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Not every guy wants super skimpy or lacey undies. Believe it or not! As I have said many times all guys should have classic pairs. Private Structure has a line of new briefs and Trunks that are simple in design but super comfy


PAIR: Private Structure Pride Briefs
COLORS: Kissie Red, Loadful White, Groovy orange, Shade Grey, and Prideful Blue
FABRIC: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES Small – X-Large
PRICE $15.20

Pride Trunks

PAIR: Private Structure Pride Trunks
COLORS: Freedom Blue, Leather Black, Lemonade Pink, Mojito Green, and Loft Grey
FABRIC: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES Small – X-Large
PRICE $16.20

Private Structure has always been Known to be a brand that is stylish but affordable. This year’s collection, they live up to that mantra. The new collection is small but still very fun. It also is on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Here are the new pairs in the Collection:

Private Structure Platinum Modal Trunk

Private Structure Platinum Mini Modal Brief

Private Structure Soho Camouflage Mesh Fly Low Rise Hipster

Private Structure Soho Camouflage Low Rise Hipster

Find these pairs on the Candyman Fashion Site. All the available Private Structure is for sale on the site as well.

It’s been a hot minute since we covered Private Structure. We used to see them in Vegas at Magic/Curve. But in the last few years they have not been attending and I lost touch with the rep they had for North America. I would occasionally see new things they were doing but never had access to more information or who sold the brand. There’s no point in pointing something out that I can’t send you to buy. “Oh this is cool but good luck finding it.”

In the last few months, there is a new US distributor so I get to see some of the pairs coming out. Private structure has always been very affordable and fun. I mean their briefs and bikinis were around $10 and come in a rainbow of colors. The new collection is no different. The new collection has briefs and boxer briefs.

The prices of this new line range from 11-19 dollars a pair! Which for a pair of underwear is a great price. You can stock up on a few pairs. If you catch them on sale you can sometimes find them for under $10 a pair. Which is almost unheard of in men’s underwear. Here is just a sampling of the new line. Go to Candyman Fashion and see the entire line.

mensunderwearstore-whats-hot-aprilHere’s what’s hot in the US from Each month we team up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some underwear you know and some new pairs you may not! Brands this month include CK, 2(X)ist, for those you know and Bread & Boxers for one you don’t!

Private Structure YellowPrivate Structure Contour Briefs
Private Structure’s Contour Briefs bring basic comfort together with a sexy, low-rise shape. The focus here is color. If you’re a guy who’s used to neutral basics and want to amp up your style game, these briefs come in 10 colors, including 6 bright shades that are perfect (and just in time) for spring. The briefs are made of a cozy stretch cotton and feature a contour pouch for ultimate shape and support.

Calvin Klein Athletic TrunkCalvin Klein Athletic Trunks
Quick-drying, supportive underwear for the gym make for a great workout. The Calvin Klein Athletic Trunks provide the best moisture-absorbing technology and support level. These trunks stretch to the body, and the nylon fabric won’t bunch or hold in sweat. Whether you’re pushing your body during an intense workout or going on a light jog, you’ll have the perfect level of comfort in these trunks. Plus, they come in seven color variations from basic black to bold red.

CK Dual Tone Hip Brief FrontCalvin Klein Dual Tone Hip Briefs
Calvin Klein’s Dual Tone collection gives a cool shift to the brand’s classic styles. The underwear are woven in a way
that when they stretch around the body, they reveal an extra layer of color that complements the top layer. Like all other CK styles, the hip briefs feature a supportive pouch, a logo waistband, and a figure-flattering fit that’s unmistakably classic.

Bread Boxers Briefs Front
Bread & Boxers Briefs
If you’re more of a basic-basics guy, Bread & Boxers, the trending lifestyle brand, produces some of the best basics on the market. B&B’s underwear are made of soft stretch cotton and come in the most comfortable basic fits. These briefs are no-brainers; Sure, they’re not flashy and come in three neutral colors, but these are the kind of comfortable, well-fitting undies you don’t have to think about when you’re getting ready in the mornings. Call them “no-stress underwear.” We call them the new basic must-haves.

TX Turbo collage 22(x)IST Turbo Collection
2(x)IST’s Turbo collection is easily our hottest pick of the month. These microfiber underwear and tank tops come in a stretchy, smooth microfiber and 5 color combinations in an edgy design. All of the styles (the briefs,
trunks and jock straps) hug the body for an extra sexy look and comfortable support. The best part: our entire selection is 25% off Snag a pair while you still can. These undies are going fast.

PUMP Touchdown Trunk
PUMP Touchdown Trunks
Sporty underwear is right on-trend for spring, and no other brand does this style better than PUMP! These trunks  are made of mesh fabric that’s slightly see-through, giving it a hint of sexiness. With a  bold logo waistband and bold striped leg openings to give them a rugby vibe, these trunks provide style, contouring and a comfortable fit whether you’re wearing these during a hot and heavy workout or sporting them casually.

Find these and more at

I received the Private Structure Spectrum Contour Trunk a couple of weeks back and I was incredibly excited to get to own/review them for you as I’ve had my eye on them for awhile. As some of my other posts might have indicated, I have been out of the trunk market for some time due to my love for briefs, but these really peaked my interest after seeing them online. Based on appearance alone, I thought I’d be getting a well-constructed trunk with a nice pop of color and when I got them in the mail, those expectations were met. These trunks are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and the pair I am reviewing came in “Salmon” according to most websites, but the packaging indicated “Fuchsia” and when you get them in your hand, they look far more pink, than the more understated watermelon/orange-pink the pictures on the website would indicate. The XL fits my 37 inch waist nicely and over all they have a good size-to-fit construction.

I wore this pair for a full day, and made sure the day was busy. Not all trunks are made the same, and since most of my trunks come from top brands 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein, I wanted to see how these would hold up. I wore them for a full work day, and then wore them while doing some yard work and other work around the house to get ready for our vacation. At the end of the day, I was both satisfied and fairly impressed. The construction of the trunk is very familiar, but one part makes it stand out. The trunk features a very sturdy vertical seam that runs from the waistband directly down your “crack” which creates an incredible shape. Additionally, two perpendicular seems form a Y-seam to each leg opening from the center “crack” seam, I assume this is to keep the brief from riding up your behind.

The fit of this trunk was fantastic because its construction makes it feel like you’re actually wearing a brief. The contour pouch is ample for just about everyone (although it could have been just slightly bigger for me) and the seam in the back ensures a very comfortable, supportive (in all areas) fit.  The only issue I have with the trunk is the material choice of the leg openings. Like most trunks the leg openings use spandex to stay tight, but by the end of the day, the leg openings were fairly stretched out and caused some “ride-up” in the front, which is annoying. My guess is that its a result of using too much cotton and not enough, or at least not sturdy-enough spandex in the leg openings.

Style wise, the trunk clings on to pop color as its main source of attractiveness, and the contrast white piping makes the bright colors pop that much more. The logo’d waistband is very typical, but I like the font and use of bold lettering. The trunk’s low-rise gives it a modern touch, while also making your bulge look even more enhanced. Based on my research, you can get this trunk in a dozen different color options, which is a huge plus for trunk fans.

Overall, I really like this trunk from Private Structure. It is well constructed, fits great, is as breathable as it can be, and has some nice style. I’ve worn it a couple of times already and when the weather gets cooler, it will certainly be a go-to.


  • Excellent Construction
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable Fit


  • Can stretch out
  • Materials could be more sturdy (5% spandex could be 10% spandex)


Fit – 4.5

Materials – 3.5

Construction – 4.5

Look – 5

Daily Wear – 5

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4.5

You can find these at Premium Underwear Store for $14.00

Introducing 2xist Colour

Celebrate spring with these fantastic bold colors and stripes from 2xist! They’re available in four vibrant colors: magenta, orange, purple, and cobalt. Each has crisp, contrasting white piping and big, bold waistbands. These are limited edition colors, so once we’re sold out, they’re gone forever!

New Andrew Christian Swimwear

Speaking of Spring, it’s time to hit the beach with our greatly expanded selection of swimwear from Andrew Christian. We’ve got so many bikinis, trunks, and shorts that you’re sure to find one that floats your boat.

Introducing Private Structure

At Skiviez, we’re always on the lookout for new styles and new brands. And in that tradition, we’re proud to introduce yet another brand: Private Structure. It’s ideal for the man who is looking for classically-designed underwear with few distractions–just beautiful, bold colors and a clean waistband design. You’ve got the whole rainbow to choose from in both the Spectrum Trunk and the Spectrum Mini Brief. Grab yours today!

New Collections at Erogenos
We are pleased to showcase two new collections. We have a new line XLX which is made in Italy. These guys have very provocative, sexy designs that feature quality fabrics and unique design elements. Also we have revamped the Private Structure line with many of their new collection boxers / briefs. They have classic, stylish designs that should appeal to a wide range of tastes.

New XLX Collection – Made in Italy
We are happy to introduce a new line from Italy. XLX is a bit of fetish and definitely more on the provocative side. The fabrics are very nice and the construction is excellent.

New Private Structure Collection Items
Private Structure is a fun, colorful brand that displays a unique design style and wide range of options. The fit is great and the items will definitely perk up your collection.

FREE WorldWide Shipping
Guys we still have free worldwide shipping available throughout the holiday season. We will maintain it as long as we can and really appreciate the strong response you guys have had to the offer. First Class Mail / Priority Mail / First Class International / Priority International Shipping categories apply.

Rufskin Denim
Rufskin has always had a huge following for their DENIM collection. We have started to add some of their items as they really have unique, stylish denim options available that will definitely set you apart from the rest.

See all this and more at

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Brand new from London is James Tudor. We at His Trunks have their all new collection that is great for everyday wear. Are you a brief man or a trunk man? Either way one of these new styles from James Tudor will suit you nicely! Also don’t forget to get 25% off your order until tomorrow 12/10/2010 by using the discount code “FINALS”.
BodyAware Underwear for Men is pleased to introduce their newest website just in time for the holidays!  We invite you to take a look at our new online shopping site and browse the excellent selection of men’s undies in fabulous fabrics and colors.

We have a fantastic range of anything you might want to buy for the holidays including our newest Enhancing Glistenette Brief.   This latest design incorporates gorgeous colors of glistening fabric and our one-of-a-kind structured pouch that makes the most of your holiday package.  And while you’re shopping, take a look at one of the most comfortable and handsome briefs available, the new Italian Sensitive Tactel Tanga.  This spectacular design is made from a luxurious Italian fabric that glides over your skin and keeps you firmly comfortable all day long.  Special sizes from XS to 3XL are now available in many of our styles.

At Body Aware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care, and customer service .  You will find our designs unique and infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.

James Tudor wants you to make a Brief Statement this Christmas! You can do that with the Placquet Striped Brief. The brief has black and white stripes and a button front. They always take a new spin on underwear. If you haven’t checked it out the brand go to the James Tudor  site now!
Cityboyz Fashions has the new Rufskin Demin in stock. If you know anything about Rufskin, its not for the shy! They show off everything and them some at times!
Rufskin is giving you some limited edition gifts this holiday season. One of them are long johns. If you are a fan of Rufskin why not complete the collection with some fun long johns? Check out even more limited edition gifts at the site!
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Erogenos has the great new exist Surf Collection, which feature vibrant color combination’s in the 2xist’s signature no-show brief and trunk. They also have the new sheer Rufskin collection. They are super soft sheer fabrics with unique design element. They now have the BodyTech line as well as new Andrew Christian Swimwear.

DT Clothes is having a sale on its DT Ultra collection 09. They have the DT Underwear, The Orginal Vac-Pac Undies. Check out all the really fun designs they have out now!

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  • 10 is letting you prebook the best selling low-rise mesh brief from Rufskin. THe pari is updated and now available in black and white. The undies will be shipping February 15th!
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  • His Room has the new line from 2(x)ist, the Surf Collection. You can get the fresh bold colors in No Show Trunk, No Show Brief and Sports brief. Check out the line and see the really great colors!
  • Below the Belt has 20 new styles of Swimwear and Denim from Rufskin. Don’t miss out on the great new items and there is free delivery Anywhere in Australia.
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  • Aboystore is now carrying one of our favorites Sweat Under Gear, 4 Boys Gear and Bumgear! All really fun companies. Sweat is known for its classical styling. 4Boys is known for their new take on undies and BumGear is some really sexy mesh just in time for Valentines day!

It is snowing here, and we don’t get much snow in the town of Atlanta. So I wanted something that is really fun for the Underwear of the Week. Our pair this week is the Private Structure Pineapple Trunk and can be bought at UnderGear. I think this is a really fun pair that isn’t too childish. Some pattern underwear can get too crazy and if our friends see it, they will go, “What are you wearing?”

This is not a pair many would wear to the gym. It’s a great date night pair though, pineapples are not something you would expect to see. Underwear should be fun and not just something to wear. I think Private Structure is one that does a great job with underwear.

You can find this pair at UnderGear. They currently run $27.00 and are a great way to add to your personal style!

Here are the daily sales briefs. We have a lot of clearance sales. So now is the time to stock up on some of your faves, especially if you just cleaned out your underwear drawer!

  • Global Guys Gear is wishing you at Happy New Year. You can check out the Manview Underwear and Pistol Pete online. If you’re in Brisbane you can see Fresh Threads and Private Structure. Plus you can save up to 50% off the final clearance on select styles.
  • UnderGear has its winter Sale going on. You can save up to 50% off select styles including Freemen. Check out the entire line.
  • His Room has 21 new styles from Pistol Pete. 8 active shorts, pants and shirts. 2 New briefs, 4 new boxer briefs and 7 swimsuits. Check out the entire line.
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  • Below the Belt is giving you 30% off 2(x)ist, Zanerobe and CK. Again don’t miss out and this is on selected styles.

b8f856fbdd15f0b11cb22f4aa8205e05Cityboyz Fashions now has Private Structure underwear. For those who dare to be different in style without compromising the fundamentals of being comfortable and being confident of who they are, PRIVATE STRUCTURE is the SOLUTION to it all. With a creatively driven and acute sense of fashion as well as an up-to-date knowledge about the technology and business, we arrive with challenging new concepts for each brand new seasons, delivering the most appealing and yet the most comfortably structured under gears suited to cater all categories and all needs