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Time to freshen up your sports fetish collection of jocks and gear! Our entire collection of Cellblock 13 jockstraps, harnesses, thongs, wresting singlets and shorts are now on sale until July 20th.

Although everything is on sale, the truth is we’re trying to make room on our shelves for all the new Cellblock 13 heading your way soon. All our discontinued clearance items have now been reduced even further.

Along with the discontinued gear, our new Atlas jocks and crazy hot body harness (that attaches to your package via a silicone cockring) are also on sale as our the awesome Tight End Jockstraps – the modern classic jocks which now come in 3 Inch and swimmer (1 inch versions) and in an incredible array of colors. There’s 14 colors to choose from in the 3 Inchers and 11 to choose from in the swimmers.



Pride is here and so is one of our biggest sales of the year. Get 15% to 70% off everything store wide at Jockstrap Central until Tuesday, June 29th at midnight. There are no discount codes to remember, simply head to our online store and you’ll find all our jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, shorts, fetish wear, enhancing and erotic gear, tank tops, harnesses, cockrings, ball stretchers and even socks all listed with the regular price crossed out and new sale price listed.

As many of you know, in past years we’ve worked Toronto Pride with a booth during the main weekend but over the past few years, we’ve put on our big Pride Sale so everyone could take advantage of it, not just guys in Toronto. Of course, this year and last, with Covid going on and most Pride events canceled we all have to get creative in celebrating Pride. If you’re still some form of lock down then gear up and celebrate Pride at home, hanging out (literally) with your buddies and see what comes up. If you’re like us here and small outdoor gatherings are once again allowed – perhaps have your own Pride party with a few friends together in the backyard (distanced, of course!) Restaurant patios in our Gay Village and in many other places are now open so gear up and get out, those patios will be a spectacle!

Back to the sale: As mentioned, this is a huge sale and will also be hugely popular – so shop early for the best selection!

Some highlights: Our entire collection of Cellblock 13 jockstraps, shorts, harnesses, wrestling singlets and masks are all on sale and a lot of it on clearance and heavily discounted. Also in the fashion and erotic category, our entire collection of McKlillop including the bulge-centric and exposing Glory Hole Jocks are on sale. As they’re technically out of season, McKillop Max-Bulge Long Johns are now on clearance (but they’re not just for Fall and Winter, they make great exhibitionist-friendly street and lounge wear.

Our entire collection of Canadian made Raw Studio jocks, strapless socks, ball-lifters and a whole slew of cockrings, and contraptions to make your boys happy are all discounted. For a little self-expression, check out Cellblock 13’s Vaux line of bold, colorful jocks, harnesses and mesh shorts (with built-in jocks) as they’re all heavily discounted. Before you checkout, be sure to visit our dick-centric King Dick collection of jocks and underwear, our exposing collection of Spanish designed jockstraps and fetish shorts from Locker Gear, our also exposing mesh, see-through and full-frontal jocks from GBGB and our three-for-the-price-of-one Papi fashion jockstraps.

Of course, we couldn’t end there without mentioning our sports jocks: We’ve got our very own classic JC Athletic jocks, original jocks by Meyer, and unique cotton pouched jocks from Wolf and Omtex, not to mention the modern sports jocks from Cellblock 13 and GBGB that come in a huge array of colors.

There are too things to mention here so just head to our website to discover them all for yourself.

  • offer not retroactive and sale items are not eligible for further discount.



Who’s your daddy? Whether you know a hot Daddy who’d love some new gear or you’re the daddy and you deserve a treat, take advantage of our Daddy’s Day sale to make it happen. For the next two days, until Sunday, June 20th, everything store wide at Jockstrap Central is 15% off when you use discount code DADDYSDAY. Jockstraps, jock briefs, sports fetish wear, shorts, underwear, bulge wear and more – we’ve got you covered and sometime uncovered.

To use the code, simply put anything into your shopping cart at Jockstrap Central and then on the shopping cart page, enter the discount code DADDYSDAY and click the Add Coupon button to register the code. Anything in your shopping cart and anything you add afterward will be discounted by 15%. It couldn’t be easier!

* The only thing the discount code won’t discount is already discounted items in our clearance and sale bin as they’re already discounted for 20% off and more. CLICK HERE FOR JOCKSTRAP CENTRAL


As I’m sure you know, we launched Cellblock 13’s all new and improved modern day sports jocks some time ago and they were an immediate hit, well now you can get the 3 Inch versions in fourteen incredible colors including the all-new robins-egg-blue and burgundy. Plus you can get the Swimmer versions in eleven colors including the brand new yellow, robins-egg-blue and burgundy.

Inspired by the classic sports jocks of yesteryear with a respectful nod to Bike complete with micro-sports striping around the waistbands.

These jocks have everything you want in a sports jock and more. With a tough and masculine 3 inch wide waistband or a smaller Swimmer version with a one inch wide waistband. Which one you choose is a personal preference. As mentioned, these are modern day sports jocks and include a woven mesh pouch and because these are made of a nylon, cotton and spandex blend, it’s a bit softer to the touch than their predecessors. They are also slightly contoured to ensure a better fit and sturdy enough to keep things in place during a rigorous workout. Finally, solid elastic leg straps not only frame your ass but ensure everything stays in place.

Don’t be misled by the name – whether you’re a fullback, quarterback or line back, this jock will make you happy but if you’re a tight end then you’ll have your teammates lining up for a chance at your end zone.

Collect them all!

Shop at Jockstrap Central – Post contains an affiliate sales link


A long weekend deserves a big sale. From now until Monday, May 31st, over 250 items are on sale for up to 60% off. Jockstraps, jock briefs, briefs, trunks, gym shorts, harnesses, fetish wear, full frontal display suits, wrestling singlets, socks and more are all on sale.

It couldn’t be easier: Just head to our store and click the Memorial Sale Banner to find all our sale items listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red.

I won’t get into any details but included in the sale are JC Athletic, Cellblock 13, GBGB, Male Power, PUMP!, Meyer, Raw Studio, Vaux, McKillop and more.



For a limited time, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $70 or more we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted Canadian shipping. Here’s the details:

Just place your order and if the product total is $70 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and Canadian customers will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 off the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.

Just so you know: Shipping isn’t ever free for us, it’s just another form of discount and a cost we cover.



The new Your Jockstraps has launched. It’s now a full-featured social media website for jockstrap fanatics and it’s entirely free. Set up your profile, share photos, talk jocks, embed videos, hook up, send private messages, sell/buy/trade used jocks and lots more. Just consider yourself warned, the site is uncensored and Not Safe For Work!

It’s a hangout and playground for jockstrap fanatics. It’s not trying to be a Grindr or Scruff, it’s a full-fledged community. Sure, there’s mechanisms to hook up with others but it’s much more than that.

Your Jockstraps only launched on January 1st and there’s already over 500 members, over 2000 photos posted, over 3000 comments and 1300+ messages posted in the discussion forums.

In case you’re wondering: The website is and always will be entirely free. There’s no upsells or upgrades. We won’t sign up you to any mail list and you won’t be subjected to countless ads, sponsored posts or fake posts. The site is brought to you by Jockstrap Central which is how the site will remain free.

Hope to see you over there and in your jockstraps. My username is Jockstrapguy so be sure to look me up and say hi

WHAT A MESH! NEW BRUTO MESH JOCKS, BRIEFS AND THONGS at Jockstrap Central (Note post contains an affiliate sales link).

What a Mesh! The hot weather is here so be sure to snag a jockstrap, thong or brief from Bruto with built-in air conditioning. While onlookers will be getting all hot and horny with the view of your boys being partially exposed, you’ll be nice and cool with the wind tickling your balls through mesh fabric. Here’s the details.

The Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter has two fun features. The most obvious is the sexy mesh fabric that’s pretty much see-through leaving very little to the imagination. But that’s not all – the pouch is designed with a second half pouch inside (also of mesh) that acts like a pouch for your boys. It ingeniously lifts up your package and pushes it out while filling out the pouch and allowing your junk to become even more visible. Hot!

The Bruto Hot Mesh Thong has a prime view from both the front and the back In front, the contoured mesh pouch is VERY see-through. In back, the view is slick and streamlined with a tapering strap starting at the waistband and traveling down and disappearing between the crevice between your ass cheeks.

The Bruto Sport Mesh Jockstrap or Brief is all about the tease. The contoured pouch is made from a deliciously soft sports mesh which is partially see-through. The basic rule of thumb is light colored skin shows more with a black pouch and dark colored skin shows more through a white pouch, so choose the color (white or black) based on your confidence!

Between the contouring of the pouch and the decent amount of four-way stretch, this pouch should accommodate most average guys comfortably. If you’ve got more going on down there then you’ll be packing it in – but that in itself could be fun and the bulging, impressive.

The waistband of the Sports Mesh Jock is nice and wide with the iconic Bruto Bear logo front and center whereas the brief’s waistband is a bit narrower has has a slick rubber BRUTO logo patch.

Along with these new mesh jocks, thongs and briefs, we also just introduced new Bear-centric jockstraps and briefs this past Wednesday. If you missed Wednesday’s newsletter you should definitely check them out.

Bruto by Estevez is exclusive to Jockstrap Central in North America. All jocks, briefs and thongs come in size Small all the way up to XXlarge (waist size 28 inches up to 44 inches).

Exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America! (Note Post contains an affiliate sales link)

Our initial launch of Bruto jockstraps and tank tops was such a huge success it was a no-brainer to expand the line. In case you don’t know, Bruto (by Estevez) is a collection of sexy essential jocks, briefs and tanks geared to bears, otters, wolves, daddies (and admirers) and joining our existing collection of fun, body-positive gear are 5 new jocks and briefs designs.

First things first: The fabric of both the jocks and briefs are made of a super fast dry fabric that’s incredible, super-soft and feels phenomenal against your boys. Plus, the colors are vibrant using sublimation printing so they don’t fade or crack.

The jockstraps all have a regular-size pouch but they have four-way stretch with more stretch in it’s length than width to accommodate most guys comfortably. With a very masculine looking black two-and-a-half inch wide waistband with the iconic Bruto Bear logo front and center. In back, two comfort one-inch-wide leg straps perfectly frame your ass.

The Briefs are made with panels of fabric. The pouch is contoured and isolated with piping separating it from the rest of the brief. The contouring, along with the piping edging the pouch, you’ll always be sporting your best bulge.

In either the jock or briefs, choose from these fun Bear-centric fabrics:

Teddy Bear: The fabric has repeating teddy bears donned in leather biker’s caps and harnesses against a blue background and edged with black piping.

Kuma Bear: The fabric has repeating illustrated muscle bears, Japanese lettering which I assume means Kuma (bear in English) and also the word BEAR all in black on a light blue background.

Bear Flag: This fabric has stripes in the bear flag colors. While the brief is new, we’ve carried the jockstrap for quite some time.


Be sure to check out our entire collection of Bruto as you’ll find there are awesome matching tank tops for many of the jocks and briefs


Sports Fetish is often a mindset that takes place in the bedroom or backroom with your jockstrap on. With Locker Gear’s new Jocks the visual hits home what sports fetish really is, throwing subtlety out the door. 

With the Locker Gear Massive Harder Zipper Jockstrap, the ultra-wide masculine waistband with it’s multiple bands of sports stripes built will get you into any locker room out there. But the pouch is pure kink and with it’s slick pvc fabric and functional contrasting colored zipper running down the center you’ll be skipping the lines at your local fetish club.

Along with the wide waistband, the leg straps are also nice and thick for a bit of butt lifting action.

The Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap waistband screams gym but the pouch screams Folsom. Like the Zipper Jock above, this jock also features that masculine ultra-wide waistband but this pouch has leather-look panels with a partially see-through mesh panel down the center. Contrasting stitching between panels and black piping with contrasting color hits a stylish home run.

Along with the wide waistband, the leg straps are also nice and thick for a bit of butt lifting action.

Whether you’re having sex or wearing these jocks at the gym – things are going to be hot and sweaty.

Shop at Jockstrap Central (note post contains an affiliate sales link)


A View With a Thrill! 

You’ll feel like a Titan when you gear up in the latest Cellblock 13 collection called Atlas – featuring one of the most comfortable jocks and naughtiest harnesses Cellblock 13 has come out with yet. Here’s the details:

The Cellblock 13 Atlas Jockstrap is sports fetish refined with the level of style and detailing we’ve come to expect from CB13. The Pouch fabric is ultra smooth and super soft and feels more like bamboo with lots of stretch to cradle and showcase your package to perfection. With a wide vertical racing stripe down the center.

The one-and-a-half inch wide waistband is equally as amazing. Like all Cellblock 13 elastics, it’s the perfect balance of stretch and support. The mostly black band has contrasting thin sports striping. But that’s not all, look closely and you’ll see the black is actually a repeating embossed CELLBLOCK 13 – this is the attention to detail that sets CB13 apart from most other designers. Finally, a rubber CELLBLOCK 13 logo patch sits front and center.Leg straps: One inch wide comfort elastics match the color of the pouch.

The Cellblock 13 Atlas Body Harness consists of series of elastic straps, black metal rings and a CB13 stretchy rubber cockring. The harness is not only designed to showcase your chest and back but it’s guaranteed to give you a thrill with every move thanks to the down straps in front and in back that attach to the cockring worn around your dick. Simply walking down the street will have the back strap rubbing against your hole and the front strap tugging at your junk.

The elastic used in the harness is the same used in the Cellblock 13 Atlas Jockstrap. The rubber cockring is a thick stretchy silcone ring that looks like a tire with treads.

To ensure the perfect fit: It comes in four sizes based on chest size, the straps are elasticated plus the length is fully adjustable both in front and back via a series of sizing snaps.

Of course the best feature of Atlas is both the jock and harness are very inexpensive! Atlas comes in either blue, army-green, grey or red.CLICK HERE FOR JOCKSTRAP CENTRAL


Every one needs a break (especially after last year) so here’s ours to you: To celebrate Spring, everything store wide is now on sale for up to 70% off until Tuesday, April 6th. There are no discount codes to remember, simply browse our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price displayed in red. We’ve got jockstraps, jock briefs, gym shorts, fetish shorts, fetish wear, wrestling singlets, briefs, boxer briefs, tank tops and even cockrings and socks and it’s they’re all marked down.

I won’t go into all the details but be sure to check out our bulge-tastic Mckillop gear as it’s all 15% to 55% off right now. A word of warning: because the good weather is here, we’re dropping our McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns until next fall but we’re fully stocked and you can get them now for 20% off. Hint: you can also wear the long johns as sexy leggings, street wear or lounge wear (if you dare!) Also in the bulge department, our entire collection of Raw Studio jocks are now 15% to 55% off.

All our GBGB jocks and suspensories are 15% to 50% off plus our entire collection of Cellblock 13 jockstraps, wrestling singlets, fetish shorts and harnesses are now on sale for 15% to 25% off. Cellblock 13’s flamboyant fashion meets fetish Vaux collection of jockstraps, harness and shorts are now 15% to 40% off. And also in the fetish department, our new Locker Gear jocks and shorts are now 15% off.

In the sports jock department, all our classic and modern sports jocks from JC Athletic, Meyer, GBGB, Cellblock 13 and King Dick are 15% to 20% off right now so be sure to take advantage and stock up now.

There are too many deals to mention so just head to our website to discover them all for yourself. You can either click one of the big sale graphics scattered around the site to see everything on sale on one page or click on the brand or style links on the left hand menu of any page on our website to sort through them that way.

As always with a sale like this – shop early for the best selection.

*Offer not available retroactively. Sale items not eligible for further discount.



Ready for a workout? Whether it’s at the gym or in the sack, GBGB has you covered (and sometimes exposed!) From modern but classic inspired sports jocks to kinky full-frontal medical suspensory jocks and pouches – be sure to take advantage of our GBGB Sale where everything is 15% to 40% off until Tuesday, March 30th. We also just received a huge restock shipment so we’re pretty well fully stocked on all our GBGB gear right now.

At the gym, be sure to stock up on the GBGB Classic Jockstraps – they’re some of the most comfortable (and good looking) sports jocks out there – with solid three inch wide waistbands and soft knit pouches and with nine colors to choose from, you’ll be looking your best while feeling your best.

Look beyond the sports jocks to figure out where GBGB got their name. They’re not called Good Boys Gone Bad for nothing:

For a little medical kink, be sure to snag some of our GBGB Suspensory Jockstraps and Pouches. Not only do you get a jockstrap (or pouch) that treats your balls just right, but it also puts your dick out on display and as an added bonus – gets you bulging to perfection when you wear it under your favorite pair of jeans or light fabric shorts.

With the GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap you’re getting three jocks in one – from mildly conservative to full on frontal exposure, depending how how you configure the double paneled sheer pouch.

Then there’s the GBGB Clint Glory Hole Jock. With a name like that, you can probably guess what it’s all about. As is, it’s a sexy jock with a pouch made from an upper and lower panel of GBGB’s signature ribbed knit fabric with a convenient hole formed where they meet giving you a glimpse of what lies beneath. Of course, the real fun starts when you pull your dick out of the hole – the possibilities are endless and a (w)hole lot of fun.

… that’s just to name a few. Be sure to head over to Jockstrap Central to check our full GBGB collection.



Cellblock 13 is not being subtle with the name of this gear. With Flasher, you’ll be unsnapping that pouch and giving everyone a view to remember – a silicone Jock Armour cockring and your junk sticking out of it.

With its stunning masculine lines, Flasher compliments your body to perfection. Made with a series of high-quality, soft, stretchy neoprene rubber straps with a V shape pointing to the goods both front and back. In front, “the goods” would be your crotch covered by the removable cup (cod piece). In back, “the goods” would be that bubble butt of yours – the V ends in a single down strap that disappears between your ass cheeks. Above the V is a stunning diamond back detail that will make you stand out.

You’re also going to love this: the neoprene straps have an ultra-soft backing which feels amazing against your skin.

The super-contoured pouch is made with a combination of solid and perforated neoprene panels with contrasting piping and edged with a thin line of white. As mentioned above, the pouch snaps off to reveal a Jock Armour silicone cockring. Hint: Be sure to give the removed pouch to your partner so he can inhale all that man musk.

To ensure the perfect fit, besides being stretchy, the back strap is adjustable via a series of four sizing snaps.


It drove us crazy: Launching a fetish short as hot as the Locker Gear Massive Rude 2-Way Zipper Shorts without being able to show all you guys how dirty and exposing these shorts are. We’re Jockstrap Central after all, that’s what we do! Unfortunately, we’re still in lock down and can’t shoot models so we had to launch with Locker Gear’s photos and these designers just don’t know how to show off their products. I mean, why bother putting zippers in a short without at least having your model demonstrate how they work?

Well, problem solved! We sent our dirty boy-next-door model Chance a pair of shorts and asked him to take some photos and boy did he not disappoint. He got his partner to take the photos while he demonstrated how you can expose either the front, the back or both with the 2-way zipper that runs all the way from the front, down around the crotch and up the back. I only wish we got the photos of what happened after that shoot. Be sure to revisit the Zipper Shorts to see Chance bare all.

Here’s more details on these sexy shorts:

It doesn’t get much sluttier than this. These shorts are all about options with a handy zipper running from front to back. You just have the all-important decision to make whether you’re playing the role of top, bottom or you’re the meat in the middle of a three-way sandwich. Who says you can’t have it all? Either unzip the zipper in front exposing your boys, unzip the zipper in back exposing just your ass or unzip it all for full-frontal and rear exposure.

Made of a slick, shiny and stretchy leather-look PVC material bonded to an ultra-soft inner layer (the part that rubs up against your skin). The sides have two sports stripes in a stunning black micro-mesh with handy V-slits at the bottom for enhanced movement.

The waistband is elastic covered with the PVC fabric mentioned above with nice thick drawstrings to keep things secure.

Shop at Jockstrap Central. Note this post contains an affiliate link.


Gear up with the intention of getting off and some new Cellblock 13 jocks, shorts and fetish wear will definitely get you to the edge and beyond. From now until Tuesday, March 16th, all Cellblock 13 gear at Jockstrap Central is 15% to 30% off.

There’s lots to choose from hot exposing fetish shorts to all-in-one body harnesses and a ton of old school styled sports jocks in every color imaginable. Here’s what we’ve got right now:

X-Back Jock Pouches and Harnesses: It’s a new take on CB13’s Sonic fetish gear from a few years ago. Like Sonic, X-back features Cellblock 13’s signature gravity defying Jock Pouch and a sexy harness with a unique X back design (hence the name). It’s a harness designed not only to accent your lats and deltoids but also give your partner something to hold on to when he’s taking you for a ride! Giddyup! Both pouch and harness include reflective highlight strips to get you noticed.

Relay Shorts: These shorts are going to make you happy! they’re short, comfy and definitely sexy! Perfect either for the gym or out and about showing off and being slutty. They’re made with a thin and truly soft cotton/spandex fabric plus they’re unlined so wear them a bit tight to show off your bulge to perfection. Side pockets hold your valuables. Metal tipped drawstrings and elastic waistband keep the short secure while on the run. Be sure to wear them commando.

Tight End Jocks: They’re modern day sports jock and appropriately called Tight End for all the right reasons. Inspired by the classic sports jocks of yesteryear with a respectful nod to Bike’s classic jockstraps. Originally available in a 3 inch wide waistband version but just recently, a swimmer (one inch wide waistband) version has been launched. For the 3 Inchers, there’s a whopping 12 colors to choose from and for the Swimmers, there’s 7.

Kennel Club: Who let the dogs out? Quick, give them a bone(r). Gear up in all these Puppy-centric jockstraps, harnesses, and body hugging singlets with a convenient functional rear zipper. for easy access There’s also matching face masks. With Kennel Club you’ll be ready for your next play date. Whether you’re into puppy play or not, this is some of the hottest gear going.

CellBlock 13 Prowler 2.0 Neoprene Body Harness w/ Cock Ring: Be sure to snag these now as they’ve been discontinued. Prowler is an all-in-one neoprene harness swooping down in a V to a snap-off pouch with a Jock Armour flexible silicone cockring underneath. When you’re called into action or simply want to show off what you’ve got… unsnap that pouch and let your engorged beast out. But that’s not all: In the back, not only is there a stunning upper panel designed to show off your muscles but more straps form a V joining up to a single vertical strap that heads down and disappears into the deep dark crevice between your ass cheeks.

Titan Zipper Back Shorts: Also discontinued so snag them while you can. At first glance, the Cellblock 13 Titan Zipper Short is a good looking pair of denim shorts that are not only super comfortable but out of the box they already feel lived-in, like your go to shorts you’ve been wearing for years except they’re new. BUT… these shorts have a secret, the back center seam is actually a fully functional zipper opening up all sorts of piggy possibilities. In fact, it’s not just a slit but the zipper runs from the belt loop all the way down around your crotch for super easy access

shop at Jockstrap Central


We’re clearing out last season’s Nasty Pig gear, so until Tuesday March 9th, all NP union suits, jockstraps and socks are 15% off.

It’s been a good run, but we’re nearing the end of the 2020 union suits. Limited sizes and quantities left. Here’s what we have:

  • Stellar Blue (small and xlarge available)
  • Crimson Red (small, large and xlarge available)
  • Black (small, large and xlarge available)

Along with the union suits, we have Core Jocks in green, orange and navy-blue as well as Hook’d Up Sports Socks in eight colors all on sale.


In case you missed the big news from our last newsletter, we just launched a new line of slutty exposing jockstraps and shorts from Spanish sports fetish designer Locker Gear.

The Locker Gear Watch It Hard Jockstrap has a mesh pouch with slick pvc detailing with a convenient escape hatch at the top of the pouch when something pops up (and it will).

The Locker Gear Watch It Hard Chaps Shorts is a skin-hugging short with the front and back cut out – so you’re fully exposed from either side.

The Locker Gear Massive Rude 2-Way Zipper Short is a slick leather-look short with a zipper with two pulls that runs all the way from the waistband in front down around your crotch and back up the rear. With the double pull you can have the just front exposed, just the back exposed or completely unzipped to have both front and back and everything between your balls and crack exposed and ready for action.

We launched with Locker Gear’s hot model until we can get out of lock down and get them shot on our guys (and really show off those slutty features)

Shop at Jockstrap Central.


From now until Tuesday, February 23rd, when you place an order at Jockstrap Central and your shopping cart total is $40 or more, we’ll throw in a free Omtex jockstrap with your order. As a bonus, if your order is $50 or more you’ll also get Free USA Shipping or Discounted Canadian Shipping (more on that below).

It won’t take long to reach $40 in your cart with over 300 products to choose from including all our new Cellblock 13 gear we’ve been launching over the last two months – Sexy and short Relay Shorts, our brand new X-Back Jock Pouches and Harnesses, modern but classic sport jock inspired Tight End Jockstraps and our crazy-hot Titan Zipper Back Shorts. We also relaunched our McKillop Max-bulge Long Johns for keeping warm during the polar vortex or lounging around the house to avoid the cold completely. Snag a harness or a few jocks and you’ve already got your free jock in your cart.

While supplies last, the free jockstrap will be one of our awesome Omtex Jockstraps. You get to choose your preferred size and color (black, white, grey, or navy) on the final stage of checking out (the final receipt page). Customers paying with Paypal, be sure to click the link back to Jockstrap Central after payment to select your free jock!

Omtex jockstraps, made by the same company as our very popular Wolf jockstraps are phenomenal and if you don’t have one already, this is a great chance to get one to “try” out. We’re sure you’ll be hooked! If you already have one, now’s the time to stock up.

* Due to limited supply, we will only be giving away one free jockstrap per order. Your order total must be $40 before shipping charges and any applicable taxes. Offer is not retro-active



Cellblock 13 is back with a new take on their long gone but best selling Sonic fetish gear. Like Sonic, X-back features Cellblock 13’s signature gravity defying Jock Pouch and a sexy harness with a unique X back design (hence the name). It’s a harness designed not only to accent your lats and deltoids but also give your partner something to hold on to when he’s taking you for a ride! Giddyup! Both pouch and harness include reflective highlight strips to get you noticed.

Cellblock 13 X-back Jock Pouch: The contoured pouch (or codpiece) consists of a an outer layer of perforated black mesh and single vertical sports stripe with reflective highlight strips between them. An colored inner layer is crazy-soft and feels great against your boys and shows through holes of outer mesh fabric. Finally, the entire pouch is edged in piping to lend structure and provide the perfect fit.

The unique jock pouch is like a jockstrap without a waistband with two leg straps of elastic on each side that are joined by a metal ring. You connect a harness to the rings to keep the pouch from falling down around your ankles (unless that’s the desired effect you want!)

Cellblock 13 X-back Harness: The harness consists of a series of straps made up of black mesh edged in piping with reflective highlight strips between them. Black metal rings join the straps. In back, the straps form an X with two connecting straps traveling over the shoulders and two traveling under the armpits both joined by more rings up front. Two black elastic straps (with repeating embossed Cellblock 13) head down to metal swivel clips to hook up to the matching Cellblock 13 X-Back Jock Pouch or to your favorite pair of jeans or shorts with belt loops.

The elastic down straps length can be adjusted via a series of snaps. The elastic, the adjustable snaps and natural stretch of the main straps ensure the perfect fit.



Forget Flowers this Valentines Day, give a gift that’s going to get you laid! And Jockstrap Central is here to help make that happen.

From now until Sunday, February 14th (at midnight) get up to 60% off store wide. Jockstraps, underwear, thongs, wrestling singlets, all sorts of fetish gear, erotic wear, bulge wear, cockrings and more are all discounted.

There are no discount codes to remember, just visit our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red. It couldn’t be easier! Just remember to shop earlier to have your gear before Valentine’s Day.

You’ll just have to decide if the gift is the gear or will it be you in the gear!



They’re back and just in time for the deep freeze!

Winter has never been hotter when McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns are here to heat things up. To be honest, you can wear them as long johns or lounge pants, it’s really up to you but first let’s talk about the main event… the pouch:

Sure, it’s all about the bulge – but McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you’re bulging sky high! First in Max Bulge’s arsenal is a front pouch panel that’s super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cockring is included with every pair of long johns for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

The long johns are made with a second-skin Modal fabric that’s not only super soft and stretchy but thin enough to wear under your pants or pair of jeans. It’s an extra layer of warmth while outside in the cold with the added bonus of creating a prominent bulge that will get you noticed, big time. Once you get home, strip off those jeans and just hang out on the couch in your bulging johns – they’re that comfortable. Just be warned: alone or with someone else you’ll be hard pressed not to give those bulges the attention they’re just begging for.

We’ve brought back the Max Bulge Long Johns in four awesome colors: army-green, navy-blue, black and white and all with a 1.5 inch wide plushed waistband with MCKILLOP logo front and center. And as mentioned above, they all come with McKillop’s signature 1.5″ wide elasticated fabric cockring.

By the way, in case you’re in a situation where you don’t want the extreme bulge effect, simply wear them without the included cockring and they’ll still look amazing.

Be sure to check out our bulge-master model Andrew in all our McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns. Just be warned, many photos are Not Safe For Work!



Cellblock 13’s new Relay Shorts are going to make you happy! They’re short, comfy and definitely sexy and the perfect short for the gym or just showing off and being slutty.

The Relay Shorts are made with a thin and truly soft cotton/spandex fabric plus they’re unlined so wear them a bit tight to show off your bulge to perfection. Side pockets hold your valuables. Metal tipped drawstrings and elastic waistband keep the short secure while on the run.

Cut sexy with a 2.5 inch inseam so it hits high on the thigh helping you move freely during any type of activity.

The Relay shorts are available in three colors: black, grey and navy-blue.

*As we’re still in lock down and unable to conduct photo shoots, we’re launching these shorts with Cellblock 13’s photos. The good news is Cellblock 13’s guys are HOT!



The verdict is in: Beyond a reasonable doubt, GBGB’s new Justice Jockstraps are some of the best looking jocks going. They’re guilty of making a jock that’s as equally fashion as it is fetish.

The pouch is comprised of two layers – the inside, a blue Neoprene and outside, a black wide mesh. With a single stripe of slightly see-through black fabric down the center. The effect is striking! Fit-wise, there’s not a lot of stretch but it’s got generous cut pouch with contouring at the base for a better fit, added comfort and a great bulge profile.

The elasticized waistband is a masculine 2 inches wide with a waffled texture. It’s sturdy yet remarkably stretchy and should still feel great after wearing for extended periods of time. With the Good Boys Gone Bad’s simplified GB2 logo patch front and center.

Finally, the one-inch wide leg straps are plushed and provide the perfect balance between comfort and support.


Back by popular demand! We had discontinued these sexy jocks in order to make room on our shelves but after countless requests, we’ve brought them back – for now.

Even though you’re probably not going to be wearing this jock to the gym, marathon or sports field, the 1.5 inch wide waistband definitely borrows from the sports world with it’s white elastic and five small horizontal sports stripes running through. but that’s where the similarities end. The pouch is made of a moderately wide white mesh net which means it’s VERY see-through.

Even better, the mesh has a pretty incredible four-way stretch to accommodate most guys (see our model Romeo in the white and grey Benz Jock for proof – he’s a BIG boy!) With half inch solid piping edging the pouch to ensure the perfect fit.

Finally, two one inch wide side leg straps finish it all off.

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Finally! Cellblock 13 has a new addition to their Tight End sports jock collection and this time they’ve tackled the Swimmer Jock.

It’s a modern day sports jock and appropriately called Tight End for all the right reasons. It’s inspired by the classic sports jocks of yesteryear with a respectful nod to Bike’s classic jockstraps. There’s eight colors to choose from: traditional colors include black, white, royal-blue and red but also army-green, navy-blue, grey and pink!

This new jockstrap has everything you want in a sports jock and more. With a narrow “swimmer” waistband complete with traditional micro sports striping and as expected, a woven mesh pouch – and this one is softer than previous versions of Cellblock 13’s sports jocks.

Like all good sports jocks the pouch is woven to ensure air circulation and to wick moisture and because this one’s made of a nylon, cotton and spandex blend, it’s a bit softer to the touch than its predecessors. It’s also slightly contoured to ensure a better fit and sturdy enough to keep things in place during a rigorous workout.

As mentioned, the one-inch wide waistband is built tough with classic sport jock pinstripes running horizontally through the elastic. Respecting it’s roots, the white rectangular label is on the outside front and center with the a CB13 logo and the size displayed for all to see.

Finally, solid one inch elastic leg straps not only frame your ass but ensure everything stays in place.

These new swimmers join the original Cellblock 13 Tight End 3 Inch Jockstraps (which are now available in eleven colors!) And like the original versions, the Swimmers come in sizes small all the way up to 2xlarge.

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Sure, the spirit of the holiday is about giving, but now your shopping is done. Normally, you would have trudged through the snow and battled crowds in malls and would have bruises to show for it, but this year you’ve got sprained fingers from shopping online. But now it’s all over and we think it’s time to treat yourself!

In celebration of another shopping victory, we’re offering 15% off (and in many cases more) on everything store wide at Jockstrap Central. The sale runs from now until January 2nd at midnight – so treat yourself, you deserve it!

Jockstraps, jock briefs, gym shorts, fetish shorts, fetish wear, harnesses, sportswear, tank tops, briefs, trunks, cockrings, full-frontal display suits, wrestling singlets and even socks are all on sale. While most things are 15% off, look to our clearance items for even more savings – up to 70% off.

Be sure to take advantage of the sale to snag some of our newly launched Cellblock 13 gear: The incredibly hot puppy friendly Kennel Club jocks, harnesses and zipper-backed wrestling singlets are now on sale for the first time. If you’re looking for more budget friendly CB13 gear, check out all the Tight End Jocks – They’re modern day sports jocks and there’s 11 color to choose from. Back in the fetish department, be sure to check out the Prowler All-in-one Neoprene Body Harness with it’s snap-off pouch, silicone cockring and thong style back.

If you’re a show off, then look no further than our practically exclusive Raw Studio enhancing push-up jockstraps, mesh jockstraps and of course their huge collection of cockrings and contraptions to keep your boys hard and happy. Then, move over to McKillop where you find the bulge-booting and exposing Glory Hole Hoist Jockstraps and Thongs – they’ll have you bulging sky-high.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a shopping spree at Jockstrap Central without a few sports jocks and sports shorts: Our very own JC Athletic Classic Jocks and Contact Shorts, Bike Original Jocks by Meyer, Wolf, Omtex and some modern but classic inspired jocks by GBGB are also worth checking out.

There’s too much to mention in this email, so just go see for yourself.

By the way, the sale is easy, there’s no discount codes to remember, just head to Jockstrap Central and you’ll find everything listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

* offer is not retroactive and sale items not eligible for further discount



Time to stock up on the next best thing to a Bike Jockstrap. Our Original Bike Jockstraps by Meyer are now on sale for 15% off until Tuesday, December 15th.

We have not only have the classic Bike #10 Jockstraps in white, black, gold, red and royal-blue but also all the modern Bike Performance Jockstraps in all the colors – the only difference is they’re branded Meyer instead of Bike.

In case you’re just tuning in, here’s the story: When Bike stopped producing their jockstraps, Meyer, the European Bike distributor approached the Bike Factory to produce Bike jockstraps for themselves. Except for the brand name, these are the exact same Bike jockstraps you love. The only difference is where the Bike logo was on the label is now an MM (for Meyer Marketing), everything else is identical – sizing, style, fabric, color and fit.



Who let the dogs out? Quick, give them a bone(r) with the latest Cellblock 13 Kennel Club gear. Gear up in all these new puppy-centric jockstraps, harnesses, singlets with matching face masks and you’ll be ready for your next play date. Whether you’re into puppy play or not, this is some of the hottest gear going.

Kennel Club Cadet Jockstrap:

By far, one of the slickest looking jocks from the minds of Cellblock 13. And this jock not only looks good but it feels good too. With a pouch made of super-soft and stretchy fabric that clings to your bulge showing off every nook and cranny. The pouch is black with single wide vertical contrasting sport stripe down the center and contrasting piping edging it. It’s visually stunning.

The waistband is equally awesome – it’s 2 inches wide and made with brushed elastic. With a base color of black with contrasting horizontal sports stripes in turquoise running through it. With the iconic Charcoen puppy graphic in rubber front and center.

Kennel Club Scout Harness:

This is one slick puppy! It’s an upper body stand-alone harness consisting of a series of form-fitting brushed elastic bands with black and contrasting color racing stripes. The straps areall joined together with pliable black rubber O-rings, two in front and one in back. Designed to perfectly showcase your chest and back. Also with the iconic Charcoen puppy graphic in rubber front and center.

Kennel Club Scout Zipper Wrestling Singlets:

Get ready for some four-on-the-floor raunchy puppy action. These wrestling singlets are made from a stretchy, tight-fitting nylon, polyester & spandex fabric that clings to your body perfectly, there will be no hiding what you’ve got whether your soft or rock hard. With a scoop neckline, solid front in either pink, red, turquoise or grey with modern graphic design detailing on the sides. With an extra-large iconic puppy graphic by Charcoen front and center.

In the rear, it’s solid dark-grey from neck to ass with a handy functional zipper. Open it up for complete access and perfect for all you pups with tails. Ideal for mosh pits, wrestling and hot fetish play.


Be sure to check out our dirty pup model Chance taking Kennel Club for a romp over at our website. Just be warned, Chance is a dirty boy and our photos capture it all, so try not to view them at work or at your Grandma’s house.

* Because of supply issues on their end (Covid related), Cellblock 13 didn’t have any red harnesses in size xlarge, blue harnesses in sizes large and xlarge or white harnesses is size xlarge to send us for our launch. They now have them and they’re on their way. We expect to have them on Monday or Tuesday.

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