Sobe Men’s Show


If you are going to be in the Miami area the weekend of October 5th then you need to check out some of the hottest underwear at the SOBE Men’s Show. Brands that will be there are: Rated M, Frank Dandy, Mundo Unico, Doreanse, 2(x)ist, Andrew Christian, Edmond De Andre & Noirsoul Menswear, boyRio and 2EROS.

Friday, October 5, 2012
at the Historic Art Deco Welcome Center
1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.
Tickets Are $30
VIP Reception at 8pm. The Show starts at 9:30 p.m.

The South Beach Men’s Show will heat up the runway this year with new men’s swimwear and underwear collections from Mario Lopez’ Rated M line, Colombian line Mundo Unico, Swedish line Frank Dandy, Brazilian line boyRio, Turkish line Doreanse, American lines 2(x)ist and Andrew Christian as well as the Edmond Andre and Noirsoul Menswear collection from NBCs Fashion Star.

Designers that will be showcased are:

  • Rated M by Mario Lopez
  • Mundo Unico
  • Frank Dandy
  • Doreanse
  • 2(x)ist
  • Edmond Andre & Noirsoul Menswear
  • Andrew Christian
  • boyRio

If you are in the Miami area that week, check it out!

The 2011 South Beach Men’s Show will heat up the runway this year with new men’s underwear and swimwear collections from Colombian designer Mundo Unico, Swedish designer Frank Dandy and Brazilian designer boyRio. The show also features the debut active wear collection Chirp, by Bsixtee6. Actor and R&B singer Terrell Carter, from Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” the movie, “Madea’s Class Reunion” and “Meet the Browns” will perform songs from his latest album, rounding out this sizzling event.

The SoBe Men’s Show is scheduled for 9 p.m. on July 15, 2011 at Gemma Lounge at 529 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. Tickets are $30 and are available at

Mundo Unico will preview its latest collection “Identidad” which hits stores in September 2011. Unico provides fashion for modern active men that seek comfort, sophistication and elegance and are passionate about fashion and look for unique style.

“Identidad (Spanish for identity) is the concept of who you are and what defines you,” said Olga Lucia Oggioni, General Manager of Unico Interior, LLC. “This collection is inspired by the roots and origins of culture and ancient civilizations of the American continent.”

The names of the pieces relate to native Central and South American Indians and their legacy and its earthy colors reflect the vital meaning of soil and nature, the prime elements of life and prosperity.

Frank Dandy, widely known for having the most comfortable microfiber waistband in the industry, will debut its 2012 Spring/Summer Collection of boxers, trunks and swimwear in an array of colors and patterns. The collection celebrates the urban excitement of cities and countries throughout the world.

“I love the excitement that is unique to Miami,” said Kathy Hawkins of Frank Dandy. “Men here are fearless about fashion and they dress to impress.”

From the shores of Rio de Janeiro, boyRio continues to make a splash. The brand will debut its 2012 swimwear collection at SoBe Men’s this year.

“It is the boy from Ipanema who meets the boy next door- fresh, clean, active, vibrant and sexy,” said David Laing of boyRio. “It represents the passion of Rio, its hedonistic nature, the beach, gorgeous people inside and out and a passion for the ‘good’ life.”

Debuting its active wear collection “Chirp,” especially designed for the SoBe Men’s Show, Bsixtee6 is presenting its intricately hand-sewn garments, complete with unique stitching that’s Bohemian, care free, yet incomparably detailed. The collection is full of vinyl, chambray, sheeted cotton and leather fabrics.

“Men want to be attractive; they want to be sexy,” said Briian Dargon, the designer behind Chirp. “This show embraces all of that!”

Last month Sobe Men’s Show held it’s Summer fashion show. It showcases the hottest mens underwear around. They do these two times a year. Usually in January/February and then in July. We were lucky enough to be a sponsor and one of our friends was a model in the show!

If you are a long time fan you know about William Price. He’ been in our guides and on the site through NorCalBodz. This was his first runway show. We think he’s pretty awesome and a good friend to us here at UNB.

Here is what he had to say:

This was my first runway or fashion show of any kind. It took place on South Beach Miami on July 14, 2010. Over all it was a great experience it was a little nerve racking to begin with never having done runway. There were many photographers and fashion enthusiasts present and the crowd was a little louder and vocal than I expected. Being in outside in the middle of July and in South Florida, to say it was hot was an understatement. The show was very well run and put together. The designers worn were Frank Dandy, Unico, and Undergear. I would say that  Unico was my favorite brand there as they are already one of my favorites I love the way they fit, look and their materials used are always soft with cool designs. I look forward to doing more runway and fashion shows and I want to thank Apllo GT for the Opportunity. You can see more pic’s form the show in this months (August) print of his magazine. The video can also be found on You Tube if you search under SoBe Men‘s Show 2010. Also look for me shortly on All American Guys (AAG) and North American Bodies (NAB).

We hope you enjoy the pics here and will bring you more as brief distractions as well!

The Swedish-based underwear design house Frank Dandy Superwear is bringing its dazzling prints, brilliant colors and edgy graphics to the U.S. market. They plan to make the U.S. debut of the line during Superbowl Weekend at the South Beach Men’s Show on Saturday, February 6, 2010.

In addition to its daring and dazzling approach, Frank Dandy is known for its comfort, fit and quality fabrics. The best selling boxer is a quality construction of combed cotton and elastane that guarantees comfort and fit. The premium microfiber waistband used is known as the most comfortable waistband on the market, and the company’s high quality T-shirts and beachwear round out a practical yet unexpected collection.

“Frank Dandy Superwear™ has been extremely successful in international markets in Scandinavia, Europe and Japan, said Magnus Senke, International Sales Director for Frank Dandy.  “But now, we are so pleased that Frank Dandy Superwear is available to men and women in the U.S., offering them something new, refreshing, comfortable and unforgettable.  This line was launched with the goal of not following the norm, but maintaining a sense of style, quality and detail, all things that the savvy consumer has come to expect.”

Frank Dandy Superwear™ launched in Sweden in 2003 with an eye on twisting the traditional and creating an underwear renaissance in men’s and women’s designs. Today, the company is among the most exciting and outrageous underwear companies in the marketplace.   The New York Times has acknowledged Frank Dandy as one of the most exciting new underwear brands, and the company has also been featured in numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines and has won advertising awards for its unique and innovative editorial campaigns.

We are a sponsor of the Sobe Men’s Show and they will showcase some of the best in men’s underwear. If you are in the Miami area over the Super Bowl weekend and we hope ow will go! We will bring you more about the show in the next few weeks