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If you are anything like me, color is very important in your in underwear selection. I prefer bright fun colors. Unico has just released a new new line of solid colors that are awesome .

The new line is available in a boxer brief, trunk and a brief. The the new colors are red, light blue, green, and dark blue. These are a take on the classic cut of underwear just in brighter, fun colors.


Light Blue


Dark Blue

Get the new Unico colors at the UNB Store.

1121-Forplay-Ambiance-1I have ventured back into the 9 to 5 world. It’s been since 2011 when I was last there and had to actually be at work and work a 40 hour week. I hear many of you going “awe poor you, welcome to my life”, but I have had my own business and now venturing back in for find something full time. So I decided to put attention into my underwear this week. Being up early, 5:30 am (I have to be at work at 7:30), I wanted to wear my best underwear for the first week.

So, I started to follow my own advice I have been giving for years, “Underwear should be an addition to your personality under your clothes.” This means every day this week I wore something that I LOVE. Each pair fits me great and makes me feel awesome. I was trying to remember everything I wore this week but I swear one day I can’t recall what I wore. But here are a few pairs I wore this week.

It is a good mix of underwear. As you know briefs are my go to style. But I do enjoy a trunk (even though I wrote I Hate Boxer Briefs) occasionally. Styles There is one style I will not be wearing to work, that is a thong. Not because I”m anti-thong but I prefer to wear them on a date or something with romantic intentions are happening later.

I”m thinking of this week and what I am going to wear. I’m going through the underwear drawers this week and will be making my decision. Follow me on Twitter @unbtim to find out what I wear.

14100846-43-ITis the season for new undies! As we go through the next few weeks more and more undies will be released. While in Vegas I got to meet with Mundo Unico. Which happens to be one of my favorite brands of underwear. It was one of the first brands I bought back in the early 2000s.

I’m beginning to branch out into patterns. However I’m still not one for funky wild patterns. This I would say boarders on the funky and wild but there is something about the condor print that I just love. I think the first thing is it’s in my favorite color, green! More and more companies are making green undies! Which suits me just fine!

When I first saw the pair I thought it was eagles but its actually condors! It makes a great print. I don’t know why this pair just makes me smile. Made from a nylon/spandex blend it will move with you and has the amazing Mundo Unico pouch.

You can find this pair at the Mundo Unico site for $28. It also comes in two other colors, blue and orange. Also comes in a mid length boxer.

14100846-43-01 14100846-43-02

Winter is around the corner. I know certain parts of the US and Europe are already feeling the bite of winter. So, it’s time to start thinking of underwear to keep you warm. If you are like me Long Johns have always been something that you dread to wear. I say this because they never fit well and always felt like I was wearing another pair of pants under my jeans. My solution to this was to wear running tights as opposed to long johns.  While this is not ideal it fit better and kept me warm.


We now flash forward a few years and long johns have started to be fashionable. Companies are starting to pay attention to them and making them with a better fit and in colors/patterns. There are pairs you could easily wear as loungewear with out anyone knowing they were long Johns. Here are a few pairs to check out:

Mundo Unico – Do you want something that fits great but is classic in styling. Check out the Long John 96101101. They will keep their shape and keep you warm at the same time. Available in Black, Navy and White. Made from 93% cotton/7% Spandex. The pair retails for $45 on the Mundo Unico Store Site.

2(X)ist – Maybe you want just a little flair in your long johns, check out the Tartan Long Johns.  2(X)ist has almost traditional pair, I say traditional because it has a fly front. But the pair is not traditional because of the great tartan waistband. It is available in white and black, with a fly front. Made from 100% cotton. Available for $30 from the 2(X)ist website.

MaleBasics – If you want a performance pair of long johns then the MaleBasics Microfiber long johns are just the ticket.  These feature a “special uplift technology. Made out of 78% nylon and 12% spandex, so they will move with you through out the day or what ever activity you are going!  Colors Available are Black, and White and cost $42. Find these on the MaleBasics Site.

Narciso – Narciso maybe a company you may not know to well. They are based out of Argentina. Their take on underwear is very interesting. They call the long johns “Long Boxers.” These long boxers are full of stripes. It is ranges from subtle to wild! These are some long johns you wouldn’t mind the world seeing. Finding them maybe harder but Erogenos has a few pairs for $42.

Timoteo – We all know Timoteo makes really great undies, but did you know he just released new long johns in his Sport 2.0 collection?  These long johns have the Sport 2.0 waistband and a pouch in an accent color. The main colors are Black, White and Blue. Made out of 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Available online for $36

Frank Dandy – If you are looking for something WILD then you need to check out Frank Dandy. They have solid long johns but the ones to check out are the Cavalaras (skill and day of the dead looking), Jaguar animal print (on a solid orange background), and Comic Square (a quilt/patchwork pair in two colors). These are def  not your fathers long johns! These have to be seen! Made out of 95 % Combed Cotton / 5 % Elastane. Available online for $59.

These are only a few pairs of long johns. There are many more being released. If you have a favorite pair leave a comment here. We can’t cover them all but think one of these will be perfect for you!

To celebrate the kick-off of the 7th Annual LudaDay Weekend festivities, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges hosted an invite-only dinner for 50 close friends and business associates to express appreciation for their support of the Atlanta community. The dinner was held at Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge and a number of celebrity guests turned up including: Actress KeKe Palmer,  actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, Actor Larentz Tate, NBA player Kenyon Martin, NBA player Josh Powell, music producer/reality TV star Stevie J., Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed, Eudoxie, and many more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have a very nice pair of underwear to discuss with you. It is the 7” Short Boxer Numeral 2. I received them in Blue, and was intrigued by the design elements before trying it on. This sexy pair of undies is made out of a 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex blend. The main part of the boxer is blue, with an orange UNICO logo waistband. Not part of the “construction” elements of the boxer are these two sleek black piping lines that run around the hips from front to back, only stopping at the pouch.

The initial putting on of the underwear was verging on heavenly. The material is so rich and breath through the fabric feels great. The seams where the piping hit across the butt almost make it feel like there are sexy cutouts back there. Legs fit very nicely on this pair, hugging without squishing, and the un-elasticized hems put a very nice leg line at the bottom.

Now, today, I had to go in to the circus studio and train,. Which usually starts with stretching, including the greatest underwear tester of all time…SPLITS! Splits are the event where good underwear construction and GREAT underwear construction separate. While I was in the split, it felt like I was wearing nothing, which is not a common feeling with boxer-style underwear in high mobility activities. The big wonder was whether I’d have to readjust everything once I stood back up, and I can tell you, this pair needed NO adjustments. I even did them without pants on at home, just to see what it looked like after the splits, and they looked sexy, sure the legs rode up a little bit, but they didn’t CURL up, which is important, and they only made the “centerpiece” look better.

In terms of maintenance, the underwear label specifies hang dry, but I found that after putting it through the dryer with everything else I own (I use medium heat, cause my life involves a lot of spandex, with the circus and all), it looks perfectly fresh and fine.

The biggest thing to know is that I’m a 34” waist, usually getting a Large or Medium in most brands, I was given an XL in Mundo Unico sizing, and it fit great. So definitely check their sizing before you buy.


  • Wonderful construction
  • Really breathable fabric
  • Sexy design


  • Only available in Red, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Tag in back can be itchy depending on skin sensitivity.


Fit – 4.75

Materials – 5

Construction – 5

Look – 4

Daily Wear – 5

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4.75


This pair was furnished by the Mundo Unico Store

From the start, my attitude towards these “boxers” (trunks) wasn’t great, but the truly disappointing thing was that my attitude wasn’t changed once I got them on. I’m not a huge fan of trunks any longer, and these are a little bit bigger than the standard trunk. They are made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex. They come in just one color, navy and feature Unico’s “Suspensor Pouch.” My pair was an XL, which fit me a bit larger than I’d like, but on the whole, I just don’t think Unico underwear fits me well.

I wore this pair for almost an entire Saturday and I was pretty busy throughout the day. The material is Lycra but seemed much too thick and did not wick sweat away as well as I thought it might when I got them on. The overall construction is good, with the patented “upside-down Y-seam” in the back. I would say that if you’re a boxer brief kind of guy, this would more than meet your expectations.

The boxer briefs are navy and feature a silvery logo waistband which provides a nice flare of style. The other thing this boxer brief to keep its style from being incredibly boring is a unique textured pattern in the material itself.  Still, it is fairly bland style-wise and isn’t likely to blow you or your partner away with any “wow” factor. The fit seems to be held hostage by the construction and materials used. As soon as I got this pair on, I felt like I was wearing cycling shorts, not boxer briefs as the legs were extremely awkward fitting, and I think this made the “Suspensor Pouch” not as functional as it claims to be, either. My package felt cramped and uncomfortable, and I don’t feel like I was getting much support, as I was getting smashed.

In the end, I am kind of bummed. I don’t know if Mundo Unico and my body or body type just don’t gel together like they should or what, but I am disappointed to have to write such a negative review. I think if you’re a smaller framed guy who likes to wear bigger trunks that border on the boxer brief style, you should give it a try, but if you’re my size (6’4″ 225) and you like your trunks or boxer briefs, there are plenty of better options out there for you.


  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Sturdy materials and construction


  • Awkward fit all around
  • Pouch could be bigger or more contoured
  • Lacks a “buy me!” style factor at nearly $30

Fit – 2

Materials – 4

Construction – 4

Look – 3

Daily Wear – 3

Overall *Out of 5* – 3

These were furnished for review by Mundo Unico Store

It’s been a while since we got a set of Unico to review here at UNB. We received 5 pairs and hope to have more soon. The pair I got to review is the Boxer Medium Traje. You may ask, what pair is that? Well it’s a medium length boxer brief. If you are a long time reader you know how much I don’t like boxer briefs. However, Unico is one of those companies that I love their boxer briefs. They are form fitting and have a great pouch. The sizing for Unico is usualy a size larger.

I wore this pair to work. Granted had this been any other Boxer Brief, I would have worn it on a weekend, as not to risk the potential riding up or bunching. However, since I know Unico so well I knew it would be a great pair for the day.  It really moved and fit nice. I really, REALLY love the pouch. It gives really great support through out the day. The only down side would be, since it was so HOT here, maybe a cotton blend would have been better. However that is a minor complain.

The boxer is made very well. One thing that I loved was the silver waistband. I am big on waistband and love it when a company pays attention to them. Next, as I mentioned was the pouch. It really fit well and gave me the support I love. Lastly, it’s made out of 93% Nylon and 7% spandex, which made it fell great!


  • Great pouch
  • Stylish waistband
  • Great for daily wear


  • Hot to wear for summer
Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 4.5
Overall 4.9

There were furnished by Mundo Unico Store for review. They can be purchased for  $31.00

These could possibly be the best pair of nylon boxer briefs I have ever owned. I wore in different daily activities and every time I was very pleased with the comfort and feel of these boxer briefs. They were black nylon around the back with a lime green front that had horizontal black stripes.

While at the gym, sometimes your boxer briefs can ride up creating that thong feel. With these boxer briefs, not only do they NOT ride up, but they keep everything is place. Even when you sweat they don’t stretch out or get bunched up. While wearing them out to go out, they don’t get bunchy beneath jeans or shorts or feel itchy at all. After wearing them all day and being very active, I was extremely pleased with the fit and comfort of this pair. I washed them about 4 times this past week and the color didn’t fade or the fabric didn’t change. They still felt the same and looked the same as they did when I got them out of the package.  I would recommend these to anyone big or small

The first con may be the price. I have a feeling that this pair may be on the pricey side, but the price of comfort and being able to wear these in any situation is priceless. Sometimes more expensive is better. The other con is that you may want to order them a size up. I usually wear a large and in this pair I wore an XL and they actually fit great. So don’t be sad by getting a size larger, just know that the comfort is all worth the size.

Being a huge underwear lover and I can safely say this is the best pair of underwear I have ever owned. The fit, the comfort, the feel, the versatility is all endless. I would recommend this pair to all men big and small, young and old. I have never owned a pair where I was so happy and in love with a pair as these. I would say to get this is all colors so that you can wear them for any and every activity every day you have. Not only does is fit great but they look fantastic on you. Cupping the proper areas in the front and back and also showing off your great assets.  If you want to own the best pair you’ve ever owned, buy them today!

·         Great fit
·         Versatile to wear in any activity
·         Stretchy fabric
·         Great feel
·         Doesn’t ruin in wash
·         Cups well on certain areas

·         Pricey
·         One size bigger than usually wear

Daily Wear-5

This pair was furnished by the Mundo Unico Store!

Mundo Unico underwear has never been a personal favorite of mine.  However, I enjoy seeing their product on guys, but I have found them not to look the best on me.  Maybe I am just picky.  With this pair of underwear, things changed.

The Mundo Unico 7” Short Boxer Degaste style in slate blue with silver trim and silver and khaki stripes was nice to try. This was due to the difference in the fabric.  The fabric consists of 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex for a soft feel with perfect stretch and conforming abilities to provide adequate support and lines that guys love.  Size X-Large was a nice fit, but not true to size as I am a true large in undies (Size up, boys!).  The pair has a comfortable one and a half inch silver waistband and Mundo Unico patch on the rear waistband and Unico listed around the waistband in a light silver lettering to provide a nice contrast against the slightly darker silver waistband.  The body of the brief is slate blue with silver and khaki contrasting stripes on the panels and pouch.  I like that Unico has stripes that seem to enhance the body and pouch area.  Also, the paneled construction creates a nice fit that contours to the body and provides a nice look.

Upon first inspection, the boxer is more of a squarecut boxer rather than what one thinks of when you use the word boxer. The quality was good, the slate blue with silver and khaki stripes and silver waistband is a excellent combination (love this).  While the rear consists of separate panels to provide support and definition of the rear and the pouch size was adequate (stretchy and accommodating).  After putting this pair on, I found the pouch to be defining and I loved the silver and khaki stripes on each side of the pouch to enhance the pouch and draw attention to the goods.  I have not liked Unico in the past due to the pouch and crotch being too tight, but this pair was very nice in those areas.  I like this change with this new fabric.  The fabric was conforming and felt nice against my body as it moved fluidly with my movements.  The rear was excellent!  The way the rear is paneled together in pieces allows for definition and provided a nice look.

I wore this Unico Boxer from beginning of the day until around 8:30 that night.  I began the day with my normal Sunday morning routine, then driving to do a bit of shopping and trying on clothes, and driving back home.  The rest of the day was spent completing various tasks around the house.  I washed the boxer and wore them the next day, as well, all day, to and from work.  After all of this, the boxer remained comfortable and supportive.  I had no problems with riding up during the day.  I had a bit of a problem with bunching of fabric in the crotch area from the leg openings, but it was not anything I could not handle and nothing unsurprising as I feel like most boxers/boxer briefs/squarecuts do this to some extent.  It seemed like the fabric became more comfortable as the day wore on each day of wearning.   The pouch was supportive and comfortable.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and served the purpose well.  I liked the look of the rear, the way the stripes enhance the pouch, the feel of the fabric, the overall look of the boxer, the conforming nature of the fabric, and the contrasting of the slate blue and silver color combination.  The price is fairly reasonable for this type of specialty underwear due to styling, coloring, and fit.  In general, I have no major complaints about this boxer other than some people are not going to pay the price for them.


  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Construction
  • Look/Styling


  • Price









Daily Wear





This pair of underwear was furnished by Mundo Unico Store, and is available for around $29.00.

Firs thing I have to do before we get into the guide is thank the awesome sponsors above! Pistol Pete – Gold Sponsor, Clever/Vuthy & Croota – Silver Sponsors and Good Boy Gone Bad and UnderGear as Bronze sponsors! Without them this guide would not have taken place. Next, I have to thank our photographer Brian from Seven Continents Photography and our Models Cody, Christian and Juan. Our sponsors allowed us for the first time to hire models and do a shoot all ourselves. It is a big learning process and things had bumps (models falling out the week before), but we carried on and pushed forward. We think we did a great job for our first attempt and we will learn more each time!

We had over 60 suits and a full day by the lake and then a re-shoot by a pool this past weekend. It has been a blast and I hope you enjoy this guide and it helps you get some great swimsuits this year! Our Models are Cody, Juan and Christian. Please check out our Videos on YouTube Enjoy the Guide! BTW, don’t forget to check individual size charts!

Pistol Pete

From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Cruise Midcut in Red.  The suit is also available in black and Navy. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Nautical Midcut. The suit is only available in Navy/White. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $45.00
  • Juan is wearing the the Nouveau Midcut in Navy. The suit is also available in black and white. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00

From Left to right:

  • Christian is wearing the Titan Brief in Khaki and Blue. The pair is also available in Blue/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00
  • Juan is wearing the Windjammer Brief in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $42.00
  • Cody is wearing the All Star Lace up Brief in Blue/Black. The pair is also available in Black/Lime, and Red/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00

From Left to Rigth:

  • Juan is wearing the Sail Midcut in Black. The pair is also available in Red and Navy. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Zipline Midcut in Red/Black. The pair is also available in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Racer Midcut. Only Available in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00

From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Steel Midcut in Gold. The pair is also available in Silver. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Calipso Midcut. The pair is only available in blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $44.00


Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Clever 0543 Dragon. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $48.00
  • Juan is wearing the Clever 0544 Skull and Roses suit. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large $48.


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Vuthy 271 Bikini in Blue. Also available in Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $56
  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 287 Brief in White/Black Also available in White/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $62.00


  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 316 Board Shorts in Blue. Also available in Red. Size are Small – X-Large. $69


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

Cody is wearing the Body Tech Brasilia Swim Brief. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $35

Good Boy Gone Bad

From Left to Right:




From Left to Right:

N2N Bodywear

From Left to Right

  • Juan is wearing the South Beach swimsuit in Ocean Blue. Also available in Lavender. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $24
  • Christian is wearing the Combat Trunk in Orange. Also available in Navy and Grey. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $24
  • Cody is wearing the LA X in Charcoal. Also available in Navy and Red. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $21

  • Juan is wearing the Black Dynasty Trunk. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $25

Gregg Homme

  • Juan is wearing the Retro Briefs in Aqua. Also available in Pewter, Aqua, Magenta, White and Purple. Size are X-Small – X-Large. $53.95

Andrew Christian

From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Navigator Swim Short. Also available in Royal. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $55
  • Cody is wearing Reversible Mesh Bikini, the revers side is Royal. Also available in Black/Gold, Black/Aqua. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $36


From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Malibu Red swimsuit. Also available in Blue, Orange and Military Green. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $45
  • Cody is wearing the Matador Swim in Orange and White. Also available in White/Navy/Yellow, Green/White/Navy, Red/White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $38
  • Juan is wearing the Speedster in Royal. Also available in Black, Red, Orange, Green, Burgundy, Purple, White, Red and Grey. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $49


From Left to Right

  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Hawaii Blu Floral Swim Brief
  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Powder Blu Graffiti Square Cut
  • Christian is wearing an OrcaBlue Navy/Red Nautical Square Cut


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Rufskin Milano – Turquoise. Also available in red. Sizes are Small – Large. $54
  • Christian is wearing the Rufskin Positano – White. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48
  • Cody is wearing the Rufskin St. Tropez – Black. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48

  • Juan is wearing the 2EROS Vanish Swim Brief in Cyan. Also available in Magenta. Sizes are X-Small – Large. $40


From Left to right:

  • Cody is wearing the Numeral 6 suit. Available as shown in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Juan is wearing the Numeral 4 suit. Available as shown in White/Blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Christian is wearing the Numeral 5 suit. Available as shown in White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40

Frank Dandy

From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Swim Trunk CX08WL in Switch Blue. Also available in Sub Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $47.25
  • Juan is wearing the Extreme Boy-leg Swim Brief CX79PR in Red (Lifesaver). Also available in Black (Ahoy). Sizes are Small – X-Large. $43.50


We hope you enjoy this guide for swimwear for summer! Watch over the next few days for exclusive Brief Distractions from some of our Sponsors. Remember please check each company’s sizing charts, because they differ from company to company.