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1556_Black_1It’s been a long time since we last saw a collection from PPU. If memory serves me as correct it was August/September 2014. We went all last year without a new sexy collection from them. PPU has done a mix of classic and sexy. This collection is definitely on the sexy end of the spectrum.

I will admit I love it when new collections come out. It’s like Christmas morning to me to see what surprises underwear companies have in store for us. I really love this collection because they really embrace the sexy side of the guy and I don’t feel they went over the top doing it.

Here are a few of the of the pairs in the new collection. Make sure you see the entire collection.

PPU has a new and interesting take on the Jockstrap. The PPU 1550 is a jock but without a waistband! The straps on the pouch loop back directly into the leg straps. This pair has a bit of a fun factor. I don’t ever recall seeing a design like this before. It comes in black or the blue/white. I personally love the blue!

Mesh has always been a part of PPU in some fashion. This collection has a new trunk that is part solid and part mesh. The 1555 trunk has a blue mesh pouch that runs all the way around the pair. The front shows off EVERYTHING but the back has less mesh. It’s available in black and blue. Each pair has the same mesh.

Are you a fan of bikinis? The 1556 Brief mixes a string bikini cut with mesh. Unlike the 1555 boxer this pair has a solid, well almost solid pouch. There is mesh at the top and across the back. I find this pair seriously HOT. It could be anything from a date night pair to a week day work pair. We think sexy underwear should not be just in the bedroom!

PPU 1569 is another take on the jock! PPU has a way of putting their spin on classic pairs. The jock is one they have played with many times. Each time they come up with something great. This jock looks traditional from the back. However, from the front, the elastic waistband doesn’t carry around. The pouch is attached on the corner and over top of the pouch there is no waistband. It ties back in on the hip. PPU just comes up with super creative new designs.

What would a PPU post be without a thong! This is the 1570 Thong. Its very similar to the first jock mentioned above. The blue is very similar. It has a cool block sort of pattern on the pouch. Which is attached to two strings that go around the back and tie in to the back string. It’s a cool design that is definitely going to draw attention.

These are just  a few of the new pairs that PPU has released. There are many more we didn’t cover. It’s great to see a collection after a year of being MIA from the underwear scene. You can find this at your favorite underwear retailer or at Candyman Fashion.

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting for Candyman Fashion but the opinions in this post are his own.

What’s Hot at DrawerFull This June?

DrawerFull has us ready for summer by letting us know what gear to get our hands on.  As we start our fun in the sun, here are DrawerFull’s hottest picks for June.

JOR Speed Boxer


The JOR Speed Cotton Retro Trunk has the look and feel of the 70s, with a fun, athletic vibe. It’s made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric that features a faded look and topped off with a bold waistband in a color combo reminiscent of the age of love. Shop this pair here.

Clever Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk


The CLEVER Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk has a slightly relaxed fit with a tailored look that nicely flatters any body who wears it. A splash of color here and there, plus added pockets mean you can even wear this swimsuit as casual shorts to and from your busy summery schedule.  Shop the pair here.

PPU Cotton Jockstrap


The PPU Cotton Jockstrap is the basic sports support every athletic guy needs. The pouch is made from soft, stretch cotton that is absorbent for long lasting comfort. The rear straps are extra wide to prevent pinching or riding up, so you can perform in this jockstrap for hours on end. Shop the pair here.

Tribe Energy Shorts


TRIBE swimwear draws inspiration from the color, energy, and joy that is found in Tribal Culture.  This brand is 100% Australian Made, emphasizing in quality, comfort and style.  The swimsuit offers a wide waistband, sharp fitting throughout, and accessible pockets to include a more casual look in between beach outings.  Shop the pair here.  

SUKREW Full Trunk – Jamie


That Full Pouch look. The Full Trunk has six small pleats in the pouch, and is cut to show you off to your best advantage. The rear ‘y’ seam gives you perfect definition and unrestricted comfort. Neon polyamide fabric with blue printed branding on the waistband. Shop the pair here.

Blue Collar Underwear – City Slicker Trunk


Comfortable with an Awesome fit plus Great look. Busy City Scene Print fabric. Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch. Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric. Trunk features an elasticized Blue Collar logo waistband. Stretch microfiber with body defining fit. Cotton/Mesh on sides.  Shop the pair here.

2EROS Coast Trunk


The Coast series is a relaxed, simple and elegant collection. The color combination is of coastal comfort. The tan contrast placed between to the legs gives the illusion of exposed skin but keeping you covered. Shop the pair here.



Be sure to stop by the site at DrawerFull and check out the latest from all your favorite designers.


We all search for that pair of underwear that helps define who we are and what we feel when wrapped in that waistband.  Some guys prefer boxer briefs, while others prefer briefs and so forth.  It may be a brand, a style, or even a color that we feel our best in and really excites are inner being.  As time passes, underwear, like everything else, evolves and changes into something new.  I have always enjoyed many types of underwear from various brands and styles but over the past year I have discovered a style that encompasses everything I love about underwear.9514_0224

The first time I saw the jock-thong I could not believe my eyes.  I love a jock for its exposure, support, and fit.  I love a thong for its sex appeal and the way it makes me feel.  When both were put together, I knew I had to have it for myself.  I bought the Andrew Christian Jock Thong last summer and tried it on.  Oh my it was amazing!  I actually feel that the jock thong adds more support than a regular thong or jock because of the side straps brought together a little closer and tighter by the center strap.  In fact, I recently told a straight male who was interested in getting more into thongs that the jock thong may be a good transition pair of underwear because of its additional support and feel.  The side straps take away some of the pressure from the center strap, making it more jock like than thong like.  So to everyone who enjoys a brief or jock and wants to give a thong a try, this is the way to go.


I am excited to see more brands taking part in this new underwear evolution.  Andrew Christian was my first jock thong purchase and they have since offered a few more selections.  I have recently seen brands such as Jack Adams, Candyman, PPU and more come out with new jock thong combinations.  This is a new market in underwear that has potential to really expand.  As underwear enthusiasts, we need to expand our underwear knowledge and continue to grow with the underwear community.  I encourage anyone to take a chance and sample the jock thong  that is evolving within the underwear community.

Let’s hope 2015 continues to see the development of the jock thong market where men can embrace this new pair.






I know we have some bare as you an wear bikini fans out there. Some of you have said how hard it is to ind really cool and skimpy bikinis. Well look no further than PPU! They have released this new bikini named the 1466 Not the most descriptive name but its super sexy and probably one of the hottest bikinis around in a while!

Thi pair has a counter pouch and super thin sides. It’s not a pair that you will see at the gym much, but I know some of you out there will wear it regardless. The back you may think would be just as small but it’s more of a full seat rather than a Brazilian cut. This to me adds to the sexiness. It shows off a lot more skin without giving it all away.

There is only one down side as I see it. The pair only comes in red. I’d love to see a lot more colors in this line. I think bikinis are making a come back and more and more companies are starting to make them. So if you are a big fan of them or want to try them, check out this great pair from PPU. Find this and more at GDD World.PPU_1466_salmon_2.jpg PPU_1466_salmon_3.jpg


_MG_0419PPU has released their new Fall/winter collection. PPU is one brand that really reinvents itself. The last collection had new boxer briefs this one is more jock and bikini heavy. Which isn’t  a bad thing. They change things up in styles and colors quite often. Also, the brand is not afraid to mix it up with new materials, mesh and bright fun colors. Underwear should be fun shouldn’t it?

PPU has put their own spin on the jock several of the new pairs are a lot of fun. The jocks that I think are the most innovative are :


PPU 1455 Jockstrap is a not quite a jock brief but not quite  a jock


PPU 1458 has the front of a bikini and not one but two straps in the back.


PPU 1463 has a smaller front pouch and a regular jock back.

briefs or bikinis are big in this collection too. Briefs are making a big come back across all undies. The pairs I love are:


PPU 1466 Bikini in salmon – has a super skimpy cut


PPU 1469 Bikini has a big bigger, but not by much cut of the 1466 but in three colors


PPU 1470 Bikini is the largest of the cuts with a semi transparent fabric.

To see the entire collection at the GDD World site


If you read this blog you know that underwear should be a lot of  fun. We all have underwear for every day wear and some of us have underwear to wear to the gym. Those are pairs that are conservative and most guys wouldn’t look twice at in the locker room. But what about those pairs you want to show off and make a statement?

PPU has a pair just for that! The brief, which I call cut out brief, but they call it the Sneak Peek brief. This is a brief cut, where the front is not attached to the elastic but left open. Its a new design is set off by the pink piping around the openings and pouch. So there is no way not to draw attention to yourself when wearing it.

It’s super fun and a really fun design. Where would you wear this? I could see many of our readers wearing it under their suits at work. It amazes me what you guys wear to work! And I say more power too you, wear something that suits your personality. Also this could be great for a night out the pink waistband peeking over jeans will draw attention and maybe some comments. The last part is on a date night. Let’s face it if you wear this pair something tells me you want to show it off.

This pair is also available in Turquoise and Grey. But I think the Pink/Black pair is my favorite. The pink just pops against the black fabric.  If you want to show off your undies why not wear a pair that will draw the eye! You should be able to find this at your favorite retailer but if not you can find it on Amazon. A tip, anytime you want a pair of Candyman and can’t find it, Amazon is your friend and you can find all pairs on there!

ppu-1417-jockI know we have plenty of fans of skimpy undies. No matter if you’re gay or straight we have heard each side loves something smaller. The new PPU line has the 1417 Jockstrap. Which is a new take on the classic jock!

The first thing you notice is the pouch. It’s way smaller and has two straps attaching it to the waistband. Which makes it even smaller! This pair is not for the guy who’s not willing to show it all off! Second, is the waistband. It’s available in two colors the Gold/Black and Pink/Grey. Both make a bold statement.

The back is the same as regular jocks but that’s the only thing that is like the original inspiration pair. It makes me wonder were would you wear this pair? I would say you probably wouldn’t wear it to the gym. We would suggest a date night or even a fun night out.

These have just been released and will be in stores soon. What do you think of the new jock from PPU?


I know many readers on the blog find thongs are one of the things you either like or hate. This post is for the guys who love thongs. All too often we forget about our thong guys, and many of our writers have said that every guy should wear a thong at some point. I personally like thongs, granted not for every day wear, but they are fun to mix things up every now and then.

PPU is a brand not afraid to show off what you have, meaning a lot of their stuff is skimpy and fun! The 1359 Thong is one that I really love. First off it comes in red or blue. Each has the a PPU signature waistband, that is only about 2/3 around the waist. As you can see by the picture it has a ring with three straps attaching the pouch. I really think this is a cool design.

These are made out of Nylon 93% Spandex 7%. It should fit pretty well. Sizing for PPU runs small so we would recommend getting a size up from what you normally wear. If you don’t you maybe disappointed.

PPU doesn’t step outside the box, they have created their own box to design underwear in. You never know what they will produce. If you are a big thong fan check them out. If you want something super fun and not an every day pair then these are for you! Find them at retailers on line!


1358-red-3 1358-red-2 1358-red-1


I was really excited to review the PPU 1319 Boxers I got as soon as I got them in the mail. I’m not usually one for mesh, but I was excited to try them out and see what I thought. When I signed on to write for UNB, I told myself that I would try new things, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I wasn’t disappointed. I’m usually not thrilled by white, but the sexy style intrigued me right away. I haven’t tried any other PPU styles before, but had heard really good things. This style is also available in black with a black waistband.

My day for this review was a little more active than usual. I started with an hour bus ride to work, a full day of work, an hour bus ride home, a bunch of errands all around town and an evening run. I think the fact that they held up so well for this active of day then they would hold up normally. I don’t think these would work well for a lounging around day, mostly because there is so little to them.

I got a size medium, which is generally a size up than I normally take, but it ended up working out great for me. PPU says that this size is for people with waists between 32 and 24 inches. The pair are true to size and the sizing is based on American standards.

Overall, I really liked the feel of this pair. It felt like I was wearing nothing, but not in an uncomfortable, I’m-going-commando-right-now way. They were so soft, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I was expecting. I’d say the look was average. I really like the portions that are mesh, but don’t really like the parts that are “solid.” If it was up to me, I would have changed the solid portions so that they were actually solid and didn’t have such weird patterns. I thought they were cheesy.

1319(1)1319(2)1319(4) 1319(3)

So the verdict is in. I made it through my first mesh review pair, I am alive and I’m actually happy with what I ended up with. If you are afraid of trying something that might be a sexier than you would usually go for, DO IT. You might (and probably will be) pleasantly surprised. To sum up:


  • The fit was fabulous. Keep in mind that I got a size larger than I normally take, but I think if you stick with your regular size you should be good.
  • Though the look is “sexy,” the material is super soft, and comfortable for your average day at work.
  • I love the red trim and waistband against the white. Looks great!


  • The pattern on the solid parts of the pair isn’t the best

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — 8
  • Sizing — 8
  • Construction/Materials — 10
  • Styling — 7
  • Daily Performance — 9
  • Overall — 8.4

This pair was furnished for review by PPU.


I had the ultimate pleasure of reviewing this new PPÜ brief that came into my possession. I am new to the PPÜ world, and this was a more than wonderful way to start me out. What came in the mail is this sleek little brief that prominently features this color block two-tone structure. The black fabric is a solid black matte, but the white is a unique white on white stripe with a slight texture to the striping. It comes off as a very chic pair. After doing my research, I found out the pair also comes with purple fabric replacing the white fabric.

Before trying it on, my thoughts were excited, and hopeful that nothing would FEEL bad about the pair, or that putting it on wouldn’t all of a sudden reveal that it is an awkward color blocking. The dividing line between the black and the white (because I was sent the white) hits mid-bulge, which I didn’t yet know if that would be HIGHLY attractive, or not. Looking at the seams of the underwear, it made me think putting it on was gonna be very nicely “huggy” because it had some really nice contour seams. The black is actually a flat panel on the front, with two panels in the rear (center back seam for butt contouring). The sculpting in front is due to a gentle curved dart on the bottom of the center front white, scooping right under your bulge. This connects, to a “gusset” like panel of white that goes to the low under-butt in back, where it joins up with the black again. The waistband is a woven PPÜ band with a main logo placed every few inches, and then LITTLE logo trailing like a top and bottom border on the band. There is a sewn in woven fabric label on the center back, which you’ll read later, is my ONLY real negative moment with this review.

Once I tried the pair on, I studied the way the color-blocked line was placed, and I must say, PPÜ took a risk putting a line there, but it really works. Sadly, my day I wore these consisted of me grabbing a lot of heavy stuff, putting in my car, then driving for 2 hours, stopping, picking more stuff up, driving 5 more hours, taking all the stuff up three flights of stairs, and then promptly taking all my clothes off so I could shower the sweaty mess that I was. The day showed how the undies would hold up in two situations, the sitting for long periods of time activity, and the running around hauling things and getting sweaty activity. This pair was a trooper for both. During the hauling parts, it was super comfortable, giving me support through all the flights of stairs. During the sitting part, I didn’t experience any discomfort, no lowering back band to pull up, or adjustments around the thighs. While it’s not one of those pairs that literally slides under your junk and pulls it up like you’re over a ledge, this pair has a very nice supportive pouch. The only negative I ever noticed, and it was rarely noticed, is the woven sewn in tag in back got randomly itchy a few times during the day, but then I got distracted by life and forgot.

According to PPÜ’s sizing chart. I’m at the VERY top of the Large, which is the size I was sent, or at the very bottom of the XL. Having said that, I found it super comfy, and not at all “too snug” so I would say if you straddle the sizes, definitely go down a size, not up. The care instructions say to only hand wash and air dry. As it’s a 93% Nylon 7% spandex blend. I decided to do what I do to my entire wardrobe (basically my entire wardrobe is a blend of nylon and spandex….#trapezeartist) and stick it in the washing machine with everything else on cold water only, then put in the dryer on medium heat. It is absolutely fine. I don’t like underwear that needs too much “care”. I like my underwear like I like my men…dry, good looking, filled with greatness, and strong. But I digress…

1314(3)1314(4)1314(2) 1314(1)

I really love this pair, and I kind of want to buy the purple option for myself as well. And then pray that I get sent more PPÜ to review, since this was a VERY good first impression. If only they could just print the tag on or something, that sewn in tag was KILLIN me, cause it was top stitched rather than integrated into the back waistband seam. Another random thing I probably only care about because I’m a seamster, but I think they could have taken the extra second to line up the MAIN logo on the waistband with the center front. It’s not a singular logo band, but the logos have a space of about 6” apart between them, so the slightly off center one in front almost looks like the only logo if you’re looking dead on, which makes you go crazy wondering why it’s not centered.


  • The line of the color blocking was a risk that seriously paid off.
  • Amazing fit, hugging just the way I want.


  • Limited color range.
  • ANNOYING top stitched tag.


  • Daily Fit  – A+
  • Sizing  – B (because I would have probably ordered up a size if I didn’t know)
  • Construction/Materials – B- (tag)
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – A+
  • Overall: – A

PPU furnished these for review.



The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the PPU Boxer #1322.  Before trying these on, I enjoyed taking in the big picture.  The white fabric has see through polka dots, the waistband is red with contrasting black logo sewn in, the leg openings have black piping to contrast with the stark white and bright red, and there is a black mesh area above the pouch for a peek-a-boo effect.  Interesting.  The PPU logo sits on each side and is not centered over the pouch which does not bother me like it bothers other guys.  The red waistband has a metallic sheen to it which I really enjoyed.

After trying them on, the waistband is comfortable at nearly two inches in width.  The slight pouch was accommodating, conforming, and defining.  While this is a boxer, it felt more like a brief.  Companies seem to have their own take on what defines a boxer and in this case I suppose a slightly longer side panel is the key.  The boxer was pieced together in multiple pieces to create the pouch and had a seam down the center of the rear for even more definition of the assets.  The black mesh panel shows off the area above the bits and the upper portion of the bits, as well.  It is quite erotic, in my opinion.  This boxer comes in several colors (mint, white, black) that most anyone would enjoy.  This is my second pair of PPU underwear and I like them.

While wearing this pair of underwear, I went on an extended shopping experience over an eight hour period with lots of walking, bending, and trying on clothes.  It was a busy day filled with quite a bit of activity that tested the underwear under normal circumstances for most guys.  The pair fit well, looked good, did not bunch up, did not ride up, and felt like I did not have underwear on at all.  This pair of underwear would be good for a night out on the town or everyday wear, but not for exercising or major activity.

I received a size extra large in this boxer.  This size should cover a 34-36 pant size.  Sizing was not true to size as I am a large in the vast majority of underwear, but this is a non-issue as the company tells you that the XL is a 34-36” size.  So, size up.  This pair can be found for around 21$ on most websites.

1322(1)1322(2) 1322(3)

1322(4) 1322(5) 1322(6)

I loved the polka dot see through pattern that made up the body of the underwear, the metallic red waistband, the black contrasting piping around the legs, the black mesh see through peek-a-boo panel, and the way the crotch area felt against my skin.  82.5% Nylon and 17.5% Spandex fabric combination makes this a slightly stretchy and conforming pair of underwear that I enjoyed.  The rear seam was another part of the boxer that I enjoyed as it showed off the assets.  This boxer had nothing about it that I could complain about.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and I felt sexy and comfortable at the same time while wearing them.  The design is conforming to the body and creates a fantastic profile from the front and the rear.  I did find that one could take the pouch and pull it down and under the package to push up the mesh pouch area and create a totally different look for the boxer.  I enjoyed this boxer and look forward to wearing it again.


  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Color Combination
  • Cool Pouch design


  • None

· Daily Fit – A
· Sizing – B
· Construction/Materials – A
· Styling – A
· Daily Performance – A
· Overall – A-


PPU furnished these for review.