UNB Swim Brief Challenge


Swimwear Season ApproachingStill a bit on the chilly side here. But as I’m sitting here writing this, the sun is shining with clear blue sky. It’s a reminder that summer is getting closer and swimwear season will be upon us soon. What will you be sporting this summer? Do you wear different swimsuits for different situations?

I’m always anxious for the return of summer and the opportunity to strive for increasing my swim brief wearing. Though I am one that chooses the swimsuit based on the situation. I would prefer to be that full time swim brief wearer, but I don’t have the cojones to do so in every situation. I’m always fighting my reserved personality when it comes to going against the norm. There are two situations that will probably always be swim trunks for me. They are when extended family will be around and public pools. To me it would be too awkward wearing one around the extended family. With public pools, it is the confining space. I like to be able to get away from the crowds if need be. Maybe as my swim brief confidence improves I’ll overcome these at some point in the future.

My swim brief haven will continue to be my yard. Always nice to be able to soak up some sun and relax in a skimpy swim brief there. This year the goal is to make the local beaches a swim brief only place when it is me or me, my wife, and kids. That was suppose to be last year accomplishment, but we did not make it to the beach. This year I’ll have to make sure the opportunity present itself.

Don’t forget about the UNB swim brief challenge. You can be like me and struggle with wearing them, be a full time wearer, or taking the plunge for the first time. Do your best breaking one out and let us know how it turns out by emailing us or through social media. If you are looking to go skimpier, we’ve included swim thongs in the challenge too.

Suggestions to Help Break Out The Swim Brief

I did a post similar to this on my blog, but thought it would be appropriate to write one for UNB with the UNB 2016 swim brief and swim thong challenge going on. These ideas should work for both swim brief and swim thongs. For swim thongs you need to make sure it is legal to wear one at the location. A typical swim brief should be legal pretty much everywhere.

My first suggestion is to try and find a less busy beach or a portion of a beach that is less populated. I find it easier to strip down to a swim brief when there are less people around. I also try to avoid high school and college ages. Since they’re more ingrained in the swim trunk and board short era.

Another idea is to get to the beach early and set up and be in your suit before others get there. Then it is their choice to set up near you. Once I’m already wearing my swim brief, for some reason I don’t mind as much as other people show up. Now I don’t normally set up near a main area of the beach. I keep the above suggestion in mind.

This is the one that got me last summer. Don’t wear swim trunks over your swim brief! It makes it a lot harder to drop them to display the swim briefs. If you are wearing regular shorts then, it would make the appearance that you normally wear swim briefs when you remove them. I’ve been told just wear the swim brief from the car to the beach or even from the house to the beach and leave the shorts at home. Next time I’ll be wearing shorts instead of trunks over my swim brief.

My last suggestion is bring someone to support and encourage you. If it wasn’t for my wife, I may still not have worn a swim brief in public. So go find someone to support you, be it your spouse, significant other, a good friend, or maybe even an opened minded family member. Obviously has to be someone you trust and think will be supportive in your breaking the male swimwear norm.

Now just find that right day and take the challenge and make sure you let UNB know by tweeting us with the hashtag #unbswim and include a picture if you desire.

Year of The Swim Brief - The Bottom DrawerWell, the last couple years was suppose to be the year of the swim brief for me, but for the most part that didn’t happen. The swim brief mainly appeared in my backyard and not the beach or pool, which was the real goal. My past public Speedo swim brief appearances have mainly been on vacations at less populated beaches or pools. I find it easier to get the confidence up to strip down to a swim briefs at these times. In hopes of increasing my chances of sporting just a swim brief I added some more conservative swim briefs to my collection last year, since the Speedo 1” Solar was really my most conservative one. The hope was I’d be more confident to wear them with a little more coverage at the local beaches near where I live, since it is a rarity that one is seen. I only had one chance last year and of course I chickened out.

Now it is 2016 and summer is slowly approaching here, so what better thing to start thinking about is the beach and swim briefs. Always easier to imagine it than doing it unfortunately. Now if you haven’t heard yet that UNB is bringing back their swim brief challenge this year and adding in a swim thong challenge, you have just been informed. If you do the challenge all you have to do is tweet @UNBBlog with the hashtag #unbswim that you did the challenge and include a picture if you like.

So with me contributing to UNB, it makes sense that I should join in the challenge and break the swim brief out of the backyard in 2016. Hopefully, it will be met several times when summer is here at the local beaches. Watch for the hashtag #unbswim coming from me on twitter when summer approaches. Maybe even some photographic proof will be included.

aussiebum32Summer is fast approaching! Its time to pick out the perfect pair of swimwear. This task is not easy for a lot of our readers. Your’s included. There are tones of styles, fabrics and colors to choose from. If you are like it’s inevitable that you pick up a few pairs of swimwear over the summer. Or even before the swimwear seasons starts.

This year we are continuing our Swim Brief Challenge. We think every guy out there should help change the stigma of wearing a swim brief in public. This is for the gay, bi and straight guys. Not all gay guys have worn them out and there are plenty of straight guys who would love to wear one on the beach. Its time to take back whats comfortable for you!

One of our newest guys Undies Rock, is a big proponent of wearing swim briefs. He’s done it for a few years and continues to do so! He’s now our swimwear reviewer! If you would have told me it would be a straight guy being our swim brief stud I would have said you would be crazy! But here we are!

Starting in April we are going to have Swim Brief Sunday! This will be a day where we put up a great pair of swim briefs. It will range in all prices, styles and fabrics. That mean’s we will profile affordable pairs and some that may seem pricy. We want to give you guys ideas on whats on the market and you don’t have to go super skimpy to be comfy!

We also will be having our guys tell where they wear swim briefs! So you can find a swim brief safe zone on your first outing. We may have some of our past guys come back for a write up or two! There is one past guy I have been talking to, that has been wearing swim briefs! So lets get ready to rock a brief this year. Let’s make them go more mainstream than we ever thought possible.

So stay tuned next Sunday for our installment of Swim Brief Sunday! It’s about to be on!


We have heard from many of you that you guys are taking out Swim Brief Challenge. We thought we’d share another great pair to wear. The Cabo Brief from Pistol Pete is something a bit different. It has a bit of a retro vibe with the belt and plaid print.

Pistol Pete is no stranger to plaids in swimwear. I think it’s one of their signature fabrics that they have had over the years. This pair comes in a blue and pink plaid. I really like them both but LOVE the pink plaid (above). It is a plaid fabric that isn’t feminine but has a masculine feel to me. Granted, not everyone is going to get that vibe but I think it’s just really a great pair.

The Belt is another signature of Pistol Pete. The one thing about them is they always march to their own drummer. They have a unique style that you don’t see on the market today. So this gives them a solid core of brand loyal customers. If you are interested in the Cabo Brief you can get it for $48.50 at the Pistol Pete Website.

photoWe have a few of our readers sharing why they wear swim briefs! This time we have Wyane! He got the new 2WINK Graffiti Xtreme bikini we ran a few weeks ago! Here is what he has to say:

Here’s a pic of me sporting the new 2wink graffiti xtreme swim briefs. Just got them in yesterday. Love them!  I always wear this style swimwear to the pool. Why? It allows me to get the best tan possible without getting arrested for indecent exposure. Lol. Just kidding. I’ve had a love for underwear (well over 250 pairs now) for years and I can’t get enough. I love my swim briefs while at the pool simply because if women can wear a skimpy bikini, then so can I. I encourage everyone to try it out. It’s very liberating. And let’s face it… Tan lines are kinda HAWT!!


10363701_10152152347100967_1027984762384747817_nWe have heard from readers who want to hear real life experiences of guys who are either taking the challenge for the first time or have always worn swim briefs. This is the second. Jonathan posted his pic on the UNB Swim Brief Challenge Facebook page and he agreed to share his experience:

I wear swim briefs partly because I’m an avid swimmer and I spend a lot of time in pools doing laps and regular swim trunks just slow me down. Also, I’m not a shy person so if someone wants to stand there and check out my bulge I’m not one to be discouraged by that haha. I have had lots of comments thrown at me for wearing them as it being a very “European” thing (I live in Canada) or I’m trying to show off or that I shouldn’t run too fast in them. Because I’ll probably pop out of them. At the end of the day, I’m comfortable in my own skin and don’t mind that I’m leaving very little to the imagination when I wear swim briefs. I wear them for a purpose most of the time. Obviously, when I’m swimming with my club I don’t get flack but on public beaches and stuff I’ll get looks and I think people just aren’t used to seeing a lot of people in swim briefs; it’s not the norm so naturally people are going to stick their nose up a little. I love my swim briefs, from Aussiebum, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Jonathan said the picture was taken in Lismore, Australia.


The swim brief challenge is on! We have brought you some really great pairs over the last month and this pair was too much fun not to include. If you are a guy who’s comfortable in swim briefs and love to show off, the Slick It Up Psychic Giraffe brief is just for you! I say this because the pink print will draw plenty of attention to yourself.

The first thing you notice about this pair is the electric print. I mean pink giraffe print is just super fun. Animal prints are either hit or miss with me, but this is a big HIT. The pink overprinted the yellow just is fun. It’s a print I don’t think we’ll see ever again! Partly because it’s a limited edition pair from Slick It Up. The brief also has a built in pouch so it will be comfy all day on the beach or by the pool

Yes, it’s a limited edition pair so if you are interested you better act fast before it’s gone. The second thing I need to talk about is the price. Regular price for the pair is $84. You heard me right 84 big ones. So if this is your first time wearing one you may want to consider another cheaper pair. But, if you want something that will set you apart from the crowd this pair is worth the money. It is unlikely you will see many guys in this suit this summer.

The sizing for Slick It Up runs on the smaller size. It runs small-large and the large ends at size 35! So currently on this pair I’m out of luck but I really want to get one. If you’re looking for something unique and fun this pair is made for you! BTW if you get one take a pic and share with us!


CT1-14-AWe continue our Swim Brief Suggestions. This time we are suggesting one that isn’t going to show off everything you have. Our last suggestion isn’t one some guys would wear. The suggestion for this weekend is the new N2N Bodywear Charger swim brief. This was just released this month!

N2N Bodywear is known for making amazing swimwear. They have everything from the “let’s show it off” to come classic styles. This is prob somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t have the N-hance pouch that N2N is famous for. In fact it doesn’t have a built in pouch. N2N describes this as a” sexy yet modest pair.” I totally agree with this description.

The Charger has a solid color front and a different one in the back. The picture above has blue in the front and black in the back. The other colors available are Yellow/Olive and White/Red. You can see the pictures of all the colors in the gallery below.

If you have never worn a swim brief, N2N Bodywear would be a great first company to try. They make underwear/swimwear for men and how they are built. I have yet to have a pair of swim from them that didn’t fit amazing.

You can get this from the N2N Bodywear site

for $30.


Cocksox CX02We have challenged you guys with wearing swim briefs this summer! Many of you have taken up this challenge and have already worn them or plan to wear them this swimmer.  Our staff members have accepted this challenge and plan to wear them as well this summer. So the word is spreading!

If you are a fan of us on Facebook, you know we have a UNB Swim Brief Challenge page . On this page we suggest swim briefs a few times a week. So you have already seen some great pairs on there but we wanted to profile pairs on the UNB Blog! So every few weeks we’ll profile a new pair of awesome swimwear.

The first pair getting the honor  is one many of you might not wear but it’s one of my favorites. That pair is the Cocksox CX02 Swim brief. If you are familiar with the Cocksox underwear, you know they have an amazing pouch. This pouch shows off everything you have, now just imagine this pouch on the beach! That is the Cocksox CX02.

This pair is for the guy who’s super comfortable with his body and not afraid to show it off! The CX02 is a smaller cut brief made out of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. The current colors available in Bondi Blue, White, Pink, Lime Green, Black and Navy. Outside of Black/Navy the pair is available in BRIGHT colors that will draw attention to you! So this is not for the shy guy!

If you are looking for a swim brief that will bring attention to you the Cocksox CX02 is perfect. It has a pouch that will show off what you have and super bright colors. It’s available at the Cocksox website for around $25.00. Which is a great price for swim!

PT1-13-FullOver a week ago we launched the 2014 Swim Brief Challenge. We want all guys who read this site, regardless of sexual orientation, body type or draw backs to wear one in public. I know it’s a lot to ask for some of you guys but let’s do this, this year!

Back in the day, many years ago I used to rock the swim briefs all the time. It was my swimwear of choice and I hated when I had to wear board shorts. They just were super uncomfortable and too much material. I remember going to Florida with my ex and he insisted I not wear them on the beach. This was a beach that was 99% straight and I don’t think anyone had worn one there in a long time, it was also the mid 90’s and swim briefs were still big in the gay market.

So I complied with his and wore my american flag Speedo brand suit under my green trunks. Yes I still remember what I wore all these years later. At one point I almost took them off but kept my word. Which I was not happy about, but I won’t do this again.

Flash forward to this past year. We did our swimwear shoot and had some great brands participate. One pair that caught my eye was the N2N Stratum. While not a swim brief, the style and pouch caught my eye. So after the shoot I got that pair and wore at the pool after the shoot. It felt great, this was the first time I have worn anything like it in a few years. It felt amazing.

It got me thinking about my advice I give everyone who reads the blog, wear what you want! To hell with everyone else. Granted swimwear is something that is seen more than underwear but we need to all do it. I am going to wear a swim brief this summer! The avatar on my Twitter is a pair from Undergear that I wore this past year!

I want to hear from you guys who’s going to wear and when you wear a swim brief. Email us or tweet met @unbtim and let’s do it