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Are you a big fan of jocks? Or maybe you want to give them a try for the first time. If you choose a fashion jock, they can run from $15-30 a pair. If you opt for the classic jock it maybe not what you are looking for and a bit too much. One brand that makes some of the best jocks on the market is Papi. To top it off they are $22 for three! You heard me, it’s under $7 a pair.

The Papi Multi-pack jock is one I have bought many of them over the years. The initial purchase was the price. I think I got all three jocks for $17 at the time (on sale if I remember correctly). I thought if they aren’t any good I didn’t waste big money on them. The first time I wore them, I was impressed. It gives you ample support and they are very well made. They were so good, I used to pack them to wear in the Vegas summer when I went. If you’ve never worn a jock in HOT climates, you need too!

The jocks are made out of 100% pure cotton. Which I’m normally not a fan of but these just fit great. The waistband is a regularly sized band. Nothing super fancy or colors. I think the simplicity will deceive guys out there to think that this is something you would get in a big box store. But it’s one of my top jocks in my drawer.

I’m not sure I would wear this for sports, there are other pairs that would suit you better. But for an everyday jock, this is perfect. You can wear to work, out on the town or just around the house. I have even worn it under a suit! So go check out this and the other multi-packs at Papi!

Pair: Papi 3-Pack Premium Cotton Jock Strap
Color: White
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $22.00


Papi makes some of my favorite jocks. The multipack cotton jocks are some of my favorite pairs to wear in the summer or when I need a jock. They are cotton and very breathable. However, Papi makes many different jocks, not just the multi-packs. One of those is the Velocity Jockstrap.

The Velocity jock is made out of a mesh material. This new material has a honeycomb pattern that breathes more than normal fabric. It will keep you cooler when working out or being active. On top of that, it’s a super lightweight material that is soft to the touch.

The waistband may look pretty standard. However, it’s part of the activewear design. The band is super soft so it won’t bind or constrict while wearing. On top of that, it’s a super fast drying waistband. That is not something we hear very often in the world of underwear. The waistband is always an “also.” The last thing to mention is the band is very stylish and I like the metallic section.

The last thing is the 4-way stretch material. It will provide a snug fit that will give you some awesome support when working out or just wearing it. This mean’s the pouch will stretch and bend to fit guys better as well. Speaking of pouch it’s a contoured pouch that is similar to the other jocks they well.

Looking for some new workout wear underwear? Check out the Papi Velocity Jock!

COLORS: Navy or Black
FABRIC: 93% Cotton /7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $18.00


papi_08You either love or hate animal prints. I have sort of a love hate relationship myself. Some of the prints are amazing while others are a miss. If you fall into the second part of that we may have an animal print you may love. Papi just released the new Wild Thing collection. It’s available in a jock and trunk. The jock is what we are going to be covering.

The Wild Thing collection is a solid fabric with a cheetah print in the same color. So the print is very slight and not over the top. It adds a bit of style to what would be a solid color. I think they did a great job coming up with this collection.  This is because it will allow more guys to step outside their solid underwear box and try something a little more wild!

The jock is a traditional jock. The waistband is a grey 1 1/4 inch branded with the Papi logo in the center. Legs straps really can make or break a jock, this pair has a 3/4 inch leg straps that match their other jocks in their line up. Lastly is the material, it is made out of a 63% Nylon / 32% Polyester / 5% Spandex fabric.

Colors are key to this pair and they have just released four bright fun colors. Those colors are Black, Intensity (Red), Purple and Storm Blue. My favorite is the Black. When you think of a black pair you’re expecting solid dark black. This is more of a grey with the cheetah print.

Papi really created something out of the ordinary with this pair. Hats off to the creativity for this one. It goes along with our philosophic that underwear should be fun and add to your wardrobe. This one would do that and would be great under jeans or even under a suit.

As we stated it’s available in a Brazilian Trunk as well. The jock retails for $28.00 on the Papi site.

Papi Wild Think Jock Intensity (red) Papi Wild Think Jock Storm Blue Papi Wild Think Jock Purple Papi Wild Think Jock Black

We all love great undies if reading this blog, that’s a given! But not all of us have an amazing budget to buy underwear. I know you think the life of an underwear blogger is all underwear all the time, but it’s not. Just like you guys, we look for great deals for underwear too. I freely admit I don’t like paying full price.

One way I have found to save money is to buy underwear in three packs. I”m not saying the ones you used to wear and buy at Wal-Mart. I will NEVER go back to those! If I did you guys would have ever right to stop reading the blog. Because I will have gone insane and would loose all credibility.

Three packs are what most companies call basics. Meaning they won’t be the uber stylish newest undies out by the company. They will be their take on the classic brief. Which, I think every guy should own a pair of classic white undies. Its a must have pair in my opinion.

Here are some great suggestions for those wanting good undies at a better price.

2(X)ist Men’s Essential Collection – This is the 2(X)ist classic brief! Which is available in white with a functional fly. I used to LOVE the classic brief from 2(X)st, they were the only classic brief I ever owned. 2(X)ist makes some of the best undies lately. Available for $32 from 2(X)ist

554003-frontPapi Cotton Low Rise Brief – These briefs from Papi aren’t traditional, meaning they don’t have a fly. But they are super comfy. I have owned quite a few of these over the years. Previous collections were white with different color writing on the waistband, now they are available in different colors/waistbands. They now have 8 different color combos. They are really great quality at an amazing price. Perfect for everyday wear.  Available for $24 from Papi Underwear

62011183_010_mainCalvin Klein Low Rise Brief – CK is prob one the company you think of when you think of classic underwear. They have been around since the 80’s. Their iconic ad back then featured a guy in white briefs against a white stone. It, in my opinion, sparked the men’s underwear market. They now have the briefs in three packs in black, white, grey, and two blues. Available for $27.50 from CK Underwear

These are some suggestions for those wanting classic undies. We will be bringing you more suggestions soon for all kinds of undies!

What Makes Great Date night pair of Underwear? One that will be remembered for future dates? We have a few suggestions on that. But the underwear depends on which date it is (first, thrid, or fifth) and the connection you have to the other person on the date with you.

Over the course of the blog fewer things have brought controversy like bringing up date night underwear. That is because to each guy “Date night underwear” means something different. Underwear is personal and date night underwear is even more so!

We decided to break down a few categories of date night underwear and have you guys tell us which pair you wear and why?


Classic Underwear – We don’t mean the tighy whities that come in a six pack. Rather a brief/boxer brief that is no frills. It’s styling is simple but very comfortable.  One pair that would be good is the 2(X)ist Essential No-Show Brief or Trunk. Another pair is the Calvin Klein Bold Cotton Boxer simple with an off setting waistband.

980580-985-f PARIS

Colorful/Patterned – Colors are an expression of our personalities. On a date night there is a greater chance the underwear will be seen. I know in the past I have worn really fun/bright underwear when there is a chance things get busy. A great pair of colorful underwear is JOR Paris Brief. If you’re a boxer brief fan then you should look into the Papi Eye Candy Brazilian trunk.

copy_of_p1150_pure_jockbrief_f_super_white_1 c-in2_3326_white_f_grip_mens_underwear_jock_strap_fitness

Jockstraps/Jockbrief – Many of our readers wear jocks every day. They are no longer just for the locker room. Over the last few years companies have been putting their own spin on the jock. The C-IN2 Grip jock is the perfect example of a company taking the jock to the next level. If you’re not up to wearing a jock but want the coverage of a jock, the orignator of the  jock brief Baskit has the Pure Jockbrief.

0001-11011_black_l 110204-01-far-front

Erotic/Mesh – If you’re past the first date or out with your significant other maybe you want to show a bit more of your wild side. This could be either Mesh or something considered wild. If you want to show off everything with mesh then we suggest the Gregg Homme NoDoubt Thong Maximizer, It shows and enhances. If you don’t want to share it all but want to wear something you won’t find in your local department store, then we suggest Modus Vivendi 11011 Leather Look Brief with Zipper.

These are some examples of different types of underwear you can wear on a date night. You can go from mild to wild depending on the date! Let us know what pair you like to wear on your date.

papi-3-packs-2013Papi just released two new 3 packs for 2013 and Jockstrap Central has got them. Last year’s (which are still available) were in white but this year’s packs are in solid bold colors.

Papi knew guys were going to love this ultra-comfortable and stylish sport meets fashion jock so much that they packaged them in threes – but for the price of one. Considering you can wear this to the gym, to the office or on a date, you’re going to need three just to insure there’s always one clean.

Here’s the details: A super soft cotton pouch with center seam for support and help provide a natural contour. A matching cushioned 1 1/4 inch elastic waistband white woven logo. Finally, 3/4 inch elastic legstraps provide the support to keep things in place.

Like we said, there’s two different packs available for this year: Either get a pack with a red, blue and black jockstrap or a pack with a blue, light blue and navy blue jockstrap.

Here’s an idea: They’re so inexpensive, why not get both packs and you almost have a new jockstrap for every day of the week!”

Note: Post contains affiliate link for Jockstrap Central.

Papi_Pride_JocksWhen I started UNB Jocks were mainly considered sports equipment or fetish wear, depending on who you asked. Then the fashion jock took off and the industry hasn’t been the same since. Now jocks are in the drawers of many more guys and no longer hidden in the bottom of the underwear drawer. Also, a few of our readers have told us they wear jocks a majority of the time if not all the time.  So over the last few years the jock has gone from bottom to the top of underwear drawer!

Papi has created a great new jock called the Pride Jock. The Pride Jock has a waistband has a rainbow waistband. The body of the jock is made in four colors; black, blue, red or orange. Made out of a 88% Polyester 12% Spandex spandex blend. The materials will guarantee a great fit because of the 12% spandex will give you great support.

Then name, as you can guess, comes from the rainbow waist band. It has the colors of the Gay Pride and while not in all the rainbow colors of the body but has four great contrasting colors. If you ask me this jock is designed to be seen. It would be perfect under some low rise jeans with the waistband showing. I am sure we’ll be seeing this at Prides across the country.

Even if you don’t want to show this pair off it can be worn to the gym, to work,  around town or just a fun night out! If you are a fan of jocks we suggest you check out the Pride Jock! Find the Pride jock on the Papi Website for $20.00


688904-437-s 688904-605-s

may-uotm-2013It’s time for Underwear of the Month! This is the time where we give our readers the chance to choose what of the four pairs that were underwear of the week to be out Underwear of the Month! I have really enjoyed having you guys vote and give you a chance to have your voice heard. Some races have been close and down to the last vote, so make sure your voice is heard! Now for this months candidates. They are the Papi Stretch Jock, Jor Pairs Trunk, N2N Bodywear Signature Jock and C-IN2 Filthy Jock. It’s really a jock battle royal! Three out of the four pairs are jocks! Which one will be made underwear of the week? Well VOTE now and vote often (well once a day).  Also make sure you comment on why that pair should be the Underwear of the Month. Longer reasons are given extra bonus points!

We created posters you can post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to promote your favorite! They are below the ballot!

Vote below and the winner will be announced Saturday!

photo_1 photo_2



jsc-akio-papi-stretch-jock-1It’s been a while since we selected a jock for our Underwear of the Week. This week we selected the Papi Stretch Jock to be our underwear of the week. Jocks should be fun and functional. The Stretch Jock comes in two different color packs. That’s right we said packs because they are sold in 2 packs! So you will get to double your value. The colors available are Blue/Black or Blue/Red. The waist band has the corresponding color as an accent.

Papi makes great jocks. I have some of the three pack jocks they have on the market and they are some of my favorites. These live up to the Papi tradition and if you are a jock fan you will definitely put these in your collection.

Reasons this pair is our Underwear of the week:

  • Super comfortable jocks design
  • Sold in a 2 Pack
  • Made out of a 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  • Available in two different color combinations
  • Smaller then traditional jock – 1 1/4 inch waistband

Find these at Jockstrap Central for $20.00 per two pack. This post contains affiliate links for Jockstrap Central.

It’s almost assured that if you’re reading this, you know all about the Jockstrap-how it’s typically made, what it’s basic purpose is, etc. For those that may not, a jockstrap is an undergarment that both covers and supports the male package while simultaneously leaving your behind exposed to the world, or the backside of your shorts and pants. The long story on Jockstraps is that they were invented by a guy who started Bike and the brand’s jockstraps are made very similar to how they were made over 100 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and thank heavens for that.

For those of you that haven’t read my evolution into the world of men’s designer underwear, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have to evolve when it came to the typical understanding of what a jockstrap is good for. It wasn’t until I got into underwear in the first place that I decided to purchase my first jockstrap. I was doing rigorous circuit training and my trunks just weren’t cutting it in the support department. I opted for the traditional and safe Papi 3-Pack Cotton Jockstraps and thought that’d be the end of my journey. After those passed their sell-by date, my underwear evolution was well under way, and I wanted to keep with the traditional, but seeing all of what I just refer to as “Fashion Jocks” I snapped up some of the 2(x)ist All-Star Jocks as well as some Go Softwear Cotton Lycra Jockstraps. For the most part, I was happy. Not only was I getting the practical support a jock offered me, the nice colors provided an added boost to my self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I decided to start blogging about my underwear collection, and visiting sites like the brilliant Underwear News Briefs and some of the other friendly underwear bloggers’ sites that I discovered that men were actually wearing Fashion Jocks under there everyday clothing. While that should have been more than obvious to me at that point, I am a slow-to-school straight guy, so bare with me. I tried to join the trend back in March, wearing one of my Go Softwear jocks to work and it wasn’t the greatest experience. The thick cotton, that is great for comfortable and supportive workouts quickly became swampy and cramped. I came home, dying to get my jockstrap off, and was resigned to the fact that I just wouldn’t be a jockstrap guy.

A few weeks passed, and as I started showing off my underwear collection, the fact that I didn’t wear jockstraps as daily wear was a negative in two ways. Primarily, it was locking me out of reaching more of you guys (our invaluable followers and fans), but second, (which was an eventual realization) I was missing out on one of the best styles of men’s designer underwear out there! However, I remained frustrated. I wanted to try some more “wearable” fashion jocks, but for the most part, the ones that I was attracted to shaped up to be similar to the ones I already had, fearing they’d fit the same and cause similar problems.

And then, came my “Ah Ha!” moment…

Not long after my failed attempt, I discovered what is perhaps the most brilliant (and in my opinion best) fabric in men’s underwear design today, “Rayon”. A pair of Obviously for Men briefs (which I wore yesterday) introduced me to the fabric’s magical qualities and I was hooked. It didn’t take long for me to put two and two together. Obviously made jockstraps with rayon, and knowing how soft, form-fitting (I’ll discuss this, later) comfortable and most importantly, breathable the fabric was, I decided to try one. Once I got it on, I was in heaven. After wearing it for the day, I finally realized what I had been (knowingly) missing-I knew why so many men loved this style as everyday wear.

I had found the perfect style of underwear for me, and needless to say, I became obsessed. My jock collection exploded and continues to grow when new rayon jocks hit the market that I cannot live without. A jockstrap made with rayon, is the Jockstrap, done right. For those of you who do not know, Rayon is a fabric made from cellulose fibers of bamboo. It’s incredibly soft, and while not the most moisture-wicking, it is still near the top, but what makes it most comfortable is the fabric’s elasticity. While there are several jockstraps on the market that use similar fabrics to rayon, I am convinced that the Jockstrap is at its best when the pouch is made of the stuff.

What we know about all underwear made from rayon, is that it allows your package to sit in its most natural state, hanging away from your body and in front of your legs. While some men may argue that this feature doesn’t give them the support they’re looking for, I disagree. For those of us working 8-12 hour days, a jockstrap with a rayon pouch is the penultimate in all-day comfort because it’s doing the job all underwear sets out to do, but does so in the best way, performing the task without so much as a little reminder of what it’s doing.

While the rayon jockstrap provides excellent support, I think its best part is the fabric’s body-hugging fit. When laying on the bed, it doesn’t appear that there is much to a rayon jockstrap pouch. The pouch seems much smaller than you would think it needs to be, but that couldn’t be further from the truth once you get it on. As soon as you’ve got your package secured into the pouch, the greatest thing happens, you’re done for the day. The fabric molds to whatever natural changes might occur to your package during the day. What I love about rayon in general is that for men like me, who are just slightly above-average between their legs, no fabric on the market does a better job in supporting us without ever cramping our natural “hang.”

Rayon is an expensive fabric, and for companies that produce huge quantity, it’s gets expensive to sell. In addition, its production costs typically mean that rayon fabrics will tend to be monochromatic. Most men prefer cotton jock straps because they come in the widest varieties of colors and styles, and do not get me wrong, this wholehearted endorsement of the rayon jockstrap is not in any way a slam on those designs or designers who do not produce them. A non-rayon design I favor is C-IN2 and their jock design. It has an excellent pouch that is very deep in its contour. Another great designer, N2N Bodywear makes jocks in just about all of the commonly used fabrics in men’s underwear design.

If you are like me, and are either afraid to start wearing jocks as daily wear, or have yet to find one you really feel comfortable enough in to wear for several consecutive hours in a day, I firmly believe the answer lies in the jockstraps that feature rayon as the fabric in the pouch design. I guarantee it will provide unparalleled fit and comfort and will reshape how you once viewed the jockstrap. It’s a design that truly is the Jockstrap, done right.

  New styles are out at Andrew Christian. The main one is the Cosmopolitan Brief in heather. This is only a limited edition and only 4 are going to be made. The other is the Avalon Trunk. Check them out at the Andrew Christian shop!
   Erogenos has new styles in stock now. They include the pictured pair from Good Boy Gone Bad. The others in stock are Narciso and N2N Bodywear.
   The Man Underneath now has Papi! They are also giving you 20% off when you use code “TMULOVE20”
  Enjoy 20% off sitewide at MaleBascis until December 12th. Use code Xmas at check out! Free shipping to all active military personnel as well.
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   Wyzman has Obviously underwear on sale for 30% off! Check out the entire line!
  This weekend has Rufskin on sale for 20%. This includes all styles including the new, just added, winter collection. This is good till Sunday!
  Pacific Jock is giving you FREE Shipping anywhere and 15% off all most everything. We can’t tell you what is on sale you’ll just have to go check it out yourself. Just use code Dec15 at check out!
 Looking for stocking stuffers for the man on your list? Topdrawers and Andrew Christian has you covered. We have new in-stock the Limited Edition Holiday Boxer Brief with Soft Flannel Waistband. This boxer features a red and green plaid flannel waistband that is so comfortable you feel like you are in your pajamas! The flannel covered waistline elastic provides the ultimate in comfort for those that are bothered by the feeling of elastic touching their skin. It also features a button down front that is also detailed in red and green plaid. Perfect for the holidays! Available in a festive collector’s gift tin. Check out Top Drawers for this and more
  Since re-launching their new website, mens underwear online retailer has been stocking up on new and adventurous underwear. One of their recent additions are the Basic, Live and Start ranges from Sloggi mens underwear and are giving away a 2nd pair for half price when one is bought! Sloggi is a renowned brand for super innovative, super-soft and comfortable underwear that will keep you snug in the cold winter nights! The basic range is the top best seller in Cotton/Lycra mix and won’t ever leave you guys out of style. We also have the Sloggi Start range with the contrast colour seam detail for a sporty look and the all time favourite Live range– the modern everyday briefs with a wide, tone-in-tone waistband.

Papi Ibeza Boxer

Erogenos has some great new undies from Papi and N2N Bodywear. If you aren’t familiar with Erogenos you need to check them out. They believe that undies should be fun and they should match you personality as well. You won’t find much boring there! Great customer service and free shipping are the two best reasons to check them out!

But back to the undies, they have the new Papi line that was just released. The pair featured is Ibeza Plaid trunk. I personally am loving the plaid. Just a really fun pair. While the N2N Bodyweaar is part of the new swimwear collection. N2N always does some really cool undies and swimwear that will show off what you got!

I hope you go check it out and find some new undies at Erogenos

Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief + Skinny Hoody 24% Off Next 24 Hrs Only!

Tighty Whitie Punked is a new sporty design update to the basic brief with unique contrasting fashion stitching around the pouch, fly and leg openings. This style is great for everyday usage; but unlike other basics, the Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief is made from a Cotton and Spandex blended fabric that has great stretch and recovery which helps eliminate unwanted sagging and stretching as you wear it throughout the day. This style features a pouch for extra room in front, just where you need it, and Anti-muffin Top elastic helps minimize the appearance of love handles and slims the appearance of your waist.

Product Features:

  • Contrast stitching around legs, fly and pouch
  • Fabric has great stretch and recovery for everyday use
  • Extra room in front, just where you need it
  • Fly front
  • Made from soft cotton fabric blend
  • Anti-Muffin Top Elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Shorter legs for a sporty look
  • Hand made with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Regular Fit

  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • 1 1/4 inch contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Depending on size, around 4 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg opening

Regular Price $18.00
Sale price with coupon $13.68

24% Off Coupon!

  • Purchase Style: 9237 Tighty Whitie Punked Brief w/ Fly Style and/or 5086 Skinny Hoody Only in the next 24 hours on and receive 24% off this style only. Does not apply to any other items.
  • Enter code: 24TIGHTY9237 during checkout for the discount.
  • Offer expires: Dec 13, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

Click to Start Shopping Now!


Pikante is a play on the Spanish word for spicy which couldn’t be more fitting for Jockstrap Central‘s latest offerings.

The front of these new jocks are wide, sort of like a brief and are designed for guys who like to wear their shafts upright and to the left or right. Of course being made of a wide mesh, that’s the best way to really show off what you’ve got, plus with minimal stretch it all fits better that way as well.

Besides the very see-through mesh front, another stunning feature is the sexy triangle formed by the traditional jock strap and the joining strap that is actually the piping of the front pouch that continues along the bottom of the pouch, leaving it and finally meeting up with the other strap.

Both the 1.5 inch waistband with a repeating embossed Pikante logo and the 3/4 inch leg straps are made with a super-comfortable plushed comfort elastic material. You’ll be hard pressed to find something that’s this sexy and yet so inexpensive. In case you’re wondering, the model is Adam Stray and he certainly isn’t shy!”

You still have time to shop before the holidays so Malestrom presents Their  latest holiday deals of the week: Report Collection, Joe Snyder, JM, Papi, Piss & Vinegar, LazzyBum, Diesel, Skmpeez, Obviously, Sauvage & Unico on sale from 10% – 50% off & more. Also, visit our ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page for more savings. Check ’em out!
Body Aware Underwear for Men is pleased to introduce their newest website just in time for the holidays!  We invite you to take a look at our new online shopping site and browse the excellent selection of men’s undies in fabulous fabrics and colors.

We have a fantastic range of anything you might want to buy for the holidays including our newest Double Satin Pouch.   This latest design incorporates gorgeous colors and two glistening layers of satin fabric and our one-of-a-kind backless pouch that makes the most of your holiday package.  And while you’re shopping, take a look at one of the most comfortable and handsome briefs available, the new Reversible Micro Short.  This spectacular design is completely reversible, made from a luxurious Italian tactel fabric that glides over your skin and keeps you firmly comfortable all day long.  Special sizes from XS to 3XL are now available in many of our styles.

At Body Aware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care, and customer service .  You will find our designs unique and infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.

We would love to hear what you think of our newest site and look forward to being of service to you at Body Aware Underwear for Men.

Love TImoteo? Check out the Sports sample pack for only $44.00! You can get three pairs of Timoteo, and it’s  deal but hurry it’s only good this weekend. You can get free shipping with your order iwth the code HOLIDAYSHIP.

The pack includes a Super Low Brief, Scout Square Cut Brief and Athlete new jock. Check them out at the Timoteo site

New Collections at Erogenos
We are pleased to showcase two new collections. We have a new line XLX which is made in Italy. These guys have very provocative, sexy designs that feature quality fabrics and unique design elements. Also we have revamped the Private Structure line with many of their new collection boxers / briefs. They have classic, stylish designs that should appeal to a wide range of tastes.

New XLX Collection – Made in Italy
We are happy to introduce a new line from Italy. XLX is a bit of fetish and definitely more on the provocative side. The fabrics are very nice and the construction is excellent.

New Private Structure Collection Items
Private Structure is a fun, colorful brand that displays a unique design style and wide range of options. The fit is great and the items will definitely perk up your collection.

FREE WorldWide Shipping
Guys we still have free worldwide shipping available throughout the holiday season. We will maintain it as long as we can and really appreciate the strong response you guys have had to the offer. First Class Mail / Priority Mail / First Class International / Priority International Shipping categories apply.

Rufskin Denim
Rufskin has always had a huge following for their DENIM collection. We have started to add some of their items as they really have unique, stylish denim options available that will definitely set you apart from the rest.

See all this and more at

Wear It Out is having some great sales. First you can save 25% off 2xist. Then you can save 15% off Ruskin and the Andrew Christian Flashback briefs and boxers. Lastly they are offering $2 shipping on all orders worldwide for a limited time!
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Palace Trunks has 2xist on sale for 25% off from now till Dec 12th. That includes the Camo, Modal, Sliq, and Surf lines. If you have a favorite 2xist line now is the time to buy!
Saxx is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas in style this year. From December 12th until Christmas Eve Saxx is giving away 12 daily prizes of 12 pairs of underwear.

To enter: Simply tell us who you think needs to hear about the gift of comfort this holiday season. Saxx will send your friends/family a quick email explaining to them why Saxx are the most comfortable underwear for men. You will be automatically entered into our “12 Days of Christmas” contest and emailed a $5 off code.

When you give the gift of comfort this year, we’ll guarantee it arrives before Christmas Eve.

Shipping is always free with your order and this year we’re stepping it up with free express delivery to assure your orders arrives in time!

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BodyAware Underwear for Men is pleased to introduce their newest website just in time for the holidays!  We invite you to take a look at our new online shopping site and browse the excellent selection of men’s undies in fabulous fabrics and colors.

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James Tudor wants you to make a Brief Statement this Christmas! You can do that with the Placquet Striped Brief. The brief has black and white stripes and a button front. They always take a new spin on underwear. If you haven’t checked it out the brand go to the James Tudor  site now!
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Papi is a brand of underwear I’ve not come across before so I was eager to try these Modal Euro trunks out. First impressions are really important with underwear and these tick all the right boxes.

The Modal material is soft and feels really nice on. The colour is a bold orange with a black and orange waistband containing the Papi logo, which certainly works for me. The trunks are well put together and when you try them on, the ticks continue, as they feel great.

The Euro trunk is a style of underwear is a new style for me and is a very short-legged trunk. So much so that the square cut legs finish above the base of the pouch in a similar style to that of a brief but maintaining the square cut of a trunk. It’s a style I’ve seen more in swimwear than underwear. The picture demonstrates what I’m talking about much more clearly.

The pouch is a nice size and works for the average man – looking sufficiently filled out – but I reckon would also work for the man who has no need for any kind of wonder jock uplift. The material is stretchy but doesn’t lose shape or style.

The trunks offer full rear coverage and a thin (1″) piece of material connects the pouch to the rear of the underwear. Herein lies my only concern when wearing them – if you don’t make sure everything is in the pouch and things get trapped in this region, it’s not comfy, trust me!

I’ve worn these trunks a number of times in all situations and give them a big thumbs up. The material is super soft, comfy, wicks moisture away well, and you can often forget you have them on.

My only caution is how the trunks will wear. My review pair already has a couple of pulls on them. I’ve managed to pull a couple of stitches around the leg by not being careful enough when removing them. Having said that, I wouldn’t let this minor concern prevent me from buying another pair.

Fit 4.5
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.5
Look 5.0
Daily Wear 4.0
Overall 4.5

I reviewed a medium and they fit as expected. Papi provided the pair for this review.

Andrew Christian – Perfect as a Holiday gift and for New Years!

Only 283 of this special Brief were produced!

The Holiday Noir Brief features a silver colored metal charm and comes in a holiday gift tin along with a hand-signed card from designer Andrew Christian. This brief is made from the softest fiber in our collection so it not only looks sophisticated, but is also super comfortable. When you pull them on you will immediately notice how much softer the bamboo fiber is against your skin than regular cotton. The underwear also features a multi-depth woven elastic with the Andrew Christian logo. This is a Limited Edition style and only around 283 were made…so when they are gone…they are gone forever.

  • Contrasting leg openings and stitching
  • Comes with silver colored charm on left front…PERFECT for your New Years Eve outfit too
  • Hand signed holiday card from Designer Andrew Christian included
  • Holiday gift paint can style tin included as shown (silver box is extra, purchase gift wrap separately)
  • Only 283 were produced
  • 94% Super Soft Rayon made from Bamboo
  • 6% Spandex
  • Regular/slim fit…great for any body type
  • Handmade with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Easy care machine wash, tumble dry low


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure around 4 1/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1/2 inch leg trim

Only $24.99

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I was given a pair of Papi Cool Pass United Trunk – Mexico to review and was very excited as this was the first pair of Papi Underwear that I’ve worn.  They were incredibly comfortable and showed off all the good things in life.  When I first put them on, I heard a little stitch popping but never saw any evidence of it.  I was a little concerned that I might have received a pair that was a too small for me but that was not the case.  After several washings and wearings, I can say they have held up nicely.  🙂

These are great undies and I love the colors.  My wife thought I was wearing Christmas undies because of the red, green, and white color scheme.  When she saw the number on it, she realized they were a sports trunk supporting our brothers south of the border (in Mexico) and she really liked how they showed things off “south of the border”.

This great pair of undies hugs the boys and keeps everything right where it needs to be.  There is a pouch front that gives good support and provides a great profile.  They are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

If you are looking for a great trunk and want something that would be great for the holidays then check out Papi Cool Pass United Trunk – Mexico.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to try these and I really did fall in love with Papi!  So check out all that Papi has to offer at You won’t regret it.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Papi, for providing me with this pair of underwear to review.