National Underwear Day


national-underwear-dayHappy National Underwear Day! You maybe asking how we are celebrating here at UNB. I wish I could say we are having a big underwear party with free undies but the UNB HQ will be quiet. Our budget can’t afford a huge party with underwear clad waiters. So we thought we would come up with some ways to celebrate the day!

  1. Shop for underwear at is the site that started the day! So, why not say thanks and go buy some great undies. I know many out there have been eyeing a pair they have wanted and today is the day to go buy them!
  2. Give Underwear to a friend – Do you have a friend that needs an underwear make over or just some new pairs? Well go out and introduce them to some amazing undies! Friends don’t let friends wear underwear that come in a six pack!
  3. Show Your Underwear! – This is prob the cheapest way to celebrate the day. Post a selfie in underwear on your favorite social network. We suggest Twitter, because sometimes Facebook and Instragram don’t let you post certain pics. Trust me I know that from experience. (Not a personal pic but from UNB). If you do tag it with #UNBNUD so we can see your pics! Or heck show it to a perfect stranger, its all up to you!
  4. Wear your favorite pair of underwear – If you’re like me this could be hard because you have so many pairs of underwear. But pick one and enjoy the day in it! Nothing better than wearing you best undies! Plus this is another cheap way to celebrate.
  5. Tell someone your love for underwear  – We all know underwear is a personal thing. Not a lot of guys like to tell they love underwear. But find a friend and inform them it’s National Underwear Day and say you are celebrating! And if they respond, without giving you a crazy look, tell them about great underwear. Who knows you just may convert a guy into trying something new.

We gave you a few options for the day. Some cost money and other do not. Now its up to you to spread the word of amazing underwear! Let us know how you celebrate!

Join Freshpair in making a change by visiting us in New York City tomorrow and Thursday for a pop-up experience at 315 W. 57 Street (11 a.m.-7p.m.) to celebrate our 10th annual National Underwear Day. Matthew Butlein, President of Freshpair, says, “With both our new site launch and this year’s National Underwear Day celebration, we want to empower our customers to find the style and fit that will make them look and feel their best.” The experience includes an intro to our Men’s Underwear Club, Sunscriptions Program, as well as interacting with underwear models.

Not in the city? Have no fear! Get briefed on your underwear personality by taking our signature style quiz, and get the play-by-play of our pop-up event by following Freshpair on Twitter. And, don’t miss out on the National Underwear Day sales happening this month.

Fans of Freshpair on Facebook will also be eligible for exclusive promotions on underwear and lingerie sets.

Look better, feel better. Experience change and explore a confident fit with Freshpair.

Friday, August 5, was National Underwear Day. I had everything ready to go and then, I forgot. Yes I forgot, working a new job and doing the site has kept me super busy. But from now on I will put it on the Calendar and not forget! But instead of an underwear day, don’t you think we should have an underwear month? Celebrate the joys of underwear for an entire month.

You could have a week for Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Bikinis/Thongs. And that week wear that type of pair. I know we have readers with immense underwear collections who could do this. Just a thought, I would love to know what you guys think about doing an underwear month.

But in the mean time, the sponsor of National Underwear Day is giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear! Yes we said it right. That is a massive amount of undies. Last year they did the same thing. To enter, go over to the Fresh Pair site!

Freshpair officially kicked off the 8th Annual National Underwear Day on Sunday, August 1st with a contest of epic proportions: In line with the “Try Something New!” theme, we’re giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear from a variety of the hottest men’s and women’s brands.

In the past, the National Underwear Day festivities have gone from Times Square takeovers, where underwear-clad models mingled with tourists and New Yorkers alike, to star-studded underwear runway shows. This year, after realizing that 80% of Americans stick with the same underwear styles their entire adult lives, and 60% of them don’t even wear underwear that fits, we’re taking the festivities to the next level. Along with the huge underwear giveaway, we’re featuring exclusive promotions on most of our brands.

“We wanted to give the underwear business a kick in the pants by offering a unique way to find a brand new fit, so we’re just giving it away,” says Freshpair President Michael Kleinmann. Sponsors of National Underwear Day include Piss & Vinegar, Expose, Calvin Klein, Natori, 2(x)ist, b.tempt’d by Wacoal, Ed Hardy, Go Softwear, Panache, Unico, Gregg Homme, Lunaire, Joe Snyder, Cocksox, Mansilk, and Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Shopping for underwear should be a personal and enjoyable experience. Freshpair strives to deliver on all counts and puts a little fun in the mix with National Underwear Day.

Here are some pics of the years past National Underwear Day! Go win some and if you do let us know!

The 8th Annual National Underwear Day launches today and two of the newest names in underwear are making their big debut, Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear.

Piss & Vinegar is the new underwear line from the team that started Ginch Gonch.  It is named after an old phrase seething with sarcasm and is a modern, expressive range of briefs, trunks and jock straps.

Expose is one of the hottest brands in Colombia, offering a sporty line of trunks, briefs, thongs and jock straps in sleek fabrics that range from silky, to sheer, to completely see-through.

Creative Director Jason Sutherland says, “A lot of what we offer caters to the guy who likes to express himself through his underwear, so whether it’s bold colors and graphics or a more revealing style, his underwear can do all the talking.”

Piss and Vinegar and Expose are proud to be the lead sponsors of National Underwear Day. Founded by Freshpair in 2003, National Underwear Day is a yearly holiday that gives people all around the country a chance to celebrate what’s hidden the other 364 days. Past festivities have ranged from Times Square takeovers, where underwear-clad models mingled with tourists and New Yorkers alike, to star-studded underwear runway shows.

As part of this years event, Freshpair is giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear from the best and brightest brands.

80% of Americans never change their style of underwear.  60% of those that do don’t wear underwear that properly fits.   “We figured the best way to get people to try a new style is to put it right in their hands, no strings attached,” says Freshpair President Michael Kleinmann.

Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear are on sale exclusively at until August 15th.

Find Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear on Facebook, as well as the National Underwear Day at the Fresh Pair page