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Speaking of sexy, this short’s unstructured nature and the fact it’s unlined means this is the perfect short for those who like to show off. Running, your junk will be on show bouncing left to right and if you sit a certain way, you may even grant the people in close proximity an occasional upshorts view (a huge fetish for some). With a little manipulation, just choose a side and let it all hang out – accidentally on purpose.

Jockstrap Central has these shorts in solid black, white, red, turquoise, and yellow, but for the total exhibitionist, you’ll be wanting the sheer black or sheer white versions. Models Draven Torres, Amon and Ken show it all over at Jockstrap Central”

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First off we want to thank Ristefsky Macheda for doing this giveaway with us. Second we want to thank all guys who entered! We wil have another great giveaway soon.  Make sure you join our email list to be the first to know. The more giveaways we do the bigger they get. I hope you will give them a try. We posted some reviews and everyone seemed to love them. Including myself!

The last winners are:

  • Doug G – Wilmington, DE
  • Michael E – Surrey  UK
  • Rex C – Carlingford Australia

Congrats guys and stay tuned for more soon!

A waistband is all a stranger can see of your underwear.  I feel a waistband can make or break you.  The Ristefsky Macheda briefs I recently reviewed have a stellar waistband; not to flashy but still enough to know the rest of the undies are hot.  The waistband has a simple black line on top and a bold raised logo across the band.  Luckily, the briefs are just as great as the waistband.

These briefs are wonderful in look and fit.  They are full briefs with a new twist on a retro style.  Purple piping and the wide waistband accent the charcoal fabric nicely.  A problem I usually have with briefs is the lack of a pouch.  I often find the boys are pushed back and squashed, but the RM briefs are supportive without constriction.  They are perfect for all day wear.  The small “functional” fly isn’t worth much and could have been left off.  It’s a little extra detail to stay true to the retro styling.

This was my first time wearing Ristefsky Macheda and, although they have a limited product line, I hope to soon add more of these to my underwear drawer.

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.6
Daily Wear: 4.9
Overall: 4.8

These and other briefs from Ristefsky Macheda can be found at There briefs were provided for review

One more day to enter the Ristefsky Macheda Super Low Rise Briefs. I am wearing them today and will say, first they are very low rise! And second they fit great. We have one more review tomorrow for you guys and then we draw the last winners. Which don’t miss your chance to try a really great pair of undies.

To enter make sure you go to our Giveaway Page and see the rules and entry form.

Ristefsky Macheda is a company that has combined the sexy sophisticated style of Europe with the masculine casual feel of Australia and girding our loins since 2005. You can definitely see the mixture of suave and fun in their collection with underwear from either end of the spectrum. Today we are going to take a look at one pair, the Retro Low Rise Brief.

The brief definitely has a style of its own. Overall, the entire look is very traditional and classy yet, as the name suggests, there’s a retro twist to it. The colors for this brief are great! It comes in charcoal grey trimmed with blue, yellow, red or sky blue. All great contrasts and I love the not quite black spunk of the charcoal. The fabric is 95% cotton which makes them very comfortable and 5% elastane which help the brief keep its shape and support all day long with out getting saggy. This brief has a refined nostalgic look with a contemporary luxury. The elastic waist band has the branded label in a bold print and does not repeat all the way around. It’s just one clear gallant statement centered right in the front then white with a thin black strip through the rest. I think this is a terrific way of bringing attention to the brand and shows the purposeful and careful craftsmanship of the brief. The waist line sits low, just under your hip bone, however I didn’t find that it sits as low as some low rise underwear. I think this lower waist line is becoming the norm in pants and is carrying over into underwear.

I wore these briefs right after they arrived in the mail. I was pretty excited after examining the look and feel in my hands. I wore them for an entire day of work and errands and have to say they were very comfortable and supportive. I washed them and then wore them again. The underwear machine-washed and dried well so it is definitely a pair that will last. For the second wearing of the briefs I wore them to the gym where I worked out and taught a yoga class. They were very supportive and comfortable and didn’t ride up or chafe plus they looked good in the locker room. They make great gym undies. For everyday wear, they sat well with my jeans. As previously stated, the new trend is a lower waist and these fit perfectly in place with the new trend.

If you’re a guy who likes a nice full plentiful seat you may notice that the waist band comes just above your gluteal cleavage and, after a while, that can feel a little irritating. The tag is the main reason for that and it can be removed. I usually snip the corners off so that it’s not so scratchy. Even though the look suggests ‘vintage’, the configuration is very up to date. The front, with its clichéd fly, has an added dimension to it so that the base protrudes just enough to mimic a pouch. This gives your man bits the room and coziness they crave while still keeping them supported. I never felt confined and had little adjusting to do. I typically wear a size medium comfortably however I found these mediums to be a little snug. Not tight but slightly less spacious than other undies I have. Although, after I had them on for a while, they didn‘t feel that tight. But if you are a man who’s on the edge of a size or like a roomier fit you may want to order a size up.

Overall, the Ristefsky Macheda Retro Low Rise Brief is a great pair of underwear to own for any occasion whether you’re looking for comfort, support or just a great look.

FIT: 4
LOOK: 4.5

Ristefsky Macheda provided the product for review.

Everyone has to agree that the basic staples of any wardrobe consist of at least one black & white article of clothing.  In my humble opinion, stripes play an important role in creating an interesting visual effect while adding a sense of classic styling.  With both said, Ristefsky Macheda has hit the mark with combining both of these theories into one, hot, sexy brief.

Upon first inspection, I noticed the quality of construction in the seams and waistband.  After slipping into these comfortable and well-fitting briefs, I quickly discovered that these are low-rise and sit nicely along the hips without feeling inadequate in coverage and support.  These retro inspired stripes combined with the RM logo waistband make this style really pop.

As mentioned in previous reviews, I typically don’t gravitate toward s briefs, but you can’t help to fall in love with these because they feel incredibly soft and lightweight.  The ratios of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane create the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.  After wearing these the entire day, including a gym workout, I couldn’t find one thing wrong with this pair.  The line is available in other colors including Black/White, Navy/Grey, and Red/Grey. There’s plenty of visual diversity for everyone!

I don’t know that there’s anything left to say other than this manufacturer from “down under” has it covered down under.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.7
Daily Wear: 4.6
Overall: 4.8

These briefs were provided by Ristefsky Macheda and can be purchased at their website located at

It’s time for the annual Valentine’s Gift Guide.  Unlike last years guide, this is done using pictures from companies rather then being shot specifically for us.  Time was not cooperating with us to get it done.  We feel you will enjoy this as much as the previous ones.  We hope you enjoy the selections we chose.  We aim to make sure you and your man look incredible on Valentine’s Day!

We are giving you the choice of both classic and sexy pairs.   We know there are guys who prefer the classics and want choices to reflect their taste while others want something sexy that shows off or enhances.  We think we have both bases covered.  As always, please click on the pics to see a better, larger image.

Andrew Christian Gigalo Brief

We bring you two super sexy pairs from Andrew Christian.  We think the Gigolo Brief (left) and Boxer (right) would be great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Both of these are made of sheer material and show off all you have to offer.  The Brief is $18 and the boxer is $23.  You can get both pairs at

We can recommend the following pairs from aussieBum.

  • First up (on top) is the Classic Red Brief.  This is for the guy that wants something to show off the colors of Valentine’s but still wants to remain classic.
  • Next is the WJPro (bottom left).  This is the the new Wonder Jock line.  It takes what’s given and shows it off.  Think of it as a wonder bra for men!
  • Lastly from aussieBum is the Valentines pair.  Do you remember seeing the bunnies pair last year?  If so, this is a similar pattern in a boxer.  They are fun and imagine the looks you’ll when your pants come off!

You can get all three pairs from

Baskit is a company that allows you to have classical styles and be sexy at the same time.  The new lines have very classic looks but in new colors and designs.

  • The first pair we think would be awesome is the Ribbed Jock Brief (top).  The front looks like a brief while the back is designed like a jock.  It’s a mix between the two.
  • The next pair is the Utility Boxer Brief in pink (bottom left).  Pink has been an increasing color trend and is great for the occasion.  I love the design and use of white material.
  • Lastly is the Light Brief (bottom right).  It’s perfect for the guy who wants something sexy but not too different.  We definitely recommend the red!

All these can be purchased from the Baskit website.   If you are lucky between now and Valentine’s, there may be a $12 Tuesday!

We don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere or those taking a nice romantic trip to a location in the tropics.  Boy Rio has recently released new underwear and really great swimwear.

  • Boy Rio has a super sexy underwear line that includes the Xtreme Low Cut brief (left) that we think is awesome for Valentine’s night.
  • If you are going to a tropical location, you should try the PoolBlu “sunga” style Brazilian swimsuit (right).  There’s a  bit more coverage than a swim brief since it’s based on the swimsuits of Brazil.

You can get these directly from the Boy Rio website!

A company we had to include is Cocksox.  They have been featured on UNB many times in the past and they will continue to be a part of our underwear family.  We feel they have two great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Cocksox is a company that believes underwear should be fun and sexy, driving them to create new styles that show off what you have…and then some!

  • One of the sexiest pairs is the CX01ME, which is the classic brief made of mesh.  It has the traditional pouch in a bikini cut. (left)
  • The classic brief CX01 is also a must have.  The pair is created to lift and show off.  Red would be our recommended color for the occasion. (right)

You can get these pairs from the Cocksox website.

Dead Good Undies has some really super sexy HOM products.  If you aren’t familiar with HOM, this is the perfect chance to try them out.  They are a brand that has been around in Europe for a while, but we here in the states rarely see them except for online.  They are very well made and generally smaller cuts than we are used too but they look awesome and fit amazingly.

  • If you want more of a trunk cut, try the Valentine Hipsters.  They have great colors, but for Valentine’s Day, go with the red, as pictured, or pink. (left)
  • There is no better holiday for thongs! The HOM String Twinpacks will make a statement to your special love.  They will know you are in the mood for romance after dinner. (Right)

These are available from Dead Good Undies.

There is a new company on the scene and it’s called Diego Barberi!  They are based out of Switzerland and currently only have a trunk style.  We are reviewing two pairs and those will be posted soon.  Until then, we want you to check out the pair called Ibex.  They are a red trunk with a white embroidered design.  They are initially beginning with a small line but we hope to see more from them soon.  They may be new but they definitely would be great for this occasion.  You can bring a Swiss styling to your undies drawer!  These can be purchased directly from the Diego Barberi website, but make sure you click the English link at the top unless English isn’t your only language.

Erogenos has some really great pairs for Valentine’s.  If you are not familiar with them, they are known for having super sexy and fun underwear.  It’s not plain and boring at Erogenos.  I would say they are one of the “go to” sites for sexy!

  • What special day wouldn’t be complete without animal print?  Well how about an animal print thong!  It’s definitely shows that you are ready to be an animal yourself.  The Pikante Jaguar G-String is perfect for bringing out the animal in you.  (left)
  • Another really great, sexy brand is Gregg Homme.  We’ve said they are bringing sexy back and doing it well.  The pair for them is another thong and is the Commando Thong.  It’s small, fun, and made of super stretchy material. (center)
  • Last is a new brand called Narciso.  Narciso is out of Buenos Aries that facilitates form fitting designs and bright colors.  This is proof in the Narciso Boxer.  The black stripes with red highlights make the pair really fun. (right)

These pairs are available at the Erogenos website.

Next on our guide is Frank Dandy.  Frank Dandy is known for great designs and great colors.  The pairs we chose for this is the Five Star Brief and Trunk.  We  think these would be the perfect addition to your underwear collection.  You can wear them really at anytime, but to us, they seem like a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day.  We wanted to pick a wild print but thought these would be a much better choice.  You can get these from the Frank Dandy website.

Geovanny is one of the companies I don’t think many people have seen.  I really love his take on underwear design.  He has taken a classic design and put a new, innovative spin on it.  The pair we chose is the red brief with white trim.  They are a more full cut but still just as sexy.  The front seam accents the pouch in a new way that I haven’t seen from other designers.  To purchase this pair, go to the Geovanny website!

Again, we don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere and those planning a romantic trip southward.  Marcuse is a swimwear company out of Australia.  Over the last few years, Australia has become one of the major players in the  underwear/swimwear market.  Marcuse is one of the newest and hottest swimwear companies around today.  The pair we chose is the Arrest Me swimsuit in red.  This is a very brief design of swimwear.  This would be great for a romantic beach getaway!  It’s not for the shy, so be ready to show it all off.  You can get this pair from the Marcuse website.

N2N Bodywear is a necessity in a Valentine’s Day guide.  They have always care about the sensuality of men.  Every new line they release is about showing off a man’s body.  This includes underwear, swimwear, and workout wear.  The pair that would be great for the holiday is the N2N  Freedom Bikini.  It’s got a signature waistband and comes in blue and red.  Either pair you purchase would be great to wear out to dinner.  You can get this pair from the N2N Bodywear website

Are you ready for some RED?  If so, then we have you covered with Olaf Benz.  Olaf Benz is a brand that originally hit the fashion scene in Germany and has spread across the globe.  When I first saw these, I was WOW’ed!  They are so fun!  I think I literally said “FUN” when I opened the email.

  • The first picture features the Squrepant and Carreshirt.  Both are form fitting and would make a great combination.  Be warned that they are super sexy and body conscious! (left)
  • Maybe you simply want some fun, red briefs.  You should try the Sportbrief.  It’s perfect for that active guy in your life.  You can wear it more than just to dinner or a day out since it gives you great support. (center)
  • You might want to show off.  If that’s the case, you definitely need to try the Stringtanga.  It has two straps that run around back and a pouch.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

You can find these awesome selections at the Olaf Benz website.

You may remember Beyond Big Branding from our long johns giveaway.  They also have other great underwear selections.  Specifically speaking, the Piss & Vinegar brand.  We have reviewed these and they are some of the most comfy underwear around.  They are very stretchy and conform to your body.  The pair we chose is the Spectrum Low Rise in red.  They are another classical style but with great materials and do not fit like traditional undies.  You can purchase these from the Beyond Big Branding website.

Speaking of giveaways, currently we are running our Ristefsky Macheda giveaway.  It’s going great and they have created really awesome packs for you for Valentine’s Day.  In today’s economy, that is a really great thing!  They give you two items for a really great price for those who want to try Ristefsky Macheda.  If that doesn’t get you, maybe free world wide shipping with no minimum order will peak your interest.  These packs include the  Swim Gym, which is a great new swim style (and super sexy) and  a shorter men’s swimwear trunk that mocks an old school gym short.  These are available in four great colors.  These are currently exploding in Melbourne!

  • The first is the Retro Inspired Gift Pack.  You receive a Striped Low Rise Brief in Red/Gray and then a Tetro Low Rise Brief in Charcoal and red!  (top)
  • The next is the Red Dare Underwear Gift Pack.  This one is all about red!  It includes one Dare Low Rise Brief in and a Dare Low Rise Trunk.  We’ve reviewed the Dare line and it performed very highly in our standards. (bottom left)
  • The last pack is the Swim Gym and Dare Low rise brief.  This includes the Dare Low Rise in Red and the new Swim Gym in red. Both are extremely sexy in our eyes.

To order these packs, go to the Ristefsky Macheda website and select “Underwear”.  They are available and with FREE SHIPPING!

Timoteo is up next on our guide.  This is a brand we have watched grow in the last few years.  It’s wonderful seeing such a great brand become popular and do well.  They started with the classic line and then expanded into Quake and now the Sport line.  We are bringing you the last two lines for the guide.

  • The first pair is the Quake Brief in pink.  This isn’t a pastel pink but a bold, bright pink! You will definitely make a statement when you wear it. (Left)
  • The second pair is the Athlete New Jock, part of the Sport line.  It’s a brief with a jock back.  We think the black with red is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

To order these, go to the Timoteo website!

Todd Sanfield Underwear is a new addition to the underwear scene.  It’s founder is Todd Sanfield who has graced the cover of DNA Magazine three times.  He has modeled underwear and decided to create an underwear line himself.  He has created a line with superior fit, great quality, and incredible durability.  The line is now available and the red briefs above are our choice!  To check out the entire collection, go to the Todd Sanfield Underwear website!

We have only a few more companies left and how could we produce a guide and not include  They have been one of the founding  companies in the world of mail-order underwear.  They were around before we knew what the Internet was, provideing us with the International Male and UnderGear catalogs with the latter still available today.

  • The Extreme Jock Trunk is the perfect pair in which to play cupid.  It is a trunk that features a really great pouch. (top)
  • Maybe you need or want to wear silk.  If so, the Extreme Collection Silk Trunk is prefect for you.  The pair has a contour enhancing pouch so you have no problem showing off!  (bottom left)
  • Are you a fan of 2(x)ist?  If so, you need to check out the Valentine’s Contour Brief.  The interesting thing about this pair is it has “Love Me” sewn into the waistband! (bottom center)
  • Last is another choice of swimwear.  If you are going on a trip, you may not want a swim brief, but maybe you want something more conservative and just as sexy.  Try the Tactics Tahiti Swim Trunks.  They are a short type that can be worn as your swimwear or a cover-up for something underneath. (bottom right)

All these can be found at

Underwear Station has some terrific pairs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  We had trouble picking only four pairs.  There are so many from Joe Snyder, Gigo, and more to choose from.  We managed to whittle our selections down to four from Good Devil and Intymen.  Both new brands are really making a splash in the US market.

  • The first is to hot for us to show you on UNB.  It’s the Good Devil Mesh Boxer.  The front is pure mesh and completely see through!  As you see, we only show the back.  We suggest this selection for the bold.  You can’t be shy and wear this pair. (top left)
  • Jocks are something we haven’t profiled on our Valentine’s guide, but this time, we did with the Good Devil Mesh Jock!  It’s another “too hot” for UNB!  It features a mesh pouch and allows the person you’re with enjoy it as much as you will enjoy wearing it. (top right)
  • Our next choice is Intymen.  We didn’t want to go totally sexy and mesh for everything, so we chose the Swing Enhance Brief.  It has a built in package hammock that shows off what you have to offer!  (bottom left)
  • Lastly is the Intymen Slot Boxer.  It’s a trunk cut with an almost open side.  It is connected by six horizontal straps.  It’s a very sexy design and prefect for a romantic encounter!

You can purchase these directly from the Underwear Station website.

We wrap-up our guide with Unico.  Here, you will find that amazing “Unico” pouch that is ergonomically designed to fit men like a glove.  They also are not afraid of color or patterns.  The pairs we chose, we hope, will give you endless moments of comfort and pleasure.

  • The Classic Mid Boxer, in red, is for those who like a little more coverage and a great fit.  It covers down to the mid-thigh and has the signature Unico waistband.  It’s literally perfect for any day. (left)
  • If you are searching for color that isn’t traditional for Valentine’s Day, give the Vivaz Short a try.  It features pink, black, and blue color bands.  It is a pair that can be perfect for any date night as it is different and fun.  Well, that’s our opinion at UNB and this would definitely match that criteria. (right)

You can get these from the Unico Site.

This has been our guide for the 2011 Valentine’s Day observance.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  We hope it not only entices you to buy undies for Valentine’s Day, but also creates a spark in making everyday a fun underwear day.  We think underwear should reflect your inner self and your personalty.

As always, we invite you to contact Underwear News Briefs and let us know if your favorite Valentine’s Day undies didn’t make our guide.  We definitely want to hear from you and, who knows…you may teach us a thing or two about sexy underwear.  Post a comment here or on our Facebook page or Twitter us.  We love to hear what you like and what makes your Valentine’s Day special.