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In 2013, when founder Cisco turned his men’s lifestyle blog into an underwear brand, he attracted a cult following, whose loyalty made business boom: a wildly successful e-commerce site, retail partnerships, and distribution deals. Today, YOCISCO continues its expansion with the official launch of its debut swimwear collection, Brunch Trunks. Many are saying it will be a huge success for the brand.

“Swimwear was something we’ve been wanting to expand into for a while. I wanted to make sure we became known for our high-quality products and great customer service first before looking to expand into other categories,” Cisco explains. The collection was inspired by the love of brunch and will offer Mimosa, Bloody Mary, and Breakfast-themed motifs. He adds, “our focus on fueling a movement of confidence in all men is seen firsthand in the images that are accompanying the launch. We were also able to include our body positive brand ambassador, Santana, in the shoot, which was shot by celebrity photographer David Christopher Lee. We always want men to feel confident and comfortable in our products without sacrificing one for the other.”

Prices range from $60-$80 for a brief or trunk, which is sold separately so that customers can go from brunch to the pool or beach with ease. Each suit comes with a branded reusable water-resistant travel pouch.

A leader in bamboo underwear for men, YOCISCO, celebrates its five year anniversary with first-time design collaboration with RayStraints, the recently-launched elastic harness company. Ray Vasquez is the owner and creative director of his near-namesake apparel company RayStraints which is quickly becoming known for custom elastic harnesses. Using the five-year anniversary as inspiration, Ray has designed five items exclusively for this collaboration using the original YOCISCO waistband from the 2013 Structured Brief.

In the past five years, YOCISCO has transformed from a small startup into a successful company that creates functional and fashionable, sustainable underwear and base layers. YOCISCO is always looking for new ways to expand the brand. “Meeting different people and being inspired by the world around us is essential to making products that people will love as their interests and lifestyles change,” said Gabriel Medina, CEO of YOCISCO.  “With this collaboration, I wanted to explore a space we haven’t been before. By collaborating with a harness designer we can revisit our core fan bases from my years as a go-go dancer. Working with Ray has been a great way for me to connect my creative spirit with my desire to learn new things.”

The collaboration will be a collection of harnesses which cleverly incorporates the Roman numeral five and the letter Y. “The idea behind the collection is to commemorate the five-year milestone. I want consumers to be able to take pride in these designs and appreciate them the way they appreciate the underwear,” said Ray.  “For the past four years I have been a customer of YOCISCO so to be given the opportunity to bring a new perspective of the brand to their global customer base leaves me speechless.”

The collaboration will be available exclusively to YOCISCO Insiders on July 9, 2018 and at San Diego Pride July 14-15, 2018. A limited quantity will be available for purchase online after July 17, 2018.

To learn more about YOCISCO visit You can also get brand updates at or follow the brand via Twitter and Instagram at @yocisco. Follow RayStraints on Instagram @RayStraints

Men’s underwear brand YOCISCO is pleased to announce Pro Surfer Berlin Viviani as the brand’s newest ambassador. Berlin is pro surfer from Hawaii and is known for his goofy surfing style. This relationship will continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

In his role with the brand, Berlin will assist the brand in fueling a movement of confidence in men.

“Last year, while traveling I found the brand and will never forget the first time I tried on a pair of YOCISCO’s ISO briefs – they were the perfect fit and I’ve been hooked ever since! After learning the company’s message of confidence building through fashion for all men, which I completely agree with. I’m honored to be working with YOCISCO to help spread that message to men throughout Hawaii and the surfing community.” Says Berlin Viviani

“We are thrilled to have Berlin, as our newest Brand Ambassador. His active lifestyle, confidence and desire to spread positivity, exemplifies what the YOCISCO brand is built on.” Says Gabriel “Cisco” Medina, CEO of YOCISCO. “So many guys have an active lifestyle just like Berlin and they need underwear and base layers that are performing just as hard as they are.”

To learn more about YOCISCO’s offerings visit You can also get brand updates at or follow the brand via Twitter, and Instagram at @yocisco. Follow Berlin Viviani on Instagram @infamousberlin

There are new undies coming out this month and next. One thing we have received is a behind the scenes post about the new Yocisco La Havanna line. I personally love bringing you these posts. Every line has its own unique story. I get to hear a lot of them but don’t always get to share the story with you guys. Now I can. This is the inspiration of the new La Havana line.

The initial design was inspired just days after our third anniversary (7/17/2016).  I was watching the news, seeing that the United States had restored diplomatic relations with Cuba. It rekindled a personal love for Cuban culture. Latinos, as a whole, have many things in common even though we come from diverse countries and ethnic/racial backgrounds. I’ve always felt as if Cubans were our familia, frozen in time because of their estranged relationship with the United States, adding to the romance and mystique of the island. After sitting with the idea for a few weeks I started thinking about where I was as a designer and what stories I wanted to tell this time around. With each collection, I get to show a new layer of myself as a designer and a person. I’ve shown whimsical, playful, and sexy in the past and I wanted to reveal another layer. We had an election coming up and I wanted to show my interest for current events as well as pay homage to my Latino heritage and history.  At the time, I didn’t realize how important this line would be in the collection. With everything going on in the world today the line now represents homage to past leaders who saw a new, modern road for Cuba and paid respect to the Cuban people and their future.

We hope you enjoyed the post. The line is out on Sept. 20, 2017 at the


We just posted an interview with YOCISCO at the end of last month! Now they have told us they are expanding their essential line! It’s great to see them release some new pairs! This is an extension of their essential line!  Here is what they told us about the expansion.

YOCISCO has been a leading brand in fashionable sustainable underwear for the past three years. This month they will release an expansion to their highly popular ISO briefs. This expanded line will include trunks, boxer briefs, t-shirts and tank tops. YOCISCO has offered trunks and boxer briefs in the past but this will be their first time offering t-shirts and tank tops. The line will be available in six colors (black, white, red, slate, berry and cobalt) and now in five sizes (small – XXL).

“Our ISO briefs have proven to be long lasting and fashionable among our consumers. They are constructed with premium bamboo fabric, along with elastin for sustainability and all-day comfort.” said designer Cisco.

Head over to the YOCISCO site to see all these pairs and more.

One brand I have come to know over the years is YOCISCO. I met them in Vegas one year and we have kept in touch. It wasn’t until this year that I discovered they were founded the same year as UNB! We got a chance to interview them over the last 9 years.

YOCISCO and UNB started the same year, 2008, what made you start YOCISCO?

 Catastrophe! At the time of the economic crash of 2008, I had been working as a mortgage broker for six years (yes, I had a day job).  When the market crashed, we lost everything.   I even lost my home.   It was a scary time especially having a young daughter to take care of.  I had been traveling around the country and internationally, go-go dancing for seven years prior to 2008.  During that time, I met fans face to face, interacted with them, shook hands and gave hugs.   I reflected on what I was passionate about and concluded that it was the community.  They held me up and kept me going during one the most challenging times in my life.   YOCISCO started as an online magazine for gay men featuring info on fashion, fitness, events and even advice. My goal was to give a sense of community to gay men of color where they could feel at home online.  Its funny how tragedy gives way to triumph.  Had it not have been for the crash, I would never have started YOCISCO.The underwear part didn’t come along until 2013.

When you started, what were the biggest challenges you face?

The learning curves!  I had never owned much less operated a website.  The lessons learned have been hard and sometimes frustrating but you learn a little each time and you get better.  When I launched underwear in 2013, I had been taking courses in fashion and design so I was a little more prepared to enter the apparel market.  Sometimes the biggest challenge you can face is yourself. My confidence in myself had been tested.  It’s not easy losing your career and everything you worked so hard for. I learned however, in the end, you can’t be afraid to jump in and sometimes fail. That’s a part of growth but there can’t be growth without persistence and failure.

How did you overcome those challenges to still be around today?

I think it first starts with surrounding yourself with good people.  As a business owner, you’re essentially a one-man band and its easy to take on too much.  You can’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate tasks to others. I have been very blessed to have the right people come into my life at the right time. 

From the first collection till now, how has your style grown/changed in designing underwear?

It seems like forever ago we launched the first collection of cotton briefs.   We are now launching our sixth collection and each time I learn something new in terms of what people like and what will sell.  One of the best things we could have done was switch from cotton to bamboo.  It truly is a superior fabric due to its moisture wicking and odor absorbing properties.  Its also eco-friendly and sustainable which is an issue near and dear to my heart. 

When we first started to cover you, there were a lot of jocks. Do you go through phases in your design process?

There is a lot to consider when designing.  Seasonality affects the designs as well as the demands of the market and of course trends.  We launched jocks in 2014 initially and sold out quickly.  We have heard from tons of customers wanting new jockstraps I’ve been listening and happy to report that we have new jockstraps in our upcoming collection.

Where do you draw inspiration from creating new lines/pairs?

I get inspiration from many places.  I do a lot of research into each collection I produce in terms of picking colors and motifs.   Aside from research, I find inspiration from current events, music, nature and just things I like to do in my daily life.   I also consult with my team to decide what people are wanting and needing. Not all creative ideas are clever enough to move the consumer, so I take all the research and advice into consideration before finalizing the designs.

Who is the YOCISCO guy? Who is your customer?

The YOCISCO man draws strength from his identity and feels sexy in his own skin.  He is active in daily life going from the office to the gym and doesn’t have time to worry about his underwear.  The YOCISCO man works hard and plays hard and expects his underwear to do the same all while being effortlessly sexy.  He will spend on luxury but expects impeccable quality, brilliant design and durability in exchange.  He is the guy who cares about his family, his community and our world while still having a sense of humor and enjoying the little things in life.

How do you think the next 9 years will go, with what you have learned over the previous 9 years?

I expect the next nine years to take us to heights we haven’t imagined.  We have grown and changed so much over the past 9 years. We are looking to expand our reach in other international markets. We’re currently sold in the UK.  We want to continue making products that stand the test of time. 

Over the last nine years, I’ve learned success doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a lot of sweat equity and it isn’t glamourous but it’s worth it in the end.  I think its also important to believe in something bigger than yourself, hold it close and never deviate from it.

Who is a well-known personality you would love to see in your brand?

President Barack Obama. Enough said

What can we expect in the future from YOCISCO?

You will first be able to expect our continued commitment to quality, comfort, and sustainability.  You will see a wider range of styles and designs as well as an increased presence in the market.  You can expect to for us to continuously evolve and stay innovative but never losing sight of our customer

See some of the amazing styles of underwear at the YOCISCO site.

UNB Holiday Guide BTS YOCISCO Underwear from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

This is our last Brand video from the 2015 Holiday Guide! This video features YOCISCO underwear. A really great brand that is up and coming. The video features models Damien, Wes and Drew. Find the underwear at ( and find more about underwear at ( Music is Romix Fly – Jingle Bells 2011 (Mary Christmas) Music by Pond 5

2015First we have to thank all our sponsors who made this shoot possible. They are Macondo Trading (Clever, Pikante, Ergowear & Candyman), Cocksox, N2N Bodywear, Jack Adams, Junk Underjeans, Bülge Clothing, Yocisco and BearSkn. Our models are Chandler, Drew, Wes, Damien and Pat. Our amazing photographer was Taylor Campbell. It was shot at Maps Studio in the Atlanta are!

To buy a pair click the link on the name of the pair. You will be taken to that brands official site to buy!

Macondo Trading – Clever Moda


Clever has some hot new styles and prints this season

Macondo Trading – Ergowear


Ergowear is known for it’s amazing pouch that gives great support and awesome fabric

Macondo Trading – Candyman


Candyman is known for their fun styles and sexy fabrics/cuts.

Macondo Trading – Pikante

Pikante has some awesome prints and some super sexy pairs in this collection





Cocksox is known for their awesome pouch, fun colors and sexy styling

N2N Bodywear


N2N Bodywear makes underwear that ranges from classic to super sexy.

Jack Adams


Jack Adams has a new designer and a new look that has given them a new look!

Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans is making amazing new pairs such as the Junk X and more!

BüLGE Clothing


BüLGE Clothing makes perfect underwear for working out with these super comfy shirts and boxer briefs



BearSkn makes underwear for guys of all sizes, everyone should feel super sexy!



YOCISCO started making amazing jocks and now have made some amazing briefs.

We have tons more pics we will be sharing as Brief Distractions and on our social media accounts! So make sure you like us on each!

Thanks to all the brands, models, photographers and people who helped make this guide amazing

Where to buy:

Aqua+JockThis is my second Jock of the month from His Jock! I really am enjoying being in the Jock of the Month club. Each month I get sent a jock and I don’t know what it is till I open it. It’s kind of like a little bit of Christmas every month. This months selection is the Yocisco Where Sexy Starts Jock.

You maybe asking Why do they call it “Where sexy starts?” Well glad you asked, on the leg straps of each it has written in the legs straps. Which adds a little to the sexy feel of the pair. This is also my very first pair of Yosisco. I am very excited to try the brand.

I decided to wear these on a day I would be active. Being a jock there isn’t any other way to give them a try! I was on the go from the morning till that night. The first thing I noticed was the waistband. I Love the black band with Yocisco written inJock+Side+View the band. The blue makes it pop! The leg straps are smaller than most jocks. A traditional jock has 1 inch leg straps but these are ½ inch. They are black with “Where Sexy Starts” in yellow. So only a few people will see this, the ones you hopefully will want to start something sexy with.

I saw the pouch and hoped it wouldn’t be too small. After I slid it on the pouch had ample room. It’s one of those that has some give and conforms to your body. The fit all day really felt great. There are times when you wear a jock and the leg straps rub you and you know you’re wearing a jock. This pair I didn’t remember at times I had it on. It felt comfortable and never did bind or get out of place.

One of the most important areas is sizing. I was unable to see size chart on His Jock or Yocisco site. The size I received was an XL. And it fit well. I am going to find their chart and put it on our size guide. But if the XL fit pretty well you shouldn’t have too many issues in sizing.


  • Great Pouch
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Leg straps were a perfect size
  • Made out of a Bamboo Blend


  • Some guys may want more colors
  • Some may not like the writing on leg straps


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9


This pair was furnished for review by His Jock. Post contains an affiliate sales link.


An old underwear contact reached out to me about YOCISCO underwear. They are a brand launched in Denver in June 2013. It was the creation of international go-go dancer and male entertainer Cisco. He used is first hand knowledge of underwear to start a line that would be embraced by men of all sexual orientations, sizes and styles.

The line is a far cry from Tighty Whites. The line combines color and comfort in a a sexy, urban, edgy way. This underwear makes you feel sexy, confident and comfortable from the moment you put them on till you take them off. They say “YOCISCO, Where Sexy Starts. The picture above is proof of that!

The underwear is made out of Bamboo. They did this because its one of the softest fabrics on the market. It has a natural absorbency that keeps you dry and comfy. Another natural property is its anti-bacterial. Lastly, it’s breathable and will keep you cool.

You maybe asking what styles they have? Currently they have boxer briefs/trunks and jocks. I am looking forward to a brief! We hope you check it out at