across my radar. But there is a brand called Diamond MMA that makes gear for MMA fighters. While I know many out there may go “What is this” but I know we have guys who will appreciate us showing this off. This is the Quad Jock and Athletic Cup system

I heard from a few guys that they swear by this cup for more than just MMA. There are guys out there who play softball, or other sports that need a cup. Plus, I think this is pretty cool.

The jock has a different design. Instead of 2 legstraps it has 4. The traditional and two extra that are designed to hold the cup in place and not have it move. If you have worn cups before, it can shift and leave you with little protection. I give them props for a new and innovative design.

And if you aren’t a fan of jocks and cups, they have a boxer brief and trunk option. It’s def something different than we normally show but for those needing a new cup, check out the Quad Jock.


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  1. I have tried this jock and its have to say its one of the best sports jocks out there. With the quad straps the cup stays firmly in place . I also like waist band draw string to help keep things in place as well. Wearing with out a cup it offers great support. It seams like with most cup supporters that work well with using a cup , but when using them on their on they don’t work so well. This one does both. Great for contact sports and workouts.

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