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 14-1-31-newest_12b Want to Find Love? Check out the Valentine’s Guide from Mensunderwearstore.com Find many great pairs of undies!

See the guide at: http://www.mensunderwearstore.com

 Print Just in time for Valentine’s Day. New color for the Pop Color Line. Picante. The newest color and perfect date night pair!

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andrew-christian-valenties-peek-a-boo-briefFirst let me start off saying this pair maybe out of stock. But, there are other colors than the limited edition pair. We got a lot of Andrew Christian to review. Over the next few weeks you’ll see them. I choose this pair because it was limited edition and for Valentine’s Day.

Andrew Christian to me makes really great underwear. His Almost Naked and Trophy Boy are some of my favorite undies. They fit me great and are made for a guy with extra up front.

There are several reasons why I choose this pair to review. The first was for the color. The Valentine’s Day inspired pair is red/pink with white mesh in the back. I don’t have any fun pairs for Valentines Day.  The second reason is the pouch is a separate piece and allows easy access. It seems to be a trend to create just pouches that either aren’t attached or just a pouch.

I said above I chose this, knowing I didn’t like pairs with pouches that detach or enhance. When I got to put this on I realized this and thought, “oh no I maybe in trouble.” I slide the pair on and the leg openings were a little tight. It made me wonder if it was too tight through out the day. After I pulled it up, it didn’t feel too tight. I just hoped it would last! Second, I slid my junk through the opening and put it in the pouch. The pouch really worried me. I was worried I would all our and through the day it would require constant adjustment.

As the day went on, I kind of forgot that I was wearing pouch underwear. The initial fears didn’t come through. The pouch was supportive and held me in place all day. I was really impressed. They did a great job on this pouch. The bonus was going to the bathroom all you had to do was lift the pouch up and then put it back down. Next the leg openings didn’t feel tight. I have had pairs in the past that drove me crazy and had to go!

I wore this pair running errands. I knew this would put the pouch to the test. It was about 6 hours of running around and driving. About an hour in I forgot about my concerns and just enjoyed the pair. It amazed me how well the pair felt. There was just the right amount of tension to keep the pouch in place all day. The mesh in back was a great touch too. Its sexy but not over the top.


  • Fun Valentine’s Color
  • Great fit
  • Loved the mesh panels, sexy for Valentine’s day


  • Pull off pouch – some may not like the fit
  • If you have large thighs the pair may be too tight


  • Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall  – 8.4

This pair was furnished for review by Andrew Christian. It may not be available but find similar pair in different colors on the Andrew Christian site.

Also contains an affiliate sales link



We started the UNB Focus group and the guys in it have been amazing. One in particular we ran his guide for the Bubble Butt guy during Christmas and he wrote this great post on Valentine’s I wanted to share his take on what to wear this Valentines day! Enjoy this great post:

homerThis Valentine’s Day, don’t be the guy who shows up for your date wearing these ($10 from Target).  While Homer Simpson is funny, laughter isn’t the emotional response you should be looking for when you undress.

Consider these options that are both comfortable to wear during a dinner date and romantically enticing during those after-dinner activities:

For the boxers guy:


www.undergear.com sells these amazing slim-cut, low-rise boxers for $18 in red.  They’re definitely not your average boxers, and the cotton poplin fabric means it will transition well into the Spring and Summer wear.  Available in S, M, L, & XL.

For the briefs guy:


This is Gregg Homme’s “Target Brief” in red.  It retails for $36, but you can snag it for $30 by ordering directly from www.gregghomme.com.  The brief is 76% polyamide, 24% spandex.  Sizes XS, S, M, L, & XL.

For the jockstrap guy:

IMG_7157 - B

The Pistol Pete “Rematch Jock” in red.  55% cotton, 42% nylon, 3% spandex. Your partner will enjoy unlacing things. Available in S, M, L, & XL for $29.50 from www.pistolpete.com.

prldOr how about the Good Devil “Contour Jockstrap” in red?  86% Polyamide, 14% spandex.  100% sexy.  Available in S, M, & L for $18 from www.internationaljock.com.

For the thong guy:


This “ILP Satin Micro Thong” from www.prevailsport.com  retails for $21.  It features an inner lift panel that enhances your profile.  It’s made of a nylon-spandex blend.  Sizes S, M, L, & XL.

For the hot-tub guy:


Finally, if your evening involves champagne and a quick dip in the hot tub before retiring to the boudoir, may we suggest Andrew Christian’s new “Swift Bikini” swim brief in red?  The front seam both provides support and enhances your profile.  The shoe lace styling shows you’re a man who pays attention to detail.  80% nylon and 20% spandex.   Available in XS, S, M, L, & XL. $40.93 from www.andrewchristian.com.

valentines0guideWe changed it up and have divided up our 2014 Guide. We didn’t shoot this one but rather picked some great pairs for you guys. It’s divided up into classic, mild and wild! We hope you enjoy.

Classic Style – Perfect for Date nights:

A date night some guys want to go more classic rather then over the top. Not every guy wants to be sporting mesh or a thong. Which remember it takes all kinds. These guys like to have something that is very comfortable and has classic styling.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great colors, it doesn’t have to be black or white. You can mix fabric, waistband and trim colors and still remain “classic”. For Valentines day we recommend black or Red as the two colors to focus on. If possible mix the two the combination of the two just pop!

2(X)ist Love Briefs2xist Love Contour Brief (Black) – $18.00 – Black underwear is always sexy and this pair with the red waistband is amazing and would look great under a pants or a suit. The red waistband just sets it off really nicely.

Go Softwear Pop TruknGo Softwear Pop Mod Trunk (Red) $23.00 – I have to remember not all guys love briefs but this pair from Go Softwear is a red color and style. Classic yet definitely not plain

CR7 Luxury BriefCR7 Luxury Brief (Red)- $30.00 – For those fellow brief guys who want something fun but still want great coverage the CR7 brief would be perfect. The luxury brief is a full cut brief with a pouch design.  Made out of Pima cotton

Baskit Contrast Boxer BriefBaskit Contour Boxer Brief (red) – $23.00 – This is the pair for the guy who loves boxer briefs. The Contrast line has a bright main color with a great contrasting waistband and trim. Made out of cotton elastine blend

Fun Night out – For the guy who wants something a little wilder

If you’re not a classic guy you want to show a little more skin, show off a bit more of the bulge or just want to surprise your partner after a romantic dinner we have some for you. These are some that I personally love, and have worn on dates before so I know what I’m talking about! Those will definitely leave an impression on your partner after the date is done!

Cocksox CX01 Brief
Cocksox CX01 (Red) – $24.00 – One of my favorites. The red is perfect for Valentines day. The great pouch shows off what you have under your pants so you will be showing off just a bit in your pants. The bikini fit is amazingly comfy and will be awesome through dinner. Picture from International Jock. Buy through them or Cocksox

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thongt_producto_371_665

Joe Snyder Pride Fram Thong (Red) – $24.00 – This is for the guy who’s ready to step up and wear something super fun and skimpy. The black trim does what it’s intended too, frame your pride. The pouch in these are bigger then other Joe Snyder, so it will be able to show off what you have!

Gregg Homme Booty BriefGregg Homme Booty (Red) – $42.00 – I know not everyone wants to show off their pouch, some were blessed with the bubble butt. I was not but the Booty Briefs are great for the guy with a great butt. It has the full front but the fabric straps in the back. Our very own Bryce loved these.

1-15-14-peekAndrew Christian Valentines Peek-a-Boo Brief (as Shown)- $24 – This pair was one that was made just for Valentines’s day from Andrew Christian. The pouch of this pair flips open. Yes you heard right. The pouch is not attached the bottom of the pair and allows for easy access. The pair is definitely made for Valentines; silver waistband, pink trim and red pouch/back panels.

Walk on the Wild Side – For the bold and those who want to show it all off

We have many readers who love what is termed fetish wear. You know the super hot, skimpy and leaves very little to the imagination. No mater gay/straight these will be pairs your partner will remember for a long time to come! It’s super fun and not for the shy guy. I imagine many of our readers wearing this under their suits to dinner then coming home for a romantic night and having the underwear be a topic of conversation! Or you could just answer the door in these and skip the date and get right to dessert

Candyman Gladiator
Candyman Gladiator (As shown)- $40 – The bedroom should be fun and the use of costumes is nothing new. Candyman is known for their fun underwear costumes. One that is timely now is the Gladiator costume. You could role play two of the most recent gladiator themed shows, Hercules or Spartacus!

PQ7-7 (2)PetitQ C-string (Black PVC)- $16 – We have profiled this before but it’s really fun. I could see many readers having their partner come in be laying on the sofa in the C-string with a  rose. The C-String is just a pouch, it’s the least amount of underwear you can wear. Available in Solid, lace and PVC fabrics. Don’t worry you can be active and it will still stay one, well for as long as you want it too!


Cellblock13 Renegade Pant Jock (White)- $68.00 – Not all eroticwear has to be skimpy. The Cellblock 13 Renegade Pant Jock is styled similar to a football pants so you have the sports gear fetish with the jock back.

AM876_FV_V13Andres Velasco – Leopard Print Mesh Body Suit – $39.00 – If you’re staying in for Valentines day the Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit would be a fun one to enjoy with your partner. This pair has a great pouch made out of the leopard print framed by black that will show off your manhood. It will be as much fun to take off as it was to put on.

These are only a few pairs there are hundreds more. We hope you will buy some of these or it will spark your own ideas for amazing valentines underwear. There was something for everyone in this guide. We have a few more posts this week about Valentines underwear. If you are ordering online make sure you place an order this week to ensure that you get them in plenty of time for Valentines Day. Online stores will sell out! So don’t wait.

If you think there is a pair we should include let us know. Post a comment with a link or email us and we’ll let you guys know!

 1-18-14-3 Tis the season for sexy undies. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Andrew Christian has some really great underwear selections for the holiday!

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andrew-christian-flaunt-trophy-boy-briefThe Trophy Boy line is one of the most popular at Andrew Christian. It has been in his line up for over a year. If you aren’t familiar with the line it’s a line made for the well endowed guy. Lately its been a trend to make undies for guys with extra room up front.

Andrew Christian has tweaked the new Trophy Boy just a bit. The biggest change is the waistband. Now the waistband has the Trophy Boy name in it. It no longer has the Andrew Christian branded waistband. The AC site says its a way to “announce your gift to the world.”

This is the first time that I can recall Andrew Christian has used a brand as the waistband. The color for the pair is Fuchsia. So if the waistband doesn’t make a statement the color definitely will! As with the other pairs it has the anatomical pouch of the previous line, and the extra room up front that trophy boys need.

If you love the Almost Naked line I suggest you getting these. I tried them out late last year and for endowed guys they are amazing. One of the best pairs on the market.

If you’re in the market for new undies check these out they currently retail for $19.98 at the Andrew Christian site.

Note post does contain an affiliate link

See more pics below

Designer Andrew ChristianBeing one of the world’s top men’s underwear and apparel designers definitely seems like it would be an amazing job. You get to travel the world. You’re constantly surrounded by beautiful models. You have your name on the waistbands of hundreds of thousands of men the world over. Andrew has been dubbed the “Gay Hugh Hefner”, making him the envy of just about every other gay man on the planet.

But it would appear that Andrew Christian doesn’t quite have it all. Which is why he decided to consult with the world famous Millionaire Matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, in search of the missing ingredient: the perfect guy. As per usual, Patti and her brand new crew of love gurus deliver up their familiar brand of tough love before setting him up with another wealthy single who is on the prowl. Of course, any quest for romance is bound to have its bumps in the road. The only question that remains is whether Patti and company can help Andrew get it together and start 2014 off right with a love match made in heaven. Well, not heaven…more like a love match made at “The Millionaires Club”.

Watch your favorite underwear designer, Andrew Christian, on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker Thursday, January 2nd at 9/8c.


Welcome to the end of the year Sales Brief. Check out some of the latest sales on men’s underwear.

 12-31-13-2 On Sale now the Color Vibe Brief from Andrew Christian! Its just $9.95 at the Andrew Christian site!Shop at: http://www.andrewchristian.com
frontal-assault-g GOOD DEVIL’S FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT AT JOCKSTRAP CENTRALGood Devil’s leading a full frontal assault with their new Matrix and Mini Thongs that put your junk out there front and center and Jockstrap Central’s got them:

Good Devil Matrix Thong:

The Good Devil Matrix Thong is a display suit designed to lift and show off all you’ve got in a variety of ways.

Made from a simple thin elasticated fabric string. A non-restrictive cockring is suspended from the waistband by two upper strings. Another string attaches to the bottom of the ring sitting at the base of your shaft. This string travels down, under and around to the back, splitting your balls on the way. This looks and feels awesome. At the back, the string splits into three. The first disappears between your ass cheeks, reappearing at the top and attaches to the center of the waistband while the other two head off in opposite directions mimicking a jockstrap except they don’t sit below the cheeks but just above them.

There are a number of ways to wear the Matrix so be sure to check out Jockstrap Central models Jack and Adam Stray as they play around with them over at their website.

Good Devil Mini Thong:

Let it all hang out – literally. The Good Devil mini thong is designed to lift, show off and compliment your boys.

Made from a simple and thin elasticated fabric string with one small and one larger loop. You stick your shaft through the first and your balls through the second. Although not as constricting as a cockring, the very sexy nature of this suit will have you excited and stiff in no time. As a bonus, it also has a lifting effect to enhance the bulge.

The back is a single string that starts at the center of the waistband that travels down disappearing between your ass cheeks and eventually reemerges to attach to the large ring right behind your balls.

Shop at: http://www.jockstrapcentral.com

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the_night_before_5__1Twas “The Night Before” Christmas, and all through WeHo, not a creature was stirring, save for one drunk a-hole. The patrons were lined by the bar looking sad. Left lonely on Christmas, who wouldn’t be mad? When the front door swung open and made such a clatter, and arrived the police to see what was the matter. But these cops weren’t friendly, and looking to fight. Who would save these poor people from their hopeless plight?

When suddenly who, in a blink, should appear? But some magical beings wearing AC gear. Hunky Santas had come to save Christmas that night, and make sure their shindig was started just right. With a sprinkle of dust, off came all the cops clothes, and turned all the officers to ho-ho-hoes. Then Fubar was filled with the sounds of great joy. Not to mention, of course, a little boy-on-boy. And that was how Andrew Christian helped save the day, by spreading good cheer and making the yuletide…gay!

It wouldn’t be the Holidays without a proper celebration. Now you can ring in the holidays with the hottest AC boys, along with some very special guests, including YouTube’s Matthew Lush (aka “gaygod”), Lucas John of WeHo Confidential, Jonny K and his puppet Miss Fuego, Missy Vee, and more! Whether you’re spending the Holiday season with family, friends, that special someone, or just flying solo, “The Night Before” is sure to pep up your spirit and jingle your bells in the best way.

Written and directed by Jeff White. Featuring AC Models Designer Andrew Christian, Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Noah Wright, Vladimir Shmygol, Shawn Stolz, Andy Cavalli, Steven Snider, Cory Zwierzynski, James Rainone, Cheddy O. and 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Howser.

The Night Before


I wish I could say I slaved over the computer and combed through hundreds of sites to get this, but I didn’t. I got this from one of our amazing readers Andy. He helped me on the Endowed Guy post and he had a few pairs in mind when I emailed a few people and then came up with this amazing post. I told him I’m running it in its entirety and he’s getting full credit! I couldn’t do this post cause I don’t have a bubble butt and never experienced this problem.  Here is his post:

Stick to briefs and selected boxer briefs. For briefs, look at C-IN2, 2XIST, and Andrew Christian.

Read about the pairs we suggest for the bubble butt guy


Finding underwear for the guy in our life can be a challenge. Each guy is different but having to find a great pouch for them can make it even harder. Speaking from experience there are a few brands I think you should look at that would make great gifts. I have come up with a list and one of our great readers added to this, Andy. It’s great to hear what undies guys love

Several of these are my personal favorites. Just the pouches in each one gives you amazing support. Nothing worse then having no support and having things not stay in place! Read below for our choices:

Broga _94_

With the weather cooling down and the Holidays fast approaching, gay men across the country say goodbye (for now) to their skimpy swimsuits and hello to their warm winter sweaters. Worse yet, the Holidays mean lots of get-togethers and lots of eating, which can devastate the waistline. But our AC boys are always looking their best…and their secret for staying trim during the chilly winter months is Hot “Yoga for Bros”. And of course, when we mean “hot” yoga, we of course mean the guys. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also turn up the heat, forcing our boys to strip down and get wet in order to try and cool down.

This is Andrew Christian‘s tribute to a gay house music classic anthem, “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz. If the outfits and dance in this video look vaguely familiar, then you’ve probably seen the music video that helped make the original song famous! Of course, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give the original concept a gender flip-flop. Now, one lucky lady (played by the lovely Shangela of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame) gets to sweat it out with a room full of half-naked AC boys.

Thanks in part to a great soundtrack by Pump Audio, “Yoga for Bros” is sure to get your toe tapping and your head bobbing. So sit back, and enjoy the banging bods and infectious beats!

Models: Designer Andrew Christian, Noah Wright, Jon Varak, Murray Swanby, Stephen Snider, Jeffrey Hawkins, Little Andy Duran, Johna Myers

Also Featuring: Shangela, Ryan Nolan, Chris Boucher Written and Directed by Jeff White


 hero-1 New Swimwear is out from 2(X)ist. Shop the Swim Collection at 2XIST.com!
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It couldn’t be easier, just browse Jockstrap Central’s collection of jockstraps, underwear, wrestling singlets, shorts and more. When you’re ready, place your order and if your product total is $25 or more, you’ll be offered a free shipping option during checkout.

Discounted Worldwide Shipping

If your product total is $25 or more and you’re not in the U.S. you’ll be offered a discounted shipping option. The discount is based on 10% of your product total. Spend $50, get $5.00 off the cost of shipping. Spend $100, get $10.00 off the cost of shipping and so on.”

Shop at: http://www.jockstrapcentral.com

 11-18-13-3 Andrew Christian wants you to werq it. They want you to do it with the new Werqin Brief with Show-it Tech. The breif is $22.43.Shop at: http://www.andrewchristian.com

Sales Briefs contains affiliate sales links


First off I would like to say hi, I’m Bryce and I have a bubble butt. As the proud owner of a bubble butt I have learned that not many underwear brands think about guys with butts.

Having a bubble butt can be an amazing thing. It makes your pants look good, and helps hold your pants up so you don’t have to have a belt. It can get you attention from guys. You also have cushion if you are clumsy like I am.

Underwear looks amazing on a bubble butt but after awhile it can look less than great. This is my one big complaint to underwear brands. For guys with bubble butts some underwear just stretches out. It becomes uncomfortable and starts to ride up.

My biggest recommendation for underwear brands is to make it with fabric that is more flexible. Briefs can be especially bad since there is not extra fabric on the legs. I have found some brands make the leg holes with strong enough elastic that it won’t stretch out.

Some great brands I have found so far include 2xist, Andrew Christian, Express and Clever.

With 2xist I haven’t ever found a style I don’t love with them. One of my favorite styles is the Sports Collection they released a couple years ago. The fabric is soft and has plenty of stretch for a bubble butt. They don’t stretch out or get baggy feeling after hours of wear. The 2xist Plaid line from 2 years ago was also a great style. It was less sporty feeling and just a nice cotton material. Would stretch perfectly and continue to look great on by the end of the day.

Express actually makes some great underwear. I wouldn’t recommend it for people with bigger bulges because they don’t make big pouches. The material is simple but does stretch well. I mainly have sport trunks and boxer briefs which make it easier to fit a butt. I did recently purchase some Express briefs and really like them. The elastic around the leg is perfect and stays tight after a day of movement.

I have one pair of Clever. While the pair doesn’t have the stretch others do I still love them. I think one of the main reasons I love them is how they hug my butt. The pair fit perfectly and clings to the butt like you see in all the underwear ads.

What are some favorite brands of other guys with bubble butts? We want to hear from you guys which brands fit the best for a bubble butt!

 11-8-13-1 Andrew Christian is back with a limited edition sports brief in red for $22.42. Get it now before it sells out

Shop at: http://www.andrewchristian.com

 emporio-armani-newcin2_12 Suit up with Emporio Armani in rich new colors – your first step in getting ready. Also, check out luxe HUGO BOSS styles and the updated C-IN2 Zen collection

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 baskit_toddland_r1_c1 Skivies has the new Baskit Ribbed Collection. If you’re a Baskit Fan go check them out!

Shop at: http://www.skiviez.com

 Troublemaker13_Main_Blast_Artwork_v1 Want to cause some trouble? Then Nasty Pig wants you, they are giving you 20% off everything. Just use code TROUBLEMAKER13

Shop at: http://www.nastypig.com

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#suck _32_aAndrew Christian has already developed a reputation for posting some of the hottest web videos out there, by an apparel company or by anyone. Just in time for Halloween comes another one of these videos, one that’s unlike any other video you’ve seen before: “#SUCK”.

Prior Andrew Christian videos have become known for being bright, vivid, playful, and fun. “#SUCK” ventures into some new territory, one where the lights have gone out and the models let their most primal urges go untamed. This video still has all of the titillating visuals you’ve come to expect from Andrew Christian videos, but with a new dark and mysterious twist. To complement this egdy, new feel, we had our models show off the Almost Naked Dare Brief, a provocative new take on our famous “Almost Naked” collection of briefs.

Andrew Christian was proud to partner with Stag Circuit Gear and musician Matthew Paul to create a distinct look and feel for this video that ensnares the senses and gets you into the Halloween spirit. Once this video draws you in, it’s too late to escape it.

“#SUCK” is live right now on AndrewChristian.com! Keep you eye out for familiar fan favorites such as Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Noah Wright, Stephen Snider, and Vladimir Shmygol.

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 nasty-pig-union-suit NASTY PIG TAKES ON THE UNION SUIT

It doesn’t get more masculine and sexy than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man and Nasty Pig’s respects the past yet improves on the union suit in every way.

Instead of the traditional flannel, Nasty Pig uses their signature super-soft, top quality lightly ribbed spandex/cotton underwear fabric. Here’s the hottest part: the snap closure that runs down the chest also runs all the way under the crotch and around to the back ending just above the butt – is an innovative back closure solution, way sexier than the traditional flap. Need we mention that the snap closure, both front and back, make for an easy exit and entry. Finally, the union suit is finished with a tone on tone Nasty Pig logo on the left chest.

Wear them everywhere you want: under your jeans when you hit the streets, paired with a sick set of high tops, or be truly unique and wear them as outerwear before it’s gets too cold. You can even wear them with nothing at all next to a roaring fire on Christmas morning.

Of course there is one thing hotter than a Nasty Pig Union Suit and that’s a Nasty Pig Union Suit presented by Jockstrap Central. We got our favorite exhibitionist model Adam Stray to gear up this time and let’s just say there may be a few explicit shots over on our website.


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It’s Columbus Day in the US and that mean’s very great sales are out there. Here is a list of sales that are happening and new pairs available this week.

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8-1-13-2Andrew Christian is no stranger to making underwear that guys want. The Almost Naked and Trophy Boy are two of my favorites. However, his undies can get expensive fast, but it doesn’t have too! This is where the Color Vibe line comes in! The Color Vibe is a more affordable line that they have released in the last year or so. When I talked to Andrew in Vegas he said it was important to make underwear for everyone, not for guys who could pay $40 a pair.

The Color Vibe:

  • Is no available in Black Ink
  • Has a new Andrew Christian signature waistband
  • Leg are trimmed with a red accent
  • Anatomically correct underwear with fun snuggle fit
  • Fabric – Made from 100 % super soft cotton
  • Sizing – Small – XL

The Black Ink Color Vibe is available at the Andrew Christian website for $13.93.

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Last week we had our “Favorite Model” Poll and one of the models was Jon Varak. He’s a new model that has come on the scene as a model for Andrew Christian. We got the chance to talk to him and here is more about Jon~

How did you get into modeling? Discovered?

I got into modeling through a friend, who knew the talent scout at Andrew Christian. My friend sent in the picture. They contacted me and things just took off from there.

You have been modeling for Andrew christian how have those shoots been? 
The videos have been really fun. The first video I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone. Didn’t know how I would be accepted as the new guy. All the guys accepted me. On set it is a lot of fun and there is a lot of laughing and getting the work done.

How many videos have you done for AC:
Have done  6 videos and another one coming up that was shot in LA.  I can’t give you details just yet but it was a lot of fun to shoot. I had a lot of fun filming Studburbia. The video was filmed at Andrew Christian house in Palm Springs.  The list of videos:

  • Overboard
  • Overboard Part 2
  • Road Trip to Miami Beach
  • Miami Car Wash
  • Studburbia
  • Twerk Off

Were you a fan of underwear before? 
I was always a fan of sexy underwear before the shoot. It’s nice to wear sexy underwear when you walk around. At the time I wasn’t aware of Andrew Christian before the shoots. Now my underwear drawer is overflowing with Andrew Christian from the shoots.

Are you boxers or briefs? 
Lean towards boxer briefs. The Twerk video was the first time i wore AC Andrew Christian Boxer Briefs. But after I wore them I really liked the boxer brief.

We had you come in second in our “Favorite Underwear Model” What was the experience like?
Was great and surprising. At first I didn’t know i was in the running. A few fans posted the link on my page. I saw who I was running with and was honored to be nominated. I also  knew a few of the other models. Colby was my inspiration for getting into modeling. He is a shorter guy and showed that shorter guys can do modeling well. Phlip Fusco is my gym inspiration. I was very honored to be in the running with guys that were there.

What are your plans for the future? 
I have decided to stay in Kentucky and finish my degree. So the next few months will try to as much photo shoots and club bookings as i can and then will focus on my school. I won’t quit until I become too old to model. But right now my education is a priority over modeling.

Jon is a really great guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. I think we will see a lot more of him in the future.

Find Jon at:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jonvarakofficialTwitter – @jvarak007

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