Pump Underwear


I know PUMP! Underwear is a favorite of you guys. They have a new collection called Switch. The all-black and mesh collection is sexy and fun. Here is a very quick overview of the collection:

Switch Jock

Wide 50mm black elastic waistband  
• Black Chrome threaded tone on tone logo
• Black large webbed-mesh cup lined with cotton
• Black triple band rear elastic for greater lift and support

Switch SideCut Brief

Open-sided Brief
• Wide 50mm black elastic waistband  
• Black Chrome threaded tone on tone logo
• Black large webbed-mesh cup lined with cotton
• Full cotton back with lifting elastics

Switch Access Trunk

Wide 50mm black elastic waistband  
• Black Chrome threaded tone on tone logo
• Black large webbed-mesh and micro-mesh body
• Black micro-mesh cup, lined with cotton
• Black cotton piping around cup

Switch Brief

Wide 50mm black elastic waistband  
• Black Chrome threaded tone on tone logo
• Black large webbed-mesh body
• Micromesh cup, lined with cotton
• Black leg elastics with extra support

Are you after a super fun and playful collection? PUMP! has a new collection called Space Candy that is out! There is a section of you guys who love to have fun with their undies. You don’t want to wear the basics every day. While there is nothing wrong with wearing basics, some of us just need to put on something a little more fun.

The new Space Candy collection has a super fun PUMP! Waistband. It’s pink purple and white! It make this pair pop! It also matches the two colors in the collection, pink and purple! Pink is ALWAYS a popular color.

The line comes in a brief, jock, and boxer. These are pretty standard with PUMP! I think they are a company that excels at making jocks. Each one of the pair has a patch on the pouch and back. The trunks have a different patch then the briefs and jocks.

Check out the entire new Space Candy collection at the PUMP! Site.

We have a very special review by the Jockstrap Junkie. This is a review he submitte for the PUMP! White Free-Fit Jockstrap.

Rating: 10/10

Daily Fit: 10/10

Sizing: 10/10

Construction: 10/10

Styling: 10/10

Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Colors and styling, pouch support, legstraps fit

Cons: Double layer pouch for cardio

Recommendation: Definitely one of the jockstraps I’m wearing on a regular basis. Great support for your bits & pieces and holds shape all day. If you like jockstraps, the Pump Free-Fit series of jockstraps is worth the addition to your underwear drawer.

Pump’s White Free-Fit Jockstrap is one of many Pump jockstraps that I own. I’ve had good experiences with Pump jockstraps over the years and appreciate their styling. Over the years, I’ve found that Pump’s sizing is getting more accurate and consistent with their jockstraps. I return to Pump as their quality is top notch as I’ve had some issues with other brands’ legstraps coming unattached due to poor workmanship.

This jockstrap got a full day’s wearing which included Pilates, errands, chores around the house, and a nap. No issues with the jockstrap not holding form thru the entire day and the legstraps didn’t dig into my butt and remained comfortable all day. I wouldn’t recommend this jockstrap for cardio days due to the double layered pouch not having a lot of ventilation; however, I’ve worn it while lifting and this jock performs very well for lifting.

Color scheme is a white pouch with contrasting black piping, black legstraps, and 1-1/2” waistband with contrasting white stripes and logo on a black background. Pouch has center seam, a double layer which is cotton lined with a mesh outer layer. There is room in the pouch and the pouch has great support for your bits & pieces. Legstraps are 1” black elastic and don’t cut into my legs. The cut of this jockstrap is traditional with legstraps connecting at the side.

I purchased a large which fit perfectly, which is consistent with the several Pump jockstraps I own. On jockstraps, their sizing is accurate; however, I have a pair of Pump briefs that the sizing runs small.

Aside from the lack of ventilation during cardio, this is a great jock. The Free-Fit Jock is in my regular rotation of jockstraps as is performs beautifully. You won’t be disappointed in having this jock in your collection.

PAIR: Pump White Free-Fit Jockstrap
COLORS: White/Black (Free-Fit Jock), Military Green/Black (Military Free-Fit Jock), Navy/White (Navy Free-Fit Jock), Orange/Navy (Varsity Jock), Orange/White (Creamsicle Jock), Military Green/Orange (Squad Jock)
FABRIC: Nylon 64%, Cotton 19%, Spandex/Elastane 17%
SIZES: Small 28”-30” (71cm – 76cm) Medium 31”-32” (78cm-81cm) Large 33”-34” (83.5cm-86cm) X-Large 35”-36” (88.5cm-91cm)
COST: $25

Reviewer Vitals
Height & Weight: 5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)
Jean Waist Size: 32”-33” (81 cm – 84 cm)
Build: Athletic, thick thighs & butt, with small belly
Bits & Pieces: average size; grower, not a shower

Photo from Pump’s website,

PUMP! has released a new collection. This new line is very classic yet sporty. The mix is what PUMP Has been known for over the years. The new pair we are focusing on is the Ribbed Brief. A brief designed to be worn for every day and to the gym! It’s a simple design that is not made out of simple fabric.

The design of the brief has a sports mesh pouch. Making it ideal for any active situation. It could definitely be a pair for the gym. The rest of the body of the brief is a ribbed fabric in either black or white. The colors are Navy and White, Red and White or Military Green and Black Piping and Stitching. Top that off with the PUMP waistband, with the PUMP! name front and center.

This is what PUMP! Says about the brief:

PUMP! Ribbed Navy Brief is a sleek wardrobe staple that is crafted from comfort ribbed fabric. Its dark Navy mesh pouch is heightened by the contrasting white ribbed body, which gives this brief an effortlessly cool and classic look. PUMP! Ribbed Red Brief is fully supportive with a flattering contoured fit that sculpts to the body for easy comfort and movement. Its white ribbed body is accentuated by a bold, contrast mesh cup that breathes easy against the skin. PUMP! Ribbed Military Brief is a low cut brief built with soft-to-touch organic ribbed material that is both flexible and breathable. Its shape-enhancing silhouette and second skin fit makes this underwear a true knockout.

One last thing is the sizing. XL goes up to size 36 waist. So double check your size before buying. It’s not traditional sizing of the underwear that we are used too
COLORS: Navy and White, Red and White or Military Green and Black Piping and Stitching
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00

Many readers have asked me to go more in-depth about what the best pairs of underwear to wear when working out are. I think there are a lot of great pairs that could benefit UNB readers, so I wanted to share a few more specific exercise scenarios and my recommendations for what underwear they require.

Yoga: Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief

I like yoga because it helps eliminate stress and improves my flexibility. For that reason, a pair that gives you a full range of motion is crucial. Jack Adams is another brand that specifically designs their pairs for athletes. Any brief from them is good for the purpose of motion, but I love the MUV line because of the support and the mesh panel over the pubic area that help keep you feeling fresh. It’s made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which I think is good for yoga because it’s especially comfortable. The roomy pouch and the aforementioned mesh panel are absolutely perfect. The Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief retails for $33.00

Running: Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panther

This is one of my all time favorite pairs of underwear, and definitely, my go to for when I go running. For that reason, I doubly recommend it because you can wear it as everyday underwear and as a workout pair. It’s somewhere between a boxer brief and a trunk, which I personally think you can’t go wrong with. The construction and material are simply perfect, with legs that don’t ride up, a sporty mesh and cotton blend, and a double-lined pouch. I especially like how the pair is stretchy, yet has that form-fitting compression feel. Plus, importantly for running, it moisture wicks. The Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panter retails for $33.00

Swimming: N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief

I can’t get enough of N2N underwear, and when I decided to try their swimwear, I was just as enamored. Some of their skimpier bikini pairs wouldn’t be great for swimming laps, but this pair hits the sweet spot in terms of sleekness. I like how there is no drawcord, liner, or seams in the pouch on this pair. The fabric is quick-drying, lightweight, and true to fit, so pretty much the gold standard of swim briefs. The signature pouch offers great lift, support, and enhancement, which I personally like because it avoids any cold water package embarrassment. The N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief  retails for $30.00


11745711_932798146762811_1178238690085193131_nUndies Monday is all about feeling great and sexy. It doesn’t have to be a pair of thongs or a jock. Its feeling sexy in what ever you love! That’s the point, to start the week in something to brighten your day.

One pair that is perfect for the Trunk/Boxer Brief love is the PUMP! Underwear Touchdown in Blue Steele. You maybe asking what’s so sexy about this pair? First off, did you see the picture? I could go “I rest my case” and drop the mic. However, that’s not how we do things here at UNB!

The pair is made out of a Navy Mesh fabric. It’s not the totally see through mesh but more of a sports mesh. It will show off just enough without being over the top. The pouch on the pair is made out of cotton fabric. So you won’t be showing off all the goods. Piping on the pair is in white so it will contrast the Navy very well.

The waist band and leg bands are super hot to me. I am a fan of waistbands and love the PUMP blue logo in baby blue. The leg openings remind me of an athletic stripe in athletic gear. Its just great to see how they tied this all together.

This pair is sexy and classic at the same time. You don’t have to wear skimpy undies to feel sexy. Undies Monday, as we have said is all about feeling sexy in what ever you want to get a great start to the week! The PUMP! Touchdown In Steele Blue is available at the PUMP! Site for $34