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COLT_Collection_ad_5755-H-copyAre you familiar with Colt Underwear? It is a line produced by Colt Studios, well known for their “art” pictures and movies. They have been around for many years but had entered the underwear market in the last five years. You may have seen some pics they have done on Tumblr. But you may not have seen much of the underwear before.

This year at Magic I sat down with Timoteo and they informed me they were taking over the Colt line. This seemed natural after the success of the Cellblock13 line, which is the fetish line produced by Timoteo. Colt Underwear now has the quality and design of Timoteo in their revamped underwear line. So you can expect the same wear and tear of Timoteo!

What is in this new line? Here are the new pairs in this new line up

  • Colt Super Low – The same style as the Timote Super Low Brief but in black and white
  • Colt Jock Brief –  A jock brief in a similar cut to the brief (below) also in black and white
  • Colt Signature Jock – A Jock made with the same banded waistband of the Super Low and Jock Brief. Also in black and white
  • Colt Boxer Brief – A flyless boxer brief with a defined pouch and branded waistband. Also in black and white
  • Colt Logo Jockstrap – See the picture above. It has a wide waistband with a traditional elastic waistband with Colt on the front. Also in White and black.

The prices range from $24.95 (for all briefs and jocks) and $29.95 for the Boxer Briefs. Find these pairs on the Colt Website.

colt-jockstrapsCOLT started producing gay porn back in 1967 and through the years became known for their macho Marlboro men, construction workers and cowboys. A number of years ago COLT produced their first line of jockstraps but they were discontinued a while later. Well, now they’re back with totally new jockstrap designs and this time around COLT pulled out the big guns using top underwear designer Timoteo to produce the line.

There’s three styles available in both classic black or white for a total of 6 new jocks. Whether it’s the COLT Jock Brief, the COLT Signature Jockstrap with it’s classic styling or the COLT Logo Jockstrap with a throwback to their past designs, all three incorporate a soft brushed cotton pouch with a hint a spandex. The fabric is light and along with the spandex, it hugs your bulge showing it off to perfection. Wide waistbands, one inch straps on the traditional jockstraps and the bold COLT logo say “masculine” without a doubt. For more details and to see Jockstrap Central’s latest model Spence (damn, he’s hot) putting the new COLT jocks through a workout, visit their website.”

Shop at Jockstrap Central

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This is the beginning of a new segment to Underwear News Briefs where we can showcase some of the smaller stores that sell underwear all over the country and the world.  Since I live in the Atlanta area, I wanted to tell everyone about a store that offers an awesome selection of men’s underwear.  Many locals, in fact, don’t know this store even sells underwear.  The store I am referring to is Poster Hut.

Poster Hut has been open in Atlanta for 40 years and has a great collection of cards, clothing, home accessories, and other wild and fun items on the funny and eclectic side.  I had not visited the store in some time when Wes, our copy editor, came on staff and was telling me about all the underwear they carry.  We became friends with the owner, Mike, and have been working together for about a year.  UNB has completed some reviews of items they offer and they have participated in our Holiday Guide.

The underwear selection at Poster Hut has amazed me since the first time I entered the store.  The great companies they carry are Mundo Unico, Colt, Dirty Fukker, Priape, Nasty Pig, Schultz, Male Power, Magic Silk, (Lee Gregory), WildmanT, and Ajaxx63, a company producing many gay themed t-shirts.  They sell underwear brands that no other store in Atlanta is offering such as Unico, Schultz, and Dirty Fukker.  Poster Hut allows customers to buy them locally and not have to wait for satisfaction through the mail.  As you know, Unico is one of my favorite underwear companies in the world.  I am thankful I can buy them when I want them.  Their selection of Unico is practically everything I would be able to find online.  Honestly, I was a kid in a candy store.

The Holiday Guide and the two-year anniversary special contained profiles on Schultz, an underwear company with various sayings on the waistband.  Poster Hut has practically the entire line in stock.  They are a fun company and we really like them here at UNB.  The jeans are not part of their inventory as of yet, but they are hoping to get them soon as they would make great combinations with the underwear.

Exclusive to Poster Hut in this area is another great underwear designer, Dirty Fukker.  Obviously, they are popular with the southern boys not only because of their designs, but also their name.  The name always catches everyone’s attention.  I have witnessed guys who come in to browse the section and stop to look when the name stood out to them.  They now have a new camo collection that has become quite the hit.

We are excited that underwear has become one of Poster Hut’s main products, evident from an event they hosted last week.  A local photographer, Shane Gardner, showed some of his work to the public.  They also had models featuring items from their selections of underwear, including their signature model Chandler (see the guy in leather), guys from Acme-tainment, and one from Lee Gregory or  Lee Gregory was at the show and I was able to chat with him for a while.

I spent about two hours at this fun event, mainly talking about underwear.  I had a chance to speak with everyone there.  How fun is it to go to a party and be able to talk about underwear?  I talked to Lee Gregory about current trends and influences in the world of men’s underwear.  His line of clothing is quite fun, aiming more for dating wear and probably not for everyday wear.  I’m not sure you would want to go to the gym with “Hung Like A Jury” written on the pouch, but maybe you would!

I was about to do a little networking with the owner of Acme-tainment.  I network a bit for my professional life.  We were able to talk about underwear for a few minutes and then about other interests and some business ideas.  It was great to be able to do some networking while enjoying the passion I have for underwear.  I hope Poster Hut holds more events like this as to get the word out about their underwear and other interesting, lively items.

If you are in the Atlanta area, definitely stop by and see our friends at Poster Hut, located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.  When you browse in their underwear section, you will see copies of our reviews displayed above the referenced selection.  If you are able to visit them, let them know you heard about them on Underwear News Briefs.

Here are the Sales Briefs for today, sorry they are a little late:

  • Erogenos now has new items from both GIA and Male Power Extreme Collection. For those not familiar with GIA, it’s another exciting line that hails from Columbia. They feature sporty, urban  techno, and truly sexy underwear collections. They feature unique prints, patterns and quality materials. While Male Power’s New Extreme Collection is a superior combination of stretch four-way faux leather, paired with mesh and stretch net combinations. Some stiles have the unique ripoff feature as well.
  • Mensuas is having their final reductions. You can save up to 60% off or more with the deals through this weekend. They include: 40% off Unico, 3G swimwear at least 50% off, C-IN2 at least 33% off. Check out all the deals at their site.
  • Dead Good Undies is having their Nearly Mid January sale on now. You can get underwear staring at £1. Yes, you read it right. You can get other pairs for under £6. But note this is on selected items only. Check out all the great deals but hurry!
  • Jockstrap Central is having a clearance sale. You can save up to 25% off itms from Gigo, Bodyworksman, Colt and Kinkwear! Sizes and styles are limited. “It may not be spring, but we’re clearing out our stock room to make room for exciting new products coming up in the next little while. On selected items from Gigo, Bodyworksman, COLT and Kinkwear, we’re offering up to 25% off. Sizes and selection are limited so be sure to act quickly before they run out.”
  • 10 have something new. They have over 95 different jockstraps. They are from all the top brands. If you like jocks then you will want to check out all the new arrivals.  While there check out the new catalogue they have released!
  • Wyzman is bringing you a sale just in time for Valentine’s Day. They are giving your Gregg Homme 30% off for four days. The sale ends Sunday January 17th. Find some of the sexiest undies around, especially or a special night like valentines!
  • C-IN2 has some offers too good to refuse. you can save on a lot of your favorite styles and colors. I can’t tell you what they are you are just going to have to go to the site and see!
  • His Room thinks you will love Obviously so much they will Guarantee it! If for any reason you don’t agree that they are the most comfortable underwear in the world they will return your purchase, no questions asked. We agree we think you will love them as well. His Room is giving you 10% of your order as well!
  • Wear it Out is giving you 15% off all swimwear, just use code AD5FFXA65GU at check out. Selected styles of Ginch Gonch are on clearance at $19.99. Note this is Australian Dollar prices. Lastly, they have Piss & Vinegar in stock as well!
  • Men’s Underwear Store now has a few things going on right now. They now have the Clever sporty collection in stock. You can have some great new style with swimwear from Skmpeez! Lastly, you can save 20% off Obviously for men, the Sinuous line! Check out all three at their site.


If you live in Atlanta, you are missing out on a great store that sells underwear! The Poster Hut now has if not the full line, pretty close to the full line of Male Power! As you can see by the picture above they have an amazing collection. Also, while you are there check out the other brands they carry, Dirty Fukker, Unico, Schultz, Colt Underwear and more. They don’t do mail order, but if you’re local go check them out!