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Do you remember the NO BAD DAYS swim brief that Sluggers did last year? Did you miss out on it? Well, good news, they are bringing it back for a limited run! Here is what they sent out! If you missed this pair go get it.

Our first ever collab – NO BAD DAYS by Nathan. The first batch sold out in no time at all, so Nathan has asked us to reprint. Brand new NO BAD DAYS go on sale Feb 13 at 9am AEST. There are currently no plans to reprint this design again. 

Designed with Instagrammer @nathan – these DEETEES feature a neon slogan on the back and Nathan’s iN logo on the front. We’re stoked with this collab so we’re adding an automatic discount with any purchase of NO BAD DAYS.If you’re keen, add your other DEETEES before the Nathan’s go on sale. 

Check out our range today and add some to your cart. The discount will be applied automatically when you add your NO BAD DAYS in tomorrow. Grab a pair of NO BAD DAYS DEETEES and we’ll give you $5 off any other DEETEES in your cart.

One of my favorite pairs from Sluggers has been the Banana Hammock. Yes, this is actually the real name of these. When you head out and rock these you can say “Do you like my Banana Hammocks?”

You can bet these will be a big hit this summer down under (yes, summer is about to start), and here in the States. I want a pair myself. I mean how could I not want a pair??

At UNB we are all about all guys wearing what they want and feel sexy wearing. Sluggers as a company do amazing things, they make the patter in a few different styles. Each of these styles are designed to fit a specific body type.

This chart will help you pick the perfect style for your body type! It’s great to see a company do this! No matter your size you will look amazing rocking these swim briefs. This isn’t for this pair but every pair they make!

In the mean time, go to the Sluggers site and pick up your Banana Hammocks!

Aussie swimwear companies are releasing their summer styles. This is a good thing and bad thing for us in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s good because we get to take out time to pick out some amazing swim. And it’s bad because we suffer through the cold, rain and snow wishing for warmer weather.

Sluggers is a company I have come to love over the last year. Their philosophy and style have won me over. I bought a pair a while back and love what they do! It’s a company I hope you guys all will check out. If’ you’re not a fan of super fun prints this won’t be for you but it you are, I think you will love it.

The new print is called Little Pricks. It’s a pink background with little green Cactus on it! It’s a super fun print. It was designed for Sluggers by a customer and Instagram friend Vageli. Which is so awesome.

It’s going to be tough to figure out which of the Sluggers I want for this coming year!!

Pair: Sluggers Little Prick
Color: Print as seen
Fabric: polyester and spandex
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: $34.58

NOTE comes in classic, Deetees and Racer back, the price and link is for the Deetees

One of our favorite Aussie swimwear companies has released a really awesome new print. Sluggers have a new camo. It’s not the traditional or the digital camp. It’s their own interpretation of the print. It’s actually pretty damn cool.

It’s a green print camo that is more abstract than anything. It’s for the camo lover and the guy who may not be 100% on board with camo. I think there will be plenty of guys who are not keen on the print normally, to give this one a try. As you can see it’s one of the more unique ways that camo has been presented. I tip my hat to Sluggers.

This pair is as always available in Classic, Deetees and Racer styles. All their styles come in these, and if you aren’t sure which style you should get, the Sluggers site will help you determine it. They suggest that us US Blokes get the Deetees. But, I say explore your options and try them all!

Check out the new pair at Sluggers site!

Pair: Sluggers Camo
Color: Print
Fabric: High Clo elastane
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: All three styles are $35.71 (with current exchange rate)

As we finally get some fall temps up here in the States, Australia is about to enter summer. Aussie brand Sluggers is releasing some cool new pairs. One in particular that caught my eye was the new Cherry Bomb. It makes you wish we had a longer summer (but only to rock this on a beach), but I guess we still have Miami, San Diego and Hawaii!

The new print is just super fun. I think Australian brands have a lot more fun with patterns and prints. They all seem like they love to have fun and not take things so seriously. I think Sluggers is one brand that really does prints and patterns very well. They range from the traditional to the fun.

Another awesome thing about Sluggers is it’s available in three different styles. The Classic, Deetees, and Racer back. That means you can get the same print in different cuts. One thing that I hate is when you find the perfect print and it’s not in your favorite style. Sluggers you can get the bigger cut, regular and smaller , as I like to say.

Check out the Cherry Bomb and all the new styles at Sluggers! You won’t be disappointed.

Yesterday we wrote about beefy guys wearing swim briefs. I wanted to profile a pair for Swimwear Sunday that all guys could wear. Regardless of size, shape and body image. The brand that came to mind is Sluggers. The awesome aussie brand that is for all guys wearing the style! The pair they recommend for all body sizes is the DEETEES. The pair for Swimwear Sunday is the 80s Enough.

If you were alive or a fan of the 80’s you will love this pair. It’s very much an 80’s color block design. Back then the swim briefs were bigger than now and the designs were so much fun. Sluggers says this about the pair, “A navy base with an 80’s inspired sport stripe that would make Marty McFly green with envy.”

Their further description is:

Made with RECYCLED Polyester. These DEETEES used to be plastic water bottles! A mix of polyester and spandex makes for a stretchy fabric and a tighter fit – but still comfy. If you don’t like them too tight – try going up a size. They’re not called Dick Togs for nothing.  7cm side width. Elastic support on legs and waist. White draw string front

Notice that if you’re a fan of the environment, these swim briefs were made from recycled polyester. Specifically, the water bottles you use get turned into these swim briefs. Which is awesome that a clothing company is using this material. It’s one of the few companies that I have seen

Make sure you check out the sizing before you order. If you want something more “comfy” get a size up. Wear them just under your hips. The pair is also Fully lined in front. The pair is “Chlorine resistant – but not as sturdy as our Classics and Racerbacks. Give them a rinse in cold water and let them dry out after each use for a longer life.”

If you are looking for something super fun and different we hope you will check out the 80’s Enough.

FABRIC: Recycled Polyester
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $27.22

IT’s Swimwear Sunday and we picked a GGGGRRRRR-eat pair for you today! Sluggers from Australia make some of the most fun swimwear on the market today. They have a lot of different prints and cuts. We are sure in their many pairs there will be one that fits your body and personality. However, the pair we are focusing on is the new TRI-GRRR DEETEES.

When they first showed this pair, it didn’t have a name. They asked social media followers to help name it. The name was given by Instagram fan kaisydneyconvictsrugby. Great job on the name! It’s the perfect name for this amazing print. I will admit I want one of these for myself to sport by the pool this summer.

The print was developed by collab with the legends at Buttery Studio. Sluggers said that Buttery got it right on the first go. How often does that happen? The print is just awesome. The blue background and tiger character really make this pair pop. I can see why Sluggers stopped when they got the first draft. WOW.

The Deetee is one of the styles Sluggers has in their swim. The Deetees wider at the sides and a tighter fit. Suits all body types. I was going to point that out in here but Slugggers did it for me. You don’t have to be super tiny or a muscle man to wear a swim brief. All types can and should wear the style.

To take care of this pair make sure you rinse it out after every wearing. This lengthens the life of the pair!

If you have a pair of swimwear you want to nominate for us for Swimwear Sunday. Fill out our Swimwear form to nominate a pair or brand we may not know about and you’ll get credit for the pair!

COLORS: Printed
FABRIC: A mix of polyester and spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $36.95

We are joined but what you could call a swim brief expert, Adam from Sluggers Swimwear. We have profiled Sluggers on the site. But, for those who don’t know, Sluggers is an Aussie brand of swimwear. Adam, the man in charge, agreed to talk to us about swim briefs and the difference between the US and Australia.

Thanks for joining us, Adam. For as long as I can recall, swim briefs have been a part of life in Australia. I would see the life guards competing in them and the beach at Bondi with most guys wearing them. Why do you think is not a big deal to wear a swim brief there?

You might be amazed to hear this – but swimming in daylight hours on Aussie beached used to be illegal! The laws were only changed a few years before World War One. We have come a long way.

Like you pointed out – our lifeguards wear them. Old blokes wear them. Kids wear them. Even our ex-Prime Minister wears them at his local beach where he is a regular patrolling Life Guard.

If anything in Australia Sluggers are quite daggy. I often refer to Sluggers as being designed for the Fashion Bogan (which I guess is Aussie for Redneck) as that’s the group I identify with! We just show healthy and positive images of fellas wearing them. My whole approach with Sluggers was that we always targeted Men. Just Men. That was our customer – everything else is just a subset of that.

In Australia, we tend to get the Bogan Dads like me and fit young blokes in their late 20s and up who are looking for a good quality pair of swimmers at a reasonable price.

Somewhere along the line in the States Speedos went from being practical sportswear to something else. In America, it feels like you’re making a statement when you’re wearing them, whereas in Australia it’s because you’re going to get wet. It’s definitely a lot to do with how they are marketed.

Americans are also a lot more conservative than Australians when it comes to swimwear. Even your board shorts are a lot longer and baggier than ours, but I think that’s really because so many Americans live so far from the beach the surfwear isn’t really for surfing. We’re so alike in so many ways – but you can really spot the Aussies a mile off on the beach in Waikiki.

Over the last few years have you seen guys keeping the status quo or are guys moving away from the swim briefs?

In Australia, briefs are definitely coming back. Since we started Sluggers Swimwear in 2014, we have really seen an increase on the beach. I think this is partly because of the amount of new brands and styles out there, but also social media has shown fellas that it’s OK to wear them at the beach. I wear them because they are practical. You dry fast. And you get an epic tan line!

I really feel like there is a genuine resurgence in swimmers like our Sluggers. As one of our models recently pointed out, it’s becoming even less of a big deal to rock a pair, and we all think it’s yet to really explode.

It’s got a lot to do with the recent boom in fitness and health for young men. They’re eating better. Exercising a lot more, and drinking less alcohol. They’re proud of themselves, and they have incredible body confidence. When I was growing up very few of my mates had a ‘rig’. Now it’s like every bloke has a rig, and they are keen to get outside and make the most of it.

In the US, we have very few sports stars that would be seen in a swim brief. In Australia do you have rugby or football stars wearing swim briefs on the beach?

All the time! And the louder, the better. There’s an unofficial competition between players as to who can wear the loudest swimmers, and plenty of footy teams go for a dip in the ocean in the middle of winter for a natural ice bath. We have had locker room photos posted by footy players sporting a pair of Sluggers – especially our local team St George.

I’m curious as to how Australian’s see the US and our views on swim briefs?

I reckon you could lighten up a bit. A lot of a marketing for American brands (or brands in America) gets quite ‘soft porny’ so I can get why a lot of blokes feel a bit strange wearing them to the beach. I wouldn’t want to identify with that either – it’s not who I am.

When I think of an American in a “Speedo”, I think of a muscled up bloke in basketball shoes or roller blades listening to a walkman on Venice Beach! Haha! He’s probably wearing a lot of tanning oil as well. It’s a very 80s image.

When I think of an Aussie in Sluggers, he’s being active and having fun in the sun with his family or with his mates – and it’s a very contemporary image. You guys need to turn that image around! Or maybe let me borrow a Walkman next time I am in town … do you still have them?

Owning a swimwear company you sell swimwear to guys around the world. What do you see is the biggest difference between Aussie men and American men wearing swim briefs?

You guys go for the wider sides, and you wear them really high on your hips. In Australia, we wear them straight across the hips and pull them down from the back whereas you guys tend to pull them up at the sides when you come out of the water. (So you can really spot an American a mile away on Bondi Beach!)

To follow up on that question, we have talked about differences between the styles of swim briefs guys like. Your best seller style in Australia is different from the US. What do the Aussie guys prefer? What do US guys prefer? Why do you think there is a difference in preference?

We definitely sell more DEETEES and Classics in America. You guys must do some serious lunges or squats in school sport because Americans have bigger glutes than Aussies and tend to buy the styles made for guys with bigger bums. You can even see it on the images posted on social. You guys are solid!

What Aussie advice do you have to American men who want to wear swim briefs?

Get amongst it, son! Just don’t pull them up too high 🙂

It’s about a week away from the official start of swimwear season in the states. That day is Memorial Day weekend. It’s the time we flock to the beach and go as bare as we dare. Some barer than others. This is the year to do it Aussie Style. Wear those swim briefs to the beach and own it. Gay, bi or straight it’s time we unite and bring it to the beaches in the states.

One brand we have really love is Sluggers. We interviewed them a few months ago, and they impressed me on their designs and philosophy in swimwear. The one I really love is the Banana DeeTees. Because they are fun, you can have your very own banana hammock. I would totally rock this and enjoy chatting with people about it!

You may be asking what DeeTees means? They say it mean’s Dick Togs. Which is Aussie slang for swimwear. This is one of the four styles that Sluggers make. They say these are great for the American market. But if you want more of an Aussie cut we suggest the Classics.

The Banana are my favorite of all of them. The bananas are on a navy background. Made out of a polyester and spandex makes for a stretchy fabric and a tighter fit – but still comfy. Swimwear should be tight. If it’s not it may come off while getting out of the water. Some of our readers wouldn’t mind that. Well, if you’re on a public beach that could be a problem.

If you are looking for something awesome, then you need to look no farther than Sluggers. They have some other great prints and solids as well. Make sure you go to the Sluggers site and see all the amazing pairs they currently offer! The Banana DeeTees retails for $36.53 at the Sluggers site


I found Sluggers Swimwear, an Australian swimwear company on Instgram. They ran an ad and it piqued my interest. After looking up the brand I was really impressed. They have a great sense of style and believe many things we here at UNB also believe! I missed the call from owner Adam one day but we finally connected. I have to admit his laid back Aussie attitude came through and drives his philosophy in his company.

Adam, tell us why did you start Sluggers Swimwear? What made a bloke want to go into the swim brief business?

Since my late twenties I have been a fan of what Americans call ‘a speedo’. They’re just comfy and practical. Let’s face it – they’re what most Aussie guys wear to the beach or pool. The expensive name brands would lose their shape really fast in my pool, and most of the other brands didn’t carry the kind of prints or colours I wanted to wear. They seemed really conservative. Or they were just covered in logos. Or just looked terrible on me.

I decided to design my own, so I met with lots of very nice people and over the course of about 15 months and a few thousand dollars designed our pattern and prints and launched the online store.

I am still wearing a pair we released in August 2015. It’s survived two Summers of sitting in my backyard pool and spa and looks the same as it did the day I grabbed it off the shelf. I am pretty proud of that.

I am a regular guy. Average build. I am confident with clothes, but not too showy. The philosophy behind our designs is simple – if I wouldn’t wear it we won’t make it.

The crazy part is, people really responded. We’ve managed to make a profit from our first month in business and all the hard work has really paid off.

Sluggers Swimwear has 4 different styles. Why did you decide to do so many styles? What was your reasoning behind this?
Because we’re all shaped differently! And when you get down to three tiny bits of fabric and a string you suddenly get very specific about what you want. In our first season I realised that there were plenty of men into what I was doing, but not all of them fit the pattern. I decided we should make different cuts for different body types. Our customers are really responding to that, and it’s giving a lot of guys confidence because they know the cut is made for them.

On our phone conversation you mentioned that the Deetees do better in the States, why do you think it is more popular than your other styles?

No offence intended – but the beaches and pools in America that I have been to are a little more conservative than the beaches here in Australia. At least that’s my observation. The Classics and Racerbacks have a 5cm side, and that’s starting to get pretty thin for the States.

I think the DEETEES are a great cut for you guys because they aren’t making a big statement. They aren’t skimpy. There’s no bells and whistles. They are what they are. They have a 7cm side and nice coverage.

The DEETEES are made from super soft lycra. That means they feel incredible, but they also don’t hug you in too hard. Put simply – they leave a bit to the imagination. The sides are slightly wider. If you asked me what an entry level pair of Sluggers would be – I’d say the DEETEES.

I’m not sure of you know this, but DEETEES (or D.T.s) is a nickname Aussies and Brits have for swim briefs. It stands for Dick Togs.

I really LOVE the prints you do. How do you find such fun prints? I would dare to say this is the signature of your brand since you don’t have many solids. Would you agree?

I am a big fan of prints for swimwear. If you’re gonna let it all hang out you might as well have some fun. I love that we’ve become known for our prints. We put together the designs in house and then print everything locally. We buy a lot of art from places like Deviant Art and repurpose it for Sluggers. We’ve worked with some of our social media community as well. I love how you can take something that’s gender neutral or even feminine and play with the scale and colour to make it really masculine.

Our Pineapples, for example, are a watercolour design that sticks to different hues of blue. And the Bananas. They’re always a talking point!

Funny thing is though … I don’t really wear bright prints in daily life – just in shorts and Sluggers.

What has been your most popular print?

The most popular ones for us have been our Hokusurf print and the Pineapples. Although we added a print earlier this month that sold out in an hour, so I guess ADD ME is a big one as well. Blue is such an easy wear for guys of every skin tone, so they tend to buy those first.
You also mentioned that in Australia swim briefs are just what guys wear. You have come to the States a few times. What has been the reaction by American’s when you have worn them at beaches/pools/water parks?

I get looked at. The funniest part is when we’re at a resort and you walk up to the Pool bar and you’re almost naked compared to what other guys are wearing.

I do get a bit self conscious, but after a couple of Mai Tais I stop caring.

They really should serve those with breakfast.
We have the Swim Brief Challenge every year. In order to get more guys to wear swim briefs, regardless of age, body size, etc. What advice can you give guys to step out and try a swim brief?

Man up! haha. Seriously though – wear them for a few days and you stop caring. Body confidence for men really kicks in around the mid twenties and stays forever. That’s where our customer is. I don’t have a six pack. I don’t have big muscles. My nickname isn’t ‘Horse’. It’s not about that.

It’s about getting wet and drying off, throwing kids into the air as high as you can in the pool and having a laugh with your mates.

If you’re self conscious just wear them to the beach under your boardies and just wear them when you’re getting wet.

And if someone looks at you funny just smile at them.
In your trips to the States have you ever convinced guys to ditch the board shorts and put on the swim brief?

I don’t think so. If we get drinking with other families I might offer them a free pair. I tend to get lot of messages from Americans on my Instagram feed letting me know that they have started rocking Sluggers in their home town after seeing me in mine all Summer.
Lastly, do you have a favorite style or print in your current line up?
The Banana DEETEES have been my go-to over Summer. Those or the SKULLDUGGERS Classics. It depends on where I am. If I go to a water park with the kids I wear DEETEES. At the beach I am more likely to be wearing Classics.
Where can our readers buy your swim briefs? Or follow you online?

We’re available exclusively online at and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Just google MEN WEAR SLUGGERS.

Thanks heaps for your interest in our little Aussie swimwear company. We really appreciate it.