This was not a subject you guys either feel strongly on or have tried them. We had a total of 17 guys fill out the survey, which is pretty low for us. However, I want to explore this subject more with the guys who took the time to take the survey and leave their email. Also, Google Forms can suck it, I have had two issues with “Option 1” showing up when I changed them to the right type of answer. I double checked it before I posed.

Have you ever tried a subscription service?

What made you sign up?

How would your rate your experience?

Here are the comments featuring the pro’s to a subscription:

I like the thought of getting a surprise once a month in then mail.
its always fun to get new undies and to try new brands
The style and price. 
The excitement of what you are getting in the next batch/post
New undies without thinking about it
it was fun to get new underwear without really any effort
Getting a new pair of underwear every month and being able to try new brands and designs.
Gave me options I wouldn’t normally try
Random new pairs from different brands on an expected basis
Variety and surprises
possibility to buy labels difficult to buy here in Brussels
I would get New pair of briefs every month.

The Cons are:

The designer was using the subscription service to dump obvious second-rate merchandise on subscribers. Two examples: One jock had legs that were sewn properly. Another item, a thong, had other obvious manufacturing flaws.
sometimes i felt like i was getting bottom of the barrel underwear that they were just trying to get rid of
Quality and size you had to up size wasn’t good. I found paying US $ and the items came from China. The sizes were not correct you had to guess and up size one to two sizes larger. 
Not able to deviate from the line you have chosen….no choice between Brief/Boxer/Thong or whatever
Much of the fun of new underwear is shopping and browsing.
most of the styles I got were boring
Never received a few shipments. Also being uncertain if what was being sent would be from a brand that would be comfortable for my body type.
I like skimpier cuts for thongs/strings/jockstraps and they didn’t really offer those so I canceled.
Over time the service became expendable. I couldn’t justify the purchases.
Sometimes the pick was just OK
some labels of very bad quality
They wanted to curate to my likes but I couldn’t give good feedback that they would use for the next pair if I didn’t like one.


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