I created the Pool Party series while doing the Himbo series. Drawing is a release for me; it’s a way of calming my anxiety and stress. I was in the middle of a marathon drawing day in March when I came upon the idea to do a series of pool party pictures. I just drew them for about two weeks and came up with the idea of running them from Memorial day to Labor day. I miscounted, and we all know math is hard for me, but I finally got 15 weeks to make this happen.

I remember saying that I would do 24 for the Peep Show series, which turned out to be eight total. However, I was undaunted and counted the finished or almost finished pictures. By luck, I had 13 already done or 90% done. I just needed two more. Now, these last two would take me through the first part of may before I got done. But it’s DONE.

Every Sunday, I will post the next edition of the Pool Party series. I hope you guys enjoy it. This is called Anniversary Party. A small group is celebrating the anniversary and enjoying the pool.


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