PPU Underwear


When it comes to athletic underwear, comfort, support, and style are key factors to consider. The PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap offers all of these features and more. Designed to provide a streamlined look with an extra dash of athletic support, this jockstrap is perfect for those who want to feel confident and sporty, whether they’re in the game or simply embracing their active side. Handmade in Colombia with a combination of high-quality USA and Colombian fabrics, this jockstrap boasts a composition of 96% nylon and 4% spandex, ensuring a sleek and defining fit. With its naked back and transparent fabric, it’s a bold choice for those who appreciate a touch of daring in their underwear selection. So, let’s dive into the details and discover why the PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap should be your go-to choice.

Comfortable and Silky Soft: One of the standout features of the PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap is its spandex ultra-soft microfiber fabric. This material not only feels incredibly silky soft against your skin but also provides excellent breathability and flexibility. Whether you’re engaging in intense physical activities or simply going about your day, this jockstrap ensures maximum comfort and unrestricted movement, making it suitable for any active lifestyle.

Streamlined Look and Athletic Support: The PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap is designed to give you a sleek and streamlined appearance. The form-fitting construction contours to your body, providing a defining fit that enhances your physique. This jockstrap offers ample support to keep you comfortable and secure during your workouts or any other activities that demand added support. The combination of its unique design and high-quality fabric ensures that you look and feel your best, whether you’re in the gym or enjoying a casual day out.

Handmade in Colombia, Created with Quality: Crafted with care, the PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap is proudly handmade in Colombia, South America. It combines the expertise of Colombian artisans with the use of top-notch fabrics sourced from both the USA and Colombia. This dedication to quality shines through in every aspect of the jockstrap, from its stitching to the choice of materials. By choosing this jockstrap, you’re not only embracing style and comfort but also supporting the craftsmanship and tradition of skilled artisans.

Daring Design: The PPU One Sided Mesh Jockstrap sets itself apart with its naked back and transparent fabric. This daring design element adds a touch of sensuality to your underwear collection, allowing you to express your individuality and confidence. Whether you’re looking to impress someone special or simply want to feel sexy, this jockstrap delivers a unique and alluring aesthetic that will turn heads.

It’s been a hot minute since PPU released a collection. The newest collection is everything you would hope of from PPU. It’s skimpy, mesh, and did I say skimpy? “It is time to renew your underwear and make a twist to the sexy part inside you. PPU 2021-1 brings those pieces that will give you confidence when you slip down your pants. It is never too late to reveal your sexy side.

Get 20% off the new PPU at the UNB Store with code PPU2021. Also on sale is MaleBasics, Candyman, Clever, and Pikante (Prices marked, no codes are needed for these four brands.)

Here are a few of the amazing pairs in the collection:

The past few weeks I have been going through old hard drives and putting all the UNB pics in a central location. It’s been amazing to see all the old photos. Some of them deserve a proper write up on Throw Back Thursday. The Brief Distraction is one from the current month in years past. This one is from PPU in 2012. The years I have gone through are 2008-2013. I am working on other brands.

Probably starting next week instead of a video we will have a throwback look at a picture set or collection from years gone by.

PPU has always been one brand that is always fun. They have never been one to stick to the plain and simple designs. Their designs have been over the top and always on the wild side. I wouldn’t say that they are a “fetish” brand. When I think fetish brand it’s more of the leather community and bondage. Maybe that’s just my own shallow definition. This now enters that world, lace and more. I think they have all fetish levels and likes covered in this.

Many pairs of this collection are 100% see-through mesh or cutouts. We can’t show you the full monty here but you can see it on a few sites. I”m not sure all will cover it. The mesh is black and mixed with harnesses. These pairs would definitely be for a bar night or a fun night out. Or a fun night in where you don’t go out for the weekend.

If that’s not your thing we have some more of the traditional PPU pair with cutouts and pouches that accent your manhood. Also, included in this new line is mesh. If memory serves me correct, and I bet it’s not. They haven’t done much with lace over the years. Not like Candyman and Pikante.

Overall this is a show-off collection. It’s about having fun and being with others who appreciate it. Check out this and all the PPU at the Candyman Fashion site. If you like the wild side of undies, you are going to love this line. As you can see by the pics here.

Are you looking for some super fun underwear? PPU is known for their innovative and fun designs. This new collection proves that PPU has some of the most interesting pairs on the market. They mix jocks, thongs and boxer briefs into something very sexy and hot. Each year they create more hybrids or take on an old classic.

PPU 1704 Boxer Brief

The PPU 1704 Boxer Briefs is not a classic boxer, it has four styles in one in the front looks like a brief but it has straps which make it a jockstrap but on the back has a G string which makes it a thong and on the sides has panels that seams like a boxer

COLORS: White or black
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.48

PPU 1709 Thongs

The PPU Thong 1709 puts the bright lights on your finest assets! ultra stretchy microfiber fabric forms a smooth, defining fit that feels light and airy against your skin. The pouch is contoured to lift . See through fabric

COLORS: Turquoise, Blue, Black, or White
FABRIC: 94% Nylon 6% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $22.48

PPU 1710 Jockstrap

The PPU 1710 Jockstrap is a jockstrap with a super sexy touch, thanks to the small amount of fabric on the pouch with a V shape form. This super sexy sporty style is made for the guy who isn’t afraid to stand out, and show a little skin at that.

COLORS: Black, white or Red
FABRIC: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.48

PPU 1711 Bikini

The PPU 1711 Bikini is made from super soft, stretch microfiber fabric that fits sleek and trim. The low rise, lean cut silhouette provides plenty of coverage with a sexy edge.

FABRIC: 88.05% Nylon 11.95% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.48

PPU 1712 Jockstrap

The PPU 1712 Jockstrap gives you minimal coverage with a sporty design twist. Instead of a conventional waistband, this the elastic straps from the back ride up your hips and hug your body to stay up. It’s ultra low-rise for an invisible look under clothes, so you can always use it for a pleasant surprise.

PAIR: 1712 Jockstrap
COLORS: Green or Orange (new colors)
FABRIC: 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $22.48

PPU 1714 Jockstrap

The PPU 1714 Jockstrap it’s all in the details, so we’ve turned up the sexy factor here by adding a few extra straps. Some are for show, while the others in the back give your butt an extra boost. All in all, slip this baby on and enjoy a sporty, sexy new you.

COLORS: New colors are black or white
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $30.48


Find these all on CandymanFashion

Let’s go all out full thong on this Thong Thursday! Thongs are all about feeling sexy and confident. One of the newest is the PPU 1605 Asymmetrical Thong. I call it a mix of a g-string and thong. You will see why in a few minutes. PPU is known for creating innovative and different underwear.

The thong has a full waistband on one side and a thin string on the other. It’s a really cool design you don’t see every day. The solid waistband has a complimenting color in the band. Also, the back is made up of the same string as the waistband. It continues down from the band to attach to the pouch.

It’s an asymmetrical design. Meaning, as you see, it’s not symmetrical. It’s a little off center. I really like designs such as this, it gives you something different in the world of underwear. Not everything has to go according to plan.

It comes in four different colors. They are black, white, red and Green. Made out of a 93% Nylon 7% Spandex blend fabric.  This pair retails for $18.00 at the Candyman Fashion site.

BRAND: PPU Underwear
COLORS: Black, white, blue, or red
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $18.00

PPU Tuxedo 1312 Thong and 1325 Boxer BriefNeed some underwear for your wedding or to wear with your tux for other formal occasions? Now a days tuxedos aren’t just black and white. You have color options. So PPU added two new colors to their Tuxedo line of thongs and boxer briefs. They already offered the traditional colors of black and white in both the thong and boxer brief.

Now you can get your tuxedo thong or boxer brief in white or blue too. Both styles feature a gray wide waistband with the PPU brand name on it. The white version does have some red incorporated into the waistband. The blue features the v-neck display of the white shirt with a blue button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. For the white color, it has a red shirt for the v-neck opening with white button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. The original color black and white features a white waistband with a white shirt with black button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. The thong only shows one button while the boxer briefs shows three on the shirt on the pouch.

They are both made out of a stretch mircofiber fabric made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. They describe the fabric as feeling great against your skin and forms an ultra smooth fit. Both the thong and boxer briefs are available in sizes small to extra-large.

The Tuxedo line 1312 and 1325 would make for a great pair of underwear for your wedding night. I’d push you to go for the thong for an extra special night. Though either choice would be a fun way to sure up your wedding day wear. They’d also be a great choice to wear under your formal wear for other events. Why not have fun with your underwear and be formal throughout your whole outfit.

COLORS: Thong – Black-White, Blue, White; Boxer Brief – Black-White, Blue, White
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
PAIR: 1321 Thong, 1325 Boxer Brief
COST: Thong – $18.46; Boxer Brief – $29.23
LINK: Thong, Boxer Brief

PPU 1312 Black-White Thong FrontPPU 1312 Black-White Thong BackPPU 1312 Blue Thong FrontPPU 1312 Blue Thong BackPPU 1312 White Thong FrontPPU 1312 White Thong BackPPU 1325 Black-White Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 Black-White Boxer Brief BackPPU 1325 Blue Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 Blue Boxer Brief BackPPU 1325 White Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 White Boxer Brief Back

I know we have quite a few jock fans out there. One company that always does interesting things with jocks is PPU. They make a series of jocks, jocks briefs, and well interesting designs. The new 1604 is more of a jock brief than a jock. It has the PPU spin on it as well. Which includes a great design and fun colors.

The official description is: “PPU Jockstrap is perfect for the guy who likes a sporty and sexy style. Incorporating a low rise, lean cut brief with a sporty jockstrap. On the front this piece combines two fabrics to turn the pair into a stylish design one.  You’re left with a look that’s body flattering and oh so sexy, perfect for any occasion”

It comes in two different color combinations. The first is white. But it’s not the plain white. It has green waistband/trim and a black design on the pouch. The second is Gray. Instead of green the waistband/trim in pink and the same black design on the pouch. I love both of these colors. I’m a big green fan so it’s hard for me to make up my mind on which one I like best. Let’s say I wouldn’t turn either one down! For those who want a solid color, there is as black version.

PPU is a Columbian brand so it may run smaller. Double check the official sizing chart for the exact sizes. When in doubt go up a size in this brand. Trust us you will be happier! If you’re a fan of Jock Briefs we think you need to check this pair out! It will add some spice to your underwear drawer just in time for the holidays! Or maybe get a jump on early Valentine’s Day date night undies!

PAIR: 1604 Jockstrap
COLORS: White, Gray or Black
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $22.48
LINK: PPU 1604 Jockstrap

PPU 1603 ThongPPU likes to get creative with their underwear designs. If you’re looking for a thong or a g-string that is a bit different then PPU’s 1603 is one to consider. From the front you’ll ask yourself is it a thong? Or is it a g-string? From the back you’ll see it is a g-string.

What stands out of this pair is the two different waistband styles. You have the wide sporty elastic on one side and then a thin g-string type elastic on the other. The thin elastic then threads through the thick elastic in the back to attach to the pouch. This thong is available in 4 colors: black, green, red, and white. The black is all over black. What they call green is more of a turquoise. It has a white thick waistband with a blue stripe down the middle. The thin elastic waistband is blue and runs around the pouch also. The red has a white thick waist band with a red stripe, but the thin waistband is white. Gray is used for the thick waistband on the white pair. The thin side is a light blue. The thin waistband runs around the pouch on all of these thongs.

The pouch is centered seamed for support and definition. The fabric is a microfiber that is made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. PPU 1603 thong is available in sizes small to extra large and are made in Colombia.

I’m one that likes to stick with a standard design for my underwear, but this is one I’d consider. What I like about this pair is it’s one that isn’t too far out there. The design appears like it would still work well for everyday underwear, which is my goal with my underwear purchases. This would be a great thong or g-string to add a little character to the drawer.

COLORS: Black, Green, Red, White
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
PAIR: 1603 Thong
COST: $18.46
LINK: CandyMan Fashion

PPU 1603 Thong Black FrontPPU 1603 Thong Black BackPPU 1603 Thong Green FrontPPU 1603 Thong Green BackPPU 1603 Thong Red FrontPPU 1603 Thong Red BackPPU 1603 Thong White FrontPPU 1603 Thong White Back

PPU 1607 Bikini

Hey bikini lovers and PPU fans, we are introducing you to bikini style 1607 from PPU. This is a new bikini they’ve added to their 2017 collection. What makes this bikini a bit different than others is the two metal rings that create a figure eight uniting each side. PPU also adds different color piping to give some pop to this bikini.

The 1607 bikini is available in 3 colors with contrasting piping along the waist and leg openings. The color options are black, green, and white. The black has gold piping and gold stitching down the center seam of the pouch. The piping on the green is white, but the center seam is in a green thread. The white bikini’s piping and center pouch seam are light blue. The fabric is advertised as a silky microfiber fabric forming a smooth, body-defining fit. It’s a blend of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. One more thing with the fabric is it has little hearts embossed in it adding even a little more character to this bikini.

What interests me about this pair is the accented piping and the embossed fabric. I’ve been drawn to pairs that have color accenting to their piping and stitching. I like how the embossing gives the fabric some texture. Both of these give this pair some personality, which is nice to have in a pair of underwear. Of course, the metal rings do too, which is a feature I haven’t tried in a pair yet.

If you want something that is on the classic side, but with some flare then you need to check out the PPU 1607 bikini. It’s a pretty classic bikini cut with its narrow sides and a back cut that just shows off enough. The metal side rings, accent piping, and embossed fabric brings the fun into this bikini.

COLORS: Black, Green, White
FABRIC: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
PAIR: 1607 Bikini
COST: $21.53
LINK: CandyMan Fashion

PPU 1607 Black FrontPPU 1607 Black BackPPU 1607 Green FrontPPU 1607 Green BackPPU 1607 White FrontPPU 1607 White Back