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The votes are in and the winner of our June Underwear of the Month is… The Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief. Voting went back and forth and it was a close race. I think what won this pair the title of underwear of the month is it’s a great stripe pattern. It’s not a pair you would expect to see from Calvin Klein.

Some of the comments we received were:

  • Super soft! Super comfortable! Forget it’s there! Perfect fit! – Steve
  • You can never go wrong with Calvin Klein

These comments carried over to Facebook when we posted them on there. It should have been a clue that the pair would do well when we got more likes then some of the other pairs. If you want a great pair that looks amazing then go to International Jock and pick up our Underwear of the Month for $22


It’s time to vote for Underwear o the Month. Each month we have our four Underwear of the Week compete to see who will be our underwear of the Month. This months choices are:

  • 2(X)ist Sail Contour Brief
  • Gregg Homme Target Trunks
  • Pistol Pete Power Mesh Briefs
  • Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Vote below each day for your favorite pair. The winner will be announced Saturday!


The votes are in and we are pleased to announce the winner of this months Underwear of the Month! That pair is the N2N Bodywear Signature Jock. The new look and colors seems to have won over our readers. The new Signature line was released just last month and we expect it to be a big seller for them.

We could go on and on about the jock but why not hear from some of the guys who voted for the jock. What made this the stand out pair for the month? Here are a few comments:

  • Love the way the N2N jock feels and looks when it’s on. Gives the perfect amount of support.
  • N2N is simply the best.  I love these Jocks for working out.
  • “Sexy, sexy, sexy! N2N is really Comfortable to wear also and  everything is made in L.A.  A very good ethical company,  And, let’s face it, their stuff is HOT! Manny M.”
  • “Not only is N2N supportive, it’s colors are patriotic! – Bernie T”
  • Because I’ve shot for DNA and I wear and believe in the brand.
  • Because N2N is the best brand on the market. Every piece they have fits men in the sexiest way possible.
  • Only one winner for me, the N2N Bodywear Signature Jock, 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex mix gives them the look they deserve. As a N2N lover, the soft blend and great fit are without doubt the premier winners out of the four. Paul R
  • N2N has kept a classic look and still is made as one would expect with quality the jock is comfortable first and foremost but is appealing and cradles the package and still seems to enhance the male physique it is simple that yet even those that are not into underwear or those guys unaware of choices other than the main steam Walmart brands ect. can find it appealing and wearable without feeling they have made a major change

I was only going to do about 5 comments but these were so good I had to include them. N2N has a strong following and it shows in the comments. It’s awesome to see such passion for an underwear company.

Here is why we think it won underwear of the month. N2N really knows how to mix masculinity and sex appeal together in one. The Signature Jock part of that dynamic. You get the great colors and accent on the pouch and a traditional jock styling that is designed to give great support during any activity. It’s a a design that mixes the old with the new. N2N really pays attention to how the underwear fits guys and it’s one of their greatest strengths. I say this because without a great fit, no matter how sexy the pair is, if you won’t be able to wear it all day or night. So what good is a pair of underwear that you can’t wear!

Congratulations N2N Bodyear. Check out the Signature jock at their website and while there check out the new collection. We will bring you more on the new collection soon!

may-uotm-2013It’s time for Underwear of the Month! This is the time where we give our readers the chance to choose what of the four pairs that were underwear of the week to be out Underwear of the Month! I have really enjoyed having you guys vote and give you a chance to have your voice heard. Some races have been close and down to the last vote, so make sure your voice is heard! Now for this months candidates. They are the Papi Stretch Jock, Jor Pairs Trunk, N2N Bodywear Signature Jock and C-IN2 Filthy Jock. It’s really a jock battle royal! Three out of the four pairs are jocks! Which one will be made underwear of the week? Well VOTE now and vote often (well once a day).  Also make sure you comment on why that pair should be the Underwear of the Month. Longer reasons are given extra bonus points!

We created posters you can post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to promote your favorite! They are below the ballot!

Vote below and the winner will be announced Saturday!

photo_1 photo_2



IMG_2383The Underwear of the Month voting is in and the winner is the Geovanny Mesh Brief. This was a very close race, prob one of the closest we have had in the history of Underwear of the Month. When we have an underwear of the month, I usually have a feeling on which will win and this was an upset! I think it’s great for the underdog to win sometimes and Geovanny did just that. I say that because I wasn’t sure if Geovanny was a brand most knew but I guess you guys did and voted to make it our Underwear of the Month!

Here are why some of you voted for the Mesh Brief

  • It’s fun and tastefully flirty
  • Way too sexxxy
  • The Geovanny mesh brief will keep my ‘vitals’ cool as the torrid summer heat presents itself.  I especially like the crescent pouch. The highcut legs will allow ease of movement in everyday wear. – JohnD
  • It has a nice design simple not complex would not worrying about much staying in right place but also seems breathable and has a masculine sex appeal. – Benjamin M.
  • Nice colours, great material – Mesh.
  • Nothing better than underwear that gives enough of a view to tease but doesn’t reveal everything and black is always a good color

Now go check out this pair at the Geovanny Underwear site. It’s available in white and black for  $24.99. While there check out the new site! Lastly, see the unedited picture below!

apriluotmIt’s Time to vote in the Underwear of the month! This month we have some really cool and interesting pairs for the title. Which will win? That is up to you guys now. Here are the pairs up to the title: C-IN2 Grip Jock, aussieBum Billy Galaxy Brief, Geovanny Mesh Brief and Quarter Homme Hipster. You can click on each to read more about why they were underwear of the week that week. We are voting now till Friday and you can vote once a day for your favorite. If you leave a comment and the pair you voted for wins you could be quoted in the post. The winner will be announced Saturday!



It’s another month and time to name our Underwear of the Month for March. Sorry for the delay in getting this up and out but since I was late we gave you a few extra days to vote. Well you guys voted and this months winner is the Cocksox CX01 Sniper brief! The think I personally like best is the camo pattern. I was told at Magic that Cocksox created this print exclusively for them, so you won’t find it anywhere else and at any other company.

The CX)! is my favorite pair Cocksox so I’m always glad when our readers share that opinion! We hope you will def consider putting this in your underwear collection. Here are what some of you said about this pair when voting

  • Underwear should not only be comfortable, but look good too, and the Cocksox sniper brief gives a man a great macho look!
  • Great camouflage print – very fun!  Sean L
  • “Only 1 winner in my eyes….Cocksox CX01…they are and they look super FAB! – Paul R”
  • Because Cocksox makes amazing quality underwear that really accentuate your package. This new camo design is fun and colorful. Eric K.
  • I think these underwear would look hot on a variety of men and the pouch is so damn sexy! Did I mention the camo print is HOT?
  • “How can’t you feel glamourous and sexy with such a manly brief?!
    Jean-Baptiste C.
  • Amazing form, fit, and fabric. Quality, and fashionable too.  Patrick L
  • Cocksox always has the most awesome fit–they are the perfect blend of comfortable AND sexy-isn’t that enough to guarantee them the win?  Alohabare

I think the comments match what I said about the pair. We included more because match the same reasons we chose them. Keep thost comments coming on the Underwear of the Month.

Find this pair and more at the Cocksox Site

marchuotmit’s Time to vote for the March Underwear of the month. This month we have a very diverse selection. That means we have a pair that can keep you warm or make you feel hot! The first pair up is the new Speed Trunk from 2(X)ist! This is one of their newest lines that have been super popular, it’s super comfy and in some great colors. The second is the Timoteo 2.0 Long Johns. They aren’t the plain boring long johns, they will keep you warm and loo great in them. The third is the Candyman Zipper Brief. It’s a really fun pair with a functional zipper on the side that would make an amazing date pair. Lastly is the new Cocksox CX01 Sniper brief. I found out at Magic that Cocksox created this camo print. It’s super fun to me!

Which pair will win? The vote is in your hands now. You can vote on your favorite pair and if you lave a reason why you think it should be the Underwear of the Month, you maybe quoted in the post announcing the winner! We will announce the winner on Thursday so you can vote till Wednesday



This was one of the funnest Underwear of the  Month races. We had some participation by all the brands! I checked the results a few times and the lead kept changing. I wasn’t sure who would will till now! The pair you guys chose in voting is the Gregg Homme Charged Jock!  Here are a few things you guys said when voting:

  • Sleek,sexy & smart! – Lawrence D
  • Clean lines and simple yet comfortable design.
  • The most romantic of the group. This is “the” month for romancing and this jock shows your attribute to it’s greatest form.
    jo d
  • Sexy pouch, great fabric and a waistband that stays where you put it!
  • They are fab – Paul R
  • la matière du modèle Charged de Gregg homme est à la fois une matière contre la sudation et aussi une matière sexy du fait que la maille est semie transparente le fait d’avoir une couleur différente sur le même produit et la touche finale via la ceinture sexy (I was going to post the Google Translate as well but it made no sense, so enjoy it in French)

We hope you will check out the the Charged Jock and maybe pick one up for Valentines Day! Find this pair and more at the Gregg Homme website

c-in2_fw12_4500_navy_f_yogagrip_mens_sports_short_bottom_1_1The votes are in and the Underwear of the Month for January is the Yoga Plank Short from C-IN2. We had two really great pairs from C-IN2 this month and I kind of thought that one of them would win! I was not proven wrong after the votes were counted. I reviewed both of them and it was really hard for me to pick which would win. The Plank Short was one of the most comfortable pairs of boxer briefs I have ever worn. It def is worth the title of Underwear of the Month.

Here are two quotes from some of the voters! “I like the snug fit, the color and the length of the shorts” and “They are just sexy.”

Stay tuned for more underwear of the week and remember to vote each month! Find these at the C-IN2 site.

The Underwear of the Month for December is the Gregg Homme Venom Briefs. The voting was close between all three and we had quite a few thong fans who were pulling for the Venom Thong! But the Brief came out on top. Here are some reasons why from the staff why its our underwear of the Month!

  • Incredibly comfortable design
  • Great fabric blend
  • Makes you feel sexy through out the day
  • Gregg Homme is great at mixing sexy undies and a pair you can wear all day

These are just a few reasons why it’s our Underwear of the Month. Find this pair and more at Gregg Homme site.

It’s time to vote for Underwear of the Month! We did something a little different this month. We are having a face off between two brands. Those two brands are Timoteo’s Cellblock13 and Gregg Homme. Both are some of the best brands on the market! The pairs we have to choose form are the Gregg Homme Venom Brief (brief week), Cellblock13 Grappler Jock (jockstrap week), Gregg Homme Venom Thong (thong week) and the Cellblock13 Fugitive short (Boxer brief week)!

We are allowing voting till Sunday night and Monday we will announce the winner!


We are pleased to announce the Underwear of the Month for November. As you can tell the picture, the winner is the Mini Brief from Big Boy Pants. We did a series of great reviews on this brand and we are not surprised they won the vote this month. If you are a fan of great pouch underwear then this is definitely a pair you need to check out. Here are some reasons why it was voted on as Underwear of the Month

  • They look hot and comfortable at the same time. Id love a pair please.
  • The ergonomically correct pouch are a hands down winner in my book.  I’ve cleaned out my underwear draw and starting to fill it back up with underwear that are made with a pouch such as these. -PS
  • They’re stylish and give plenty of room & comfort!
  • Simple looking and accentuating, look perfect for the office or a night out on the town! -Travis

Find these at the Big Boy Pants website. They are available in 7 colors and cost £13. The website address is



It’s time to vote in Underwear of the Month? Which pair should be crowned the winner? Unlike the current election, you get to vote more then once! We also encourage you to tell us why the pair you voted should be Underwear of the Month. We just may quote you in the winner post if your pair wins. If you want to include a first name or initials we will give you credit as well. Below if the Ballot and Vote!


The votes are in and the winner of the Underwear of the Month for October is the Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap. This was our closest win to date. It only won by a few votes. We want to thank all the people who voted and here is why it won, according to our voters:

  • The Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap is red white and blue. It is patriotic. Politics peak in October. This pair of underwear is fitting.
  • The jock by Candyman is practical and at the same time adds a flair with the way the two shades are used. I enjoy wearing a jock all day at times and this would be one of the styles I would like.
  • A jock is always the promise of a good time whatever the side you choose!
  • It’s the sexiest and most eye-catching with the solid color bands and white trim.

Find these at your favorite retailer!

The Presidential Election is coming up but voting for Underwear of the Month you get more then one vote! This month we have a 4 pairs to choose from. In case you forgot here are the pairs that were chosen this month:

  • Diesel Andre Brief
  • N2N Bodywear L.A Haze
  • Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap
  • Calvin Klein Micro Modal Essentials Boxer Brief

Which do you think should be the Underwear of the Month? Vote and if you let us know why the pair you voted for should be underwear of the month and you just maybe quoted in the post!


The readers have voted and the results are in, the Underwear of the Month is the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bandit Jock Brief. Each month we get more and more voters, we are really loving you guys getting involved.

Here are what some of the readers said why they voted for the AC Almost Naked Bandit Jock Brief

  • Masculine.  Sexy.  Colorful.
  • Because it fits extremely well and it’s allways nice to show off in a flatering underwear!
  • how can you go wrong with a jock
  • Because anything Andrew Christian is the best, sexy, beautifully designed, very comfortable. winner winner
  • Andrew Christian underwear look and feel great.  Always a new design to choose from. This Almost Naked Bandit  Brief Jock is fun to wear and be seen in.  And is still functional.

Find this pair at the Andrew Christian Site! And congrats to Andrew Christian!


This is our first Underwer of the Month were you the readers get to choose who will be the Underwear of the Month. The four choices are above (left to right): C-IN2 Grip Profile brief, N2N Bodywear Air G, Go Softwear  Rainwash Jock and lastly the Timoteo Clubhouse Football Short!

You can vote for the next week and feel free to put in the form why you think it should be the Underwear of the Month.


We are bringing the Underwear of the Month. We think it’s a great feature to have and will allow us to profile some really great pairs of underwear. Some brands you may not have heard of and others well known ones. This one falls into the first part of that. The brand we are going to feature is Leo and the pair is the Ventilated Long Boxer.

Sports underwear is not something we have profiled too much on the blog. I am not sure why but I know it is very popular and we are going to change that!

This pair is a really different take on the world of sports underwear. It features:

  • Enhancement design
  • Breathable fabric is ideal for active lifestyles
  • Signature waistband with the male symbol
  • Stretch microfiber. 82% Polyamide / 18% Elastane
  • Available in Black, Grey and White

The legs have a mesh fabric that is great for an active guy. It will allow you to breathe and not get too hot while running, hiking or any thing else you can think of doing. The whole line is something you should check out. It is classic but stylish at the same time. I hope we will see a lot more of this line.

It is available from Ergoenos right now for $20. Which is a great price, similar pairs go for much more! Go over and check this pair and others out!