DNA Magazine


Are you a fan of our Brief Distractions? Do you love amazing photography in men’s underwear/swimwear? Have you liked the pics we have posted of Todd Sansfield? If you answered yes to any of those questions you need to check out DNA Magazine’s DNA Men #1. If you aren’t familiar with DNA Magazine they are a magazine out of Australia. The DNA Men is a new series they are selling through their website. The first issue is out for a limited time and features all pictures.

Todd sent us a few pictures to share of him from the issue. As you can see he graced the cover and had a major spread inside the magazine. We are sharing a few here and also the racier ones on the Underwear News Briefs Tumblr. I do have a copy, I have had it for a few months. It’s a great magazine if you love photography. Also go check out some the great undies at Todd Sansfield Underwear.



Monday night (here in the U.S.) aussieBum streamed live their photo shoot. If you are a fan of our Facebook page, we posted a link to the aB LiveStream channel. aB really knows how to use social media to their advantage. The feed was a little testy for a bit. It would play then cut out and pick back up. I watched for about 30 mins at the beginning.

It is a great way to see how a photo shoot is conducted in the underwear/swimwear business. Very few companies actually will show you the behind the scenes of a shoot in this detail. There have been others who have done this but aB has started doing this on a regular basis.

The shoot was for a DNA Magazine cover. As you see form the picture here they will be releasing a singlet soon! We will have all the information about it when it is released. Next time they do a stream we hope to post it before it goes live!

Wear It Out did a great shoot with DNA Magazine. They sent us quite a few pics to share with you guys. Here is what they say about the shoot:

)ur most recent set of photos done exclusively for DNA Magazine Australia by acclaimed photographer Russell Fleming.  These photos feature many items from our online store and were featured in DNA Issue #135 (April 2011).  The models name is Ryan Burke and we’re very happy with the response to this photo shoot in DNA Magazine.

We hope you enjoy!