jock-jockbriefStarting this week we are going to have a poll question every Thursday. We enjoy hearing from our readers and love to hear what you guys love! This week we have a question. Which do you prefer a Jockstrap or Jock Brief?

Jock Briefs are relatively new in the men’s underwear market. Baskit was the first to release the pair back in the 2000’s. It’s a hybrid of a jock and a brief. When I put my first Jockbrief on I will admit I felt a little naughty!

Pics from left to right: Gregg Homme pic by International Jock, Jack Adams, Andrew Christian and Jack Adams from Jockstrap Central

Which do you prefer?


Over the last year 2EROS has really come into their own. I remember their launching in 2006 with some great colors and photography. They really made me take notice. Jason over there keeps designing amazing undies that always surprises me. I got to try them for the first time last year and loved each and every pair.  This time I get to try the Neo Jock.

My first impressions were it’s pretty cool. The color I got was the Red color. The mix of the black and bright color was an amazing contrast. The second thing I liked was the pouch. There is a fly that is fully functional at the top of the pouch. At first I thought this was crazy but after wearing it was really cool. I wondered if it would sag or not be functional through out the day. Another impression is the straps are lower then traditional jocks. It’s more a brief cut that is a jock, it’s almost full cut across the front.

I wore this pair for some errands and a busy day so I knew a jock would be perfect for the day. I slide the pair on and the straps take a little work. I’m used to the straps getting on right form the start, these took a little work to get in the right position. I had the worry that because it was different position it would be annoying, But once on they stayed in place and felt great. So, I want you guys to know the straps are a little different. The pouch is great. I even used the fly. Not to be crude but the waist band is high and to go to the bathroom I said what the heck, I used the fly and put everything back in and it never felt like it lost its shape.

The sizing is a little smaller then we expect but not really bad. I wear a 36-38 and wore an X-large. But double check the sizing charts. The fabric on these felt great. It’s a modal blend and really feels amazing. Modal has fast become one of my favorite fabrics for underwear. Because it’s soft and feels amazing!

One last thing I forgot about is there is a rubber tag in the back. It’s interesting and fun. I felt it a few times but to me it wasn’t bad. It’s a cool thing they added to make it a little more fun. So it’s mix of fun and fetish!


  • Great Color Combinations
  • Incredible Modal Fabric
  • Fly is fully functional


  • Straps may bother some – I found them good after adjusting
  • Rubber Tag some may not like aesthetically


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 9.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall:  9.1

This pair was furnished by 2EROS. Available for $32.95 at the 2EROS Site. I believe that is Australian Dollars.




abcunderwear_2272_10887956I am really excited to get back into the swing of UNB by reviewing this jock. I had a hiatus this summer because I was working at a job with no internet connection…and then moved across the country. So this undies writer is now a Seattleite 🙂 In my new apartment’s mailbox last week, arrived this gem. I had never heard of NDS before I got this jock. I had no preconceived notions, but I was very excited from what I opened. When I first took it out, I saw that it was going with the “new” cut of jock (referring to not just the pouch in front, but more of a brief cut in the front). And the back is a traditional jock (not the brief jock that looks like a brief in back with a porthole cut out) with straps.

I googled my jock and found that it is available in black and a really vivid purple (I got the black).

Upon fondling the pair a bit before trying it on, I became really eager to see how it fit. The fabric is a 95% Viscose 5% Spandex blend, Viscose being the derivative of Rayon (a great man-made substitute for silk made out of cellulose fibers (wood pulp mostly). I’m a sucker for Rayon, it just ends up having a better feel to it than cotton. The pouch definitely had room in it, but the straps felt secure. Obviously, you can’t see this pair without noticing the BIG DEAL, the sexy 1 1/4” gold waistband. It’s pretty bold, but I’ve never shied away from bold undies before. Another few things I like about the undies are the fact that the butt-straps are cut WITH the front pouch, as in, there is no seam where the butt-straps get sewn on. The fabric from the front pouch just glides up and over the hips and then thins out into a butt-strap. The front pouch has a VERY comfortable front seam down the center. I literally had to check with my hand cause I couldn’t tell just by wearing it.

So now, let’s get to putting it on. It fits very nicely, snug without being tight. I am a 34-36 underwear size kind of guy, and Tim sent me a Large which is listed as 34-36”. Perfect fit. NDS makes this pair in small through 2XL, but they do have a 2$ materials surcharge for cuts above XL (I find that a bit annoying, 2$, really?). The butt-straps are pretty much perfect, they are comfortable, sit just at the right place without really needing to do any manual adjustments (except for the first trying on moment, but that’s the case with any jock right?). There is no chance of awkward tag-sightings, because they sewed their label right above your junk. I didn’t even know it was there, I’d risk to say if you go for the “bald” look down there, maybe you’ll notice the tag.

I wore this around town, and to a hot yoga class (more than once). It is probably my new favorite jock. It fits in all the right places, has room in all the right places, doesn’t need constant strap adjustment. The fabric feels great, even after 2 rounds in the laundry (I washed it just like I do all my clothes, cold water wash, medium heat on dryer). My only real negative I can think of is maybe it’s a bit too roomy in the pouch, but I think that’s a personal thing (I’m not small, but I’m not one of those droopy elephant trunk kind of guys either)


  • Sexy waistband/butt-straps.
  • No midday/midyoga adjustments needed.
  • Great feel on skin.


  • Limited color range
  • I don’t own more of them
  • Seriously, I can’t think of any.
  • Maybe a little too roomy in the pouch.


  • Daily Fit: 9
  • Sizing: 8
  • Construction/Materials: 10
  • Styling: 8
  • Daily Performance: 9
  • OVERALL: 8.8

Abc Underwear furnished this pair for review.

Jockstrap Central‘s just added even more Baskit jockstraps and jockbriefs to their Bargain Baskit.

Looking for a new jockstrap? Looking for a bargain? Look no further than Jockstrap Central’s Bargain Baskit. They now have 35 Baskit jockstraps and jockbrief styles all on clearance for just $11.95 or less. That’s between 20 and 45% off!

In case you don’t know, Baskit is all about superior quality underwear, ergonomic design for ultimate comfort, hi-tech fabrics for durability and a heightened sense of style.

Keep in mind that these items are on clearance and stock is limited so snatch them up quickly. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.”

ppu-1354-jockstrapFashion jocks have really taken off in the last few years. I remember trying to find a Bike #10 in colors back in the day. I went to probably 20 stores before I found a red jock. Those days are long gone. Now every company has a jocks in every color in the rainbow. PPU is one of those companies.

The new collection has the 1354 jockstrap. It has a regular underwear waistband, meaning it’s an inch to inch and a half, rather then the 3 inch waistband traditional jocks. The pouch is a solid color and the trim is the same color as the waistband (red or blue/grey). Unlike traditional jocks this has a small bit of fabric along the sides and back.

Info about the pair:

  • Color – Black w/red trim and Blue with Grey trim
  • Fabric – 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex
  • Sizes – Small to XL
  • New take on a classic design
  • Straps are one inch traditional straps.

This will be at a retailer new you! But in the mean time check them out on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ppuunderwear

obviously-jockstrapsWhether you’re average or well endowed, relaxed or excited; Jockstrap Central‘s latest arrivals, the Modal jockstraps from Obviously have you covered…comfortably. Here’s a rundown of all their features:

  1. A truly anatomical pouch design provides maximum comfort and zero irritation; designed to allow your junk to hang downward as nature intended and prevent squashing and chafing.
  2. Made from the highest quality super soft Modal/Lycra blended fabric with an ultra light feel with an incredible four way stretch. This means the garment can accommodate an erection comfortably and still maintain shape when you finally come back down (for proof, just check out Jockstrap Central’s model Jack sporting a boner in some of the photos on their website!)
  3. Fabric used is natural and sustainable plus it’s also resistant to shrinking and fading.
  4. Includes a 1.5 inch wide soft backed waistband elastic which won’t stretch or sag over time and won’t pinch or mark the skin.
  5. It’s a low rise jockstrap with 3/4 inch wide rear jock straps made of the same soft backed elastic as the waistband.
  6. Finally, this jockstrap has a printed care label that will never dig in, stick to you or irritate your skin. Care labels are printed on to the back panel of the garments using non-toxic ink.

Available now at Jockstrap Central are the Model Basic Jockstrap collection in four neutral colors or to really spice up your life there’s the Modal Chromatic Jockstrap Collection in 5 bold color choices

Note: contains an affiliate link for Jockstrap Central

688904-605-fI wear jocks regularly.  I am definitely not one of those guys that wears them just for athletic activities.  So I was eager to try out this one from Papi. I love the briefs I have by them, and knew the jock would be a great addition to my ever growing underwear collection.  Created in Miami for the guy that likes a little flair, Papi always produces some great styles and patterns.  The Pride collection has a rainbow colored waistband that shows your pride.

I wore this jock on a pretty average work day for me.  A quick stop at Starbucks to get my morning fix and then off to the office for 8 hours of fun.  Sitting at my desk with the occasional lap around the office to stretch my legs.  Exciting, right?  Throughout my day, I loved the way this jock felt in the front.  Papi underwear does a great job of supporting without flattening things out, and this jock held true to form in this aspect.  I did feel that the support straps in the back felt a little looser than I am used to.   Had to give them a tug a couple of times for adjustment.

The Pride Jock is available in black and red.  In a size medium, the colorful waistband was a good fit on my 31” waist.  Their size chart says a medium is for 32 to 34 inch waists, which may explain why the straps felt a little loose for me.  I feel like for those of us with the awkward waist size of 31” (really, who carries a 31 in anything these days?) a small might be a better overall fit.


  • great support
  • bright colored waistband
  • polyester/spandex blend feels great


  • leg straps felt a little loose


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance  – 8
  • Overall: 8.8

This jock was provided by Papi Underwear and is available for $20 at http://papiinc.com.

c-in2-dip-dye-street-jockThe Underwear of the week this week is the C-IN2 Dip Dye Jockstrap. There is something about this line that is fun. It was just released yesterday and you will be able to find it at some of your favorite retailers. One of my favorite things about this are the Waistbands. They are made to match the colors in the underwear. Note the Green and white, very cool to see a company pay this much attention. C-IN2 refreshes this line seasonally. So these won’t be around long.

Other reasons why this is our underwear of the week

  • Available in Techno Purple, Raging Teal, Blaze Red and Lazurite Blue
  • There’s truly a limited supply.
  • Always on trend, a secret splash of color that you choose to show
  • 100% Cotton
  • Available from the C-IN2 website for $17.00

Find the Dip Dye Street jock and other items in the Dip Dye line at the C-IN2 site

c-in2_fw13_1526_techno_purple_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_raging_teal_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_blaze_red_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_lazurite_blue_f_gradient_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap


Jockstrap Central just launched some (de)lovely jockstraps and jockbriefs you’re going to (de)vour. The name says it all – it’s the (De)Luxe collection from Baskit – made from the awesome Modal fabric that’s not only ultra-soft but it wraps around, molds to your basket, fits like a glove and most importantly, shows off your bulge to perfection. When something pops up, Baskit has you covered – they’ve incluced a hint of spandex for stretch and shape retention when things finally calm back down.

They’ve got both a traditional jockstrap or a jock brief design and with the contrasting piping and waistband detailing these are not only comfortable but slick and stylish as well.

They may be inexpensive but they’re not cheap. Baskit gear is expertly crafted and at only $21 (jockstrap) and $22 (jock brief) you can’t go wrong. Both styles come in three color variations (black, grey or white) so be sure to get a few so there’s always a clean one available. Get them at Jockstrap Central


Jockstrap Central just launched two new Pistol Pete jocks and they’ve got a hot new model to show them off. Here’s the details:

Millennium Jock Brief:

Typical of a jock brief, it’s got a brief style front and jock style back; made of a subtly see-through mesh that becomes more see-through with your bulge pushing up against the fabric, stretching those ventilation holes just large enough for a hint of what’s lies beneath. Trust us, those close by will insist on closer inspection.

Black contrasting elasticated piping improves the fit and adds a dash of style. Finally, this jock brief includes a 1.5 inch wide black ultra-soft waistband with subtle embossed repeating Pistol Pete logo.

Intimo Jockstrap:

Visually stunning, whether it’s the soft ribbed pouch with ribs running vertically defining every curve nook and cranny of your bulge or the two “eyes” formed where the top central part of the pouch meets the waistband exposing your pubes. Comfort is enhanced by the stretch of the rib and contour of the pouch design. Style is heightened by the contrasting elasticated fabric edging.

Of course it wouldn’t be a jockstrap without the leg straps – they’re soft one inch wide elastic to keep everything in place. Lastly, a one and a quarter inch soft elastic comfort waistband in white with navy blue and green centered stripe and front centered Pistol Pete logo woven into the design.”
Jockstrap Central’s latest model Farzad is pretty hot. He’s a Middle Eastern construction worker and puts the new Pistol Pete gear through a workout. See him all jocked out in high definition goodness exclusively at Jockstrap Central.”

contains an affiliate link


We got word today from Jockstrap Central that the classic jock, the one who started it all was being discontinued. This as we stated is the end of an era. This was the very first jockstrap I ever owned. It’s sad to see them going away. It’s one of those things you thought would be around for forever. Here is what we received from Jockstrap Central, it has bad and good news.

We knew it was going to happen eventually, but we’ve just heard officially that Bike #10 jockstraps are being discontinued world wide. As most of you know, Bike had discontinued them years ago for the North American market but we were still able to import them from Europe. Unfortunately, that’s coming to an end. We still have some stock and will try to buy up what’s left at the distributor, but you may want to snatch them up quickly before they’re gone for good.

However, it’s not all bad news, we’ve just heard that Bike is going to be making their modern jocks in colors. We haven’t seen them yet, but we’re excited about this news. Also good news is after being out of stock on the modern Bike jockstraps for a while, Bike was finally able to fill our order and we’re now pretty well stocked on modern Bike jockstraps.

Finally, if you missed last week’s newsletter, we have an amazing offer going on: We have a dozen styles of Baskit jockstraps and jock-briefs on clearance. All 12 styles are only $11.95 each. This a great deal for some pretty awesome high-quality, stylish fashion jocks.

Visit Jockstrap Central to get shopping: http://www.jockstrapcentral.com

Contains an affiliate link.

It’s almost assured that if you’re reading this, you know all about the Jockstrap-how it’s typically made, what it’s basic purpose is, etc. For those that may not, a jockstrap is an undergarment that both covers and supports the male package while simultaneously leaving your behind exposed to the world, or the backside of your shorts and pants. The long story on Jockstraps is that they were invented by a guy who started Bike and the brand’s jockstraps are made very similar to how they were made over 100 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and thank heavens for that.

For those of you that haven’t read my evolution into the world of men’s designer underwear, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have to evolve when it came to the typical understanding of what a jockstrap is good for. It wasn’t until I got into underwear in the first place that I decided to purchase my first jockstrap. I was doing rigorous circuit training and my trunks just weren’t cutting it in the support department. I opted for the traditional and safe Papi 3-Pack Cotton Jockstraps and thought that’d be the end of my journey. After those passed their sell-by date, my underwear evolution was well under way, and I wanted to keep with the traditional, but seeing all of what I just refer to as “Fashion Jocks” I snapped up some of the 2(x)ist All-Star Jocks as well as some Go Softwear Cotton Lycra Jockstraps. For the most part, I was happy. Not only was I getting the practical support a jock offered me, the nice colors provided an added boost to my self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I decided to start blogging about my underwear collection, and visiting sites like the brilliant Underwear News Briefs and some of the other friendly underwear bloggers’ sites that I discovered that men were actually wearing Fashion Jocks under there everyday clothing. While that should have been more than obvious to me at that point, I am a slow-to-school straight guy, so bare with me. I tried to join the trend back in March, wearing one of my Go Softwear jocks to work and it wasn’t the greatest experience. The thick cotton, that is great for comfortable and supportive workouts quickly became swampy and cramped. I came home, dying to get my jockstrap off, and was resigned to the fact that I just wouldn’t be a jockstrap guy.

A few weeks passed, and as I started showing off my underwear collection, the fact that I didn’t wear jockstraps as daily wear was a negative in two ways. Primarily, it was locking me out of reaching more of you guys (our invaluable followers and fans), but second, (which was an eventual realization) I was missing out on one of the best styles of men’s designer underwear out there! However, I remained frustrated. I wanted to try some more “wearable” fashion jocks, but for the most part, the ones that I was attracted to shaped up to be similar to the ones I already had, fearing they’d fit the same and cause similar problems.

And then, came my “Ah Ha!” moment…

Not long after my failed attempt, I discovered what is perhaps the most brilliant (and in my opinion best) fabric in men’s underwear design today, “Rayon”. A pair of Obviously for Men briefs (which I wore yesterday) introduced me to the fabric’s magical qualities and I was hooked. It didn’t take long for me to put two and two together. Obviously made jockstraps with rayon, and knowing how soft, form-fitting (I’ll discuss this, later) comfortable and most importantly, breathable the fabric was, I decided to try one. Once I got it on, I was in heaven. After wearing it for the day, I finally realized what I had been (knowingly) missing-I knew why so many men loved this style as everyday wear.

I had found the perfect style of underwear for me, and needless to say, I became obsessed. My jock collection exploded and continues to grow when new rayon jocks hit the market that I cannot live without. A jockstrap made with rayon, is the Jockstrap, done right. For those of you who do not know, Rayon is a fabric made from cellulose fibers of bamboo. It’s incredibly soft, and while not the most moisture-wicking, it is still near the top, but what makes it most comfortable is the fabric’s elasticity. While there are several jockstraps on the market that use similar fabrics to rayon, I am convinced that the Jockstrap is at its best when the pouch is made of the stuff.

What we know about all underwear made from rayon, is that it allows your package to sit in its most natural state, hanging away from your body and in front of your legs. While some men may argue that this feature doesn’t give them the support they’re looking for, I disagree. For those of us working 8-12 hour days, a jockstrap with a rayon pouch is the penultimate in all-day comfort because it’s doing the job all underwear sets out to do, but does so in the best way, performing the task without so much as a little reminder of what it’s doing.

While the rayon jockstrap provides excellent support, I think its best part is the fabric’s body-hugging fit. When laying on the bed, it doesn’t appear that there is much to a rayon jockstrap pouch. The pouch seems much smaller than you would think it needs to be, but that couldn’t be further from the truth once you get it on. As soon as you’ve got your package secured into the pouch, the greatest thing happens, you’re done for the day. The fabric molds to whatever natural changes might occur to your package during the day. What I love about rayon in general is that for men like me, who are just slightly above-average between their legs, no fabric on the market does a better job in supporting us without ever cramping our natural “hang.”

Rayon is an expensive fabric, and for companies that produce huge quantity, it’s gets expensive to sell. In addition, its production costs typically mean that rayon fabrics will tend to be monochromatic. Most men prefer cotton jock straps because they come in the widest varieties of colors and styles, and do not get me wrong, this wholehearted endorsement of the rayon jockstrap is not in any way a slam on those designs or designers who do not produce them. A non-rayon design I favor is C-IN2 and their jock design. It has an excellent pouch that is very deep in its contour. Another great designer, N2N Bodywear makes jocks in just about all of the commonly used fabrics in men’s underwear design.

If you are like me, and are either afraid to start wearing jocks as daily wear, or have yet to find one you really feel comfortable enough in to wear for several consecutive hours in a day, I firmly believe the answer lies in the jockstraps that feature rayon as the fabric in the pouch design. I guarantee it will provide unparalleled fit and comfort and will reshape how you once viewed the jockstrap. It’s a design that truly is the Jockstrap, done right.

So I was wondering what the different styles of underwear are and did some research and discovered the following on Wikipedia.  Now, I know that Wiki is only as good as the information provided but this was very helpful.  I hope this helps clarify things for you if you didn’t know what was what.

Bikini Underwear

Usually worn with the waistband lower than the wearer’s waist, and often at the hips, with the leg bands ending at the groin. Men’s bikini briefs normally have no fly.

  • High-sided bikini underwear
  • Low-sided bikini underwear
  • String bikini – consists of two triangular pieces connected at the groin but not at the sides, with a thin “string” around the waist connecting the pieces.


A type of thong consisting of a narrow piece of material that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips.


A type of thong which has no material around the sides other than the waistband.


Has a narrow strip of material along the center of the garment’s rear which sits between the wearer’s buttocks and connects the front or pouch to the waistband behind the wearer. Thongs are sometimes worn to reduce “panty lines” when wearing tightly-fitting trousers.

Boxer Briefs (Trunks)

These are similar in style to boxer shorts, but are generally shorter and form-fitting like briefs.

  • Athletic-style boxer briefs – similar to cycling shorts, these are skin-tight and usually have no fly.
  • Pouch boxer briefs – these have a pouch for the genitals instead of a fly.


These have an elasticized waistband that is at or near the wearer’s waist, while the leg sections are fairly loose and extend to the mid-thigh. There is usually a fly, either with or without buttons. The waistbands of boxer shorts are usually wider than those of briefs, and often bear the brand name of the manufacturer.

Boxer shorts with colorful patterns, pictures of cartoon characters, sports team logos and slogans are readily available.

  • Knit boxers
  • Woven boxers


These have an elasticized waistband at or near the wearer’s waist, and leg sections that end at or near the groin.

  • traditional briefs – these have a Y-shaped fly.
  • Diagonal-flap briefs.
  • Double-seat or double-back briefs.
  • Low-cut or low-rise briefs
  • Pouch briefs.


Consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. In some varieties, the pouch may be fitted with a pocket to hold an impact-resistant cup to protect the genitals from injury.

  • Strapless pouch – consists of a support pouch for the genitals and a waistband, with no securing straps.

We hope you have enjoyed our run down of the different types of Underwear. The pictures used were from International Jock!

It was to be an epic battle:  Jockstrap Vs. Thong for support while working out.  The gym was booked.  The parameters were set.  Each contestant had to give it their all and workout twice – once with a jock for support and once with a thong.

Let’s frame the debate.  Greg and Wraith have become fast underwear friends here on Underwear News Briefs.  They each have their own style and favorites and they each know underwear very well.

The subject of working out and whether a thong or jock provided more support came up in one of their conversations.  Both guys have worn jocks, thongs, regular underwear, and have even gone commando to work out, but for the purpose of the article, we thought that Jocks Vs Thongs was a better way to frame it!

1826fatig_12xist Thong White 4

When all was sweat and done, here are the results of that grueling battle:


I have worn both a jock and a thong when at the gym lifting weights or out running a 5k. All I can tell you is that a jock is the best way to go, hands down. Now, that is not to say a thong is horrible or uncomfortable. I found both to be just fine and totally versatile when it came to working out and getting a good sweat going. Having said that, jocks rock!!! There is something about them that screams, “Sexy.” No matter how thick the waistband is or what color (for the most part), there is something very inherent about a jockstrap that is both sexy and manly. I’m not to saying that every single jock out there is manly, but there are a few that are a bit too feminine for me. The best jock, in my opinion, is one that is designed with an ample pouch and is wide enough to not give the look of panties. I won’t name names, but I could give you examples of the good and the bad out there.

The next great thing about a jock compared to a thong is the leg straps. Leg straps are hot!! They are functional and greatly frame your ass. Not everyone likes the idea of a strap/string up the crack but everyone is generally cool with leg straps.

In conclusion, jocks are the best workout gear. They give you the support you need and freedom of movement, but the most important aspect is that they are simply hot to look at and even hotter to be sporting.

AC Sports Mesh Jock Light Blue 2Bike Swimmer Jock White


Like my colleague, I took on this challenge and wore a jockstrap and thong to work out this week…not only for the cardio.  I can say that both are sexy and both offer support while you’re working out.  For me, however, the more comfortable option of the two is a thong (at least within the parameters of this article).  A jockstrap is hot, and as Wraith pointed out, it frames an ass nicely with its leg straps, but it’s those leg straps that drove me crazy!  I personally believe that both choices scream sexy and I have seen both being sported in the locker room.  Come on, what’s hotter than a muscle boy, stripping out of his suit and tie to change at the gym and throwing on a thong for support?  In my humble opinion…there is nothing.  Not everyone appreciates ass floss, as it’s called in some circles, but if you are a thong person and have worn one, it’s something you get used to.  I happen to think that a thong will help frame an ass nicely as well for show; it frames it in a different way.  When I wore a jock, the leg straps kept riding up and caused some minor uncomfort for me which is the last thing you want to experience while working out.  I also felt like I was going to fall out sometimes.  Given the way the jockstrap is designed, it has a little gap where the leg straps meet the pouch, and that is a little disconcerting to me.  With the thong, it stayed in place and did its job during my work out, ranging from squats to lunges and anything else I threw at it.  It never rode up and I never fell out.  I will agree with Wraith that like jocks, to wear a thong for a work out, you need to have one designed for a man with a pouch up front for the goods and room. You don’t want to be squished.

Unico Thong Yellow 16230819Z-Black-3

My conclusion is if you don’t mind the thong, the thong wins hands down!  I felt like I had much more support, less slippage and I didn’t fall out.


The epic battle, having been fought gallantly by our contestants, is alas, a toss up.  No winners or losers have been declared.  It really is all about personal preference.  Just workout and keep those bodies moving so you can keep wearing sexy underwear!

Of all the types of underwear out there, from the strange styles to bold and florescent colors, the only thing that holds true for me is that jockstraps are the staple of my underwear collection. For the last six years, I have slowly increased my underwear collection and my assortment of jockstraps has been the biggest grower of them all. I have over 60 jocks of various styles and colors in both categories of fashion and athletic jocks. Without a doubt, I can say whole-heartedly that jockstraps are for more than just sports gear. There are several good reasons why I feel jockstraps are great for everyday wear.

Safe-T-Gard Patriot JockBike Swimmer Jock White

First, jocks give you all the support you would find in briefs or boxer-briefs if not more. Actually, I think they give more support than a typical brief or boxer-brief. With a jockstrap, the design is mainly focused on the pouch since a jockstrap is about 95% pouch, where as, with a pair of briefs or boxer-briefs, the pouch isn’t the only thing that has a designers focus. From personal experience while playing numerous high school and college sports, a jock is the best way to go when you want to have the maximum amount of support for your junk.

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Second, I believe another great benefit of a jock is that it only has enough material to perform its specific job. There is no excess material like there is with briefs and boxer-briefs. This not only allows for increased freedom of movement but also reduces/eliminates the material from bunching up or riding up on the wearer. I am sure most guys have had to adjust their boxer-briefs when they ride up on them and bunch up around their upper thighs and hips. It’s not comfortable at all. Besides the freedom of movement, there is also the added breathability. When playing any sport at all, you want to be able to stay cool and reduce the amount of material on your body that would soak up and hold onto your perspiration as well as your body heat. While living in both Washington D.C., and now Atlanta, I’ve found the less you have on the better when it comes to temperatures that can get up into the hundreds. I think if I had to choose between wearing a jock under a pair of dress slacks and briefs, I would choose the jock hands down. I would stay cooler while going about my daily routine.

The factors I have listed thus far are strong reasons why I believe jockstraps are great for everyday wear. But there is one more I personally think is worth mentioning. It is the hot/sexy factor! I think that jockstraps are sexy and I think there is something hot about having something on that gives you the support you need during daily activity and, at the same time, feeling enticing. The leg straps on a jock do a great job of framing your rear and setting up a great view for the lucky person getting to see you in them.

N2N Net Jock White

In the end, it’s a combination of both function and fashion. A jockstrap gives you the maximum amount of support any guy would need during the day, doing any number of activities, and a jock also has a sexy factor to it. It accentuates and leaves things to the imagination if you aren’t wearing one of the jocks available these days made of mesh or sheer material. In that case, you are leaving nothing to the imagination and bearing it all to see.

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed writing this review. Not only did I love what I was reviewing, a jockstrap, but I also had the chance to change my opinion about a brand. The brand in question was N2N Bodywear for which I have always had an inclination. From underwear to singlets and running tights, N2N design and color combinations have always caught my eye. I personally feel like all of their products are SEXY!


The background story on my opinion reversal is simple. Several months ago, I obtained the N2N Raider jock. I was excited to get it since it was a combination of two things I like which are jocks and mesh. Unfortunately, to my utter disappointment, the jock didn’t fit. I realized the issues with the jock included a small pouch that gave no amount of room for growth and a waistband that would have been for someone with a 40 inch waist. I obviously sent the item back with a frown on my face. Last week, when I was informed I was getting the N2N jock to review, I crossed my fingers and hoped my experience with the Raider jock was not to be repeated.

My hopes and prayers were answered. The N2N BT jock fit great. It was actually a bit loose and had an ample amount of room in the pouch. I reviewed a size large. I am curious as to how a smaller size would fit for comparison. The waistband is about a half inch wide. The leg straps and waistband were comfortable during wear. I felt the leg straps could have been a bit tighter. The pouch is the best part, being made of breathable, stretchy fabric. It is very soft to the touch as well. So soft, in fact, that I felt as if I was not wearing anything at all. The materials that make up this sexy number are high quality and worth every penny. The BT jock is well assembled and has one of the sexiest looks I have seen in underwear. If possible, I will be getting another one in a different color if that relays to you how I feel about this jock. I enjoyed wearing it all day as well as to the gym.


In conclusion, the N2N BT Jockstrap is a very comfy and sexy jockstrap that should be a part of any guy’s underwear wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

If you are as enthusiastic about this jock as I am, then you should get your hands on one ASAP! You can get the N2N BT jock from the N2N website at www.N2Nbodywear.com along with other great N2N products.