Mundo Unico


Unico has always been a brand I love. I think they have made some amazing prints and I love the way it fits me. They had the very first boxer brief that I actually loved. Which is quite an accompaniment to get this brief/bikini guy in a boxer brief. Unico has dropped a new collection and while yes it has some amazing boxer briefs it has some jocks!!! I wish they would bring their thongs back because they are ones I loved, but we’ll have to deal with the fact we just have jocks.

BTW, you can get the New Unico Line for March on sale at the UNB Store for 20% off until Tuesday at midnight EDT! Just use code Unico2020 at checkout! Here are the new Jocks


COLOR: Black
FABRIC: 82% Polyamide 11% Poly 7% Ela
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.50


FABRIC: 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24


FABRIC: 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24


COLOR: Black
FABRIC: 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24


FABRIC: 94% Polyester 6% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24


COLOR: White
FABRIC: 94% Polyester 6% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24


FABRIC: 94% Polyester 6% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $21.24

Mundo Unico has a special place in the world of underwear. I remember them being one of the first “good” brands that I ever bought. Getting them and trying them on I was hooked. They have amazing quality and a great pouch! What is not to love about that!

They were growing in the US, and then all of a sudden they cut back. In this time they kinda disappeared. But, now with a new distributor they are back. I’m very happy about it.

The new collection is true to the roots of the brand. They have always been a brand that is not afraid of colors and prints. They were one of the first prints I ever wore. After I broke out of the “only wear solids” phase I was in. Prints allow you to show your personality more than just solids. Well, that’s my opinion.

This collection features boxer briefs, briefs and jocks. I will say, their boxer briefs are one of the few I like. They know how to make them and make them well!

Here is a bit of the new collection, check it out and you can buy it on UNB Store!

If you’re like me, you love prints! Our reader survey shows us that a lot of you love prints and colors in your underwear. One brand that makes some of the most amazing prints is Mundo Unico. They are a Columbian underwear brand that we have covered on UNB. In the last few years, their presence in the US market went down. But now they are making a resurgence in the industry.

The thing I love about them, other than the amazing pouch, is the prints they come up with. Some of them are abstract while others can be geometric. It’s always something new and exciting with them! The pics here show boxer briefs/Trunk, but don’t worry they have briefs, which are amazing, and some jocks. They, unfortunately, don’t have the thongs anymore. As a non-thong guy, they were my favorite thongs. The pouch in front was amazing and the back fit awesome.

This collection is one that I just love. It’s one you must see online rather than take my word of it. There are so many pairs that you must see. I couldn’t pick a few to profile here. You can go to the Mundo Unico page at Candyman Fashions to see them all. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Mundo Unico is like an old friend. It’s one of the first really great brands I ever tried. I remember when they came on the US market. A friend asked me if I tried them and about a few weeks later I did and my love of super awesome pouches was born. They were one of the very first undies that I became brand loyal. Over the last few years, they have not been at the forefront of the US underwear market. I”m not sure what they did but it was like their presence disappeared.

Well, they are back and showing the amazing prints and stripes they are known for! The new collection has more pairs but I wanted to focus on the prints/stripes! Since it has been a while since I covered them!


1740051365 Briefs Rudolph

Prints by Mundo Unico are creative! The print for Rudolph brief has an Aztec type of print. It reminds me almost of a needle point type print. The colors of the pair are topped off with a black waistband makes this a super fun pair.

COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: 78% Polyamide 22% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $22.48

1740052493 Briefs Lucid

Are you a fan of pin striped suits? They have similar prints in underwear. Mundo Unico has always had these types of pairs. They are classic but still the same comfy design. You can wear it under a suit to match or under jeans! This pair has a duo color waistband in blue and silver

FABRIC: 93% Polyamide 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.48

1740082030 Boxer Briefs Share

If the pair above isn’t “classic” enough, this pair will be! It’s a white with grey stripes. The trunk form still has the amazing Unico pouch. If you don’t wear them because of lack of support, you won’t find that with Unico. They are one of the few boxer briefs I don’t mind wearing!

COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: 70% Polyamide 23% Polyestar 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $23.48

1740094192 Boxer Briefs Lighter

This is my favorite print of the Collection. ti’s a lot of circles on a black backgroun. I’m not sure why I love this one so much but it’s just fun to me. It’s definitely an attention getter! I will say I wish this was in a brief rather than a boxer brief/trunk! The prints are so diverse and interesting with Unico!

FABRIC: 78% Polyamide 22% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $27.48

1740093866 Boxer Briefs Celebration

This last print is probably the most fun! This pair is called Celebration! When I was scrolling through the new pairs, this one stuck out and reminded me of Mardis Gras in New Orleans. They always use bright greens, purples, reds and jewel tones! I guess that’s why they named it celebration!

FABRIC: 78% Polyamide 22% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $27.48
There are several of these in more than one style. If you liked the blue pin stripe, you will find it in other styles. This is not all the prints and stripes as well. Check out the entire collection

I know we ask you guys what you want for Holidays. I thought I would share what I have on my wish list for this Holiday season. There are some great pairs out there right now that I really want to try or have my collection updated:


Cocksox CSX 76 Sports Brief – I love the fit of Cocksox and believe it or not I haven’t tried any of the CSX Collection. This pair comes in my favorite color, GREEN


Ergowear BSC Bikini – One of my very first brands I discovered that fit guys who need extra room in the pouch. I also love a bikini cut


Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Brief – I really love this line from Andrew Christian. I want to spice up my underwear drawer with some bright colors and this yellow would be perfect


aussieBum Billy Boy Brief – This line from aussieBum reminds me of the underwear I bought growing up. The prints are amazing and fun. Plus it’s not a small bikini cut but just right.


Mundo Unico Short Boxer Pinos – One of my latest things I love in underwear are patterns and prints. Mundy Unico has always done amazing work in both. Even before it became one of the in things in underwear. I love the Unico Pouch as well!


N2N Bodywear Power Mesh Jock – Now I couldn’t all do briefs. I do have jocks on my list as well. N2N makes underwear for every guy to feel sexy in. I love the red jock best but anything they make is good with me!


2EROS Neo Brief – I have the jock and love it. The pouch is amazing and fits really well. Plus I love the bright colors adjacent the black fabric. It’s just a great pair not to mention the cool fly design.

These are just a few of the MANY pairs I want. When I sat down to do this post my brain is on over load and as soon as I post this I will remember about 10 other pairs I want. Plus this list is always changing. But this is an overview of what I would love to get this holiday season from someone special. Since I don’t have someone special I guess I’ll have to get them myself !

Dec 2014One of the best things about the festive period (after the food, pressies and general jolliness) is of course the PARTIES! The gents of the UK are adding some spangle to their drawers with beauties like these from men’s underwear website


Body Art Karos Round Neck T-shirt GBP38.00

This Body Art range has proved really popular this winter. The slinky material is overlaid with shimmering gothic lettering. A bronze on black option is available too.



Bruno Banani Python Hip Short GBP27.50

How to make reptilian print underwear even more appealing? Give the look a whole lot of shine with a reflective scale inspired print of course!



Clever Moda Spinel Latin Brief GBP22.00

We think the metallic waistband of this Clever Moda slip gives it just the right amount of glamour. The white and black options are flying off the shelves in the UK.


Doreanse 1870 Boxer Brief GBP13.50

Black tie engagement coming up over Christmas? Make sure your unders are as smart as your overs with chic pinstripes from Doreanse at DGU.



Joe Snyder Dazzling Mini Cheek 22 GBP26.00

You can’t get much more sparkle than Joe Snyder’s Dazzling collection. The fast dry fabric makes this range great for pool parties too.



Mundo Unico Pinos Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

The bright harlequin pattern of this short from Unico has inspired many British shoppers to snap it up pre Christmas. There is swimwear available in the same design too for those heading off for some winter sun.



prld-3.xlgSo…you all want to know what a great pair of underwear is you should have in your collection?  I know of a couple brands that produce underwear that is nothing short of amazing.  I was introduced to the first of these through a gift I was given by an ex-boyfriend.  He found a store in Ft. Lauderdale that was closing out a bunch of underwear.  He thoughtfully purchased a pair of Unico trunks for me.  We won’t even go into where his thoughtfulness went after that.  So he gave me the underwear knowing that I am an underwear junky.  Let me tell you something, I was impressed by them.  To be honest they had been on my wish list for a long time.  Finding low prices on Unico can be a challenge.  Luckily he found them on clearance at the store.  Unico was added to my collection then permanently added to my collection for the first and definitely not the last time.

Unico added to my collection a different sort of underwear.  Up until them most of my underwear had been Calvin Klein or 2xist.  Great brands by all means, but Unico stands out as a brand to me cherished.  Every pair of Unico underwear that I own is to say the least perfect.  The cut, fabric, waistband, and pouch make for the best kind of underwear possible.  I prefer the Unico briefs over trunks, but that is also a general preference in underwear as a whole.  The briefs they make provide the best support and all day comfort we all look for in underwear.  If you prefer trunks, the same can be said.  The fabric they use can seem a bit stiff at first, but once you put it on you’ll quickly see that they know exactly how underwear should feel against the skin.  Soft, yet firm enough to stay where in should through a day’s wearing.  This is also credited to fact that Unico has somehow figured out how to cut their underwear in such a way that it fits to a “T” in both briefs and trunks.  They are one of the few brands that runs a seam up the middle of your butt.  I think that this creates a lifting action to help your butt look better.  Seam placement can be challenging and have a mid-butt seam is a tactic more companies should adopt.  Another great aspect is the pouch.  Whether you are well endowed or not, having a place for your junk to rest comfortably is very important.  With Unico underwear, all their underwear features a pouch that holds your junk as should be held.  I can not begin to tell how much this pouch is valued feature to me.  When I put them on everything just naturally rests where it should.  Please keep in mind that as you read this paragraph about great Unico fits, you must keep in mind how they size them.  They are a South American company and all their lines run small.  If you’ve read my sizing standards you’ll know that I always go up a size in Unico.  If you wear small, then a medium is a must in this brand.  Make sure you first experience with Unico is a good one and order correctly.

Ok, so you want to add Unico to your collection.  I don’t blame you.  I want more!  Unico is a brand that rarely is priced at a bargain.  Many sites will tell you it’s a bargain and frankly, it’s not bad, but 40% off is still putting you the $30 per pair range.  If you can swing it, go for it.  Recently landed a great lot of Unico underwear and about 70% off retail.  Yes, I stocked up.  Keep in mind that is discounting discontinued lines.  Other sites are discounting current lines and so the price is higher, but for a great like Unico, still a bargain.  Whether you buy current or discontinued lines the underwear is still basically the same.  Only the design changes.  The construction and fit has never changed in my experience with Unico.  Find a deal or a pay full retail, you’re gonna get a great pair.

What else can be said?  Oh right…have you bought yours yet?  Ha!  I know that if you already have Unico in your collection you are saying that I am preaching to the choir.  If for some reason you don’t have Unico yet, you’ll be happy when you add them.   If trying for the first time, find that bargain and test them out.  I feel very confidant you’ll be happy with your purchase.  If you have a different opinion of Unico I’d love hear it.  If you know of current sale on Unico I’d love to hear that too.  We are all fans of a great daily garment and finding the best and most comfortable can be a challenge.  Unico, in my honest opinion, can be a solution.

Picture from International Jock


14100846-43-ITis the season for new undies! As we go through the next few weeks more and more undies will be released. While in Vegas I got to meet with Mundo Unico. Which happens to be one of my favorite brands of underwear. It was one of the first brands I bought back in the early 2000s.

I’m beginning to branch out into patterns. However I’m still not one for funky wild patterns. This I would say boarders on the funky and wild but there is something about the condor print that I just love. I think the first thing is it’s in my favorite color, green! More and more companies are making green undies! Which suits me just fine!

When I first saw the pair I thought it was eagles but its actually condors! It makes a great print. I don’t know why this pair just makes me smile. Made from a nylon/spandex blend it will move with you and has the amazing Mundo Unico pouch.

You can find this pair at the Mundo Unico site for $28. It also comes in two other colors, blue and orange. Also comes in a mid length boxer.

14100846-43-01 14100846-43-02

Winter is around the corner. I know certain parts of the US and Europe are already feeling the bite of winter. So, it’s time to start thinking of underwear to keep you warm. If you are like me Long Johns have always been something that you dread to wear. I say this because they never fit well and always felt like I was wearing another pair of pants under my jeans. My solution to this was to wear running tights as opposed to long johns.  While this is not ideal it fit better and kept me warm.


We now flash forward a few years and long johns have started to be fashionable. Companies are starting to pay attention to them and making them with a better fit and in colors/patterns. There are pairs you could easily wear as loungewear with out anyone knowing they were long Johns. Here are a few pairs to check out:

Mundo Unico – Do you want something that fits great but is classic in styling. Check out the Long John 96101101. They will keep their shape and keep you warm at the same time. Available in Black, Navy and White. Made from 93% cotton/7% Spandex. The pair retails for $45 on the Mundo Unico Store Site.

2(X)ist – Maybe you want just a little flair in your long johns, check out the Tartan Long Johns.  2(X)ist has almost traditional pair, I say traditional because it has a fly front. But the pair is not traditional because of the great tartan waistband. It is available in white and black, with a fly front. Made from 100% cotton. Available for $30 from the 2(X)ist website.

MaleBasics – If you want a performance pair of long johns then the MaleBasics Microfiber long johns are just the ticket.  These feature a “special uplift technology. Made out of 78% nylon and 12% spandex, so they will move with you through out the day or what ever activity you are going!  Colors Available are Black, and White and cost $42. Find these on the MaleBasics Site.

Narciso – Narciso maybe a company you may not know to well. They are based out of Argentina. Their take on underwear is very interesting. They call the long johns “Long Boxers.” These long boxers are full of stripes. It is ranges from subtle to wild! These are some long johns you wouldn’t mind the world seeing. Finding them maybe harder but Erogenos has a few pairs for $42.

Timoteo – We all know Timoteo makes really great undies, but did you know he just released new long johns in his Sport 2.0 collection?  These long johns have the Sport 2.0 waistband and a pouch in an accent color. The main colors are Black, White and Blue. Made out of 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Available online for $36

Frank Dandy – If you are looking for something WILD then you need to check out Frank Dandy. They have solid long johns but the ones to check out are the Cavalaras (skill and day of the dead looking), Jaguar animal print (on a solid orange background), and Comic Square (a quilt/patchwork pair in two colors). These are def  not your fathers long johns! These have to be seen! Made out of 95 % Combed Cotton / 5 % Elastane. Available online for $59.

These are only a few pairs of long johns. There are many more being released. If you have a favorite pair leave a comment here. We can’t cover them all but think one of these will be perfect for you!

Mundo Unico’s new collection: Volcano will explode in October 2012 with 40 new styles of underwear and 2 new swim briefs. This collection is hot, hot, hot and will sizzle your body with sexy, fun and eye catching designs.

The collection features smooth and bold solid colors (Geofono, Sismico, Ceniza, Basalto, Gas)  classy, modern / elegant stripes (Ignea, Roca, Domo, Manto, Fumarola, Filtro, Crater) and wild and funky prints (Fumarola, Fluido, Corteza, Placa) in a mix of cotton and microfiber blends.
A special holiday group of boxer briefs will highlight the celebrations for this season with Caldrea (Santa Red) , Fragmento (pine tree green) ,  Vapor (snow flake white) and Humo (midnight black) perfect gifts for someone or maybe for yourself!

Volcano will blow up and melt you away in steamy fashion!!!

To celebrate the kick-off of the 7th Annual LudaDay Weekend festivities, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges hosted an invite-only dinner for 50 close friends and business associates to express appreciation for their support of the Atlanta community. The dinner was held at Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge and a number of celebrity guests turned up including: Actress KeKe Palmer,  actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, Actor Larentz Tate, NBA player Kenyon Martin, NBA player Josh Powell, music producer/reality TV star Stevie J., Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed, Eudoxie, and many more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have a very nice pair of underwear to discuss with you. It is the 7” Short Boxer Numeral 2. I received them in Blue, and was intrigued by the design elements before trying it on. This sexy pair of undies is made out of a 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex blend. The main part of the boxer is blue, with an orange UNICO logo waistband. Not part of the “construction” elements of the boxer are these two sleek black piping lines that run around the hips from front to back, only stopping at the pouch.

The initial putting on of the underwear was verging on heavenly. The material is so rich and breath through the fabric feels great. The seams where the piping hit across the butt almost make it feel like there are sexy cutouts back there. Legs fit very nicely on this pair, hugging without squishing, and the un-elasticized hems put a very nice leg line at the bottom.

Now, today, I had to go in to the circus studio and train,. Which usually starts with stretching, including the greatest underwear tester of all time…SPLITS! Splits are the event where good underwear construction and GREAT underwear construction separate. While I was in the split, it felt like I was wearing nothing, which is not a common feeling with boxer-style underwear in high mobility activities. The big wonder was whether I’d have to readjust everything once I stood back up, and I can tell you, this pair needed NO adjustments. I even did them without pants on at home, just to see what it looked like after the splits, and they looked sexy, sure the legs rode up a little bit, but they didn’t CURL up, which is important, and they only made the “centerpiece” look better.

In terms of maintenance, the underwear label specifies hang dry, but I found that after putting it through the dryer with everything else I own (I use medium heat, cause my life involves a lot of spandex, with the circus and all), it looks perfectly fresh and fine.

The biggest thing to know is that I’m a 34” waist, usually getting a Large or Medium in most brands, I was given an XL in Mundo Unico sizing, and it fit great. So definitely check their sizing before you buy.


  • Wonderful construction
  • Really breathable fabric
  • Sexy design


  • Only available in Red, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Tag in back can be itchy depending on skin sensitivity.


Fit – 4.75

Materials – 5

Construction – 5

Look – 4

Daily Wear – 5

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4.75


This pair was furnished by the Mundo Unico Store