JOR Furnished the 1025 Sunny Swim Thong and the 1023 Caribe Swim Thong for review. All opinions are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 8.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Classic, sexy design
  • Comfortable fabric


  • Wide waistband & back
  • Pouch size

Both the 1025 Sunny Swim Thong and 1023 Caribe Swim Thong are quite similar other than a few cosmetic details, thus I’ve decided to wrap them both into one review.

The first thing that caught my eye about these thongs are the design. They have a classic, simple design, but add some excitement through bold colors (in the case of the 1025 Sunny Thong Candy) or metal embellishments on one side (on the 1023 Caribe Swim Thong). Those minor details take these from blah to AHHHH!

Another great feature of this thong is the comfortable fabric. I find that some swim thongs can only be worn for a small amount of time before becoming uncomfortable, but that’s not the case with these. They are designed for all-day comfort and also designed as true swimwear as they are lined inside.

Where these miss the mark personally are in the areas of sizing. First, the pouch is just big enough for me to fit everything in comfortably, but a little extra roominess wouldn’t hurt. The bigger issue, and admittedly it’s a personal preference, is the size of the waistband and back. The waistband and back measure right around 2 inches which is about twice the size of most of my thong collection. The back leads down to a very thin string of less than a half inch. While this isn’t uncomfortable in any way, it will lead to quite a thick tanline if you’re planning on spending a day in the sun in these. If that’s the case, I’d suggest ordering multiple so you can maintain that tanline without always having to wear the same one over and over.

Overall, these thongs are nicely styled, comfortable, and a must have if you don’t mind a thicker tanline. Maybe this will be the summer that I go for a bolder tanline, because these thongs have definitely captured my attention.


  • Fit:9/10
  • Styling:10/10
  • Construction:10/10
  • Sizing:8/10
  • Performance:9/10

Pro: Smooth, water wicking material. Bountiful pouch with room in the front. Short legs openings which sit well and do not move while wearing.
A gray checkered flag stripe on the rear that adds depth to the brief and unexpected flair.

Con: Sizing was slightly too big for my waist. Also, while there is an excess amount of space within the pouch, if you don’t fill it all the material
somewhat flops around. I would prefer it to be slightly tighter and form closer to my frame.

Recommendation: I purchased this pair through Box Menswear’s official page during a flash sale in recognition of St. Patrick’s day. Traditionally listed for sale at around $33, I purchased this pair for $20. It was during this purchase that I also took advantage of buying a special “Irish Colors” briefs 3 pack for $20 (This review is upcoming).

Over the past 18 months Box has created and grown an independent fan following, primarily fueled through social media. Their Instagram page is how I was introduced to this company. What I have found most unique and refreshing about this company is how they leverage independent and professional models to represent their products on their personal IG pages and then sharing their work on their site for product reference and promotional purposes. Seeing Box worn and represented on these models
creates an aspirational emotion within buyers and certainly had an effect on my purchase and desire to try the brand.

Now back to the swim brief, since it is not yet summer in the Northeast US (it really needs to happen already!) I wore this pair a few times around the house and also went edgy, wearing this to the local Y to swim laps. Upon first putting it on I observed a rope drawstring which can be manually adjusted to the given waist of the wearer. While I usually prefer this design, I found that the size Small I ordered was slightly too wide for my waistline. It did fit but not as snug as desired. There is an internal lining within the pouch that sits smoothly upon my skin. Also to my surprise, I found a grey checkered pattern in an almost pinstripe on the backside of the brief. I loved this addition! As mentioned in the “pros” section it adds depth and rhythm to the brief instead of merely a plain black swim brief.

The brief is low rise, sitting right above my butt and is designed to make your lower abdominals pop (It is an excellent way to keep giving me ongoing gym motivation.) There is minimal leg coverage, with probably a 1″ rise on the brief. Upon putting the brief onto my body, I overall enjoyed it. It was slightly too wide in the waist, but the material (88% polyamide, 12% spandex) was exceptionally smooth and wicked water from my body with ease. The leg opening did not chafe against my skin while wearing. The stitching was done with quality, and there have been no defects that have emerged after wearing.

With summer almost here, I am very excited to be able to wear this pair more. All in all, if you need a solid swim brief with masculine flair, I would recommend this pair. Wait for sales though as these happen often. To stay in the loop on Box’s products and deals, follow their Instagram page @boxmenswear.

Men’s Underwear Video Review – Garcon Model San Marco Brief & Umbria Swim Brief from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

Andrew is back with two reviews in one. He and Martin wore these on the Atlantis Cruise they went on in March .

Pair: Garçon Model San Marco Brief
Color: White
Fabric: 82 % Nylon, 18 % Elastane
Sizes: Small -X-Large
Price: $29.00

Pair: Garcon Model Umbria Swim Brief
Color: Black
Fabric: 82% Polyester / 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $45.00

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Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10


  • Love the construction- Are there beaches in Canada I don’t know about? Because Gregg Homme just nails the construction of this swimsuit. Great lining on the pouch smooths and refines your man bumps, and the material is exceptionally durable. Will survive salt water and chlorine adventures for a long time!
  • Refined sexy styling- If Sherlock Hommes (pun intended) wore thongs, this would be his first choice. The black and grey version is sophisticatedly masculine, daring, and sexy. The GH tab with drawstrings bring together the sexy, refined look! If you want wilder colors, the orange and turquoise pair bring your vibrant and sexy appeal to a new level.
  • Back Strap- Simply yet sexy. Sometimes less is more, and this T Back strap is so comfortable. Just enough fabric to show class in thong terms, but not too little to feel like you are being split in half. Excellent comfort.


  • Pouch size- Unfortunately this is what brings this suit down from perfection. The pouch itself with lining is at a specifically designed size; once you reach that size, your goods will be forced to comply or simply bust out. Larger guys-Be careful!
  • Color options- I feel like the contrasting design really could be taken advantage of with more color options say a blue, red, or even a green? It’s such a great design only to 3 colors.
  • Sizing- Runs smallish, I got myself a medium, and I am 33-34 waist, and it was a little tight, but if I got the large it might be too big!

UNB Shawn Recommendations

Gregg Homme is pricey, but you get what you pay for. This swim thong is no joke. It was constructed to last the harsh environments of the sun and water. This was my first swim thong because the styling and construction seemed like a good investment; it was. Just like their underwear, the swim thong will not disappoint with the reputation of quality Gregg Homme consistently delivers.

This thong as seen the beaches from west coast to east coast on me, and I would say I felt fairly regal for a thong wearer on the beach. I own the black and grey version, and it seems less attention drawing than the vibrant other colors. It fits my style. I wore my thong for ME, not gawkers. The straps narrow enough to move up and down your hips to manage those thong tans lines if that is your persuasion.

Fabric and construction are outstanding- truly top notch. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the pouch size became a concern for me. I do have to squeeze in there. I love these thongs, but they are not made for larger sized guys, their design size for the pouch was simply smaller than I. For me, there is enough room for me to contort and adjust to fit the pouch evenly, but barely. When active or lying out, I am semi-regularly managing the pouch to ensure coverage.

Sizing runs a little small. I would say it is similar to the sizing of Gregg Homme underwear, but this thong design is petit. I am 6 foot 185, athletic, 34 waist, and medium seem about the best fit for me, but a little tight, large may be a little loose around the hips. Just my two cents.

Overall a great piece of clothing to buy, and an even better first swim thong. Go big or go home with Gregg Homme, you will not be disappointed.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Reef Thong
COLORS: Black and Grey, Orange and Turquois, Turquoise and Black
FABRIC: Quick-drying 73% polymide, 27% elastane

COST: $54.00

Andrew Christian provided the Massive Slant Bikini for review. All opinions are the reviewers.
  • Daily Fit- 10/10
  • Sizing- 8/10
  • Construction- 8/10
  • Styling- 9/10
  • Daily Performance- 10/10
Overall average- 9/10
  • Cut
  • Print
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fit all around
  • Placement of the string (External)
  • Somewhat clingy when wet/ thin material/ unlined
Hey Y’all, today I’m reviewing the Andrew Christian Massive Slant Bikini. Having acquired my first Andrew Christian swimsuit in 2008, my experiences with this brand have been numerous. I have noticed a change in their products and marketing in the last 5 years which has led me to somewhat shy away when making my own purchases, but I have always been a fan of the more conservative swim bikinis and briefs, so when I saw these I had a good feeling I would like them. Being a guy who doesn’t wear shorts for water activities, I did not hesitate at all to give these a go.
I initially wore these as underwear to see how they would react to everyday activities and movements. I noticed immediately that the material was light and flexible and imagined it would be comfortable wear, which was confirmed during the gym and other activities. Very flexible and comfortable for any thing you could be doing. I didn’t have any binding issues nor did they feel like they were digging into any part of my skin.
The material was nice and light which made them a good choice for using as undergarments. I did have some reservations about the durability or longevity of the garment, based on how thin the fabric felt. Would this suit be able to last for years under normal wear and tear? Maybe, but I’m not betting on it lasting more than 3 years or so. The cut was a little more on the conservative side in terms of AC, which was rather nice. Still brief and cute, but not anywhere near string sides hahaha. I did notice that when wet, the suit gets clingy which could lead to issues with the front for those who don’t necessarily like having their assets of full display, but a quick flick and that issue was resolved. There is no dedicated pouch so the suit still fits on their more conservative side. The draw string was on the outside, which can be nice if tied right but I personally am not the biggest fan of external drawstrings.
Sizing has always been an issue with me with AC. The suit I reviewed was a size large which is about what I wear in most other brands but I have had to go with XL in some of their suits in the past. I can comfortable wear 36s in shorts and jeans so even when I lose weight and size I still believe this suit will wear just as well, and can always use the drawstring to really cinch down if needed.
Overall I really enjoyed this pair. Solid cut and the print design is fun and interesting, ensuring catching some eyes and comments. Very comfortable both wet and dry, and solid during both, so no unexpected peek a boo. I would recommend this suit to anybody who wants a more interesting look over solid colors or even some of the other prints I see out there.
  • Andrew Christian
  • Massive Slant Bikini
  • dark Grey with teal lettering
  • Small and Medium available
  • currently $34.40
  • 90% polyamide 10% spandex
  • provided courtesy of Andrew Christian

MB3-16-3N2N MB3 Milan Sport Brief was furnished by N2N Bodywear

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 9.5/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Perfect fit, fun design, conservative cut but edgy style

Cons: Material

UndiesRock recommendation: If you’re looking for swimmers with a conservative cut. But like edgier, youthful designs then this is all you!  I can’t stress how much I love these swimmers, and I know you will. By far my favorite swim brief of 2016, hope you enjoy my review as much as I dig these spot on swimmers

Hey fellow underwear fans. It’s UndiesRock reviewing another unsurprisingly awesome pair of N2N swim briefs.  As we start to hit the brakes on summertime. It’s important to have a great pair of transition swimwear to help cruise into the cooler months. These MB3 Milan Sport Swim briefs by N2N are the way to go!  First off, let’s take some time to applaud N2N. They debuted some of the coolest and innovative swimwear designs we’ve seen all year.  I mean, these Milan swimmers are just impeccable. Grom the sporty, tight, classic full-coverage fit, to the trendy color options and clean stripes. We have ourselves the ultimate sport swim brief.

Ok, we all know that comfort is the ultimate criteria for reaching swim brief nirvana. The comfort meter on these suckers is off the charts. The 83% nylon/17% spandex material allows for liberal stretch with sustainable form. I own a medium sized pair which is made for a 32-34″ waist and it definitely fits true to size. The fit is snug in all the right places but does not restrict or pinch any areas of the body. The fit on the butt is textbook; snug and tight, which doesn’t become baggy when wet. In my experience with other swim briefs, the leg openings tend to be quite tight with little give which then allows for the hem to dig into the skin. This Milan pair does not do this whatsoever!  This pair is equipped with an inner draw chord. Which provides the option to conceal the strings so they are not visible. But also allows for unlimited adjustability. Also, one thing that everyone should be aware of is that this swimwear is unlined. So be prepared for some transparency post swim. I personally don’t mind the single layer of material. It allows for almost underwear-like comfort. It can definitely be revealing if you are in public situations. Even though the pouch is single ply. It still retains the right amount of support for the package. but with a little extra freedom of movement.  And I cannot stress this enoug.  For sure your package will have a little more definition. Which is totally cool.

The design on the MB3 Milan Sport combines a classic cut with an edgy appeal. This swimwear is substantial so if you are looking for a pair that is full coverage. Then these are the ones to purchase.  But don’t be fooled by the conservative cut. Because these bad boys are far from mundane. They have so much character with the three-panel, tricolor, gradient, color-block design.  That is offered in blue, red, and green (the option I own). The sides of the swim brief are roughly 2.75″ in length providing a mid-rise waist. I cannot write this review without giving a shout-out to the seamless pouch design.  As you all know, I am a sucker for seamless fronts because of the clean/sharp aesthetic and added comfort points. So this pair definitely hits the spot in this department.  Although the front is seamless, I think it’s important to mention that there are horizontal seams where the colors transition.  At first I thought this might bother me. But honestly it didn’t faze me the slightest, but I could see how this could be bothersome to some dudes.  N2N can definitely level up with a fully seamless design, but I feel like I’m getting too nitpicky.  One aspect of this pair that was a little disappointing to me is that the material tends to wear down rather quickly after just a couple washes.  Here is an image to show you what I am talking about:


As you can see the material tends to fray and get pulpy – I don’t know if this is an accurate adjective, but you get the point.

Those who have been following N2N throughout the years know that the brand has legacy cuts that are reissued with different patterns and material each season. But these N2N Milan swim briefs are brand new to the lineup.  For this being the first generation, N2N hit a grand slam with these swimmers and I hope these are here to stay!  Definitely a huge success of a style.  I applaud N2N for these tasteful and flattering simmers.  Right now you can catch these directly from the N2N site for $30 large.  At this price point this pair is a total steal and a no brainer purchase.  You definitely get a whole lot of swim brief for 30 bucks. Which is a small price to pay to turn heads at the beach. Especially when you can easily drop $100 for a decent pair of swim briefs in this day and age.  Personally, I haven’t had much of a summer due to my work life. My August is starting to free up.  You better believe that I will be out on my paddle board with my girl soaking up the sun and salt in these perfect M83 Milan swim briefs from N2N.


PAIR: MB3 Milan Sport Brief

COLORS: Blue, Red, Green

FABRIC: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex


COST: $30


Where to buy:

n2n Bodywear Daredevil (1)N2N Bodywear furnished the N2N Eclipse Swim Brief

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Cute cut, mix of colors, sexy as you’d expect.

Cons: A bit tight, light weight fabric can be revealing (might also go in the Pro column, you decide).

Beau Briefs recommendation: If the color combos really speak to you then this is a good classic cut pair to get.

Good lord I love swim season! Trying on new pairs, finding new colors that you never would have worn before. Knowing when a cut is just right for you, and the list goes on. The Eclipse swim briefs are another great example of fine swim wear from N2N. I recently review the N2N Stellar Sport and the two share a lot of the same excellent qualities. One of the things that all N2N things share, and that I know is a very proud thing for their creator and founder. Is that they are all made in L.A., and I think deserves a shout out!

The cut of N2N’s swim briefs are top notch. The cut up the leg from the crotch is both alluring and yet still fully covering (for those who want to fully cover). The swoop of the cut is just so to nicely highlight the bulge while also giving just amount of highlight to those toned legs. I think we all wish we have (I should hit the gym today…). So needless to say, I am a big fan of the construction and cut of this pair. If you love a good, classic speedo I have a feeling you will love it too.

The color was at first worrisome to me. I must confess I have never really worn olive… and when I saw what other colors it came in I was seeing red. No literally, it comes in red, blue, and orange. However, as we all must sometimes admit, I was wrong. The olive is actually an extremely flattering color. Now given my complexion I am either one shade darker than Elmer’s Glue or I am pleasantly light gold. I found both of those work nicely with the olive. Other skin tones and colors play very well with olive as I went online to look up. So shame on me for assuming it drab because as the end rhyme would suggest it’s actually fab.

Now I did run into the two same ellipses inspiring issues that are not actually problems they are just…how things are. First, the sizing on the butt is an issue for me. My waist and all is not a Medium but my butt often is not a Small. Where is my Smedium?!?!? The pair is still completely wearable and actually brings the butt in tighter given the circumstances. The second…issue… is that when things are…distinct down in the package area it can sometimes be semi (hehehe) visible. Now, as I stated in the beginning, decide for yourself whether that goes in the Pros or Cons column.

Overall these are a fine, playful, and as it is N2N, naturally sexy pair of swim briefs. They are well made and the cut and construction is lovely. They are fun and flattering, from the color to the color contrasting swoop on the front. And they are sexy. So stun them all on the beach in blue, red, orange, or olive and you’ll have them all green with envy.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: EC1 Eclipse Swim Brief

Colors: Olive/black, Blue/white, Red/white

Fabric: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $24.00

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear

Buy at:

n2n Bodywear DaredevilN2N Bodywear furnished the  B65 Daredevil for review


  • Affordable
  • Seamless anatomical pouch
  • Ample side string


  • Material easily scuffs
  • Not for every occasion


Overall – 8.8/10

  • Fit –9/10
  • Sizing – 10/10
  • Construction – 8/10
  • Styling – 9/10
  • Performance – 8/10

Undies Rock Recommendations: The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers. That is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. Then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

Undiesrock rock here coming at you with another N2N review for a saucier pair of swimmers. The (B65) Daredevil; the name captures it all.  This daring pair isn’t remotely for the conservative of heart. Let me tell you if you are looking for some straight up sexy swimmers then look no further.

For those of you who have been following N2N for years. You know that the daredevil cut has existed for quite some time.  It’s essentially N2N’s version of a string bikini swimmer.  I know I have been praising this generations of N2N’s gear quality to the max with my previous reviews. This pair is the top of the mountain. I personally purchased the last three generations of the daredevil cut. This latest release is exactly what I have always wanted for a string bikini briefs!  They nailed everything from the seamless, roomy, comfy pouch to the sufficient amount of string bikini for the sides. To the secure fit (tight but not to the point where the side strings dig into your hips). One of my biggest pet peeves with string bikinis is that there isn’t ever enough string on the hips. Typically for string bikinis the photo(s) of the model wearing the product differs drastically from what you get in real life. Usually you only get an inch or so of “string”. Long story short, the Daredevil has serious string bikini game.

I received my Daredevil in the color Ice Blue in size medium. I have mentioned before, the construction of this pair is rock solid.  The 83% nylon and 17% spandex material provides the right amount of give and support. It has sort of a metallic look to it.  N2N’s pouches are always impeccable and this string bikini is no exception.  It has a sufficient amount of room and has an anatomical vibe. Which I found to have more of a narrow fit, but who cares, because this bikini has a seamless front! Which is all that matters ;-).  The entire bikini is unlined. Which I really dig, though it can be a transparent when wet. So just be cautious if you don’t want your junk all the way out there.  Though this feature was a huge hit with my s/o.

I have a 33” waist, and I reviewed a medium which is sized for a 30”-34” waist. The fit definitely hit the spot in all the right places.  In previous versions I have owned. I found that the butt was a little too high rise and just in general had an awkward loose fit in the pouch.  This pair resolved all of those issues.  The pair I own is in Ice Blue. It has a contrasting black trim and muted metallic sheen, which I find to be a nice aesthetic touch.  You can also get this pair in White and Goldenrod, which also have the black trim.  If you’re into prints. Then you’re in luck because N2N offers the B70 Daredevil Prints which have a tropical/Hawaiian flower vibe. That come in Havana Red and Malibu Blue.

The only downside to this pair is minor scuffing on the material after just one wash.  I simply wore the pair to the beach under my shorts (these seriously double as underwear perfectly). After I machined washed on light and hung them out to air-dry. I found that there were little scuffs markings. Which I washed with other swimmers that were come out perfectly fine.  It’s only noticeable when the pair is right in your face, so it doesn’t look tacky.  I recommend hand washing them only since they are delicate.

Right now these are going for $26 directly on the N2N website. Which really isn’t a bad price, considering that a good pair can cost you upwards of $100 these days.  Also please keep in mind that if you’re into prints the B70 Daredevil Prints are $28.  The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers that is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Daredevil Swim Brief
COLORS: Goldenrod, White and Daredevil Ice Blue
FABRIC: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00

Where to buy:


8VcXYWgEN2N SBS Stellar Swim Briefs furnished by N2N.

Rating: 8/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8

Pros: A great swim brief cut and fun, eccentric pattern

Cons: Tight in the bum and revealing for those with very defined bits.

Beau Briefs recommends: This is a fun pair, great for a day at the beach or time in the hot tub.

Okay apparently I need a smaller bum. Here is my one, wah wah, thing to say about this: my bum makes the pair a bit too tight. Now the reason I am saying this upfront is because this has much more to do with me than it does the actual pair itself. So, let’s just get it out of the way now. My butt fills out the suit and as such the seams along the lower cheeks bite a little bit. That’s all, that’s it: the big wah wah. The other minor thing (close your eyes if this reads as too much info) I have fairly distinct lines down in the bit and berries so sometimes fabrics that aren’t thick enough show everyone my religion.

Now! On to all of the good and lovely stuff about this swim brief by NSN.

N2N is bringing back some fun and crazy patterns, starting with this Stellar Sport. It comes in four distinct patterns/color combos. Now on the website it’ll be called Stellar Navy Turquoise. I prefer to think of it as Stellar Interconnected Super Highway, but mostly cause I’m a dork. It’s a fun pair with crazy colors that makes you think a bit of Tron, in a good way. Plus there is the fun turquoise cut of fabric that breaks up the pair in a flirty way.

The cut is my favorite. Give me a classic swim brief/speedo cut any day of the week! Heck, give me two! I love when pairs have a good amount of space up

front and cut wide enough but also high enough on the sides of the pouch. Give me just 1-1.5 inches (wait for it) of material around the top part of the thigh and I’m a happy camper. That’s just what the Stellar does, it cuts higher up the leg to really show off the pouch AND show off the legs.

Since it is N2N I do have to bring up one thing. I don’t have to bring up a thing about the fabric selection. It’s true, I have yet to try on a pair of N2N where the fabric blend was not amazing. No comfortable, scratchy, or annoying feeling pairs ever come out of that place. This pair is no different.

Despite the tightness of the bum for me I did rock this pair out on one of the glorious Seattle beaches. Okay parks next to the water that we call beaches…stop laughing. I was with friends a few Saturdays ago in our 90-degree weather (yep, go Seattle). Everyone complimented the pair, the fun-ness of the fabric and how it looked, because a tightly squeezed bum is nice to look at. So the day was a hit and so was the N2N Stellar Swim Brief. And once I find a friend with a hot tub. I will be in that tub so quickly with a glass of wine and this swim suit that heads will spin, jaws will drop, and jealousy will rage.

  • BRAND: N2N
  • PAIR: SBS Stellar
  • COLORS: Stellar Yellow Grey, Stellar Navy Turquoise (pictured in review), Stellar Neon Green Black and Stellar Blue Orange
  • FABRIC: Body: 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
  • SIZES: Small – XL
  • COST: $30.00

Where to buy


10579173_10153823797421501_1322744664_oHey guys, it’s Undoes Rock here back at it with another review for the Navy Brief from Ca-Rio-Ca.  I picked up this swim brief up not too long ago when I met the owner and designer of Ca-Rio-Ca.  We hit it off right from the get go. After three hours of bonding over what I refer to as “undie talk”. I walked out with quite a few goodies including a swim brief which I am pleased to review.

During my meeting Gil continually stressed how important the quality of his products is.  If you own a Ca-Rio-Ca swimmer, you know this is true.  Let me put it this way, when I try on my Ca-Rio-Ca sunga I feel like royalty.  No joke. This swimmer is the total package.  The construction is impeccable.  The material is soft, and sets the bar in my book.  The designs and prints are edgy and are seemingly infinite.  I had such a hard making a selection from all of the endless choices. I spent quite a substantial amount of time scoping out all of the different prints, colors and patterns.  But I ended up with the Navy brief, which makes my list of “top ten best life choices”.  Believe me it wasn’t the easiest choice, but the navy print clicked for its classic yet edgy and fun vibe.  Ca-Rio-Ca offers five cuts: bikini, brief, low rise, classic, and traditional (sunga). Bikini being the skimpiest cut and sunga being the most conservative.  I went with the brief because I like the minimal yet adequate coverage and the classic cut.  Though at the time, selecting the navy brief wasn’t such a straightforward choice. it’s easily become one of my favorite printed briefs in my collection.


The 85% polyamide 15% spandex material set the standard for the ultimate luxe material. The fabric provides the perfect balance between support and flexibility.  The entire suit is fully lined with a 100% polyamide layer.  When you first feel a pair, right away you will be able to tell that they are an incredibly comfortable pair from how soft the material is.  The suit seems a little thick to the touch initially, but once I was in the water they felt like any other swim brief.  I mean they aren’t racer status. But if you get the right size they don’t feel heavy in the water or like they are dragging at all.  The waist band and drawstring design is great at maintaining tension and grip. I was able to swim laps in a pool just like I would with a pair of Nike or TYR suits.

As I have repeatedly stated. This pair is designed for comfort. Believe me, it’s truly the perfect lounge/relax brief.  There were no pinch points or any exceptionally tight regions.  I have a ~34” waist and the medium I was wearing (rated for 32”-33” waist) fit like a glove; not too tight or loose.  The material is stretchy so if you like our swimmer to be a little snug, I think it is safe to size down with this pair.  Though I love suits without a center seem. I was a little concerned with this suit as there isn’t a lower crotch seem/relief.  I look for this in a swim brief to guarantee a good pouch that maintains a solid cup for my package. While providing the seamless flat front look.  It’s a huge pet peeve when the crotch in a suit starts to sag and my package starts to overflow/slip out. Much to my surprise, this pair maintained a good cupping effect the entire time.

Currently you can find these perfect lounge swimmers directly on the Ca-Rio-Ca webpage for $99.  I know this a hole your wallet, but the quality and style is well worth the price.  If you’re a swim brief fan, this pair is an absolute must, no exceptions, as this a center piece in my collection.  Personally I can’t wait for summer to kick in so I can spend as much time in these Brazilian swimmers as I possibly can!


·       Impeccable construction

·       Incredibly soft, breathable fabric

·       Great print

·       Perfect lounge swimmer


·       Pricy


·       Fit – 9

·       Sizing – 9

·       Construction – 10

·       Styling – 10

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall – 9

Find the Navy Brief on the Ca-Rio-Ca Site

CK_bb2rWIAAoIM-Sukrew makes amazing underwear. The pairs I have tried in the past have, to borrow a British term, brilliant. The pouch and fabric feel awesome to me. So, when the chance to try the new swimwear I jumped at it. I am definitely a swim brief kind of guy but I received the Swim Trunk in Navy! I wasn’t disappointed but couldn’t wait to try out this new suit.

Being in a land locked city the chances of wearing swimwear aren’t too often. I got an offer to spend the day with a friend by the pool. I know this would be the perfect chance to wear the suit. The pool was very swim brief and trunk friendly. Plus my friend I was with would be sporting a swim brief and definite loves swim briefs. So, I knew me wearing it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Compared to their underwear, the swimwear is a little more conservative. Meaning the swimwear may look a bit plain. There aren’t currently any tartan or prints. This maybe a drawback to some. Unlike underwear swimwear is made to be seen. So you want to make a statement.  The bolder the better for some. However, that said this pair has some things I really love.

When I got to the pool I laid out in it for a bit. It was super comfortable and is very well made. If you are familiar with the underwear, it has an amazing pouch. The swimwear is built with the same pouch. It feels awesome for those who love a supportive pouch. Now the pouch can be a bit pouchy, meaning it will show off your goods. At the pool I was at that wasn’t an issue but other places may frown on this.

After a while I got in the pool and it felt amazing. After a bit of pool time I laid out again. I know the rough life I have! In and out of the water this pair just felt amazing. Sukrew really focused on the comfort factor of these. Unlike underwear if you get a bad pair of swimwear you can’t just take it off and freeball.

The Swim Trunk is made out of 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane. The fabric is a nice choice for a pair of swim. This means it will conform to your body. The fabric was also pretty fast drying. A slow drying pair of swimwear is my biggest gripe. I hate it!

Overall they did a great job on the swim. I’m very glad they branched out into this world. This will be one of my favorite suits of this year. Also, one thing I forgot to mention, the swimwear comes with a matching pouch to put it in! If you pack you can put it in the pouch or if you’re at the beach/pool  your money or other items.


  • Very fast drying
  • Great supportive pouch
  • Classic styling


  • The pouch may show off too much for some and not be appropriate at all pools
  • Some may not like it’s just available in Solid colors right now and no prints


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 9
  • Materials – 9
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.6

Sukrew furnished this pair for review. You can find this and all their swim at the Sukrew site. This pair retails for £29.99


N2N Bodywear makes really fun swimwear. The LA Pop we profiled in our UNB Swim Guide! We also reviewed the LA Pop singlet as well! Which was a pretty awesome singlet. Now we have the LA Pop Swim Brief, which has the same incredible print as the singlet. Wearing this in public will definitely draw attention to you.

Before I get going into the review. The first pair I had a minor production issue. The leg strap is sewn into the cup and it came undone. The replacement they sent didn’t have this issue and held up great. After reviewing them for 7 years this is the first time I ever had an issue with them. So note sometimes things happen and most companies will exchange it. N2N sent me a new one right away! This is why they are awesome.

That being said I wore this pair twice. Once the first time the noticed the issue and then the second time with the replacement pair. The first thing you notice when you put this on is the pouch. It has n-hance pouch. You maybe asking what is the n-hance pouch and what can it do for me? The n-hance pouch is one designed by N2N Bodywear to lift what you have and show it off. It does it without any straps or extra add ons. This means you will be showing off all you have, so keep that in mind when thinking of this pair!

Wearing it the first time, I wore it with friends out to a pool. It was a quiet day and I really loved the pair. It felt great and held up to a good day by the pool. The second time I wore it was by the pool by myself. The first time was more active than the second time. The second was a lot of laying out and a few dips in the pool. But this time the pair held up great. It’s super comfortable and light. Like all great swimwear it dries fast and great for a long day at the pool.

Sizing with N2N Bodywear is pretty good. I have had very few issues with sizing. This pair was an XL and fit great. Just double check the size chart for any issues. But I don’t think you will have any with N2N Bodywear


  • Love the print
  • Amazing n-hance pouch
  • Super comfortable.


  • first pair had a minor production issue
  • Some may not like the bright print
  • Some may not like the pouch putting it all out there


  • Daily fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction -8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Thanks for N2N Bodywear for furnishing this pair for review. And for replacing the first pair! The LA Pop Sport is available from N2N Bodywear for $30

XP8-15-FullI will admit I LOVE N2N swimwear. My last pair I had was the Stratum. It was a trunk cut with an amazing pouch. I loved it so much I have 2 pairs! So this year when I was in Vegas and saw the new collection, the one pair that caught my eye was the Camo Bold. I knew it was a pair I had to have!

The Camo Bold is a camo print with orange trim. It’s super sexy and just fun. The two color combinations go together very well. The pair is a swim brief cut but has a full back. I LOVE this pair. Unfortunately I wore it to a day when no one was at the pool. So I’ll have to wait to see the reaction later!

One of the best things about N2N swimwear is they pay attention to the pouch. I hate swimwear where the pouch is too small and you feel like you are being squeezed to death or feel like you are going to pop out. I think the entire collection has pouches guys of all sizes could wear.XP8-15-B

One reason I love their swimwear so much is its well made and feels great on. When I slid it on I knew I would love the fit as much as the look of the pair. I got to the pool and dropped my shorts and laid out for a bit. Although I got burnt (that’s another story) the pair felt great. I got in the pool some and swam and relaxed. Like all good swimwear it dries pretty fast and unlike board shorts or shorts. It is made out of 83% Nylon/ 17% Spandex Blend.

I only had one issue with the pair. That is the back. It was a bit big. I wasn’t sure if it was sizing or not enough junk in the trunk. I think it’s the latter. I didn’t have this issue with the Stratum. So if you have a butt you will fit in this pair prob better than I did! Outside of this issue, I love this pair so much.

Sizing is rarely an issue with N2N. They have been very consistent on their sizing over the years. I have yet to have any problems with a bad-sizing option. Whether it be swimwear or underwear. They have what we call traditional underwear sizing.


  • Super fun design
  • Quick Drying
  • Great pouch


  • Not enough junk in the trunk to fill out
  • Some guys may not print (not this one)


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Styling – 10
  • Construction – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9.2

N2N Bodywear furnished this pair for review. You can find the Camo Bold on the N2N Site for $34



dash-tr-navy-0.5I have to admit that I am more of a brief guy, I have been wearing ‘speedo’ swimwear since around the age of 14, so for over 35 years. So I was a little skeptical when I was asked to review a ‘square cut’ suit . The Double Dash Trunk by teamm8 is not a typical square cut suit. I have to admit, it is a very comfortable square cut suit. I have tried other brand name square cut suits but have never felt this comfortable in a square cut trunk. I was fortunate to have the navy trunk with white waistband and orange drawstring, great color combination.

When I first pulled the suit on I was amazed at the feel of the material made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. The features a small functional pocket with a sleek zipper on the right hip. The pocket is almost undetectable except for the orange zipper pull peaking out from under the concealing navy flap. On the left hip is a tastefully heat embossed teamm8 logo in orange and white. The drawstring is a smart contrasting orange against the white waistband made out of a sturdy nylon and plastic bullet ends on the end to prevent fraying. The suit is lined in the front with a single panel of coolmax lining and does not bunch as in other suits like this I have worn. The back of the suit has a center seam to give the suit an improved fit and comfort, it basically sculpts the rear, not flattens the it.

I have worn the suit to the beach and the community pool and have received several positive comments about the suit, wife approves too. I have to say for a ‘speedo’ guy I am beginning to like the teamm8 Double Dash trunk. It offers more coverage than the traditional brief / bikini when more coverage is required. The suit dries quickly and works well under a pair of regular shorts , just incase an impromptu occasion calls for a swim. For the more modest that want to wear a more form fitting suit and not give up style I would highly recommend the Double Dash trunk by teamm8.

This suit has impressed me when it comes to square cut swim trunks. I will definately recommend these anyone that asks about square cut swim trunks. Great to wear under scuba suits to prevent bunching and chafing from baggy board shorts and traditional loose fitting swim trunks.

When considering a teamm8 suit the sizing is a follows and is true to size: x­small 28­30, Small 30­32, medium 32­34, large 34­36, x­large 36­38 and xx­large is 38­40. Free standard shipping in the Australia. Standard overseas orders over $50 are shipped free! Only $10 shipping on overseas orders under 50. Express shipping is offered too, $10 in Australia and $25 overseas. The price for this awesome suit is $74 AUD which is appoxametly $70 USD, and can be found online at


  • Comfortable alone or under other clothing. Does not ‘ride’ up like other square cut. Material is very soft and durable.
  • Styling is subtle and tasteful.
  • Variety of colors offered.
  • Lining is comfortable and does not bunch.


  • Waistband will tend to ‘roll’


  • Comfort ­ 9
  • Sizing ­ 9
  • Construction ­ 9
  • Styling ­ 10
  • Performance ­ 9
  • Overall ­ 9.2

Teamm8 furnished this pair for review.

lanai-red-0It is now swim season and it’s time to spend as much time by the beach/pool as possible. I would totally agree with this but here in the ATL it’s been rainy and cloudy every time you turn around. So you can wear swimwear but it hasn’t been ideal conditions. So I used the Teamm8 Lanai swim shorts to hang out in one day by the pool. This was the first time I ever wore Teamm8. So I was excited to give them a try.

I will say it’s not normally the style I would wear. This pair has a very retro look, it reminds me of something from the 70’s/80’s, and yes I was old enough to remember them! So I was a little apprehensive about them. Back in the day I hated these types of swimwear and hoped that I wouldn’t have a bad flash back! But, this is Teamm8 and they make out of modern materials/fabrics, so I should have known this wasn’t going to happen.

I wore these to a pool that really isn’t swim brief friendly. It was a friends neighborhood pool, but I did keep my swim briefs under them, I like the extra support. As I relaxed in the pool and hung out this did fit great. The color got a little big of attention because it’s not the usual navy, white or red most swim trunks are. A few people complimented me on them and asked who they were. I forget you talk to people outside of the underwear/swimwear world, most of the population hasn’t heard of Teamm8. Well I am changing it for them an other brands.

Back to my day. These dried pretty fast and didn’t bunch or bind when going form pool to laying out and such. One of my biggest gripes in swimwear are those that don’t dry fast. I hate sitting in wet clothes for over an hour! The 100% nylon dried pretty fast so I was super happy.

The color I received was Watermelon. You are going to make a statement in this pair. It has a small palm tree print that alternates black and white tree. The pair has white piping around the lets and seams. It also includes a drawstring waist. Which is pretty standard for swimwear. If the Watermelon is not your style check out the mint (green) pair.

As for sizing, definitely pay attention to sizing charts. It was a little tight on me, just because I have gained a few pounds. Which I’m not happy about but I plan on going back down. However, that said you can get the right size if you check out the sizing guide. Their chart is easy to find, a button next to the size selection brings it up!


  • Great construction
  • Attention getting color
  • dries fast


  • retro design some guys may not like
  • Colors maybe too bold for some guys


  • Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 8
  • Performance – 9
  • Overall 8.8

Teamm8 furnished this pair for review. You can find it on their site for $64 AUS

lanai-red-3 lanai-red-2