Nasty Pig


Swimwear Sunday is the perfect occasion to celebrate the stunning world of swimwear! We’re stepping up our game this year by featuring some amazing smaller brands and brands prioritizing inclusive sizing. Let’s face it; it’s not always easy to find swimwear options for those with waist sizes above 36 inches. But fear not because today’s brand has got you covered with its fantastic selection, including its latest addition, the Verge Bikini Swimwear.

When you hear the name Nasty Pig, you might immediately think of their edgy and enticing fetishwear, but did you know they also offer a fun and sizable swimwear collection? For Swimwear Sunday, I’ve handpicked the Verge Bikini as the star of the show. With its engineered gradient stripe print on both the front and back, this bikini is designed to make a bold statement and capture all the attention. Prepare to turn heads and make waves as you flaunt yourself in this incredibly sexy piece.

The custom-engineered striped print on the front and back of the Verge Bikini is strategically designed to draw attention to your most enticing bulges. Made from a perfect-weight fabric for swimwear, it looks fantastic and dries quickly, allowing you to stay comfortable all day. The bikini features an external drawcord to complete the look, adding another vertical stripe motif that enhances its overall aesthetic. And let’s not forget the Snout Logo on the left leg, adding a touch of contrast color to make your warm weather cruising experience even sexier.

If you’re ready to take your swimwear game to the next level, you can get your hands on this incredible Swimwear Sunday pair directly from the Nasty Pig site. Just visit their online store at The Verge Bikini retails for $59.00, and trust me, it’s worth every penny.

So go ahead, embrace your adventurous side, and rock this remarkable piece of swimwear that will make you the envy of the beach or poolside. Happy Swimwear Sunday!

Nasty Pig called this a low rise brief, but I call it a bikini that has some retro styling. It reminds me of some of the amazing bikinis I grew up on. Which were always awesome to wear. Here is what Nasty Pig had to say about it.

Our streamlined, ultra low-cut brief delivers comfort and support without any added bullshit. This is our lowest-cut brief and features contrast ribbing to show off the profile of this extra slutty cut. A woven NASTYPIG label on the hip identifies what team you’re on

PAIR: Nasty Pig Low Rise Brief
COLORS: Black, Blue, and red
FABRIC: Lightweight cotton spandex blend 
SIZES: Small – XXLarge
PRICE: $25.00

Have you ever wanted to try rubber but just didn’t know if it was your thing? or that it was too hard to care for? Nasty Pig just released the Accelerator line. It’s a line that solves a lot of the problems guys had with rubber and adds in some new technology.

Here is what they say about the new line:

We are always pushing fashion technology to bring you new ways to express your Nasty Pig style. After a lot of research and development, we came up with a hot new technique for printing on polyamide rubber. These tights are easily the sickest ones we’ve ever made. So futuristic.  Lined with fabric and machine washable, this piece is easy on and easy off.

First, the new fabric this line is made out of is machine washable. If you have ever had rubber before it can be tedious to care for and you wouldn’t put it in the washer, but this fabric is designed for easy care. Next, the rubber is lined with fabric so it makes it even more comfortable. Lastly, the piece is easy to get on and off. Sometimes rubber can be a pain to get on and off.

The printing of the rubber is a brand new technique. You can now create super fun prints on rubber. Which is awesome, because you aren’t limited to solid colors or a pair with many seams.

PAIR: Nasty Pig Accelerator Trunk
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: Four-way stretch lightweight NP Rubber fabric
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $119.00

PAIR: Nasty Pig Accelerator Brief
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: Four-way stretch lightweight NP Rubber fabric
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $59.99

PAIR: Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: Four-way stretch lightweight NP Rubber fabric
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $159.00

PAIR: Nasty Pig Accelerator Leggings
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: Four-way stretch lightweight NP Rubber fabric
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $109.00

Get all these at the Nasty Pig site.

Is it me or are singlets popping up everywhere. I do love me a great singlet and one of the big names in the fetish arena have released their own singlet. Nasty Pig has released the Code Singlet. Which is a very classic singlet with a very Nasty Pig design.

“Singlets are best served classic. Nothing is sexier than the true college wrestling shape.” Nasty Pig designed a singlet that you could see on a college wrestler. Meaning it’s a very classic cut and design. These are my favorite singlet designs as well.

Some things to know about this singlet

  • Fits true to waist size – go by your waist size when purchasing this singlet.
  • Designed to be worn tight – this is a no brainer but if you’re new to singlets it’s going to be tight all over.
  • Engineered print – they have put their spin on the singlet and the design is very modern and fun.
  • Made of athletic grade polyamide spandex – A great fabric for being active in.
  • Lightweight performance fabric – Again perfect for being active.

If you love singlets check the new Nasty Pig Code singlet out. It’s a must-have for your collection.

Pair: Nasty Pig Code Singlet
Color: Black or Blue
Fabric: athletic grade polyamide spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $95.00

When you say Nasty Pig there are a lot of things that come to mind. They usually are Jockstraps, Socks, Onesie (Union Suit), Harnesses, and other fetish gear. Swimwear is not one of those things that are top of mind. But, they have had swimwear for several years. They are always super sexy. They don’t go skimpy but bigger more classic cut swim briefs.

I think there is one thing that all guys need in their drawers. One of them is a black swim brief. This pair could be that pair for you. It’s not a 100% classic brief because it has the Nasty Pig logo on the back of a neon design. Hence the name “Neon Collection.” The neon collection is a lot more than just a swim brief. It has shredders, tanks and tee’s as well.

As I said above, this is a classic brief. Meaning it’s not too skimpy and will fit many different body types. Not just muscle boys you see in advertisings. Nasty Pig has had “beefy” guys in their photos. That means guys who aren’t a 32 inch waist and have a bigger build. I would feel comfortable wearing this brief out to a pool.

If you are looking for a great pair of swimwear, make sure you check out the new Nasty Pig Neon Bikini. It retails for $59.00 at the Nasty Pig site.

This brief was purchased for review.

Overall Rating9.9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10


  • Green color option! (red & blue, too)
  • Comfortable mesh fabric
  • Full coverage back


  • Pouch is slightly smaller than “Knockout” brief
  • Fabric has slightly less stretch than “Knockout” brief

Osgon’s Recommendation:  Buy!


Two years ago I reviewed Nasty Pig’s Knockout brief.  It’s still a favorite, so I used the Knockout as my baseline for reviewing NP’s new Ignition brief from the company’s Sport line.

For the Ignition, Nasty Pig has chosen comfortable, breathable mesh composed of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The brief is manufactured in Thailand and moved with me all day without any noticeable bunching, twisting, or binding.  This is an apt choice if you wear briefs for sports.

Nasty Pig offers the Ignition in three colors.  The green brief has a green pouch, green leg bands, yellow inset panels and a black back.  The blue brief has a white pouch, white leg bands, blue inset panels and a black back.  The red brief has a black pouch, yellow leg bands, yellow panels and a red back.

The Ignition sits low on the waist.  The leg openings rise about ¼” lower than the Knockout’s leg bands.  The Ignition has a full back that fits the American derrière well.

The brief’s 1.5” waistband features a nonrepeating, scripted Nasty Pig logo centered on the front.  Each waistband contains the brief’s three colors in varying configurations to complement an overall scheme.  The double-locked seams showed no flaws anywhere.

The Ignition’s overall styling evokes a traditional brief silhouette, yet the brief’s color options and aggressive waistband embody that rule-breaker mentality for which Nasty Pig is known.  The Ignition was truly a well-made garment.

My singular quibble is that the Ignition’s pouch is slightly less deep than the Knockout brief.  This difference could be the result of each style line being composed of different fabrics.  The Ignition’s depth difference isn’t a major flaw per se (and won’t matter to most) but might be something to consider if you’re on the bubble between sizes.

This brief retails for $32 on Nasty Pig’s website.  I purchased mine at Skivvies in Dallas.

cat_fw16_underwear68271Nasty Pig was once a fetish brand. No longer, I think they have ventured out in the mainstream. They are showing at the shows in Vegas and making underwear you can see on every guy. Don’t worry they didn’t abandon their fetish roots. There are still many things that is still considered fetish. Including harnesses, jocks and more.

The newest line is the Slash line. Made up of a brief and jock in two different colors. The two colors are blue and Red. Made out of their cotton ribbed fabric that is one of their popular fabrics. Each one has the Nasty Pig waistband. Which has the Nasty Pig name in front with stripes going around the brand.

The brief has a cool design. In the blue, the pouch has the blue fabric and the rest is in black. The red has a black pouch with red around the sides and back. I liked that it’s not the same in each color. They changed it up a bit in the design process. I want to say good job Nasty Pig

The jocks have the same type of design as the briefs. The jock has a stripe down the middle of the middle of the pouch. The blue has the blue stripe in the middle. The red has the black stripe down the middle. It’s a small touch that I think is awesome.

Nasty Pig did something creative in this line. It may look simple and basic. However, they paid attention to how the colors are put together. I say great job Nasty Pig! Keep up the amazing work!

Also, if you have been after their Union Suits, they are back in stock. They won’t last long though. They are already sold out of the Black. Hurry and don’t miss them. You’ll have to wait till next year

BRAND: Nasty Pig
PAIR: Slash Jock and Brief
COLORS: Red or Blue
FABRIC: Cotton Ribbed Fabric
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29 for both styles

85845-5551-xlr8-jock-strap-red-black-turn-webYou’re a pig, a nasty, nasty pig. And no one said that was a bad thing. Nasty Pig is back at it again. Doing what they do best. Delivering bold, brash, in your face pairs of underwear. That scream “Suuueyyyyy, Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig”. They even mention how the logo and name are centered on the waist band of these jockstraps and briefs. So that everyone will know, you’re a Nasty Pig.

Filthy, just filthy. Except by that I mean, these are really sleek designs. The black pouches with either red or white accents running up and down the pouch. It gives a dynamic look that is sure to draw the eye and whet the whistle. They both frame the pouch well and also add some additional texture to the look. Very strong.

The waist band is medium size band, with bold logo and brand name. The background has some layered, horizontal lines running all of the way around creating a very cool effect.

The fabric mix is 94% Modal 6% Spandex so it gives it that strong but flexible feel and look. Ideal those looking to break out from the cotton confines of other pairs. It also gives the colors, especially the black. A depth that doesn’t often show with different fabric choices. It’s a richness, especially on the pouch which is obviously where a richness should be.

The straps are, no doubt, sturdy. They aren’t pencil thin like some other jockstraps out there. That means they should be able to give actual support to your rear. To me, to be a successful jockstrap the straps have to be able to really make that booty pop. Based on how much lift one gets and Nasty Pig has a sterling reputation of making that happen.

Overall the pair is another solid pair that leaves no doubt who made it. It is Nasty Pig down to its core and if you consider yourself a nasty pig too, you’ll love these pairs. Be bold. Go bold. Get Nasty.

BRAND:  Nasty Pig
PAIR: XLR8 Brief or Jock
COLORS: Black/Red or White/Black
FABRIC: 94% Modal 6% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00 for brief and jock


Nasty Pig has released a new line. It’s called the 3D line! Nasty Pig still has a fetish side but it also has some mainstream underwear as well. I would consider the new 3D line as more mainstream. The cuts and fabrics are ones you could find in mainstream stores.

The new line is called 3D. The reason it is called that is because of the waistband. It has a 3D logo in the waistband. Which I personally like. It takes what could be considered a simple pair and makes it a bit more fun. Each of the pairs has this waistband. It also alternates depending on the color.

The 3D collection 2 styles. Those styles are the brief and jock. The jock is a pretty standard cut with Nasty Pig. It is one style that I think they are known best for making. The briefs are a traditional cut. The body is black and accent colors are blue and red. What makes this a traditional cut? The brief has the fly front with trim. It’s a new take on the tighy whitie.

One thing they have in this collection are socks. Socks have been getting bigger and bigger in the world of men’s wear. Each year more brands start making them. The best part of the socks for Nasty Pig is that they will match the underwear exactly. Which many of our readers love!

As noted above each the jock and brief come in two colors. They are red and blue. The main body of the pair is black and the color notates the different trim colors. The Jock and brief both retail for $29. The socks are $16 on the Nasty Pig site! If you have wanted to try Nasty Pig now is the chance to jump in and get a great pair of briefs or jock!


Stop! I’ve found it! An amazing. No, a fuckin amazing jockstrap everyone can love.

Okay, are we all sufficiently hyped now? Well good. This jockstrap lives up to it. I came across this pair at our local leather shop in Seattle and I have loved it. Nasty Pig is a very well-known brand but not one that I am generally instantly drawn too for various reasons. But I had to have this jock. This sport jock (Maneuver Jockstrap) features flexing, breathable mesh that’s made of 90% poly and 10% spandex. Not only does the mesh give it the ability to breath it always gives that lil sexy sneak peek that would drive anyone wild.

Besides the comfort of the pouch (VERY) there is also the cool design and colors. I went with the lime green and I love it. It was a struggle to pick because I do love a good, eye catching blue but the green won my fancy in the end. It pops, really pops. Try to look away! The straps and the band have a cool mix of the color, white and black and the affect is trendy and well designed.

Great support in both the pouch reason and under the legs will have everything hugged and lifted into the right spot. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this pair. The matching socks I passed on because I didn’t think the fabric popped as well as the pouch but they are an option for everyone who is into matching socks and jocks.

So now that you’ve stopped and read that…GO! Go find it!


Are you a fan of Nasty Pig? If you are there is a new collection called MANEUVER. Its very fitting for Nasty Pig, I think. Nasty Pig is all about having fun with your underwear and gear. The Maneuver line is a really fun new print for them.

You maybe going, Camo? Haven’t we seen this before? Yeah there have been tons of camo undies on the market. However, this has the Nasty Pig spin on it. The print is a custom camo that was designed for them! Each of the prints has the Nasty Pig logo mixed in. Which I really love how they did that! The prints are in blue and green. Green the traditional and the blue is a little more fun.

Also in this pair is a new custom waistband. I love waistbands. This one has the Nasty Pig name in a stencil font. The background is black and the accent color matches the pair. Its a good sized band and really fits the military theme of the line. Well, except the bikini

The one thing I really love is the fabric. It’s made out of a 94% Modal 6% Spandex blend. Modal is one of the best fabrics you can make undies in. It keeps you cool and is super soft. If I could get all my undies made out of a material this would be it. This means this pair can be worn to the gym, work, around town or play time. Or if you’re lucky all the above!  The Bikini is made out of Shell: 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex, Lining: 100% Polyester.

There are three styles in this collection. They are the bikini, jock and brief. The bikini is a cut a swim brief!. If you are a bikini fan, it’s not a super small cut. It’s a fuller brief but has no accents on the front and a center seam pouch. The waistband in the bikini is covered and is a great addition to the pair. It’s super sexy swimwear. The next style is the Jock. Nasty Pig knows how to make a jock and they have taken their awesome design and used it to create a fun camo jock. Lastly is the Brief. It’s a similar cut to the bikini but it has but the regular waistband and trim on each side of the pouch. Its definitely a more traditional cut.

The pairs retail for:

Sizes: Small  – XL

60690-5545-ZapJock-Blue-Front-WEBHey folks, I am so happy to be returning to the Underwear News Briefs family. I had to take a bit of time, cause moving across the country twice took a lot out of me. But now I’m back and ready to discuss one of my favorite subjects…men’s underwear. For this Jockstrap Wednesday, I wanted to profile one of my favorite jock brands’ new jocks for 2016. The ZAP Jock Strap in  Light Blue by the one and only NASTY PIG.

To be honest, when I decided I was doing Jockstrap Wednesday. I originally planned to do something a little more edgy than a regular fashion or sport jock. I was thinking maybe finding a cool neoprene one, or leather, or something with a cool special material detail. In my search to find what I wanted, I stumbled upon this jock, and the search ended.

The first thing that obviously caught my eye was the color. A lot of the more kink-friendly menswear manufacturers stay with the darker colors, and bold hues like navy, black, slate, red. It makes me happy to see the kink-friendly companies embracing a little bit of levity into their collections. In a time when “masculinity” and “femininity” are being seen as ingredients and not polarities. Not all muscle-bears and leather-daddies want the traditional “code” colors (i.e. black, navy, crimson). This light blue/turquoise happens to be my favorite color, so when I saw it, it was love at first sight. I need this jock.

The next thing I know I’ll love about it is…a MODAL POUCH! I have a couple Nasty Pig jocks and they have a cotton/spandex content. Those are wonderful to wear. I can’t even begin to fathom how nice this jock’s 94% modal/6% spandex blend will be. This jock features vibrant citrusy yellow stitching. The logo on the waistband to match.

This pair is for sale on the Nasty Pig website for $29. If the brilliant light blue isn’t your flavor. They also make the ZAP in Orange and Navy (both with turquoise stitching and logo).


In Vegas this year I had the honor to finally meet up with the guys from Nasty Pig. I got a quick preview at what was coming and hope to bring you a lot more from them. Nasty Pig will be doing some great things! One of those great things is the Maverick line. The line has briefs, jocks and matching socks.

This is Nasty Pig’s first Sports Mesh line. Meaning it could be great gym wear! But we see more wearing them for every day wear! The bright colors and matching branded waistband. This collection looks really great and fun. Its a little more mainstream but that’s not a bad thing. As you can see from the pic above you can also still use in different situations.

Nasty Pig is no stranger to the world of jockstraps. I think some of their jocks have become synonymous to the fetish jock. These however are not fetish but more every day wear (I guess you could wear for fetish as well). The new jocks come in three colors. They are black, blue and green.

The briefs has a traditional design. They are a pouch brief with out a fly. Each of the colors has a solid color with an accenting pouch. The Blue and Green have a black pouch where as the black has a white pouch. All pairs are trimmed in white. Its a great design that I like.

The last thing are the socks. Each color has matching socks. Socks are gaining in popularity with underwear. A few brands are doing it but I think Nasty Pig was one of the first to do it. I can picture many of our readers lounging around on a weekend in one of these pairs and the socks.

You can find these pairs at the Nasty Pig website. The brief and jock each retail for $32. The socks retail for $16 each.