I haven’t done a poll in a while, we need to get back doing these. They are fun to do and share the results. Today we are asking if you are going to be shopping for underwear/gear on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? This is generally the biggest sales of the year on undies and gear. Some guys spend hundreds to thousands (yes I said thousands) on these sales. What do you plan on spending this year?

I personally don’t live very close to a known men’s underwear store. I also have not had the privilege of shopping at one either. I have bought from local department stores when they use to have some selection of underwear styles I like. Unfortunately, It has been a long time now that I have been able to do that. It would be nice to just go to the store and get a pair or two. Okay, let’s be a little more realistic with maybe a half dozen or so. Guess it would depend on the convenience of the store for the amount I’d purchase.

Yes, the anonymity of shopping online is nice when buying underwear that isn’t the norm for guys. No worries about someone you know seeing you buying some sexy undies from the comfort of your home. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the pair in person before you buy them. You can get a better idea of how the pair looks inside and out, the feel of the fabric, get an idea of sizing, etc. With it being a men’s underwear store, the other shoppers are going to be like-minded. No worries about feeling like someone is judging you. Then you’ll have sales people with knowledge on the topic and can help you out right on the spot.

The biggest advantage I see for myself is being able to have the pair in hand the same day. I hope to one day have an opportunity to check out a men’s underwear store. I’m sure I’d be like a kid in a candy store like others have described their experience. Take our survey and let us know if you’d like to shop at a men’s underwear store or if you already have. Check out our list of stores to shop at here. Let us know if you know of any we are missing.


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fetishwear-pollNothing is more fun to write about on the blog than fetishwear. On our blog we have heard from gay/str8/bi guys who love it! It’s no longer relegated to the leather bars and fetish nights in back rooms. Over the last few years it has moved mainstream with Gregg Homme, Cellblock13, Nasty Pig, Rufskin and a few more brands.

We are curious if you guys love wearing it? Feel free to post comments here about you love of it, questions or comments. But vote below and let us know what you think!

mesh-pollWe are curious if you guys wear mesh underwear? It could be the sheer mesh or the more subtle sports mesh but with no lining. One thing I have discovered here at UNB is mesh crosses sexual orientation. It amazed me how many straight guys LOVE mesh. I thought it maybe too gay but Obviously it doesn’t!

We want to know when you wear it or when you’d like to wear it. Do you wear it all the time? Occaisonally? Only on special Dates? Want to give it a try? or would you never wear it?

Share your opinion on mesh!

IMG_0319I know most of our readers have massive collections. Some readers have told me they have hundreds and others have 30-40. But as they say it’s not the size of the collection that proves how much you love underwear. Many of the guys I have talked to on the site have had under 50 pairs have been super passionate about their love of undies.

Even among our staff we have varying sizes. I have prob 400+ and most grew over the years of UNB. James is hitting 300 and the rest of the guys are a mix of large and moderate size collections.

So how many pairs do you have? We want to know! Vote in the poll

Gregg Homme Mens ThongsWe want to know if you are a fan of mens thongs? I have talked to all kinds of guys, gay/straight/bi and we have a population of guys who love it and those who hate them. It’s not just one type of guy. I have talked to many straight guys who love them. In fact our very own Brandon says every guy should try a thong! Whereas, we have gay guys who would never be caught dead in them! The picture features Gregg Homme Torrid thong. It’s been one of their best sellers!

So Vote below and tell us what you think of mens thongs!

fetishwear-pollFetishwear has a broad definition. For our poll we define it with underwear such as Cellblock13, Gregg Homme (the wilder stuff) like the Cowboy collection, Mesh (like Clever trunk). It’s the stuff you may not wear to the doctor! It’s underwear that is fun and can express a part of you that you may hide in regular life.

So do you wear fetish wear underwear? Let us know!


E.S-Collection-Slideshow-4Our weekly poll this week is about Runners. The popularity is growing more and more over the last few years. We want you to know if you wear runners. The picture above is from ES Collection.


Our poll results from last week was, Do you like jockbriefs?

  • Yes, I love them 17.5%
  • No, I don’t Care for them 17.5%
  • I love Both Jocks and Jock Briefs 38.6%
  • I’ve never tried them 26.32%

Join us each Thursday for a new poll!