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Category has started a great new Tumblr blog! It’s called “Commander in Briefs”, this is a follow up to the really incredible Confidence Project. Unlike the Confidence Project this is an ask the expert blog. They have their Commander in Briefs answering your underwear related questions. The blog just launched so it doesn’t have a lot of questions but they will be adding new answers often. Between when I first read it this afternoon and now they have updated a new answer.

Over the past year has seriously impressed me with their marketing and outreach to underwear lovers. They are doing what we are in the process of doing here at UNB. That is making it personal and getting to know more of the people in undies world. It’s my philosophy that undies are one of the most personal things we wear and when we choose to share our undies or info about them we want it to be in an accepting place. There has always been a stigma in the media about men’s underwear. This is a change that is happening as more guys, gay and straight, are wearing great undies. We don’t see this trend ending anytime soon. is making it easy to ask questions about undies. Its the old adage that there are no stupid questions. How many times have you had a question and either were afraid to ask it or didn’t know who to ask it too. Now you can relax and know you can ask anything you need to know about undies. I believe this blog is going to be focused on men’s underwear.

Some of the posts on the site are:

  • How to avoid pit stains on tshirts
  • Sizing in undies
  • A photo tip for how they make pics look good, and you will “wonder”
  • Popular Men’s Undies in the different areas of NYC

It’s great to see an underwear company take an active interest in the underwear consumer. Add this Tumblr to your list of followed blogs or check it daily! If you have any questions let us know and we will pass them along and get them answered. The address is


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The mission here at UNB is to show that everyone should love and feel great in their underwear. No matter what sexual orientation, size, ethnicity or anything. Underwear should be fun and make you feel good. I know that kind of sounds silly to some but those of us who love underwear, and read this blog, just get that and really understand it.

A while back I was approached by FreshPair to write about how when I was laid off underwear was one thing I didn’t cut back on and it was one of the luxuries I allowed myself. I’m hoping they run it if not, it looks like they have taken the concept in a really cool new direction.

The Confidence Project is  “Bare-all stories from people everywhere about life below the surface. Because, there’s nothing ordinary about underwear. “ They have up posts from both men and women and their stories about underwear. It’s one of the most creative ideas I have seen to bring underwear into the mainstream. I def will interview them about this soon. But I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Go check it out! You can also submit your own story. It’s just cool to see people not afraid to share their stories about underwear. You can find it at

Note We didn’t post anything from the blog because you need to go visit the site and read the stories

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Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Guide. This has to be the biggest guide we have done to date. We had over 80 pairs of underwear, three models, a photographer, an assistant and a stylist. We are going into our own photography and will be launching something soon, so stay tuned. First we would like to thank our sponsors: Candyman, Clever, Pikante, PPU, Vuthy and Zylas at Gold Level, Croota and Premium Underwear Store for Bronze and Designer Drawers at Silver! A special shout out to Matt at Designer Drawers for helping get our models and our stylist.

Our models for this guide are Cody, Kyle and Adam. Cody was in our Swimwear Guide and both Kyle and Adam are new! We plan on doing another shoot with them soon! I am working on a behind the scenes video but so far the iMovie program is uncooperative. It will be out hopefully this weekend.

PPU Underwear:

  • Adam (left) is wearing the PPU Jock – 1001 for $21.00
  • Kyle (middle) is wearing the PPU Boxer – 1232 for $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the PPU Thong – 0956 for $14.50

Clever Underwear:

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Clever 0190 – Mesh Bars Boxer $24.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Clever 2137 – Niagra Boxer $25.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clever 2108 – Front Mesh Boxer $38.00

Zylas Underwear:

  • Veston (left) is wearing the Zylas  – 2803 – $22.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Zylas – 2884 – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Zylas-4007  Brief – $20.00

Candyman Underwear:

  • Kyle is wearing the Candyman – Santa Costume – $38.00

  • Cody (left) is wearing Candyman – Singlet – $34.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing – CandyMan – Boxer Pimp Costume – $36

Vuthy Swimwear

  • Kyle (left) is wearing Vuthy 279 – Bikini – %58
  • Adam (center) is wearing V-275 Royal Plaid Bikini – $56
  • Cody (right) is wearing V-300 Trunk – $56.00

Croota Underwear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Croota Night Surfer – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Croota Night Runner – $20
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

Premium Underwear Store

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Brief – $20.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Tank – $28 and Purple Bias Boxer Short – $21.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the JOR Comfort Brief – $19.00
  • All are available at the Premium Underwear Store

Designer Drawers

  • Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Power Brief – $28.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site.

  •  Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Solar Brief – $26.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the 2(X)ist Athletic Jock – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the 2(X)ist Splash N0-Show Brief $24.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • This picture we’re going to let you guess which model is which
  • Left is the Pistol Pete Xpose Brief – $22
  • Right is the Pistol Pete Web Brief – $22
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site


  • Kyle is wearing the Wrestler swim in USA colors – $80
  • Available at the aussieBum site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the BarUP brief in Fire/Ice – $23.50
  • Adam (right) is wearing the XO Seamfree in Sunflore – $25.95
  • Available at the aussieBum site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Skmpeez Varzity Brief  in red – $26.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Skmpeez Zignature Boxer Brief in Gold – $30.00
  • Available at the Skmpeez site.


  • Cody (left) is wearing the BoyRio Trunk (releasing soon)
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the BoyRio U-9A extreme Jock in Black
  • Available at the BoyRio site.

2EROS, Frank Dandy and Manview Bodywear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Jock Series Trunk in Red – $30. Available at the 2EROS site.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Frank Dandy Angle Trunk in Green – Available at the Frank Dandy site.
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Manview Bodywear 69 Sport Trunk in Yellow – $22.50 – Available at the Manview Bodywear Site

Underwear Station

  •  Cody (left) is wearing the Cover Male CM222 – Pouch Enhancing Boxer in Orange – $23.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Good Devil GD5505 – Jock Flex in purple – $21.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Intymen INT6152 – Track Brief – $20.00
  • Available at the Underwear Station site

Go Softwear

  • Kyle is wearing the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet in red – $41.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the American Jock Mini Boxer in Gold/Royal – $22.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clean Metro Lo Rise Brief in Bluebeery/Fuchsia – $21.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site


  • Cody (left) is wearing the Active Trunk in Grey
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Simple Boxer Brief in Light Blue
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the America Brief in Blue/Gold
  • Coming soon to the /baskit/ site.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the CX68-Trunk in Royal/Green – $32.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the CX76-Sports Brief in Camo – $32.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the  CX76-Sports Brief Black/White/Red – $32.00
  • Available at the Cocksox Site. All prices in Australian Dollars

Joe Snyder

  • Cody (front) is wearing the PF01- Pride Frame Bikini in Red – $24.00
  • Adam (back) is wearing the JS-M28 Cheek Hug in Journal – $28.00
  • Available at the Joe Snyder Site

No Limits Underwear, C-IN2 and Male Power

  • Cody (left) is wearing the No Limits Underwear White Mesh Boy Short – $14.50.  Available at the No Limits Underwear Site
  • Adam (center) is wearing the C-IN2 Zen Punt $28.00 and V-Neck $36.00. Available at the C-IN2 Website
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Male Power 144-172 Pouch short in Black/White

FreshPair and Modus Vivendi

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Diesel – Fresh and Bright Divine Boxer Trunk – $27.00.  Available at the FreshPair website
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Modus Vivendi Querelle Brief in Red – $30.00. Available at the Modus Vivendi site
  • Adam (right) is wearing the  Emporio Armani 110814-2A506 Stretch Cotton All Over Logo Print Brief in Red – $26.00. Available at the FreshPair website.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Tulio MX06 Trunk in Royal – $48.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio JA05 Lace Up Trunk in White – $48.00
  • Both available at Erogenos

  • Cody (left) is wearing Tulio 12B10 in black/red
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Tulio 12W2 Singlet in black – $44
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio 12M10 Trunk – Black/Royal
  • These are available at International Jock.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Cellblock13 Fugitive Short in Red/Black – $30.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Cellblock13 Prizefighter Jock in Black/Yellow – $24.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing Cellblock13 Singlet in Black – $44.00
  • Availalbe at the Cellblock13 site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Timoteo Navy Swim – $44
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Timoteo Sport 2.0 Athlete Jock – Red – $22.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the the Clubhouse Soccer Jock – Grey/Black – $32.00
  • Available on the Timoteo Website.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We have more pics to share through our Brief Distractions over the next week or so. Check out all the pairs and get them for you or your significant other! Let us know what you want or get for the Holidays!

Join Freshpair in making a change by visiting us in New York City tomorrow and Thursday for a pop-up experience at 315 W. 57 Street (11 a.m.-7p.m.) to celebrate our 10th annual National Underwear Day. Matthew Butlein, President of Freshpair, says, “With both our new site launch and this year’s National Underwear Day celebration, we want to empower our customers to find the style and fit that will make them look and feel their best.” The experience includes an intro to our Men’s Underwear Club, Sunscriptions Program, as well as interacting with underwear models.

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We love it when companies redo their websites and make them better. This is what is doing. They just launched phase one of their website redesign. The main page has been totally redone (as you can see above.) Once you get to the main page you can choose men’s or women’s. Once you choose men’s you can get four categories, Designer, Bold, classic and Thrill. The categories are pretty self explanatory. Designer is all the great designer underwear companies you love. Bold are bold and vibrant colors, Classic are the classic styles that are perfect for the gym and thrill are those that are extreme and fun!

The site now boasts and Experts section. Where you can get advice on underwear, fashion and more. This includes and underwear guide, travel tips, performance underwear and more!

This is only phase one and over the next few months we will see more functionality. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us! Go check it out today!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to review undies, but when I had the chance to review this undershirt, I did not want to miss out. I have had my eye on this shirt for the last year or so and had heard great things about it. A shirt that is comfortable, can help improve your health and will help you look better, I am IN!!

The Equmen Core Precision Undershirt is not just your typical body shaping undershirt. This undershirt has been proven to not only make you look great, but improve posture, reduce back pain, control body temperature and enhance over all blood flow. Now, I had my doubts, but working in a pretty physically demanding job all of these attributes sounded too good to be true.

I reviewed the Equimen Crew Neck Core Precision Undershirt in a size medium. When my shirt arrived the first thing that I noticed was the built in Physiotherapy. This is Equmen’s built in seamless support system that helps support the areas of your body to improve posture and reduce back pain. I also noticed the streamline look of the undershirt. The fabric was also something that stood out. The polyester nylon spandex mix was stretchy but durable.

When I put this shirt on, the first thing that I noticed was how hard it was to get positioned correctly on the body. This is not a “slip it on quick” type shirt. I think it took me a good couple of minutes to get the shirt on and positioned correctly. However, once I got the shirt on, I could tell that it was going to be something worth wearing. I wore this shirt for the first time to work. It did help with the added support and controlling my body temperature and I did see a slight improvement in my back pain at the end of the day. This shirt kept me cool and lived up to everything that it claimed it would. Taking off the shirt was almost as much of a task as putting it on as well. I have since worn this shirt under dress shirts to help me look a little trimmer, and to the gym. This is a great all around shirt and if they were not so pricy, I would have a drawer full of them. The $99 price tag is the biggest drawback.

I would recommend this undershirt for those people that have posture and back problems or work in a very physically demanding job. If you are just looking for a good undershirt this is a good, but pricy option. This style come in a singlet, v-neck or crew neck cuts and come in white, black, and Slate (grey).


  • Great Support
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great for wicking moisture and controlling body temperature


  • Price ($99 for the style I reviewed)
  • Hard to put on and take off


FIT: 4






This shirt was provided by and can be purchased for $99.

We got two sales from! The first one is a Memorial Day sale, the second is a sample sale that you have to be in NYC for!

“We’re running a Memorial Day Clearance Sale (or Summer Clearance, for International customers). All Andrew Christian, Frank Dandy, and MANSTORE items are on clearance. We also have a lot of C-IN2, Diesel, 2(x)ist and Hugo Boss items on clearance.

Also, we are having a Sample Sale from May 30-June 1st and will have around 6,000 items at deep discount prices.”

Firs thing I have to do before we get into the guide is thank the awesome sponsors above! Pistol Pete – Gold Sponsor, Clever/Vuthy & Croota – Silver Sponsors and Good Boy Gone Bad and UnderGear as Bronze sponsors! Without them this guide would not have taken place. Next, I have to thank our photographer Brian from Seven Continents Photography and our Models Cody, Christian and Juan. Our sponsors allowed us for the first time to hire models and do a shoot all ourselves. It is a big learning process and things had bumps (models falling out the week before), but we carried on and pushed forward. We think we did a great job for our first attempt and we will learn more each time!

We had over 60 suits and a full day by the lake and then a re-shoot by a pool this past weekend. It has been a blast and I hope you enjoy this guide and it helps you get some great swimsuits this year! Our Models are Cody, Juan and Christian. Please check out our Videos on YouTube Enjoy the Guide! BTW, don’t forget to check individual size charts!

Pistol Pete

From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Cruise Midcut in Red.  The suit is also available in black and Navy. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Nautical Midcut. The suit is only available in Navy/White. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $45.00
  • Juan is wearing the the Nouveau Midcut in Navy. The suit is also available in black and white. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00

From Left to right:

  • Christian is wearing the Titan Brief in Khaki and Blue. The pair is also available in Blue/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00
  • Juan is wearing the Windjammer Brief in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $42.00
  • Cody is wearing the All Star Lace up Brief in Blue/Black. The pair is also available in Black/Lime, and Red/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00

From Left to Rigth:

  • Juan is wearing the Sail Midcut in Black. The pair is also available in Red and Navy. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Zipline Midcut in Red/Black. The pair is also available in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Racer Midcut. Only Available in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00

From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Steel Midcut in Gold. The pair is also available in Silver. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Calipso Midcut. The pair is only available in blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $44.00


Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Clever 0543 Dragon. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $48.00
  • Juan is wearing the Clever 0544 Skull and Roses suit. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large $48.


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Vuthy 271 Bikini in Blue. Also available in Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $56
  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 287 Brief in White/Black Also available in White/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $62.00


  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 316 Board Shorts in Blue. Also available in Red. Size are Small – X-Large. $69


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

Cody is wearing the Body Tech Brasilia Swim Brief. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $35

Good Boy Gone Bad

From Left to Right:




From Left to Right:

N2N Bodywear

From Left to Right

  • Juan is wearing the South Beach swimsuit in Ocean Blue. Also available in Lavender. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $24
  • Christian is wearing the Combat Trunk in Orange. Also available in Navy and Grey. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $24
  • Cody is wearing the LA X in Charcoal. Also available in Navy and Red. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $21

  • Juan is wearing the Black Dynasty Trunk. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $25

Gregg Homme

  • Juan is wearing the Retro Briefs in Aqua. Also available in Pewter, Aqua, Magenta, White and Purple. Size are X-Small – X-Large. $53.95

Andrew Christian

From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Navigator Swim Short. Also available in Royal. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $55
  • Cody is wearing Reversible Mesh Bikini, the revers side is Royal. Also available in Black/Gold, Black/Aqua. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $36


From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Malibu Red swimsuit. Also available in Blue, Orange and Military Green. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $45
  • Cody is wearing the Matador Swim in Orange and White. Also available in White/Navy/Yellow, Green/White/Navy, Red/White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $38
  • Juan is wearing the Speedster in Royal. Also available in Black, Red, Orange, Green, Burgundy, Purple, White, Red and Grey. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $49


From Left to Right

  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Hawaii Blu Floral Swim Brief
  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Powder Blu Graffiti Square Cut
  • Christian is wearing an OrcaBlue Navy/Red Nautical Square Cut


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Rufskin Milano – Turquoise. Also available in red. Sizes are Small – Large. $54
  • Christian is wearing the Rufskin Positano – White. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48
  • Cody is wearing the Rufskin St. Tropez – Black. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48

  • Juan is wearing the 2EROS Vanish Swim Brief in Cyan. Also available in Magenta. Sizes are X-Small – Large. $40


From Left to right:

  • Cody is wearing the Numeral 6 suit. Available as shown in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Juan is wearing the Numeral 4 suit. Available as shown in White/Blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Christian is wearing the Numeral 5 suit. Available as shown in White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40

Frank Dandy

From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Swim Trunk CX08WL in Switch Blue. Also available in Sub Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $47.25
  • Juan is wearing the Extreme Boy-leg Swim Brief CX79PR in Red (Lifesaver). Also available in Black (Ahoy). Sizes are Small – X-Large. $43.50


We hope you enjoy this guide for swimwear for summer! Watch over the next few days for exclusive Brief Distractions from some of our Sponsors. Remember please check each company’s sizing charts, because they differ from company to company.

Our friends over at sent up some exclusive Q&A with Cover Male. They are one of the newest brands on the market. The thing you notice most is they are fun and bright!

Cover Male, which just launched in January, has already had a great response from consumers. What do you think sets Cover Male apart from other sexy men’s underwear brands?
As Cover Male’s Designer, one of the main things that I try to concentrate on is always having that touch of elegance and sophistication in every single piece designed, not only to create timeless and classic undergarments for the modern male, but to create/boost the self-confidence and self-satisfaction that every man deserves. I believe that Cover Male works well on portraying these elements with its bold colors and modern cuts; making Cover Male the new “it” and “must-have” brand of the year.

What advice would you give to the man who’s not familiar with fashion underwear?
The advice I’d give to all men in general is to be more aware of what they are rocking down under. Men’s jeans are not as they used to be anymore. Low-rise jeans are now made to sit on the hips leaving the waistband of their underwear exposed. Their underwear is more visible than they think, a slight bend over or a lift an arm can show the world what they’re wearing down under. So make sure to have a pair of underwear that looks good when you accidently show off that side of you; just have one of Cover Male’s waistbands for that brief flash tease, it should do the trick.

Is there a style you’d recommend to the man who’s considering buying his first pair of Cover Male?
Yes, I would recommend our basic cuts: Waisted-Up Bikini and Waisted-Up Trunk. The comfort of these styles is amazing! They provide a great fit, impeccable flexibility and most importantly, a great workout companion under your shorts

Stay tuned for Cover Male Cotton Collection and Sports Collection coming soon to Freshpair. Find more of this interview at the Freshpair blog,

The Equmen Crew Neck shirt is the pair I was lucky to review. If you are a long time reader of the blog you will know I have tried a few different Equmen prodcuts. They are usually very well made and fit great!

If you are not familiar with Equmen they are made to strengthen your core and help wilt your posture. Which the shirt does nicely, it makes you pay attention to your posture. I noticed a few times how tall I was standing. Equemen are sort of shapewear but not exactly. I know that sounds crazy but it’s a mix.

The shirt I received was white and really fit in under my dress shirt. I don’t think many  knew I was wearing a t-shirt that wasn’t a regular shirt. I wore this to work just to see how it would do in daily wear. It was really great. It didn’t ride up, bind or really be noticeable.

With that said, I am not one to wear undershirts on a regular basis. If you are like me if you wear another layer of clothes you get much hotter during the day. Here in Atlanta, that week it was a little warmer and it was a little annoying. The other thing that is a pain is getting it on after a shower. It’s like you are wrestling to get it on. I think if you turn it inside out and put it on you will be fine, but after a shower it doesn’t want to move.


  • Great Fit
  • Increased Posture
  • Strengthens your core


  • Made me hot
  • Wrestled to get on










Daily Wear




This pair was furnished for review by


What’s hotter than a pair of Nasty Pig Doublecross Sweat Shorts? Jockstrap Central’s latest model Patrick in said shorts. Woof!

These basketball-cut shorts are loose and baggy and with their aged brushed cotton fleece, they not only look great but feel fantastic on – so fantastic you’ll probably end up wearing them commando. Of course our favorite part is the built-in elastic waistband with Nasty Pig poking up above the shorts – everyone will assume you’re wearing your favorite Nasty Pig Jock while your boys are swaying free and easy (brushing up against that silky fleece.)

Here’s the details: Drop crotch. Built-in exposed elastic and a draw-string at the waist for flexible fit. Branded elastic built into waistband. Pockets and leg openings finished with raw-edged tone-on-tone fleece accents. Tone-on-tone NP embroidery on left pocket. Nasty Pig Incorporated wordmark in the back interior waistband. Custom eyelets and metal branded drawstring tips.

As for Patrick: He’s a chef by day and a model by night. Jockstrap Central first saw Patrick at a local charity fund raising event when their jaws dropped. This solid mass of muscle and fur was riding a stationary bike in nothing but a jockstrap getting it hot and sweaty to auction off to raise money for the charity. Jockstrap Central, being the sponsor of the event, couldn’t very well bid on the jockstrap so they did the next best thing – they approached him to be their next Nasty Pig model.”

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   Wear It Out is expanding it’s product lines. They said ” We’ve added Sumasalt (Australian designed t-shirts) and Teamm8 (Australian designed apparel) as well as the new 2012 range for C-IN2 underwear and shirting.  We’re continuing our ‘bold lifestyle approach’ with an ever expanding range of products and brands..

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   Emporio Armani means the same thing everywhere you go: sleek, sexy and superior. Their latest collection is no exception and is now available at International Jock for a limited time only. Streamlined, strong and so totally hot, the Emporio Armani Spring 2012 collection was made famous by David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, and will soon be made infamous by you.

Plus, check out the new styles from C-IN2’s hot new Filthy collection. When comparing squeaky clean to filthy dirty, one is definitely hotter! C-IN2’s Filthy collection features textured fabric that has been hand-rubbed with pigments and dyes to give it a dirty, worn-in, worked-in look.

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  Spring is all about what’s fresh and new- And here at MUS, we’ve got you set with new arrivals from Diesel, Emporio Armani, 2(x)ist and more!

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