The 8th Annual National Underwear Day launches today and two of the newest names in underwear are making their big debut, Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear.

Piss & Vinegar is the new underwear line from the team that started Ginch Gonch.  It is named after an old phrase seething with sarcasm and is a modern, expressive range of briefs, trunks and jock straps.

Expose is one of the hottest brands in Colombia, offering a sporty line of trunks, briefs, thongs and jock straps in sleek fabrics that range from silky, to sheer, to completely see-through.

Creative Director Jason Sutherland says, “A lot of what we offer caters to the guy who likes to express himself through his underwear, so whether it’s bold colors and graphics or a more revealing style, his underwear can do all the talking.”

Piss and Vinegar and Expose are proud to be the lead sponsors of National Underwear Day. Founded by Freshpair in 2003, National Underwear Day is a yearly holiday that gives people all around the country a chance to celebrate what’s hidden the other 364 days. Past festivities have ranged from Times Square takeovers, where underwear-clad models mingled with tourists and New Yorkers alike, to star-studded underwear runway shows.

As part of this years event, Freshpair is giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear from the best and brightest brands.

80% of Americans never change their style of underwear.  60% of those that do don’t wear underwear that properly fits.   “We figured the best way to get people to try a new style is to put it right in their hands, no strings attached,” says Freshpair President Michael Kleinmann.

Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear are on sale exclusively at until August 15th.

Find Piss & Vinegar and Expose Underwear on Facebook, as well as the National Underwear Day at the Fresh Pair page

The one thing I wanted when I started this site is to bring you the newest in men’s underwear. This starts to day with the Brands and Styles to check out posts. They will quickly profile brands, and lines that have just come out! We hope to go into more detail about them in the future. But we will have links to the lines and you can check them out. If you see a brand or line you think we should cover email us and let us know, or post a link on our wall in Facebook!

CK X – The newest collection that has a new bold, ultra lightweight waistband. Graphic logo with a center patch, inspired by the fighting shorts of a boxer. The cotton pairs are body-defining fit with luxurious knit blends the comfort of cotton with the soft texture of modal. The added stretch enhances comfort and keeps it shape better. Micro material gives a body defining fit; the microfiber is lightweight and breathable. The styles available in this line in the cotton style are: hip brief, cotton trunk, cotton boxer brief, and cotton short sleeve crew. Those in the Micro style are: cotton pant, hip brief, low-rise trunk and boxer brief. Colors for the lines are Black, Blue and White for cotton. Micro colors are White, Red and Black.

2xist Surf – This is the newest line from 2(x)ist. The line reflects the bright beach colors (pink/yellow) as well as bold colors (blue/purple) It is made out of a cotton and spandex blend, which makes it very comfy and forms to your body. The line is very eye catching and a fun one. This is something we haven’t seen from 2(x)ist before, they have done some colors but this is a great line. The collection is available in a sports brief, no show brief, and no show trunk.

aussieBum Comfy Fit – aussieBum are always coming out with new lines or ranges as they call them. The last few weeks have seen a lot of them and sometimes hard to keep up with them. The Comfy Fit range is one that mixes comfort and color in one. The range has an 80% cotton/10% spandex mix that will make it super comfy. We have received a pair to review, so that will be out shortly. The color selections are to reflect the natural colors of the spectrum. You will be as fashionable as you are comfy.

UnderGear Physical Line – UnderGear has been one of the premier underwear sellers since I can remember. They have always been around and now they are producing their own line of undies. The Physical line is a retro inspired styled line. It has a contrast trim around it, reminding you of the old gym shorts from back in the day. The line is made out of a cotton/spandex jersey that makes it very comfy.  The line has a bikini, brief, trunk and tank. The colors right now are red and turquoise

Expose – This is one of the lines from Beyond Big Branding. The belief of the company is grounded in being athletic and bold. The brand is out of Columbia and we are seeing it being sold on many sites in the last few weeks. They have a saying “Put it on, take it off and be playful with all the trouble which may come from what you expose.” They have briefs, boxer briefs, jockstrap and low-rise styles. They do some great work with colors and patterns. They aren’t for the shy. I expect to see a lot more of this company with it being part of Beyond Big Branding.

Bon Bon Bodywear – Lastly today we have a brand new company called Bon Bon Bodywear. This first came to my attention from Top Drawers. They are made out of a stretch modal fabric. The line consists of a low-rise brief and square cut trunk style. Currently they have the Black & White, Colours and Upgrade Gold collections.  The colors in the Colours collection are very bright almost neon. I have a feeling this line is not for the meek. It’s for the guy who knows fashion and is not afraid to make bold choices!

I hope you check out all these brands and lines and we will keep bringing this to you as we find new brands and lines! Let us know if we miss any, with the new undies coming out constantly we may miss a pair or two, but we trust our readers will let us know about any hot new undies we miss.

Here is part two of my experience at Magic!


If you aren’t familiar with Skmpeez, well they are a great swimwear company out of Canada. Yes I said Canada! They have really broadened their line this year. They have a lot more pairs, which come in three styles. Which are skimpy, not so skimpy and board shorts. In the designs this year they have mixed and matched things you wouldn’t think would go together. I just have to say herringbone is one of the patterns, but you won’t believe how they used it. I will post a pic of this pair when I get it. These mixing two uncommon things into one is a theme that runs through their line. It will be out in, I believe April. They have a lot of potential and I hope we see a lot more of them. I really had fun hanging out with the Skmpeez boys at Magic.


Timoteo has the Classic and Quake lines, but they are also coming out with a new line. The new line has a really awesome waistband, if you look real close in the picture, you will see it. It’s a sportier designed waistband; I really liked it and told Timoteo that when I looked it over. He said they had two designs for the band but this one by far out voted the other. Plus the images that they had in their booth were amazing. They had two pics, about 6 feet by 8 feet. I’m bummed because I thought I got a picture of them! Timoteo does amazing photography work and we’ll pass along new pictures when they are out!

Beyond Big Banding

Beyond Big has a few lines there; Piss & Vinegar, Expose, Dick & Jane and they have a new one coming out as well.  Piss & Vinegar has already hit the American market and has made quite a splash. It has it’s I love, Jesus, Buddha, boys and girls. Expose is a brand from Columbia with a sporty design. We should see it in stores shortly. Dick and Jane and is popular with urban youth. It was founded in Russia but is headquartered in Vienna. You can find it in Eastern Europe, and now with the help of Beyond Big it will be in the States and Western Europe. They will be releasing more brands soon, and we will definitely keep you posted. If you’re not aware, Jason (in the picture) is the founder of Ginch Gonch and his partner, Brian Edgar is a former Tommy Hilfiger executive. I expect to see big things from them!


Jocko is a company we haven’t covered much on this site. It’s a brand I have seen in stores and online but we haven’t talked to before. So, I was really excited to get to talk to them. If you’re not familiar with them they do underwear, swimwear and workout/street wear. While I was in the booth, I had the chance to talk to Geovanny as well. He’s a dancer turned underwear designer. His undies were very cool and colorful. I have his number and will be calling him soon to get some pictures of his underwear and more information about him.

Andrew Christian

I got a chance to talk to Andrew himself at the show. I talked to him about how much all our readers love Andrew Christian. Which is true, every time we do a contest with Andrew Christian, everyone goes crazy! Which is a good thing. Andrew was showing some of the new designs. The one thing that will be coming out this month is Swimwear. They have some new Show-It and Almost naked swimwear, if it’s not out now it will be shortly. They have some really cool new undies, that will be announced shortly. Most of them will be out in June, but expect new styles, colors and some really fun ones! Just a hint some of their current lines will be taken to the next level!


C-IN2 looks like they are concentrating on some of there core designs. They are doing bringing back the original design of the Bamboo brief. Which is one of my all time favorite pairs. They are also doing some great work with color. They have redone a lot of their lines and I’m not sure the exact launch date. But it’s classic C-IN2 styling with some new colors. So if you are a fan of C-IN2 you will love the new lines.

Saxx Apparel

Saxx has come out with white before the show. Previously they had only black underwear. They told me at the show that this year they will be bringing out more colors. If you are active and looking for good undies, then I think you should try them out. They look funky but fit pretty well. They are the only company as well that I got a free pair from. It’s a pair of their Bamboo line. I haven’t worn them yet but I will let you know on Twitter and Facebook how they fit! They told me that they sponsored one of the Canadian teams for the Olympics. Look for more from them in a week or two!

This is part two and part three will be up tomorrow or Friday! I hope you enjoy this!

I had the chance this past week to go to Magic. Magic is a show for buyers to come from all over to buy the next seasons lines from clothing brands. This includes women’s, lines, and men’s wear and more specifically men’s underwear. They have just about all the Underwear companies in what it called Underwear Alley. It features many of the brands we cover and a few we don’t, so I was excited to meet to the companies I have talked to in the last year. I also got a chance to make a few new relationships.

I will say the world of men’s underwear is a really great and friendly place. I haven’t met too many people who haven’t been nice. They have all been so helpful and I appreciate all of them! I am going to give you a hint at what some of the companies are doing. I have been sworn to secrecy about a few things I saw, but as soon as they are out I will let you know!

I am following up with the companies this week so I’m going to make sure of what I can report and what I can’t. So through out the next two weeks there will be more in depth details about each brand. I just don’t want to say something I shouldn’t.

Here are the brands I talked too:

Baskit – I got a chance to get to know Baskit team. They had the model Eric Turner, if you have seen him on Facebook or MegaMuscle. Eric kept me laughing all day when I came across him. I saw some great new colors and designs from Baskit. This includes swimwear and also and underwear. I love some of the new ones with easy access!

Candyman/PPU/ Clever/Pikante – These are four brands we haven’t covered much. We started talking just before the show and have profiled Candyman, look for a more detailed post about them soon. But we are super excited to get the others. They are all really fun and colorful lines. We plan to bring you a lot more about them in the future.

Mundo Unico – As many of you know this is one of my favorites in the world of underwear. I got a change to sit and talk to them and see the new line! I even got to meet the owner! It was awesome. The new line has some pink and one pair, which right now is very hard for me to describe, has kind of a pattern made out of the material. It’s a solid color but very cool. I wish I had a picture to show you, but it will be out very soon. Its hard to describe!

Beyond Big Branding – Better Brands is one you may not know the name but they do Piss & Vinegar, Dick & Jane, Expose and there will be more coming. I got to talk to Jason on of the partners and I am really excited for the coming year and what they have planned. This is one company we are going give you guys a lot more information about, I don’t even know a lot of the things that are coming!  We are already in the works of finding out more about them before the show!

(B)rief Underneath – We profiled them about two weeks ago and the one thing I can tell you is their lounge wear is about to come out! They have mentioned it on their site and I think it will be a big hit. One thing that stood out for me as well was the boxer. We know I’m not a boxer guy but the colors they used and stripes, I had to say I loved. They were great guys to talk too.

Ginch Gonch – Ginch Gonch has a lot planned for this year. They are expanding their line of “I Love” collection. I am really looking forward to the I Love Bacon pair, which they have already announced. One really cool thing is that they are launching the I Love London at London Fashion week. We are going to try to get you some great pictures of that. They had models playing volleyball on the carpet in the isle, but I missed them. They left the day before I got there, but I’ll see if I can get some pictures!

ES Collection/Addicted – ES Collection has just released their swimwear, which we have been showing in our Brief Distraction. It’s super hot and they are just about come into the US Market. I have a pair and they are very good. I didn’t get to see much of the Addicted line but I hope to get more information this week.

Skmpeez – I loved the guys at Skmpeez! I had so much fun talking and hanging out with them. Their new line will be a lot more patterns, of things that don’t necessarily think of going together. They are a company from Canada but that doesn’t’ stop them from making really hot swimwear!

Jocko – I got to talk to Jocko for a bit, and it will be great to cover them. We have’t covered them much, but look forward to building a good relationship. I also found out that they are sort of partnering with a new brand, Geovanny. Which is a former dancer turned underwear designer. I saw a few of his styles and they are really colorful and fun. I will definitely profile him in the next week or two.

Go Softwear – Its really cool to meet people you have talked to over the years. I got to mainly talk to them about the site and what we do. I forgot to look at the new lines. But never fear, I will have a full report shortly. They just released some great mesh jocks and are doing some really sexy pairs lately!

Junk Under Jeans – Junk Under Jeans is one of our favorites here. The reviewers who tired them loved them. I got a chance to talk to them about their new line. They have boxer briefs/trunks coming out but also briefs! I got a few minutes to talk to the designer and he’s already agreed to sit down for an interview and go over the collection! They have so much going on that we are going to save it till the line is launched!

Pistol Pete – Pistol Pete has the one thing I can’t say is coming. It’s so cool! But I will go over that later. I was sworn not to reveal it just yet. This is a new company you will see a lot more of on the site. I we will cover their underwear, swimwear and work out wear. They have some really cool prints coming. Something I haven’t seen a lot in men’s underwear. I thought they were awesome.

Andrew Christian – I got to meet up with Andrew Christian himself again and speak to him for a few minutes. It’s always great to talk to him. They, as always, have more and more pairs coming out. He’s always making something new and fun. I have the catalogue and will let you know what to expect.

Timoteo – I got to meet Timoteo himself. I had fun talking to him through out the day. He showed me the collections they have now and the new line that is coming out with the most incredible waistband. You guys know I love waistband and this one is just awesome. It’s the TImoteo name but designed different. It’s very a very sporty design. I also said he has some of the best photography and we want some of the new pics as Brief Distractions.

Obviously – Obviously has the great new colors, which just came out! I have to admit I love the pouch on these. The new colors are amazing and fun. They didn’t have anything else new but they are a new brand growing and I know we will see great things from them!

Punto Blanco – I was so happy to talk to this brand. They are one I have enjoyed looking at on sites but never had the chance to talk to them. I saw a little of the collection but we will be talking more in the next few weeks and profiling them a lot more.

C-IN2 – C-IN2 has a lot of things going on. They are bringing out new lines. The colors they are doing are amazing. They are doing some different shades and colors not used in Men’s Underwear They do some great new combinations and waistbands. They will also come out with undies that keep you warm! The Bamboo line will be re-launched as well. Which I am glad to see because I love the Bamboo Line!

Saxx Apparel – Saxx is a really cool company for guys who are active or into sports. I got to talk to them for a bit. They have done something really cool; they have sponsored one of the Canadian Olympic teams. For the life of me I can’t remember which one. But they are sending me something this week so I will post it as soon as I get it.

I know this was a very quick post. But there was so much I saw that I wanted to get this one out and more detailed posts this week and next on each of the brands. If I wrote it out now it would be 20 times longer. I also want to send in some questions to the companies to get more information as well! So stay tuned and we hope to keep going to Magic and bringing you the up to date info on what’s going on in the

The top-selling men’s underwear brand in Colombia, Expose Underwear, is ready to launch globally with its new barely-there line of sporty and sexy briefs.  Emphasizing the companies’ motto ‘DARE to EXPOSE’, Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections are stylishly revealing briefs that show off a man’s best assets. Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections will be available in select retailers and online at this winter.

Made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric (94% Su Pima cotton/6% Lycra), Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections are available in three sexy cuts – low rise, brief, and boxer – and in an assortment of vibrant colors. Every piece features the signature 1 1/4 inch microfiber elastic logo waistband with the bold stitched logo.  The designs in the collections are designed to inspire confidence and exude masculine sexuality.

Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections are for guys who are not afraid to show it off in a quality, comfortable brief,” explained Creative Director Jason Sutherland at this morning’s announcement. “They are inspired by the men of Colombia who know they are beautiful and are not afraid to flaunt it.  It’s time for the rest of the world to expose themselves – if they dare.”

With its flagship store in Colombia, Expose Underwear is a sporty and sexy brand, suitable for mid-tier and boutique stores as well as online channels. In addition to expanding globally, the company will add two retail locations in Colombia this year.

Expose Underwear is regularly compared to sport brands like 2xst and CK, a comparison Mr. Sutherland is trying to squash.  “Our briefs eliminate lines and accentuate the positive.  We use high quality perforated fabric that is so comfortable, you forget you have anything on.

“You many find our briefs on display in the same sports sections as 2xst and CK but make no mistake; Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections are in a league of their own.”

Expose Underwear is the first partner brand to market from Beyond Big Branding, the innovative multi-branding company that is developing proprietary brands and partnering with existing brands trading in international markets and launching them globally.  Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections retail between US$22 and US$28. They are available in select retailers and online at