No Limits Underwear

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Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Guide. This has to be the biggest guide we have done to date. We had over 80 pairs of underwear, three models, a photographer, an assistant and a stylist. We are going into our own photography and will be launching something soon, so stay tuned. First we would like to thank our sponsors: Candyman, Clever, Pikante, PPU, Vuthy and Zylas at Gold Level, Croota and Premium Underwear Store for Bronze and Designer Drawers at Silver! A special shout out to Matt at Designer Drawers for helping get our models and our stylist.

Our models for this guide are Cody, Kyle and Adam. Cody was in our Swimwear Guide and both Kyle and Adam are new! We plan on doing another shoot with them soon! I am working on a behind the scenes video but so far the iMovie program is uncooperative. It will be out hopefully this weekend.

PPU Underwear:

  • Adam (left) is wearing the PPU Jock – 1001 for $21.00
  • Kyle (middle) is wearing the PPU Boxer – 1232 for $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the PPU Thong – 0956 for $14.50

Clever Underwear:

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Clever 0190 – Mesh Bars Boxer $24.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Clever 2137 – Niagra Boxer $25.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clever 2108 – Front Mesh Boxer $38.00

Zylas Underwear:

  • Veston (left) is wearing the Zylas  – 2803 – $22.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Zylas – 2884 – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Zylas-4007  Brief – $20.00

Candyman Underwear:

  • Kyle is wearing the Candyman – Santa Costume – $38.00

  • Cody (left) is wearing Candyman – Singlet – $34.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing – CandyMan – Boxer Pimp Costume – $36

Vuthy Swimwear

  • Kyle (left) is wearing Vuthy 279 – Bikini – %58
  • Adam (center) is wearing V-275 Royal Plaid Bikini – $56
  • Cody (right) is wearing V-300 Trunk – $56.00

Croota Underwear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Croota Night Surfer – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Croota Night Runner – $20
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

Premium Underwear Store

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Brief – $20.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Tank – $28 and Purple Bias Boxer Short – $21.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the JOR Comfort Brief – $19.00
  • All are available at the Premium Underwear Store

Designer Drawers

  • Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Power Brief – $28.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site.

  •  Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Solar Brief – $26.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the 2(X)ist Athletic Jock – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the 2(X)ist Splash N0-Show Brief $24.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • This picture we’re going to let you guess which model is which
  • Left is the Pistol Pete Xpose Brief – $22
  • Right is the Pistol Pete Web Brief – $22
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site


  • Kyle is wearing the Wrestler swim in USA colors – $80
  • Available at the aussieBum site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the BarUP brief in Fire/Ice – $23.50
  • Adam (right) is wearing the XO Seamfree in Sunflore – $25.95
  • Available at the aussieBum site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Skmpeez Varzity Brief  in red – $26.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Skmpeez Zignature Boxer Brief in Gold – $30.00
  • Available at the Skmpeez site.


  • Cody (left) is wearing the BoyRio Trunk (releasing soon)
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the BoyRio U-9A extreme Jock in Black
  • Available at the BoyRio site.

2EROS, Frank Dandy and Manview Bodywear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Jock Series Trunk in Red – $30. Available at the 2EROS site.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Frank Dandy Angle Trunk in Green – Available at the Frank Dandy site.
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Manview Bodywear 69 Sport Trunk in Yellow – $22.50 – Available at the Manview Bodywear Site

Underwear Station

  •  Cody (left) is wearing the Cover Male CM222 – Pouch Enhancing Boxer in Orange – $23.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Good Devil GD5505 – Jock Flex in purple – $21.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Intymen INT6152 – Track Brief – $20.00
  • Available at the Underwear Station site

Go Softwear

  • Kyle is wearing the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet in red – $41.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the American Jock Mini Boxer in Gold/Royal – $22.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clean Metro Lo Rise Brief in Bluebeery/Fuchsia – $21.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site


  • Cody (left) is wearing the Active Trunk in Grey
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Simple Boxer Brief in Light Blue
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the America Brief in Blue/Gold
  • Coming soon to the /baskit/ site.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the CX68-Trunk in Royal/Green – $32.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the CX76-Sports Brief in Camo – $32.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the  CX76-Sports Brief Black/White/Red – $32.00
  • Available at the Cocksox Site. All prices in Australian Dollars

Joe Snyder

  • Cody (front) is wearing the PF01- Pride Frame Bikini in Red – $24.00
  • Adam (back) is wearing the JS-M28 Cheek Hug in Journal – $28.00
  • Available at the Joe Snyder Site

No Limits Underwear, C-IN2 and Male Power

  • Cody (left) is wearing the No Limits Underwear White Mesh Boy Short – $14.50.  Available at the No Limits Underwear Site
  • Adam (center) is wearing the C-IN2 Zen Punt $28.00 and V-Neck $36.00. Available at the C-IN2 Website
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Male Power 144-172 Pouch short in Black/White

FreshPair and Modus Vivendi

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Diesel – Fresh and Bright Divine Boxer Trunk – $27.00.  Available at the FreshPair website
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Modus Vivendi Querelle Brief in Red – $30.00. Available at the Modus Vivendi site
  • Adam (right) is wearing the  Emporio Armani 110814-2A506 Stretch Cotton All Over Logo Print Brief in Red – $26.00. Available at the FreshPair website.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Tulio MX06 Trunk in Royal – $48.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio JA05 Lace Up Trunk in White – $48.00
  • Both available at Erogenos

  • Cody (left) is wearing Tulio 12B10 in black/red
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Tulio 12W2 Singlet in black – $44
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio 12M10 Trunk – Black/Royal
  • These are available at International Jock.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Cellblock13 Fugitive Short in Red/Black – $30.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Cellblock13 Prizefighter Jock in Black/Yellow – $24.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing Cellblock13 Singlet in Black – $44.00
  • Availalbe at the Cellblock13 site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Timoteo Navy Swim – $44
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Timoteo Sport 2.0 Athlete Jock – Red – $22.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the the Clubhouse Soccer Jock – Grey/Black – $32.00
  • Available on the Timoteo Website.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We have more pics to share through our Brief Distractions over the next week or so. Check out all the pairs and get them for you or your significant other! Let us know what you want or get for the Holidays!

It’s always fun to try new brands. It can be a little frustrating because men’s designer underwear isn’t cheap. A brief from one brand can be cut completely different from another brand. So when we find a brand that fits our body we stick with it. I get that. I don’t like wearing many brands briefs or bikinis because if the fit isnt right i end up with a wedgy as soon as I start walking. Its the bubble butt curse. It’s a huge reason why I primarily wear thongs. There is nothing worse than having to adjust your underwear.

No Limits is not a brand I was familiar with. I had never worn them before. When my red Low Rise briefs (also available in black) pair came in the mail to review it came in a reusable black zip canvas pouch. The canvas pouch has already been assimilated into my everyday life. It now holds my gym lock, deodorant, and small bottle of saline solution for my contacts. The uses are endless for this canvas pouch especially because the pouch is left plain and not branded. There are literally no limits to its potential (yes folks, that pun was intended). It might not be the most effective marketing for the brand but it is definitely “green” with the idea of reusing packing for everyday life.

I will admit when I first held the pair up I was a little nervous about my comfort level with the cut of the rear of the brief. It’s not a conventional full cut for the seat. It’s more of a french cut. I immediately thought this was going to end up becoming a thong. I went to the gym in a loose pair of shorts thinking the back of the brief was going to ride up. And it was cardio day so if this brief was going to be tested it would be on my cardio day.  The polyester/ spandex is super soft and really comfortable. The brief’s pouch was a perfect fit and offered great support. I was surprised that the brief’s rear didn’t ride up. I was totally shocked. I loved the overall comfort level. I forgot what underwear I was even wearing. That’s how light and airy they felt. I would definitely wear more of their briefs and I never want to wear briefs. If their briefs are this comfortable I would love to try their thongs.

No Limits has a new fan.

Pros –

  • Great design
  • Great quality
  • Super comfortable

Con’s –

  • Sincerely, I have no complaints.


  • Fit: 5
  • Materials: 5
  • Look: 5
  • Construction: 5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 5

This pair was furnished by No Limits and is available for $12.50 at their site.

We got an email form a  new brand called No Limits Underwear. Here is some info they sent us and we’ll be covering them more soon:
No Limits is THE next big name in Men’s underwear! Styled and made in Europe, this underwear is sure to please everyone. Offering bold, hot colors, exquisite patterns and durable yet soft form fitting materials. No Limits is gaining attention and traction in the underwear industry and it’s no wonder. From sexy, provocative thongs to sporty boxer briefs, to unisex bikinis and boy-shorts, No Limits has it all, and all for much less than your typical upscale underwear prices. Right now No Limits is offering 15% off your ENTIRE order, but only untill Nov. 30th, so hurry in and take advantage of these bargain prices now! Like No Limits on Facebook for specials and coupons, follow on Twitter for the latest news, and of course visit the site and be sure to check out the clearance and sales!!/nolimitsundies