N2N Bodywear has been making some of the best gear of its 20+ year history this year. It’s been amazing what they have put out and continue to release. One new item is the Galaxy Mesh Singlet. You guys know I LOVE a singlet, and N2N is high on my list of singlet makers. I have probably 20 singlets from them, and I don’t have a problem. I can quit at any time; I prefer not too.

If you have been a long time N2N fan, you know the Galaxy line was a staple of the brand for a few years. Then it disappeared. Don’t worry; things tend to pop up! The Galaxy Mesh Singlet has been “re-imagined and has returned in a new stretchy, body-hugging performance mesh material. Sexy fit and color palette make this a welcome contender for ANY wrestling match!”

The new Galaxy singlet has three new colors. They are black, burgundy, and royal — all fantastic colors for the line. But, act fast the singlets from N2N sell out quickly!

If you love singlets, like I do, or are new to this, this is a great pair to get. I mean, can you ever have enough singlets? I think not!

PAIR: N2N Bodywear Galaxy Mesh Singlet
COLORS: Black, Burgundy, and Royal
FABRIC: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00

Kinksters, Deviants, lend me your ears.

Note: I’m not into ear play. I just needed to start valiantly because this past weekend was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (and I’m KIND of a fan). The bard spoke heavily of codpieces, and so shall I. Today, we return to our Maskulo friends with their Men’s Fetish Wrestling Singlet. The kind that they graciously sent to me was the Open Rear option in Red.


Upon opening my package (heehee), I discovered that this is a seriously sexy singlet. It is a very narrow racerback extremely low cut singlet (the torso strap in back and both in front scoop all the way to your belt line. There is a waist band going around the back, but it does not connect in front. The only thing holding the front together is the codpiece. When that comes off, it’s open from your head all the way down the front between the straps, under and behind up to the top of the butt where the waistband sits. That is some easy access shenanigans right there.


I wanna focus on the coolest thing I’ve enjoyed about the Maskulo products. Their creativity and play with the synthetic leather panels is so cool. This company has many products with these leather-like panels on them. They quilt these panels to give them texture and volume (if you know quilting terms, it’s like a trapunto quilt). This gives their work a really sexy rugged texture. It’s in their singlets, shorts, pants, shirts, and they even make forearm gauntlets. I’m really digging this concept, and love their play with it. You can get their stuff with or without the leather panels, but I personally think that’s like going to a world class singer, and asking them just to sing a basic happy birthday. Sure, they can do it, but why not let them go wild.  They just came out with a new leggings that you need to see…seriously hot.


I am really digging this Maskulo brand, and especially their political beliefs as well. Buying their stuff is not only supporting your sexy time, but supporting human rights. These singlets come in open/closed rear, and in Black, Navy, Red and Yellow (purchase at or their U.S. Partner Jockstrap Central. Next week, I will be returning for Part 2 of my Army of Men lovefest. Until then, do something kinky for yourself this week.

TtheAmazing over and out!

Hey all you fetish fantasticos! I hope you had a great week. Something really special to me arrived this week in the mail, but you will hear about that soon enough. This week, the hint (if you read last week’s post) was “WHISTLE”.

Did you guess correctly?

SINGLETS!!!!!!! (Whistle, like the way wrestling matches are cued…too vague?)

This week I wanna focus on a specific cut of singlet. The LOW cut racerback singlet. Essentially, what you get is a pair of booty shorts, with some pouch room up front, and then two suspender-like straps going up the chest, around the neck, meeting at the nape in a junction turning into one suspender strap leading to the back of the short.

n2n singlet
N2N PX Singlet

As for wrestling, it’s a pretty dumb outfit, but when it comes to ticking the spandex sexytime box, and the sporty sexy time box, it wins. A subtle design aspect of the suspender straps, also ticks the box that “The Notebook” style shirtless hunk in suspenders fits in (come on, don’t tell me a shirtless hunk in suspenders doesn’t do it for ya).

I have a lot of singlets, but only a few of these, it seems like most companies make ONE of these, rather than a whole bunch of different styles. What I love about this style is the way it lifts up the shorts on either side of your pouch, so you get a very nice “weighty” effect to your bulge (no complaints here). The back being racerback also allows you to show a lot of skin, and give a very seductive lead down to your tush.

manview singlet
Manview singlet.

In my arsenal, i own 2 from N2N Bodywear (2 different kinds of the PX singlet), and one from ManView (a sexy mesh one with neon blue bindings around the edges). I am getting a new one from a different company but it’s still in the mail right now. You will be hearing more about that once it arrives. So many exciting things to share, but can’t do it all at once.

So tell me, do you prefer your singlets higher cut, or are you into the super low cut style?

Tune in next week for more Fetish Friday. As I said, something arrived in the mail this week that I’m very excited about. You will hear part 1 of my excitement next Friday.

Until next time,

TtheAmazing over and out.


Are you a fan of singlets? Or of Spandex? If you are and so many of you guys are loving Singlets right now the Pistol Pete Flash singlet maybe for you. It’s not a traditional singlet. Meaning it’s not designed for wrestling. Those are more conservative in their design and offer fuller coverage. A front that comes mid chest and legs range from mid thigh to just above the knee.

The Flash Singlet is made for fun! Well, that’s my opinion. Its very low cut in the front with a great pouch! The design is a bit different from what we have seen in singlets. To me it’s kind of a hybrid of an official singlet for wrestling and one for erotic wear. I love how they have the stripes on the straps mimic the ones on the the main body. It adds to the interest with me. This is a very creative and fun singlet.

Colors are another area Pistol Pete excels. The Charcoal/Pink with White is a color combination that is not expected but really works well. When I first saw the singlet I was like “now that’s a very cool singlet” It is also in Navy/Lime with white. Each of these singlets are really great color combinations.

This singlet is also very low cut in the front. Which adds to the sexy factor for me. Pistol Pete designs singlets with lines that accents a guys body. They really excel at this. Previous singlets we have covered do this as well. They accent the thighs and butt very well. Its part of their design aesthetic that is their own!

Where would you wear this singlet? Well the first answer is a fun time at home. Which there is nothing wrong with that. The next is a bar night out. Many cities have spandex or gear nights. If you do dare to bare I’m sure you will get noticed in this singlet. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to the gym. I’m sure if you did wear it the staff would inform you to wear more clothes. That being said I don’t know many who would wear it by itself to the gym. This singlet is about fun for sure!

If you love the Flash singlet you can find it at the Pistol Pete Website for $62.50

SingletsSinglets are one of the hottest things on the men’s market right now. Each year more and more come on the market. Late last year we brought you a 101 post on singlets and what do look for with your first singlet. Now we bring you 5 great singlets on the market.
The singlets we choose range from traditional to erotic. It all depends on where you want to wear the single and how much you want to show off. These are some of my favorite singlets out on the market right now.
Unknown-116N2N Bodywear – USA Singlet – This is “hot off the presses” as they say. It was just released in the last two weeks. I think the colors (red, green, blue) are just amazing! The cut and design make it one of the hottest singlets on the market! $50
Cellblock13 GForce SingletCellblock13 – G-Force Singlet – Let’s face it, sometimes you want a singlet for some fun times and not wear out. The G-Force Singlet is one perfect for play time. G-Force is a low cut singlet in 4 colors (grey, blue, yellow and red) with a black stripe on the side. But what makes it super sexy is the mesh pouch you can wear with or without a pouch – $69.00
1_268883e3-6ea3-4afa-af8a-e945c041bdad_largeGo Softwear – AJ  Endurance Singlet – Say you aren’t ready to try the mesh of the G-Force, the Endurance Singlet is a very traditional singlet. It has a full cut and longer legs that come just above the knee. Available in three colors (navy, grey and black) with a contrasting trim around the neck and arms. – $48.50
Unknown-120Pistol Pete – Power Mesh Singlet – This is a super fun design from Pistol Pete. It’s one that is a mix of some traditional design and some erotic. The singlet itself is made  out of sports mesh material. So it’s slightly see through depending on the color you get. The colors (red, black, navy, royal and yellow) are made with contrasting accents. The design accents everything you have! – $59.50
Unknown-121N2N Bodywear – PX Singlet – I had to put N2N on here twice because they have embraced the singlet. This is one of my favorite singlets of all time. The PX line has has several color schemes over the years but the design stays the same. It’s super low cut but the legs go mid thigh. The thing that makes it amazing to me is the pouch. They put the famous N2N Pouch in the singlet. I swear by this one! – $56.00
I hope you enjoy the singlets listed. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Each year more come out and we will bring you more as they are released! Are you a fan of singlets? If so which are your favorites?


Over the last year Singlets have been big in the gear market. They have appeared at most companies and several companies are known for their amazing singlets. I have received many questions from friends and readers about getting a singlet. Which one should they get, what’s important to look for and just general information about them.

Singlets are different than underwear. First I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to work during the day. It may sound like a good idea to wear it as an under shirt that doesn’t come untucked. However, if you get a traditional singlet there is no way to get out of it to use the bathroom unless you take all your clothes off. Which could be problematic when at work. Especially if you wear a suit or uniform to work every day. Some of the shorter singlets you can mange to get creative and take care of when nature calls but its not always easier to do.
There are more than one kind of singlet. Believe it or not there are several type of singlets. I arrange them in High Cut,

Matman Singlet from Internationaljock

Low Cut and Fetishewear. The high cut ones are like a full tank on top and the legs to just above the knee. Some of these can be hard to get in and out of. The low cut ones are thinner straps that go mid stomach and sort of a racer back and the legs end on your upper thigh. The lower cut seem to be harder to find these days. I couldn’t find a pic of the ones I like best. The fetishwear are ones that could be either and made out of mesh, have pouches that accent your crotch. For “real” wrestling singlets they don’t accent your business and few have built in pouches.

What are you wearing the singlet for? Believe it or not some wear it to work out or be active and not just for fetishwear. If you are looking for one that you can work out in I would suggest looking for official wrestler singlets. Those from Adidas, Brute or Cliff Kleen. These are also the best if you want to get into wrestling. If fetish is what you’re after then the most important is to show off. Which there is nothing wrong about! It can be fun to wear one for your partner. They are as much fun to wear as they are to take off. Think of what factor is important in fetish, mesh, accent your goods, show off your body. Then make a decision on the best one.
Who makes erotic singlets? Well that list is way longer. Some of that make the h

Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet

ottest eroticwear are from N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, Go Softwear, Ruskin and Cellblock13. All three of these really make singlets that show off everything you have. They do it by making amazing pouches, use mesh (as cut outs and as the material for the singlet), bright colors and super sexy cuts that show off your body. More singlets get released every season. More guys have discovered how fun and amazing they are. One example of a total fetish pair is the Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet. It’s a fishnet mesh that leaves little to the imagination.

Next question is where can you get Singlets? If you’re looking for official wrestling ones you can find it occasional at sporting good stores. But there are wrestling supply stores online that can sell them to you. Also International Jock has some great ones. They sell Mattman and Brute singlets. They also sell other brands. As for the erotic they are a bit easier to find. You can get them from all the brands listed, International Jock has them and most underwear retailers do as well.
I have a few of these brands. My very first singlet was a Cliff Kleen that was low cut with high legs. I still have it and love it! I have several high cut ones as well. I have expanded my fetish collection too. One of my personal favorites is the N2N Bodywear PX Singlet. It’s super low cut and has a pouch that accents what you have. I also bought a Andre Valasco  Leopard body suit form UnderGear for $5 during one of their sales. I currently have about 7-9 singlets. Many I have had since my late teens. I am amazed how well they held up.

My favorite N2N Bodywear Singlet PX10 - No longer available in blue
My favorite N2N Bodywear Singlet PX10 – No longer available in blue

If you have any singlet questions let me know I will gladly answer them as a comment here, on Twitter @unbtim or email me at the site. They have been a passion for mine for years and I love all kinds from official ones to erotic.

n2n-singletsI am a lover of underwear, obviously. But I also love tight clothing that is sexy to wear and sexy to see/be seen in. One of my favorites is singlets: even though it’s not really underwear I have worn them as underwear and lounge wear.

As loungewear they are amazing. The tightness of them makes you feel warm during a cold night. When I am by myself wearing one of my singlets I feel sexy and comfy. The feeling of the tight spandex is not only sexy but makes me feel thinner. I am not vain, but I love looking at myself in my singlet.

When someone is around, wearing a singlet can lead to an amazing and fun night. “Wrestling” with someone while wearing a singlet is a feeling like nothing else. If you are a straight guy, wear one for your lady. I have talked to the girlfriends and wives of many of my straight friends and they would love to see their guy in one. Singlets are not just for the gay male.

As for underwear, singlets miss the mark. Even though it feels amazing under your clothes and helps slim you down, when its time to pee it’s a chore just to fish yourself out of it. As for trying to do your other business, forget about it.

To sum up, give singlets a try. They are amazing for lounging and fun for some light fetish wear. They come in a huge range of colors, cuts and types of material. My personal favorite brand is N2N. You can see their entire line on their website.