WildmanT furnished the Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief See Through Back for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by WildmanT.

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

A fabulous pouch that feels great
Super sexy design without showing it all off.
Made for the big boys out there who need more room

Tag annoyed me some
If you aren’t a fan of mesh, you won’t like this pair

UNB Tim recommendation: If you need more support and room up front, this pair is for you. It’s impressive to see a brand cater to this market. Plus it’s very well made and will be a pair you will want to wear weekly.

WildmanT has gone all in on the Big boy pouch. Meaning he’s gone all in on underwear for a well-endowed guy. Which is an underserved market. Not only is he making underwear, but swimwear as well. I have a few pairs of WildmanT and really love his designs and cuts.

I was having a bad day at work and wanted something to lift my spirits. So, I wore the Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief See Through Back. It def made me feel a lot better. The pouch is amazing! I have the Big Boy mesh brief, and at times it can dig in, this one doesn’t do that at all. You get to hang free and natural. The only thing that got me was that the tag in the back would drive me crazy every so often. But that was really the only downside.

The fabric of the pouch was great. It’s a stretchy fabric that gives you ample support without being too constricting. The sides and back are a 100% see-through nylon mesh that as they say “You got a big one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your backside! ” I, unfortunately, was not blessed in the back, but it’s still super fun to wear,

Sizing for WildmanT is always spot on. I have never heard people say that the sizing was off. Just read the sizing guide and make sure you buy the right size. As usual, if you are on the borderline, think about going up a size.

If you’re a big boy and want to feel sexy, WildmanT is a must for your underwear drawer. You can be guaranteed the pouch will fit you and be super comfy. It fast becomes one of your favorite brands. This pair is going into my steady rotation and be a date night pair for sure!

PAIR: WildmanT Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief
COLORS: White & Black
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00

Looking for swimwear and underwear that fits you if you’re packing a bulging pouch isn’t easy sometime. You can go through so many swim suits and underwear. The pouch isn’t big enough, it doesn’t fit right or feel comfortable. Shoving your junk in something that’s too small isn’t fun or does it feel very good.

One brand I have loved due to their pouches is WildmanT. His Big Boy Pouch is made for guys who have a little extra in the front. Even our own UNB Shawn has discovered the brand. He got the swim suit and thong.

If you have followed him here or on Instagram, he’s packing a full pouch and needs something extra to give him the support he needs. WildmanT has always been a brand that is about giving endowed guys underwear and swimwear that is stylish and fits them.

In the last few releases he’s been focusing exclusively on the Big Boy Pouch. This is good because as you can see it offers Freedom, Comfort, and support. It’s one of the few brands that cater to the well endowed guys. Make sure you go check out all the Big Boy underwear and swimwear at WildmanT

We often get asked for underwear and swimwear for the endowed guy. It’s probably one of our most emailed questions to UNB. We created the endowed series so guys can find great gear! One company that is no stranger to making underwear and swim for the big pouch guys is WildmanT. I have reviewed his Big Boy underwear and it’s amazing. Now he has brought the Big Boy pouch to swimwear. They have released it in two styles, a brief and a trunk.

WildmanT is not shy about making underwear/swimwear for endowed guys. They actually have fun with it, normally descriptions talk about the pair, fabric, color and such. This pair I had to run the entire description:

Don’t smash your junk at the beach!  Set your “boys” free and give them the room they deserve with the new Big Boy Pouch Swim Square Cut.  We are known for our big penis underwear and now we make Big penis swimwear.  Our special pouch not only holds a heavy load but it also gives you a natural lift without any additional c-rings or lifters.  This is definitely a “if you have it flaunt it” opportunity.  You may never want to take it off:)

It’s about making great swimwear for guys and not giving any F*cks about it. Well, that’s the attitude I get from WildmanT.

As a guy who has a fuller pouch, it can be difficult to find one that covers all your goods. There is nothing worse than a day on the beach and you have a blow out in the pouch. Or put it on and notice that there isn’t enough material for a day out for sun and fun. If you are in the same boat, there are companies making great swimwear. Plus the bonus with WildmanT is, if you want to show off a little, you will in this pair.

If you are interested in the pairs find out more at the WildmanT site.

COLORS: Blue, Red, and Yellow
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00
COLORS: Blue, Red, and Yellow
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $48.00

It’s been a while since we had an endowed series. One brand that has always embraced the big guy is WildmanT. They have had the Big Boy series and now they have released the Duo Big Boy. Which they say has the same great pouch but is a mix of mesh and cotton. Perfect for those who need the extra room or want extra room.

One thing I have always loved about WildmanT is that they know guys love different styles for their Big Boy line. Some guys prefer trunks, others briefs, and the others jocks. The new line has all these styles in the line! Personally, I go towards the jock and brief. But I know there are guys who want extra coverage.

This is what WildmanT says about line:

WildmanT Big Boy Pouch underwear has become the solution for many men looking for more room and extra comfort. Our pouch cups your manhood and then allows it to swing freely with the easy your low hangers were meant to! We offer extra room and support like no other underwear can.

Don’t have BIG BOYS or BIG JUNK but sick of having your junk smashed? Are you uncomfortable at your office desk and need to readjust often? Do you like to go commando but find it inappropriate at times??? Then you are a WildmanT Big Boy!!

You don’t have to have big junk to enjoy the freedom of the roomy pouch. Our Big Boy Pouch line is like having a private special add-on for your family jewels keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

The fabric is Body: 90% Nylon / 10% Lycra  Pouch: 92% Cotton / 8% Lycra. The pouch on each is the solid cotton fabric. The colors of this line are the waistbands. The colors are Black, Blue, and Red. The pouches are black and the mesh fabric is white. They are pretty low key, which can be a good thing.

Make sure you head to the WildmanT to see and shop the Duo Big Boy Line.

WildmanT furnished the Sportivo Bikini Black with Red Stripe for review. All opinions expressed are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling:9 /10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10


  • Bigger cut of a swim brief
  • Compliments more body types
  • Great for a day in the pool


  • Some guys may not like the pouch since it’s not enhancing
  • The back is bigger cut, if you have a butt you may not like that

UNB Tim recommendation:

I have had a few pairs of WildmanT underwear over the years. One of my favorites is the Big Boy brief. It’s made out of mesh and has an amazing pouch. Tim over there really knows how to design great underwear. I wanted to finally get my hands on some of his awesome swimwear and I finally got my chance. I got the Sportivo Bikini.

The first thing I love about this bikini is the size. Some may argue that it’s a brief not a bikini. I”ll let you figure that out for yourself. Being a bigger guy the skimpy bikinis I wore in my youth just don’t look the same on me. This bigger cut is made for more guys. If you’re a bigger guy (such as a bear) this will fit you well and complement your body.

I wore this to a pool day. The suit really felt great all day. It was amazing how great this felt. The back is a full back so you don’t have to worry about falling out the back when you’re active in the pool. Plus not having junk in the trunk, its good to have full coverage. The pouch wasn’t as pronounced as the undies but it gave great support. I prefer my undies with not as a pronounced pouch. There fit me better, I think!

I really loved this brief and am taking it on a trip with me. I may get in a pool but not sure yet. But I figure why the hell not. It’s amazing brief that you guys should check out!

BRAND: WildmanT
PAIR: Sportivo Bikini Black with Red Stripe
FABRIC: 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large

COST: $44.50

Sportivo Bikini Black with Red Stripe

It’s SWIMWEAR SUNDAY! The time of the week we celebrate amazing swimwear! One of the underrated swimwear brands on the market is WildmanT. Tim has made some amazing pairs of swim over the years. Some even featured enhancing features. While others were really cool and well designed briefs and trunks.

The official announcement is:

“Introducing Sportivo!  The sporty and masculine bikini designed for the tough guy.  It’s that little sexy black bikini every real guy should have with a hot kick of color to stand out.  Features one racing stripe on the crotch and two stripes on the right side.  It draws attention where you want it most.  Fits like a glove that you won’t want to take off.”

The pair is a bigger cut brief. It reminds me of speedos swimmers used to wear in the 80s/90s. I think the bigger cut looks good on many body types. Including beefy guys, who sometimes feel that they can’t pull off a swim brief. WildmanT, I think, is going after the guy who wouldn’t normally wear a swim brief with the Sportivo line. I say BRAVO WildmanT. It’s time we start marketing to the guys who are weary of swim briefs.

The pairs are solid with a stripe down the front and the sides. It’s not over the top but more of a classic design. It’s a great first swim brief for guys. If you jump in and go too skimpy, the swim brief may not fit well. I say try the larger ones and then go skimpier.

The pair is made out of an 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex fabric. One thing newcomers may like is it’s lined. Meaning you won’t show off your goods.  Available in a few colors, so you will be able to pick out your favorite color! Lastly, it has a drawstring waist. Which is pretty standard in swimwear.

If you are going to try your first swim brief, we think you should try the WildmanT Sportivo Bikini

BRAND: WildmanT
PAIR: Sportivo Bikini
COLORS: Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Purple, Red/White, Teal/White, and Purple.
FABRIC: 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.50
LINK: WildmanT Sportivo Bikini


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your new Raw Jock line.

What made you create this collection of jocks?

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of leather bars and Pig events. Every time I go I am turned on by the guys with great bodies in leather and jocks. I always wanted a hot jock line but I never wanted to make a wimpy jock or a flimsy jock. I wanted a man’s jock that can be pulled on and yanked around. So I held off for a while until I thought I could make them right. Now that we have our own manufacturing facility in Florida, I was finally able to really play with different elastics to come up with a durable waistband for a hot jock!

You have a collection of different jocks. I would group them into Mesh, Micro, Stripe, and Strapless. Can you tell us about each one?

They all have the same look and feel of the hot gritty leather daddy jock but in different cuts. I feel the same guy would like all the different variations. We have a traditional jock with the durable waistband, we have a micro jock with a thinner cut waistband, we a slip pouch for the times you want to swing free and bare ass it, and my favorite is the slip pouch with the attachment loop to snap your metal cockring to the balls of the pouch. It creates a sexy snug fit.

My personal favorite is the micro jock. Not many jocks have the thin waistband and leg straps. Was this one difficult to produce or make?

We created a girly “micro” jock about 6 years ago. It was delicate in bright colors and although it sold well, I wouldn’t be caught dead in it now! (I guess I have grown up since then). It’s not difficult to produce but it took a lot of trials and errors to get it to fit just right.

Strapless jocks are starting to trend in the world of men’s underwear, what made you create 4 different pairs?

We created a “Ball Lifter slip pouch” 8 years ago. It sold for a while and then died down. We brought a robust version late last year for a friend of mine with big balls that were uncomfortable in regular underwear. We called it the Big Boy Collection. As for it trending…. you’re welcome!

What is the Duraband waistband? Why is it part of this collection?

As mentioned earlier, I wanted a hefty manly jock and most of that has to do with the elastic waistband. So I played around with different techniques to come up with the “Duraband”. Once I got the band, then I was ready to create jocks. A couple of the slip pouch jocks don’t have the Duraband, so read the descriptions to make sure you are getting what you want.

Each one looks like you have a great pouch in them. Having tried some of your undies, including the Big Boy Brief, you have some great pouches. Why is a great pouch important to you?

It’s the sign of the times;) Guys are getting sick of being cramped in their underwear. Perhaps we are on the verge of a 70’s revolution and people are just ready to let it all hang out! I know I am! But a great supporting yet swinging pouch just feels great. Plus, there are a lot of extremely well-endowed men out there who have suffered being stuck with only traditional underwear. I just kept getting request after request to create something sexy but feels good for the Big Boys… and so I didJ

Now, to all my dirty little pigs out there, I’ll be waiting for you at checkout!

Find All these on the WildmanT website.

WildmanT Raw Angel Jockstrap with Duraband White

WildmanT Raw Mesh Jockstrap Contrast Red

WildmanT Raw Mesh Jockstrap with Duraband Waistband Black

WildmanT Raw Mesh Micro Jockstrap Blue Contrast

WildmanT Raw Sport Stripe Jockstrap with Duraband Waistband Blue

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock Black

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with Blue Contrast Trim

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with C-ring Loop and Duraband Black

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with Red Contrast Trim




The last few Swimwear Sunday’s we have shown some skimpy stuff. The pair we chose this week is the WildmanT Chevron Bikini. The Bikini name is a little off, because it’s more of a full brief than a bikini. Also, WildmanT is known for making swimwear and c-rings that show off everything you have!

The Chevron bikini is a bigger cut. One I personally like and think is a hot cut. It shows off enough but still keeps all the good stuff hidden. It reminds me of a classic Speedo cut. The kind I call competition cut. Competition cuts are about three inches on the side and a full back. It would be suits you would see competitive swimmers wear, before the skin suits and jammers. This pair has a bit of that old school flair.

You maybe asking about the pouch. Being WildmanT it has an ample pouch to hold everything. WildmanT makes really great gear designed for men. No matter the pair you can guarantee that its going to fit you amazing.

The Chevron Bikini is available in two colors. They are blue and red. Each one has a chevron design on the hips in white. Hence the name of the pair. The WildmanT logo is on the left hip and it has a drawstring waist that ties in the front. All these factors make this a great pair for summer.

Who should get this pair? Anyone who wants to wear a swimbrief but not show off everything. The pair is available at the WildmanT website for $45.

WildmanT's NewWe just reviewed the Big Boy Brief from WildmanT and now we got a chance to talk to him about the line

Can you tell us how you came to create the Big Boy Line?

I have a few friends who brag about their endowment and how regular underwear don’t fit (poor things) and they have been yapping in my ear for the past couple years….”When are you gonna make something that fits us big boys?” Plus, I have another friend who has big….balls…and he always complained that underwear was too tight for his balls and it was uncomfortable when he sat down or worked out. Plus, they always got sweaty against his legs. So I took the two ideas and made a strapless pouch first. It was a waist band with a big pouch in front and nothing else. It was roomy, supportive and held the “boys” up and comfortable for my big balled friend. So I put it on Amazon to test it out and it sold like crazy. Then I decided there was a market for generously endowed and I made an entire line around “The Big Boy Pouch”!

What styles did you offer in the initial release and why did you choose those styles?

Hmmmm….years ago I had a small website that sold underwear. Not my brand, other underwear brands. WildmanT wasn’t really formed until the accidental and joke product The Ball Lifter was created. I was photographing a model in their underwear for the site but the bulge was not pronounced enough. Stuffing his underwear looked too fake and a cockring didn’t lift his pouch enough. His balls hung low dragging down the whole package with it. So I jokingly said, “If you could just lift your balls and hold it there, the photo would look great!” Well the joke turned into me utilizing some elastic and pinning it to his waist band. It worked great and looked amazing in the photo. The model said he wanted one for everyday. I laughed and continued with the shoot. After the shoot, I sat down to make a prototype…again as a joke. I thought it would funny if I put it online and showed the model. Plus my mother (sweet old conservative lady) worked for me and I thought it would embarrass her too! Well the joke was on me. Somehow it went viral and two companies in Japan bought a crazy amount of them and the ball enhancing craze had begun. From that point, I started creating Ball Lifters, Protruders, Max Cock-Rings and eventually underwear and swimwear with built-in Ball Lifter built in. I became the Ball Lifter company.


You mentioned to me earlier in the week “It was nice to finally make something exactly the way I wanted it made without compromise” What did you mean by that?

When I started off, I didn’t know what I was really doing and I had no industrial machines. Most of my designs were designed around my limitations. Then when I got big enough to use manufacturers, each manufacture had their own limitations and the designs always got changed just a little bit. Sometimes the factory had to change the colors or fabric type and sometimes they just couldn’t get the patterns right. I always liked the final product (or I would never have approved them) but I never got “exactly” what I was shooting for. This year, we started our own manufacturing here in Florida. And for the first time, I get to make exactly what I want. I have all the right machines, I buy the fabrics and elastics myself and I teach my employees exactly how to sew them. It seems silly but after seven years my final product is exactly like the prototype! Go USA!


The pouch, I will admit is pretty darn amazing, how did you come up with the design? I will admit when I saw it I was a little skeptical but after wearing it, WOW!

I just tried over and over to create a pocket of fabric that would go over your junk but not slip off. Once I got something that was roomy and comfortable yet you didn’t slip out of, I designed everything else around it.

Did you design this line for a specific guy or all guys?

Two people and they would kill me if I gave their names. John Jackson and Tad Ground! (Tim laughs!!!!)

Headshot3It has been on sale for a few weeks, what has been the feedback you are getting on the line?

I released it on Black Friday. It was a difficult time to release a new product. People are shopping for others, not themselves. Underwear is a difficult present to buy for someone else. And stores previously stocked up on merchandise to prepare for the holiday season so I was not too hopeful. I thought I would get some Black Friday traction just because of the sale aspect. Although I was correct about stores not buying right at Christmas time, I was floored with my sales with the direct customer. We sold more than we ever sold in a week’s time and all of the sales were for the new Big Boy Pouch line. I was amazed…..and freaked out because we ran low on stock

Currently it’s just available in black, are you going to expand the line into other colors?

I really liked releasing all black at one time. It had a more powerful visual impact. I thought of releasing the exact line in a new color every few months….but it turns out, the fabric that I love love love only comes in black and whiteL We may do the white but most likely we will do a whole new fabric all together when I find something else that I love love love againJ

For someone who’s never bought WildmanT underwear what advice do you give them before buying the Big Boy line?

One leg at a time??? Not meant as a floatation device?? Seriously…it’s pretty straight forward. If you are looking for a roomy pouch, you will love this line. It’s big, it’s roomy and it supports unlike other pouches. People buy one to try it and turn around the following week and order five or six pair. And to quote one savy customer “I’m telling you I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pair. OMG I don’t know how you did it but damn”

That quote is from yours truly! That is from the email I sent after I wore the pair. Its amazing! 


MEBR_Side__36426.1448286736.1280.1280There is a new pouch on the block and it’s made by WildmanT. It’s called the Big Boy Pouch! The name is quite appropriate for the collection. I received the Big Boy Pouch Brief to review. It was on the top of my list this year to get and try. I am a huge lover of great pouches. When WIldmanT agreed to send me one I was super psyched!

The pair is made out of a sports mesh type material. Right now it’s only available in black. This makes it slightly see through but not over the top. When I went to put on the pair is like my brain slammed on the brakes. The pouch sort of looked like one of those where you stick your junk through it and it enhances. So my excitement went to “oh man.” But being the trooper I put them on. And WOW. The elastic around the pouch wasn’t there to super enhance your pouch. It was made to give some great support.

The pouch just felt amazing. It holds everything in one place and while yeah it probably has some enhancing qualities its made for comfort. I don’t know how Tim at WildmanT made this but WOW. My initial impression in no way lived up to the reality. He designed a truly unique and new pouch. Which is quickly moving up my favorite pouches in underwear. I am in love with this pair.

I wore this pair on an active day. It held up so great. The fabric moved with me through out the day. And the pouch gave great support and enough enhancing without making it seem over the top. One thing about the fabric, I wore it on a cold day and there were a few times when the wind picked up and I was like “Hello.” You could feel the breeze. I would suggest to wear it on a warmer day or wear it and be damned!

WildmanT has some great sizing. I received an XL and it fit amazing. The waistband wasn’t too tight and the fabric and cut fit great. I don’t think I have ever had an issue with the underwear from them. As always double check the size guide to get the correct size.


  • The super amazing pouch design
  • Great fabrics that fit well through out the day
  • Mesh is slightly see through and fun


  • May not wear on a cold day! You could get a breeze
  • Some may not like the mesh fabric
  • Only available in black, I want it in more colors!


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance -10
  • Overall – 10

This pair gets a rare 10 out of 10 from me because there is so much to love about this pair. The fit, style and daily wear were off the charts. Find the WildmanT Mesh Big Boy Pouch Brief at the WildmanT site for $25



Welcome to the 2015 UNB Swimwear Guide. This year we has some amazing swimwear from our sponsors GDD World (Clever, JOR and WildmanT), N2N Bodywear, Modus Vivendi, aussieBum and Junk UnderJeans. Each sent in some super fun swimwear that the models had fun wearing.

You may notice a few familiar faces in our shoot. Back from the Holiday Guide is Mikey, Nathan and Chandler and a new face is that of  Bobby. Each of them had a lot of fun on the shoot. Chandler is the class clown and made the shoot fun.

I’ll have a follow up post about the behind the scenes of the shoot this weekend! But here is what you guys want to see! Click on any text link to be taken to the store to buy the pair!

Clever Moda Swimwear










Modus Vivendi




N2N Bodywear















Junk UnderJeans


  • Michael is wearing the Digital in Orange – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site
  • Nathan is wearing the Nautilus in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


Chandler is wearing the Rio in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


Make are you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more from the Guide soon! We have a ton of pictures an videos to share.

Next up will be a video featuring the Brads of GDD World



  • Chandler Smith
  • Michael Muench
  • Nathan Mckellips
  • Bob Gerrity


  • Taylor Campbell

Creative Director

  • Matt Hill


I continue my reviews of WildmanT and the pair I am reviewing is the WT58 Apollow Short brief. The reason I picked it was its a great design. It is similar to the Moon Brief I reviewed earlier in the week. It’s clean and classic with a hint of color on the side.

This pair I got to try in Vegas but it got misplaced in my suitcase. Also, it didn’t help that I came down with bronchitis while there. So I was cleaning out the suitcase and low and behold there was a brand new pair of WildmanT still in the package! I was wondering where they went! So this past week I decided to put them to the test.

I decided to wear them on a lazy day. The Moon Briefs I wore on one of my busiest days in Vegas. These were going to be just a lounging around the house. You may say, “This isn’t a way to review a pair!” But I disagree. There is nothing better than having a day just hanging in your undies all day. A great pair is one you have for these kinds of days. So I decided to do a day of Netflix.

The first thing you have to know about the pair it comes with an elastic c-ring included. Do you have to wear it? Nope you sure don’t but its there just in case! I am not a fan of them so I didn’t put it on under the pair. Which I give WildmanT props for having this as an extra and not built in to the pair. Its great for guys like me who don’t care for them.

The material like the Moon briefs is a little thicker than most pairs of underwear. Its not totally uncomfortable. But some may not like the stiffer material. The design doesn’t have a built in pouch either. Which is usually a detraction for me but these fit me pretty well. They didn’t bind or constrict me. But note if you’re not a fan of thicker material you may stay away.

The sizing again is pretty standard. If you follow the chart I don’t think you will have many problems. I am on the upper end of the scale and they were a little snug but not too snug. They have consistent sizing across their collections.



  • Great Design
  • Detachable C-Ring
  • comfy for a lazy day


  • Stiffer material
  • No defined pouch


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Materials – 8
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8.2

GDD World furnished this pair for review. Find this pair for $22.50 on Candyman Fashion.

WT71_Fuchsia_1It’s been a long time since I have tried a pair of WildmanT. I can’t remember what the last pair I had was, but the new collection that was released at the end of last year I really loved. It was a mix of swim and underwear. This time I got to give the underwear a spin and the pair I got to try is the WT71 Moon Short Brief.

I choose the Fuchsia color. Why you may ask? Well I love pink undies and this was pretty close to pint. Also, I love the design with the white band going from the side to across the back. It just looks great. When we go shop for underwear isn’t this what we want, undies that catch our eye and look awesome?WT71_Fuchsia_3

The pair like I said came in an amazing color. The black waistband and trim just makes this pair look perfect. If they had done a white I don’t think it would have the effect. Its sleek and fun to me. The pair is made out of a 94% cotton 6% spandex blend. When you first feel this fabric it seems a little thick. It makes you wonder if it will have the give of the spandex. If is kind of like a denim shirt feel, if you’ve had one. Its thick but still pliable.

So I ware this when I was in Vegas. So it was going to get a work out. In Vegas I walk a minimum of 10,000 steps if not more. Lucky this year they moved everyone together or I would have had much more walking. The weather in Vegas was 70 degrees so it wasn’t too hot. Wearing these running around the Mandalay Bay Convention center. They held up fine. The thick material wasn’t as restricting as thought it maybe. Granted it didn’t have a lot of give. So if you’re after a stretchy pair this may not be the pair for you.

Sizing was a little snug. I would say I’m right around a 40 waist right now and the upper limit sizing is 39. So that’s about right. I don’t think you will have too many issues with sizing. Over the years they have been consistent and never heard many issues with sizing. I hope to be back to a 36 by summer. Fingers crossed!

The design still is one of my favorites. This entire collection I love. I don’t know how Tim at WildmanT did it but he pulled off one of the collections I LOVE! The description says its a retro design, it maybe but I just see an amazing design all around!


  • Fun Design
  • Amazing Color
  • Great use of Trim


  • Was a bit snug
  • Some may not like the fabric


Daily Fit 8

Sizing 8

Construction 8

Styling – 10

Performance – 8

Overall –  8.4

GDD World furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair and more at Candyman Fashions. To buy this pair click the picture below!


wildmant-wt70Swimwear season in the US is over but that’s not stopping companies for making really great swimwear. WildmanT has always made great swimwear that enhances and shows off what you have! He has always used his C-Ring and lifters to really put your best features out there! This  is the Titan Bikini with C-Ring

You maybe going, “I love the suit but don’t want the c-ring.” In previous pairs WildmanT has made the C-rings removable, so you can wear them with or without them. So don’t let that one feature turn you off to the brand!

The bikini comes in three colors; blue, green and orange. Each one is trimmed in grey and has two white panels on the hip. Also made with a draw string waist so it will stay in place even during a super active day in the pool/beach. I really love these color combinations. Although, I have to say the green is my favorite. But, overall they are great color choices. You want your swimwear to be bright and fun. Lastly, it’s made out of a 84% nylon, 16% spandex fabric. Meaning this will be a fast drying fabric.

WildmanT says the following about the pair: “The WildmanT Titan Bikini with C-Ring is a low rise, lean cut swim brief teeming with color and spirit. But the real bonus here is the sexy silhouette it provides, thanks to the hidden cock ring inside that amps up the definition to your frontal profile. Wear for maximum whoa! poolside, beachside, or wherever you plan to take the plunge.”

This pair should be coming to retailers soon!


This post will be updated through out the day and night. So keep checking back and see the updates!

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