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Obviously Originals DownTown Collection  (1)We are big fans of Obviously here at UNB. Myself and Salvatore both love the ergonomic pouch of the line! Obviously released the AnatoMAX Colours – Downtown Collection. This collection will be a most welcome addition to any ergonomic pouch lover!

If you’re not familiar with the brand we think you should be and not for the pouch!  They pay attention to the fabric as well. All the pairs I have ever owned have been amazing. The fit and comfort is top notch! Here is a blurb from their site and it sums up everything nicely about the band.

“Our meticulously engineered anatomical pouch design is what places our brand at the forefront of the underwear market. In order to provide you with the ultimate in superior quality of underwear we have chosen to use nothing but the finest natural fabrics – Bamboo Rayon and Licensed Lenzing Modal. These fabrics allow us to create underwear that is perfect to convey the feeling of softness, durability and support. Our fabrics have significant health benefits over regular cotton and synthetic underwear fabrics, they are highly UV resistant, non Genetically Modified (GM), sustainable and environmentally friendly”

If you aren’t familiar with the AnatoMAX line, below is the official description.

“AnatoMAX is the most recent pouch release and it is the largest pouch design available from Obviously. It provides a naturally shaped, anatomical pouch with MAXimum size, MAXimum space and MAXimum comfort. For those customers who previously enjoyed the Modal Range anatomical pouch – AnatoMAX is for you.”

The Downtown is available in 4 new colors. Featuring Mint, Flint Blue, Slate and Red Brick – the Downtown collection provides a stylish and energetic addition to the underwear of any guy braving the concrete jungle. The Downtown Collection is made from Obviously’s custom blend of MicroModal and Lycra and comes in 8 popular styles:

– AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg
– AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg
– AnatoMAX Brief
– AnatoMAX Hipster Trunk
– AnatoMAX Hipster Brief
– AnatoMAX Bikini Brief
– AnatoMAX Thong
– AnatoMAX Jockstrap

Find all these pairs at the Obviously Site !


2Tough, Rugged, Seasoned. These aren’t the usual words used to describe Obviously Apparel. But this season it’s time to unleash the mountain man within.

Obviously Apparel is proud to present the latest collection within the EveryMan Range of Men’s Underwear: The Lumber Collection

The Lumber Collection is made from Obviously’s custom blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra and comes in 4 popular styles: Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg, Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg, Hipster Trunk and Hipster Brief. The Lumber Collection features four new colours: Old Gold, Cranberry, Cypress and Deep Forest. The Lumber Collection also features contrast piping and a new textured waistband.

The Lumber Collection is available for immediate ordering so visit now to be the first to see this amazing new collection.


Let’s face it, how many reading this blog could be considered an underwear model? I would say few and far between. Now how many have trouble finding underwear that fits in the waist? Speaking from experience, I am in no way a 32 waist and will never ben that size again. Bigger guys are wanting great undies! If you are this kind of guy you will love the new sizes Obviously just released!

Obviously has added sizes to the Basics collection featuring the new AnatoMAX™ pouch. The sizes are X-large, 2X-Large and 3X-Large. The sizes in inches are: XL 40-442XL 46-48 and 3X is 50-52. The colors in the collection are Black, White, Gray and Graphite and feature Obviously’s custom blend of MicroModal and Lycra fabric for maximum comfort.

It’s great that companies are paying attention to the market. Not all of us fit in the 30-36 waist range. I fluctuate and have found times where I can’t wear brands due to their sizing. Obviously should be commended on what they are doing because ALL guys deserve amazing underwear! That’s what we stand for here at UNB!

Find the Basics on the Obviously site!


Obviously has one of the best pouches on the market. It has been one I have enjoyed for many years. They have the new AnatoMAX pouch. What’s so great about this is it gives you maximum comfort! It’s now part of the Basics Collection. Hope you guys will give this a look over! Here is what the brand send us!

From the design house of Obviously, the brand that brings you the world’s most comfortable underwear comes Obviously’s latest feat of engineering awesomeness – the AnatoMAX™ pouch – MAXimum size, MAXimum space, MAXimum comfort – AnatoMAX™ is the largest pouch size ever released and is the feature of Obviously’s latest Basics Collection – from the new Originals Range.

The Originals Range is a throwback to Obviously’s original logo, design and product styles – fused with all of Obviously’s latest garment design improvements. Made with Obviously’s custom blend of MicroModal and Lycra, the Originals Range – Basics Collection comes in 4 of your favourite colours – Black, White, Gray and Graphite – and is available in 8 styles

Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg
Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg
Hipster Trunk
Hipster Brief
Bikini Brief

The AnatoMAX™ Basics Collection will be shipping from the 7th of September, so visit to order now to be the first in the world to try this amazing new range.

In conjunction with the release of AnatoMAX™ – Obviously’s hugely popular pouch described as Naked is now called AnatoFREE™ – same amazing pouch design, same natural shape, same naked freedom – new AnatoFREE™ name. Look for our new packaging out soon!

img20150527Obviously is an ergonomically designed underwear brand. They make underwear specifically designed to hold a guys business in a pouch that gives maximum comfort. They have been a brand I have worn for years and often recommend to guys who want an amazing pouch. They released the new Spectra Collection. This is what they say about the new range:

“As the first fashion release, the Spectra Collection introduces a spread of sophisticated yet understated brand new colours to the Obviously Premium Range. Spectra delivers 4 refreshing and stylish colours with colour matching waistbands which feature an intricately combined woven and printed rubber logo.

The Spectra Collection is part of our Premium Range and is made in our custom blend of 90% MicroModal and 10% Lycra. It is a seasonal fashion collection that is available for shipping right now. ”

It comes in a Naked Hipster Brief, Naked Hipster Trunk and Naked Boxer Brief 9 Inch length. I really love what they did with the matching waistbands. They are sure to be an instant classic. They are sexy and stylish!

These are only a few of the colors and check out all the colors on the Obviously site!

IslandOne thing I love is underwear with an ergonomically designed pouch. Obviously is one of those companies that has always had a great pouch. They have just released the new Island Breeze collection. You maybe asking what is the Island Breeze?

“The Island Breeze Collection is the perfect way to let go of the winter cold and embrace the coming spring, the warmer weather and the fun times ahead. Featuring contrast piping and hemming, Island Breeze is the perfect way to liven up your underwear drawer this Spring.

The Island Breeze Collection is part of our EveryMan Range and is made in our custom blend of 90% Bamboo Rayon and 10% Lycra. It is a seasonal fashion collection that is available for shipping right now. This collection is limited in stock so make sure you log on to today to grab yourself a few pairs of this spring style”

It comes in a long boxer, trunk and brief. Each style comes with the amazing Obviously pouch! Also comes in three different colors Dawn, Ocean and Siesta. The pricing is $24.95 for the boxer, $22.95 for trunk and $20.95 for the brief. Find them at your favorite retailer or at the Obviously site.

10384937_10152070478971899_610504433654389159_nThe one thing I am loving as each year progresses, underwear makers are not making one size fits all underwear. They are realizing that guys are built different. Some need more room up front, others need the room in the back an others need both. Lucky guys! One company has been designing ergonomically designed underwear since their inception. That company is Obviously!

Their latest release is the Naked line. Which is “specifically engineered for those guys who are not afraid to go Naked and experience the freedom that an anatomical pouch provides.” This means that when you wear the pair your business hangs in a natural way that makes it feel like you aren’t wearing any underwear at all. Pairs that live up to this are usually my favorite pairs of Underwear. Because you want the support of amazing underwear but forget you are wearing it.

All the other pairs of Obviously I have ever received have an amazing pout. I have no doubt this one lives up to that. They also always use amazing materials for the underwear this pair is made out of a Bamboo Rayon and Lycra. This will make it super soft and super comfy. The materials will conform to your business.

From their site about the collection : “Urban Collection is designed for the artistic, urban guy who desires nothing less than the most comfortable and stylish underwear providing the confidence and freedom they aspire to. Featuring contrast piping and hemming, the urban collection is designed to make you stand out.”

I profiled the brief but it is available in Boxer (with 9 inch in seam) and a trunk. The colors available are White, Gray, Navy Blue and Burnt Orange. Lastly they retails for $18.95-20.95 on the Obviously site.


I’m a hard core brief wearer. Throughout the frozen hell better known as winter 2013-2014, I wore briefs. Even during the dreaded polar vortex that turned Northeastern Illinois into Chiberia, briefs were proudly worn under layers of clothing by this guy. I tell you this because as seasons change, my choice of underwear, as far as the cut goes, remains pretty consistent. True, I may wear thongs more often when the weather gets warmer, but I’ll always be a brief guy at heart.

As a culture, we’ve learned to associate seasons and holidays with certain colors. I’m talking about how we like to wear red and green for Christmas, or pastels for spring. As we head into autumn, those deep shades of orange, purple, and red come to mind, along with yellows and browns. Traditionally, these colors have been associated both with the natural transformation of the foliage outside and with the activities that typically occur in the fall, like the harvest.

So, I bet you guys know where I’m going with this. That’s right! I’m compiling a list of my favorite red, orange, purple, yellow and brown briefs, and pairing them with a fall activity.


1. You should try to navigate a maize maze this fall in these Hugo Boss briefs. Maybe someone will mistake you for an ear of corn and try to butter and eat you.

2. These purple Aussiebum briefs are a classic. The ribbed cotton adds some interest to a standard brief cut. Why not wear these under your costume on Halloween? You’ll definitely be getting both tricks and treats once they’re revealed.


3. Try on these C-in2 “Hand Me Down” briefs in Syracuse orange, while actually going to a college football game. Then detrou when your team scores a TD and show everyone your school spirit.


4. Run a turkey trot or do another sporting activity in this brown Obviously Sinuous string bikini/tanga. The high cut sides and anatomic pouch leave both room to move and provides natural support.


5. Snuggle next to the fireplace with your lover (or potential hookup) knowing that while the yule log flickers in the fireplace, you are about to set the whole scene on fire when you put these Bikkembergs briefs on display. The little pop of pink screams bulls-eye.

OBVIOUSLY-urban1Eco Friendly underwear is big among some of our readers. They want to look great, feel comfy and do something for the environment. More companies are coming out with lines that meet these criteria. Gone are the days when underwear that was eco friendly are hemp boxers! Now we have some great choices that come in different styles and colors. These are fashionable and fun.

Obviously is the latest brand entering the eco designer undies market. They have a great new collection called the Urban Collection. If you are familiar with their underwear you know it’s ergonomically designed to fit a guy. It has an amazing pouch and fits really well! I have quite a few of their other pairs in my collection.  I love this line and the styles they created! The styles available are a Long Boxer, Trunk and Brief. Sorry no jock or thong yet!

Here is what they sent us to share about the line:

Obviously Apparel is pleased to announce the release of the new Urban Collection which is available for sale now through your favourite retail stores and online at

The Urban Collection is designed for stylish urban men who desire nothing less than the most comfortable and well designed underwear, that provides them the confidence and freedom they aspire to. The Urban Collection is another eco-friendly collection launched by Obviously Apparel continuing its renowned tradition of the use of high quality natural fibres and environmentally friendly practices in underwear craftsmanship. The new collection is also in keeping with Obviously Apparel’s focus on the importance of men’s health and comfort.

Inspiration behind the collection

‘When you stroll down the streets of your favourite city it’s hard not to notice that urban, career driven guy passing by you who instantly captures your attention with his stylish swagger and classy look. It is this guy, with his effortless attitude, which inspired Obviously Apparel’s new Urban Collection.’

The Collection photo shoot depicts a day in the life of your urban hipster, enjoying a relaxing day in his apartment with his girlfriend.

The Urban Collection comes in Obviously’s custom blend of Bamboo is available in three styles: Naked which features Obviously’s improved anatomical pouch (Boxer Brief 9 inch leg, Trunk, and Hipster Brief), Comfort (Trunk and Hipster Brief) and Classic (Trunk and Hipster Brief). The collection features a fusion of four colours – burnt orange, navy blue, grey and white, combined with contrasting colour piping, a 4 colour soft backed waistband, and an offset oversized logo. The entire collection ranges in price from $18.95 – $20.95 and is available as a limited release collection.


Since bursting onto the scene several years ago with its revolutionary anatomical pouch design, Obviously has literally changed the face of Men’s underwear forever – providing a level of comfort never thought possible.

The remarkable journey continues with the release of Obviously’s first Bamboo Rayon range of Underwear – the EveryMan™ Range

The EveryMan™ Range is specifically designed for EveryMan to wear Every Day and provides an affordable addition to your underwear collection.

The EveryMan™ Range is made from a custom blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra fabric which provides the perfect balance between comfort, freedom and support.  The EveryMan™ Range comes in 5 totally new products:4144a

  • Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg
  • Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg
  • Brief
  • Trunk
  • Hipster Brief

Each of these products is a complete redesign from Obviously’s original Modal Anatomical Pouch products, they are engineered for even more comfort, providing a more spacious overall fit, and ensuring that you can find your favourite every day underwear, whether is Trunks or Long Leg Boxers, at an affordable price – while never sacrificing comfort or quality.

The EveryMan™ Range also features 2 new front contour styles – Comfort and Classic. The Comfort Style features a single panel front for an enhanced level of comfort while still retaining a slim line appearance and providing support. Think of it as a midway point between Obviously’s anatomical pouch and traditional underwear. This Comfort front contour is perfect if you desire underwear with a little more support.
The Classic Style features a classic double panel front with flatlocked double seams and a shallower front contour depth in order to achieve a classic shape with maximum support.

The complete EveryMan™ Range can be viewed on Obviously’s website on the link below:

The EveryMan™ Range also features a new logo for Obviously Underwear. This new logo represents a return to the roots of the brand. The stylised O represents a breaking wave across a rising sun symbolising the sun and surf of the beautiful Australian beaches that have always been a big part of the brand. Symbols of fun and energy, of the relaxed Aussie lifestyle, but also of enduring power and beauty.

More information on all of these new releases and changes can be found on Obviously’s new website, so visit today to read more about what’s going on with the world’s most comfortable underwear.


2012 is coming to a close and I asked some of the guys on the site what was their favorite pair from last year. Some maybe we reviewed and others are ones that were purchased. But it was a great year for undies!

Alex – My favorite pair of 2012 are the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Air Jock. This super comfy pair of underwear took one of my favorite briefs, the Almost Naked, and made them better by taking off the butt. I don’t know if it just makes me feel sexier or is more comfortable but matting these briefs with a jock is absolutely amazing. Come 2013 more brief/jock combos will be making their way into my undies drawer.

UNBTim – My Favorite pair this last year is the Joe Snyder Pride Frame Bikini. This was my very first pair I have ever had of them and the fit and feel was amazing. I loved the pouch and the way they fit all day! They are truly amazing pair of undies. I have to mention the N2N Bodywear Air Trunk as my other favorite. This is because they are so breathable and lightweight. N2N Did something really amazing with the air line!

theamazingT- Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief in Turquoise. I consider this my 2012 pair because I didn’t own any of the Almost Naked briefs until I started working for this site last winter. After having the Almost Naked brief in my collection, it very quickly became my go to. Whether I just wanted a comfortable pair of undies to lounge around in, or I wanted a sexy bulgy pair to wear out on the town, the choice ended up coming down to my AC Almost Naked’s every time. I now own multiple pairs from the collection, with different colors and cuts, but these will always be my “first love”..

MrShane-I purchased a Baskit Jock in olive green this last year and I absolutely love it. It is no secret that I am a major jockstrap fan as I have about 25 of them and wear them at least three times a week. Well, the Baskit jockstrap is one of my favorites. It is extremely soft and comfortable. The pouch is adequate in size without being confining while being supportive and the waistband and leg straps are both soft and comfortable. I love the Baskit logo in the contrasting olive green color on the bright white waistband. There is nothing about this jockstrap that I can find at fault. I love it!

UNBThongGuyObviously Chromatic Collection Low Rise Thong -My favorite thong I got to review this year was by Obviously. It’s probably the perfect thong. Soft material, great design, comfortable pouch and strap. I can wear it all day and forget I am wearing it. It’s hands down the best thong in my col


Jockstrap lovers rejoice! Whether you like Bike’s classic swimmers (now in white, black and red) or the #10s (in white, black, red, yellow and blue) or you prefer the new modern comfort athletic Bike jocks (in white, black and grey), you’re going to love this news: All Bike jockstraps are 15% off at Jockstrap Central- but act fast as the sale ends on Sunday, February 26th.

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  Dead Good Undies has some new collections. Those include the pictured ManStore featuring the Leather Look and Shimmering collections. Also, check out the new Olaf Benz.

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  Planet Undies has some great new pairs. The first one they have is they now carry Obviously Underwear. While at the site check out the new Bruno Banani and new Calvin Klein as well. Both very colorful new lines!

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Activeman, a company known for it’s affordable traditional jockstraps, have broken into the men’s underwear market big time putting a guy’s unique anatomy and his comfort up front.

The Liberty Trunk is constructed of one of the most exciting new fabrics out there: Modal. Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from the beech tree. In many ways, a modal acts like cotton but with the advantages of rayon. It’s soft, smooth and breathes well. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent with a resistance to shrinkage. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction and stays soft through repeated washings. Of course, our favorite feature of modal is simply it’s stretchability and it’s nature to expand adapting to anything that may pop up!

The Activeman Sports Brief is constructed of a sturdy but stretchy cotton with a touch of Elastane for the ultimate fit. The fully formed and roomy ergonomic 3d pouch ensures the utmost in comfort for a guy.

This quality of underwear at this price is unheard of. The Liberty Trunk is only $14.95 and comes in both white and black. The Sports Brief is only $12.95 and comes in black, white and grey. If you’re looking for the perfect everyday underwear that’s totally affordable, stylish, comfortable and built to last then we think we’ve found it for you with the newly launched Activeman Underwear now at Jockstrap Central

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  New brand Maclovia is giving you 25% of the entire store until Tues Feb 7th. They also give you free orders in the US! We have a review coming up of the brand!

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   The new year is warming up with Timoteo. Check out the new Timoteoi Authentic Tank

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Both Omtex and Wolf jockstraps are phenomenal and since launching them on their website a few years ago, they’ve become one of our best sellers for Jockstrap Central. Guys love them whether it’s for support during sports, or simply as everyday underwear.

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   New Pops & Stripes In Stock
We’ve received our first shipment of the new Pop colors and Stripes designs for Spring/Summer 2012. You’ll find great new colors like blue shadow, detergent, green swarm, innocent sky, and more! Grab your pair of pop colors or pop stripes today before these are gone.New Styles for Other Lines Coming Soon
We’ll be rolling out new lines as well as updated colors for Zen and Hand.Me.Down within the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the newsletter list for details! Is Now
United at last! We’ve transitioned into the main company Web site at You’ll enjoy the same customer accounts, order history, reward points and store credit balances, and fast shipping that you’ve come to expect from us. We’ve also refreshed the look and feel of the site. Product pages now more clearly indicate which images correspond with each color. Shop the new store today!

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   Timoteo wants you to fulfill your resolution. That mean’s get some of the new leggings from Timoteo to run and work out in!

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   Obviously is a collection of men’s underwear that combines modern innovation with an ultra soft fabric. Obviously is designed with an innovative anatomical pouch that allows for separation away from the legs and body. This separation eliminates all discomfort by stopping chafing, squashing, and being stuck to the inside of your leg, while allowing from freedom of movement. A seamless back, tag-less design, and a plush elastic waistband add to the extreme comfort that Obviously for Men provides. Purchase the whole Obviously collection NOW at HisTrunks.

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  New styles are out at Andrew Christian. The main one is the Cosmopolitan Brief in heather. This is only a limited edition and only 4 are going to be made. The other is the Avalon Trunk. Check them out at the Andrew Christian shop!
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 Looking for stocking stuffers for the man on your list? Topdrawers and Andrew Christian has you covered. We have new in-stock the Limited Edition Holiday Boxer Brief with Soft Flannel Waistband. This boxer features a red and green plaid flannel waistband that is so comfortable you feel like you are in your pajamas! The flannel covered waistline elastic provides the ultimate in comfort for those that are bothered by the feeling of elastic touching their skin. It also features a button down front that is also detailed in red and green plaid. Perfect for the holidays! Available in a festive collector’s gift tin. Check out Top Drawers for this and more
  Since re-launching their new website, mens underwear online retailer has been stocking up on new and adventurous underwear. One of their recent additions are the Basic, Live and Start ranges from Sloggi mens underwear and are giving away a 2nd pair for half price when one is bought! Sloggi is a renowned brand for super innovative, super-soft and comfortable underwear that will keep you snug in the cold winter nights! The basic range is the top best seller in Cotton/Lycra mix and won’t ever leave you guys out of style. We also have the Sloggi Start range with the contrast colour seam detail for a sporty look and the all time favourite Live range– the modern everyday briefs with a wide, tone-in-tone waistband.
Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief + Skinny Hoody 24% Off Next 24 Hrs Only!

Tighty Whitie Punked is a new sporty design update to the basic brief with unique contrasting fashion stitching around the pouch, fly and leg openings. This style is great for everyday usage; but unlike other basics, the Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief is made from a Cotton and Spandex blended fabric that has great stretch and recovery which helps eliminate unwanted sagging and stretching as you wear it throughout the day. This style features a pouch for extra room in front, just where you need it, and Anti-muffin Top elastic helps minimize the appearance of love handles and slims the appearance of your waist.

Product Features:

  • Contrast stitching around legs, fly and pouch
  • Fabric has great stretch and recovery for everyday use
  • Extra room in front, just where you need it
  • Fly front
  • Made from soft cotton fabric blend
  • Anti-Muffin Top Elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Shorter legs for a sporty look
  • Hand made with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Regular Fit

  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • 1 1/4 inch contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Depending on size, around 4 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg opening

Regular Price $18.00
Sale price with coupon $13.68

24% Off Coupon!

  • Purchase Style: 9237 Tighty Whitie Punked Brief w/ Fly Style and/or 5086 Skinny Hoody Only in the next 24 hours on and receive 24% off this style only. Does not apply to any other items.
  • Enter code: 24TIGHTY9237 during checkout for the discount.
  • Offer expires: Dec 13, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

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Pikante is a play on the Spanish word for spicy which couldn’t be more fitting for Jockstrap Central‘s latest offerings.

The front of these new jocks are wide, sort of like a brief and are designed for guys who like to wear their shafts upright and to the left or right. Of course being made of a wide mesh, that’s the best way to really show off what you’ve got, plus with minimal stretch it all fits better that way as well.

Besides the very see-through mesh front, another stunning feature is the sexy triangle formed by the traditional jock strap and the joining strap that is actually the piping of the front pouch that continues along the bottom of the pouch, leaving it and finally meeting up with the other strap.

Both the 1.5 inch waistband with a repeating embossed Pikante logo and the 3/4 inch leg straps are made with a super-comfortable plushed comfort elastic material. You’ll be hard pressed to find something that’s this sexy and yet so inexpensive. In case you’re wondering, the model is Adam Stray and he certainly isn’t shy!”

You still have time to shop before the holidays so Malestrom presents Their  latest holiday deals of the week: Report Collection, Joe Snyder, JM, Papi, Piss & Vinegar, LazzyBum, Diesel, Skmpeez, Obviously, Sauvage & Unico on sale from 10% – 50% off & more. Also, visit our ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page for more savings. Check ’em out!
Body Aware Underwear for Men is pleased to introduce their newest website just in time for the holidays!  We invite you to take a look at our new online shopping site and browse the excellent selection of men’s undies in fabulous fabrics and colors.

We have a fantastic range of anything you might want to buy for the holidays including our newest Double Satin Pouch.   This latest design incorporates gorgeous colors and two glistening layers of satin fabric and our one-of-a-kind backless pouch that makes the most of your holiday package.  And while you’re shopping, take a look at one of the most comfortable and handsome briefs available, the new Reversible Micro Short.  This spectacular design is completely reversible, made from a luxurious Italian tactel fabric that glides over your skin and keeps you firmly comfortable all day long.  Special sizes from XS to 3XL are now available in many of our styles.

At Body Aware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care, and customer service .  You will find our designs unique and infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.

We would love to hear what you think of our newest site and look forward to being of service to you at Body Aware Underwear for Men.

Love TImoteo? Check out the Sports sample pack for only $44.00! You can get three pairs of Timoteo, and it’s  deal but hurry it’s only good this weekend. You can get free shipping with your order iwth the code HOLIDAYSHIP.

The pack includes a Super Low Brief, Scout Square Cut Brief and Athlete new jock. Check them out at the Timoteo site

We get the second in the Obviously series. This time, we get to check out the new Full Cut Boxer Brief. This is another pair from the Autumn line.  Once again I got another green pair! YES! So now I have probably 3-4 pairs. When I think of it, the other pair of Obviously I have is also green. So, I guess there is something with me, Obviously, and green.

I will say I was looking forward to these because, of the pouch. I don’t care for boxer briefs without a pouch. The Obliviously pouch is ergonomically designed. I do like how they have integrated it into the boxer briefs.  Some of my favorite boxer briefs all have pouches. Not all pairs do, so I usually stay away from the ones without pouches. Hence why this pair was perfect for me

The pair really fit well. I was very happy with them. I wore them on a night out. I knew that I probably wouldn’t have much issue with them since I enjoyed the brief. It was a low key movie night at a friends. The one thing that really struck me with these is it didn’t feel like I was wearing boxer briefs. I felt like I was wearing briefs

These are also available in the same four colors as the Low Rise Brief: Plum, Kiwi, Glacier and Blue Stone. Like I said, they are perfect for Autumn

Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

These were furnished by Obviously for review. You can purchase them directly from the Obviously site.

It’s been a long time since we have reviewed some Obviously, possibly over a year. They have released a brand new line called Autumn. If you have been on the net, you have seen these at many of your favorite retailers. I got two pair to review: the Low Rise Brief and the Full Cut Boxer. This review is about the Brief.

When I got the briefs, I noticed they are my favorite color: green. There aren’t too many green undies out there. It’s a rare color lately, so that had me super excited. The current range of colors are: Plum, Kiwi, Glacier, and Blue Stone. They are the perfect colors for Autumn.

The one thing I have always liked about Obviously is the pouch. It’s just very ergonomically designed. It really fits well and doesn’t hold things in and make you uncomfortable through out the day. As most of you know, a pouch is one of my favorite things. So, I have to say hats off to Obviously for that!

I wore them to run errands, and yes, it seems I have a lot of errands lately. They fit pretty well. They are also super soft and you can tell they really pay attention to materials. Have you ever had a pair of underwear that just drove you crazy because of the materials it was made out of? Well I don’t think you will have that problem with these.

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4.5
Daily Wear 5

These were furnished for review by Obviously. They are available directly from their website.

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