One look at the latest jockstraps, thongs and trunks from Male Power and you’ll know why this collection is called CockPit. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out!

As a whole, the Male Power CockPit collection is visually stunning but it’s the pouch and what it contains that is the star of the show. Not only is there a slinky 3D torpedo pouch to cover your junk but unsnap it to expose your missile. And thanks to the included fabric cockring wrapping around it, you’ll be lifted up and pushed forward and raring to go when called into action.

As mentioned, there’s a jockstrap (of course!), a thong and a low-rise trunk. In all three, the main body is made with a stretchy, wide net mesh fabric that sits flush against your body. There’s an opening in the crotch for your boys to stick out of. A soft and slinky breathable micro-mesh torpedo pouch is attached to the top and button with metal snaps leaving the sides open. Unsnap the pouch completely to find the suspended elastic cockring that wraps around both your dick and balls.

In all three, the 1.5 inch-wide waistband is made with Male Power’s signature high-quality comfort elastic with Male Power logo woven right into the band. The jock has two 3/4 inch-wide leg straps in back, the thong has a the striking net fabric disappearing into the delicious crevice between your ass cheeks and the trunk is the most visually stunning with the wide mesh fabric contrasting against your skin.

Be sure to head to our website to check out brand new model William and returning favorite model Andrew showing off (and I do mean SHOWING OFF!) in all our uncensored photos.



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