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Turn it on with PUMP!’s new Nightlight collection of jockstraps, briefs, joggers. A collection in black with a brilliant orange glow. with all the awesome styling, expert craftsmanship and big bold colors you expect from PUMP! but this round of jockstraps and underwear come with their own air conditioning in the form of a micro-mesh pouch that will not only keep the air flowing when you get all hot and sweaty but some included spandex ensures it shows off your bulge to perfection!

In the new collection there’s a simple yet stylin’ jockstrap and a similarly styled brief with bright orange PUMP! logo and sports striping on the waistband in orange. Turning it up a notch is the PUMP! Nightlight Jogger also in black but with bright orange piping around the pouch to showcase the bulge and around the leg openings as well but the best feature is the functional pockets on each side to hold your money, keys party favors.

The most elaborate is the PUMP! Nightlight Touchdown Boxer in black with orange pouch edged with white piping to highlight your bulge. With a fake fly detailing in black and duo-colored leg opening elastics to keep the trunk from riding up. In the rear, find upper panels in black and lower panels in orange. Finally, a 2 inch wide super-comfort waistband in black with PUMP! logos and sports striping in bright orange.

Be sure to snag it now while we have the collection on introductory pricing for 15% off during our PUMP! Christmas Sale going on now.


For the next three days, until Friday, December 20th, our entire collection of PUMP! jockstraps, briefs, boxer briefs and open back trunks are on sale for 15% to 25% off.

This includes our new Nightlight collection mentioned above but also all our Free-Fit Jockstraps, open back Access Trunks and a slew of big and bold jockstraps made from brushed cotton or high-tech micro-mesh. There’s something for every mood and every taste.


If you thought the only way to get authentic Bike Jockstraps these days is to buy them used on Ebay you’d be wrong. We managed to get our hands on a a few that were kicking around the warehouse of Meyer, the distributor for Bike in Europe before Bike stopped producing their jockstraps.

Unfortunately, sizes and quantities are very limited. Here’s what we have: Bike #10 Jockstraps (Throwback Edition) in size small only. Bike #10 Performance Jockstrap in black but only in sizes xlarge and xxlarge. Bike #10 Performance Jockstrap in white but only in size xlarge.

If any of those happen to be your size, snag them now as they’re collectors items and they’re on sale.

Of course, if you’re not stuck on the name, we also have the next best thing to a Bike jock. We have Meyer Original Bike Jockstraps available as well. They’re the exact same Bike jocks you love just with the Meyer logo instead of Bike. They’re made in the same Bike factory with the same specs and using the same fabrics as the originals. They’re available in both #10 Jockstraps in white, black, scarlet, royal-blue and gold and also in the modern Performance Jocks in all the traditional colors.


For a limited time, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $50 or more we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted shipping everywhere else. Here’s the details:

Just place your order and if the product total is $50 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and customers outside the US will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 of the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.


Every Thursday is Jock Night in Toronto at Flash on Church Street – always the hottest night of the week. It’s sponsored by Jockstrap Central and hosted by drag queen extraordinaire Morgan James who keep the night flowing. You can also win jockstraps you can take right off the strippers.

Although Flash is a strip club and the performers do (eventually) get totally naked, the performers will be dressed up (or down depending how you view it) in our jockstraps and gear to begin with. In case you don’t know, we’ve discovered a lot of our models at Flash and some of them are still working there.

Great news for Toronto customers: If you’re from Toronto and you place an order with us you’ll get an option to pick up your order at Flash on Thursday evenings to avoid shipping charges. All Toronto orders will also receive a free pass to get into Flash during Thursday Jock Night (normally a $5 cover).

As mentioned, Flash is on Church Street, right in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village. The address is: 463 Church Street, Toronto.

If you’re going to be there, be sure to say hi to Adrian and myself – we’re always at the table right across from the stage just below the DJ booth! Hope to see you there!

If you would have told me that CharlieZ was going to come out with a Leather line I wouldn’t have believed you. But they have released a while new leather collection. It’s not really too far fetched thinking of how the brand has progressed the last few years. And it’s done very much in the style of CharlieZ

The new collection has underwear, harnesses and more. The underwear has three different styles, the jock, thong and brief. I really love this collection from them and glad to see a ‘mainstream’ brand embrace leather as fashion.

I love this line, it’s got a mix of the fetish and the classic design. It’s like CharlieZ studied the classic looks of the jock and made it into something new with leather. Plus, they are using different color leathers than black. I personally love brown leather in harnesses and gear. It’s pretty rare to find. But Charlie uses it along with white and red. I definitely tip my had to them.

Leather gear is never cheap. The undies start around $85 and the other gear goes up from there. But, good quality gear is always pricey when dealing with leather. If you want to start a collection buy good stuff and spend the money on it.

Check out the entire Leather collection at the CharlieZ site.

Hello kinksters,

             Today is a Part 1 of a two-part post. I hope your week has been going well, mine has been quite dandy. More things have arrived, and you will hear about them soon. This week, I am painfully excited to share this post. I’ll save you the tl;dr anxiety, and just tell you off the bat: Today’s post is part 1 of 2, reviewing leather gear by “Army of Men” from Australia. Specifically, the Bulldog Harness in Blue, and the Bulldog Cockstrap. We’ll get back to that in a second, but I want to give some context for the elation (if you just want the damn review, skip the next paragraph).

In the past year or so, I have been undergoing a sexual identity reconstruction. For most of my sexually active life. I was under the very wrong impression that anything beyond the world of vanilla was “other” and “weird”. Thankfully, I have encountered some incredible people who have helped me reexamine the boundaries of my sexuality and discover more about myself than I could have on my own. To a very special trio (whom I will humorously discreetly name the “Vermont Glitch-mob”), I want to give them my love and thanks. One of the things I wholeheartedly accept into my life now is my total kinked out feelings about leather. I am a professional seamster, and sew leather pretty regularly, because I make special boots for trapeze artists. I love the feel of leather, I love its texture, and shine. Now, I can also totally say, a stud in leather (including myself) gets me going. When I knew I was going to be re-structuring Fetish Friday into a weekly column, I started connecting with companies all over the world, and the owner of Army of Men responded very enthusiastically, and here we are.

ARMY of MEN Banner

Derrick, owner of Army of Men, responded to me when I began researching companies and products to discuss on my Fetish Fridays. He was super generous with info about his company, and products, and helped me with my selection. After bouncing back and forth with him, we selected the Bulldog Harness in Blue, the Bulldog Cockstrap, and the Leather Jock Base in Blue, with a Chevron Codpiece (you guessed it, in Blue). Everything is made to order, because Derrick makes each piece to fit your measurements. Today, I’m going to discuss the Harness and Cockstrap.

I have a X shaped harness in Neoprene, but this was going to be my first real leather harness, and I was really excited to get the Bulldog harness. As a pretty chesty guy (read: professional aerialist), the Bulldog harness draws focus to my broad shoulders, and chest. Derrick himself makes everything, and builds harnesses with a three snap amount of “ease” so you can snap the straps one step tighter or looser than your “baseline” (with the snaps being about an inch apart). When I opened my package from him, the first thing you notice right away, is the quality of leather being used. As I said, I work with leather all the time, and he is clearly choosing very top grade hides. This harness has a triple layer of leather: a doubled outer layer, with a single black leather layer lining the inside against your skin. His rings are quality metal and welded shut. Snaps are strong and sturdy (and custom colored to match the different leather colors and thread he uses).


                Putting the harness on, this harness is magnificent, Blue straps over the shoulders and around the sides of the torso, with a black straps including centered D rings across the front and back. This D ring is for the second item I got which is the Bulldog Cockstrap. This strap snaps onto the D ring in the front of the harness, and reaches down to a ring which goes around your…read the product name again. It comes with two firm rubber rings, but the strap snaps around the D ring up top, and the ring down below, so you can switch it out to a ring of your choice. The Cockstrap also has an adjustable belt buckle to make it shorter or longer. The leather lining makes everything hug your body so sure and warm.


Being a professional seamster who was “raised” by a group of incredible impeccable seamstresses (thank you Jamie and the Temple University Costume Shop), I can tell you that Derrick puts a lot of love and dedication to his leather work. They are pristine, and bold, and strong. His design eye is also innovative, and not just sticking to the basics.

                 This is just part 1 of the two parter for all the stuff I got. Thanks for tuning in. I think next week, we’ll tackle some of what I received THIS week in the mail, and then we’ll do the 2nd part of Army of Men the week after. If you have a sec, I’d love it if you’d all comment below your own journey with leather, or if you haven’t and want to, let me know. It’d be great to hear from y’all.

Until next time, keep it kinky! TtheAmazing over and out.

cellblock13-asylumAre you a fan of fetish? If so we a great line for you. Timoteo’s Cellblock13 just released the Asylum collection. Fetishwear is it’s own section of underwear. Either you like it or you don’t. There is very little middle ground. Cellblock13, I would say, is a little more on the hard core end of fetishwear. It is made for some serious playtime or to be seen at a bar night.

The new line has a Chap Pant, Lace Up Jock Trunk, Lace Up Jock Brief. Unlike the other lines they have released this one has only two colors, red/black and Navy/Yellow. This line is made out of nylon/spandex material. When I first saw it I thought it could be swimwear because of the fabric. My personal favorite is the Navy/Yellow over the Red/Black.

When I met with Timoteo in Vegas he told me about this line and said it would be shipping very soon. He was not kidding, the line is out on their site and retailers. He went into detail about the line and pointed out the back. The back is reinforced and won’t roll, bunch up or any other combination. It will stay in place and look great. There is nothing worse than getting a pair and have to constantly readjust it. Especially a pair like the chap, that maybe worn out without anything over it!

Timoteo really knows how to make amazing fetishwear. The line for Cellblock13 never seems to amaze me. Just when I think I have seen it all they do something like this, where they play with fabric. The pieces retail for Chap Pant ($68), Lace Up Jock Trunk ($38) and Lace Up Jock Brief ($33). Find them at your favorite retailer or at the Cellblock13 site.