Thong Thursday


I may not be the biggest thong fan on the site but I am the biggest pouch fan on the site. I think the thong should always have an amazing pouch. There are few companies that make pouches the way Ergowear does! One of my favorite pouches of theirs is the Max line. Mix the pouch with the gold waistband and it’s a winner for me!

The Max XV Thong is one I think many of you guys need. What is said about the thong is:

Made from a super stretch microfiber fabric that provides a sleek, body-defining fit while wicking away moisture to keep you dry and cool. The most outstanding feature is the nose-shaped ergonomic pouch, designed to lift your package up and away from your thighs, providing plenty of room with amazing comfort. Slip them on and you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.

If you have never worn the Max thong, you may be asking what’s so great about this pouch. The official description is: 3-dimensional nose-shaped pouch is ergonomically shaped to provide plenty of room and impeccable support by holding your package away from your thighs. This pouch will give you some of the most amazing support. It’s one that pulls up your package and makes it feel amazing.

I think this is one thong you guys need to check out! Mixing a few of my favorite things is a great thing! You can find this thong on a few sites Mae sure you go check it out and the thongs featuring the Feel and X3D pouches. The other two amazing pouches that Ergowear makes.

Pair: Ergowear Max XV Thong
Color: White
Fabric: 89% Polyamide 11% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price:  $29.48

And now for something completely different! It’s Thong Thursday and why not have something different. Yes, it’s still a thong but a hybrid! The new Holy Moly Hybrid from BodyAware is part Thong and Part jock! Hybrids are nothing new in the world of underwear. It started with the Jock Brief and has morphed into so many other pairs.

The first thing you notice is the front is very much like a thong. The high cut sides and ample pouch will make this pair super comfy. When you head around back. that’s where you notice the hybrid The jockstraps are very much a jock brief look but in the middle is the thong strap. The two-tone colors will accentuate your assets as well.

The pair comes in two color combos. The first is the one pictured above, black and yellow. The white pair has white with peach accents. It’s hard for me to say which I like better. BodyAware is all about non-traditional colors in men’s underwear. They know how to make an incredible statement.

This is what BodyAware says about the pair:

Let your backside breathe with this thong and jock hybrid. To save space in your underwear drawer we’ve combined two of our favorite styles into a sexy thong and a comfortable jockstrap.  This unique Jong (or Thock, if you prefer) is constructed of soft and stretchy tactel.  Tactel is a forgiving fabric and always feels excellent, smooth and cool to the skin.  The shape of the pouch is perfect for accentuating your masculine assets.

I’m trying to figure out what two pairs they joined? HMMM, getting over a cold after 2 weeks is not conducive for this! There are a lot more pairs at BodyAware and they just did a photo shoot (it was live on IG). We will see a lot more great gear soon from them.

Pair: BodyAware Holy Moly Hybrid
Color: Black or White
Fabric:80% nylon/20% spandex
Sizes: Small – XX-Large
Price: $23.95

It’s Thong Thursday! I wanted to pick something super fun for this week’s Thong Thursday and chose the Bruno Menswear MNXO Thong! It’s part of the MNXO Line that we have profiled before. Bruno has a really fun design sense that uses skimpy styles and cut outs to show off all a man has to show!

The first thing you notice is the colors. Yes, it’s the colors of the Mexican flag. The MNXO line celebrates their home country of Mexico. The next is the design. The pouch has two cut outs on the side. This design is skimpy and fun just like a lot of their designs! It’s just super fun. The brand makes underwear fun! They aren’t afraid to take risks.

The back has more of a g string back rather than a T back. I know with many readers this is a very important design feature. Personally, I love this back in a thong. I think it personally fits better than a t back. If you love this kind of back this pair is one that should be in your drawer.

Their site is in Spanish and unfortunately, I don’t speak/read it. But, they make underwear that shows off the bulge and back. It’s great to have companies like Bruno Menswear in the underwear market. We need more companies that will produce sexy undies that make guys feel amazing.

Make sure you check out this and other pairs at the Bruno Menswear site.

COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: Lycra Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $17.36

We have profiled a lot of thongs on Thong Thursday. Some have been wild while others have been mild. The one we are profiling today is more on the classic side. The Ergowear X3D thong. It’s a basic thong design with an amazing pouch. The X3D is one of my favorite pouches that Ergowear makes.

My personal favorites from Ergowear are the bikinis. That was the first stile that I ever loved from them. After falling in love with the X3D pouch I wanted to branch out and try a few new things. The thongs are some of my favorites. I don’t wear them weekly but only for special occasions.

This thong would be a great starter thong for any guy out there looking to try a thong. It’s super comfortable and gives amazing support. The basic design will give you a good feel for thongs. As I mentioned above these are great to have in a drawer when the thong mood hits you. Like such as a date night or a Thong Thursday.


FABRIC: 80% poly-amide 20% elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00

Happy Thong Thursday! I know we have quite a few thong fans on the blog. Let’s say you are looking for a classic thong to wear under your tux for a formal holiday party. Maybe you want a super comfy thong under jeans for a night out with the guys. Or lastly, maybe you want something comfortable to wear to work all day. If you answered YES to any of those scenarios mentioned the new Gregg Homme Mythic thong is one to check out.

It’s made of an amazing fabric, which by this point to anyone who has read UNB for a while shouldn’t be a shocker. Gregg Homme makes underwear in the most amazing fabrics. This is an Italian honeycombed patterned jersey. Which will be super comfy all throughout the day. The design is pretty classic from the cut to the color. Did I mention the pair is only available in black? It’s an awesome thong or any guy who loves them or would like to try it.

To me, there is something super sexy about being in a tux and wearing a black thong under it. I have always loved this look and have even done it a few times. It’s unexpected but not over the top! If you haven’t tried this I recommend it. This is also the pair to wear out among friends as well. Go out for dinner and hang out a bit. No one will be any wiser you have on a thong!  Lastly, Gregg Homme makes super sexy undies, but they make the kind that is designed to be worn all day. You won’t go a few hours and wish you wore another pair.

Gregg Homme knows how to design sexy and very functional underwear for men. I love that they created this pair in a very classic color! If you love this pair find it at the Gregg Homme Site.

PAIR: Gregg Homme Mystic Thong
FABRIC: Italian honeycombed patterned jersey
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00

Joe Snyder is a favorite of many of our readers. It’s probably one of the most often mentioned by thong lovers. They have developed a secret formula for making the perfect thong. The perfect thong is something many of you are after as well. Most thong lovers on the site prefer the smaller ones. I think the skimpier the better. Today’s Thong Thursday, is made for you.

The new Sock It line emphasizes the pouch. This isn’t a bad thing in a thong. I have seen several readers of UNB posting pics of them in this thong. It’s super sexy in all the pics posted. Joe Snyder site says this thong is made with an enhancing pouch. One that is made to make your package look bigger. This is definitely true. The design of the pouch is to boost what you have and make it eye-catching! The site says it makes you more confident. We think all underwear you love gives you this, and this pair is not an exception to that rule.

The waistband is pretty minimal. I honestly don’t know the difference between this pair and the g-string. They look almost identical. If we are playing “What style is this?” I would go with a g-string from the look of the front. In the back, unlike a g-string, it does have fabric rather than a simple string. The material is a nylon lycra, similar to the other fabrics in the Joe Snyder line up.

The description also says you can wear it to the gym. I don’t know about you but Its not a pair I would wear to the gym. Not because it won’t pass our “Gym Factor”, rather it will show off too much when I am working out. That’s just my opinion and you can be the judge for yourself at your own gym.

This is a pair I want to try. I LOVE the Pride Frame line and this line seems super fun. Make sure you check it out in the brief and g-string as well.

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Sock It Thong
COLORS: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
FABRIC: Nylon Lycra
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: $30.00

If you would have told me in 2008, when I started UNB, that thongs would be popular in 2017. I would have thought, nice to see the market move back to skimpy gear! However, if you said many of the thong lovers would be straight boys, I would have said you were crazy. That is the situation today, more guys on both sides of the sexual spectrum are rocking the thongs.

One brand that spans the sexual orientation divide is BodyAware. They make great undies that we are personally loving. The pair we think you will like is the Bodycon thong. First, this pair is made with a 3D pouch. Meaning that the pouch “allows everything to be gently pushed to the forefront.” Like most of our readers, a pouch is something super important to me. This pair has a great pouch. I haven’t tried this pair but it looks similar to the “Well endowed brief” from a few years ago.

Next, is the design. It has a traditional cut but with a Brazilian back. In a brief/bikini I am not a fan but this with the little bit of a wider back. Which, I think really fits this pair really well. Mix that with the red seam in the back and I love it. It’s one I may have to try sooner or later.

The fabric of this pair is Luxurious tactel fabric, 85% nylon, 15% spandex. BodyAware really uses awesome fabrics in their underwear. You will feel super sexy and be 100% comfortable. The thong comes in four colors as well. The colors are White, Black, blue and nude.

The last thing about this pair is the price. It retails for $19.99, which isn’t bad for a pair of underwear. BodyAware makes awesome undies at a great price. They have never been super expensive. They are affordable for most underwear lovers. If you like the look of the Bodycon thong, head over to BodyAware and get it!

Let’s go all out full thong on this Thong Thursday! Thongs are all about feeling sexy and confident. One of the newest is the PPU 1605 Asymmetrical Thong. I call it a mix of a g-string and thong. You will see why in a few minutes. PPU is known for creating innovative and different underwear.

The thong has a full waistband on one side and a thin string on the other. It’s a really cool design you don’t see every day. The solid waistband has a complimenting color in the band. Also, the back is made up of the same string as the waistband. It continues down from the band to attach to the pouch.

It’s an asymmetrical design. Meaning, as you see, it’s not symmetrical. It’s a little off center. I really like designs such as this, it gives you something different in the world of underwear. Not everything has to go according to plan.

It comes in four different colors. They are black, white, red and Green. Made out of a 93% Nylon 7% Spandex blend fabric.  This pair retails for $18.00 at the Candyman Fashion site.

BRAND: PPU Underwear
COLORS: Black, white, blue, or red
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $18.00

tt-joe-snyder-pride-frameI don’t consider myself a thong guy. Well, not to the extent of many of you guys out there. It’s not my go to style or even second style. This past weekend I set out to look into the thongs I have loved and still do. Many of my first favorites are no longer being made. But, there are many more pairs that are still being made. One of them is the Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thong.

I loved the Pride Frame bikini and of course the next step was the thong. Back, when the line came out I got to review most of the line. From the Trunk, bikini and thong. The Thong has become one of my favorite thongs in my underwear drawer. The reason is the pouch. The Pride Frame pouch, is made to be a big bigger than the traditional Joe Snyder thong. The way it is made it is, as the name suggests, frames your pride. The trim goes around the pouch. This thong is the perfect mix to me of a great pouch plus an amazing back. Sometimes you have one or the other but when you can find both it’s gold!

Another thing that it scores points for is colors. It’s in really bright fun colors. White, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Red, and newsprint. My favorite is purple but any color in this bunch would be amazing. I may have to get a pink one shortly to match the purple and white one I have currently in my drawer. They also have a neon line that is black and the trim is a neon color. It still frames your pride nicely.

If you have tried Joe Snyder in the past and the pouch is too small. Definitely give the Pride Frame a chance, I was pleasantly surprised in the bigger pouch! It’s available from the Joe Snyder site.  Also, it can be worn as swimwear!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Pride Frame Thong
COLORS: White, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Red, and newsprint
FABRIC: 80% nylon 20% lycra material
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00
LINK: Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thong


It’s Thong Thursday! I know many of you out there are participating. Also, we have a ton of thong fans that follow the blog. It’s becoming one of the most popular styles across all guys. We have straight guys telling us about how much they love them. The style spans all sexual orientations, it’s no longer for gay guys and strippers! We chose a great starter pair that is also a classic design

The pair this week is the Go Softwear T-Back thong. If you’re old enough to remember (I know there are a few out there) but T-Backs were called thongs back in the day. I haven’t heard the term in quite a while. Go Softwear calls this a “t-back”  What is a T-Back? “a high-cut undergarment or swimsuit having only a thin strip of material passing between the buttocks.” is the definition as defined by Google. Meaning they have material in the back and it’s not just an elastic band in the back like a g-string. Well, that’s my clarification of the t-back

This pair takes me back to the first thong I ever bought. It looked very similar to this one. From the front it looks like a bikini  brief. Around you can clearly see it’s a thong. Unlike a lot of thongs the back strap tapers from wild to small. A design that will show off your assets.

This pair is made out of a 90% cotton and 10% spandex blend. Which again, takes me back to my first thong. It was a very similar blend. It also was black. This pair only comes in black currently.  I hope they will make this in white as well. The two are the most classic colors. I could see it in various colors as well.

I love that Go Softwear did a retro design for the thong. It really takes me back to my first thong and why I started to wear thong. They made me feel sexy and were super comfy. I definitely want to try these thongs!

BRAND: Go Softwear
PAIR: T-Back thong
FABRIC: 90% cotton and 10% spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $15.50
LINK: Go Softwear T-Back Thong

874-torrid-whiteI am not the biggest thong lover in the world men’s underwear. I got my start wearing I think it was Sauvage thongs. All I remember is they looked like striper wear. I even wore them to the gym a few times. Then I stumbled across the 2(X)IST Y-Back thong. It really opened my eyes to wearing thongs on a more daily basis. They weren’t something to show off in but rather undies for everyday wear.

One of my current thongs that is a must have is the Gregg Homme Torrid. A warning, when you get this in the mail, if you order online. The package will feel empty. Next, when you take it out of the package, it will look way too small. You will have the thought, “How will my junk fit in this tiny thong?” Once you slide it on you will see the amazing stretch of the fabric it’s made out of. It fits like it was made just for you.

Why I like this pair? It’s got a pouch that fits so well. It conforms to your body no matter your size or shape. It’s not going designed for sports, so don’t expect it to be super tight. The fabric holds everything in place and feels great but it’s a looser fit. I like this because it will move throughout the day. Next, is the fabric. I don’t know where Gregg Homme gets their fabrics but it’s nothing short of magic. How can something so small hold everything in it and comfortably. Match that with the great feeling and it’s a winner. Lastly, is the string. Some of them I hate. It feels like I’m being rubbed the wrong way. This one makes me forget I”m wearing one throughout the day.

If you are new to thongs. Try this one out. It will be a fit and a color you will love! It’s a great starter thong. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but Gregg Homme is some of the best-made underwear brand on the market.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Torrid Thong
COLORS: 11 Colors – See site
FABRIC: high spandex content fabric
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $26.95
LINK: Gregg Homme (go under Best Sellers)


I joined UNB back in February with an open mind to try new things. That led to very open and honest conversations with friends and family about the men’s underwear industry, very good friendships with some of the other writers on this blog, exposure to big brands that includes talking to designers and owners, and ultimately reviews of styles that I never considered on my own. One of those styles is the topic of every Thursday’s post here at UNB—THE THONG!

Thong underwear for men goes back several centuries (some argue millennia) and has descendants like the loincloth, jock strap, and modern g-string. For our purposes, the thong is a fairly modern reinvention dating to the early 1930s for some in the adult entertainment industry (mainly women) and widely produced for men beginning in the early 1970s. Why am I telling you this—to show that thongs are a fairly common and acceptable style of men’s underwear. Only recently has our society questioned their manliness.

Here are a few questions I have received through UNB considering my participation in the thong phenomena that is sweeping the underwear industry:

What made you decide to try thongs?

I believe there are two real reasons thongs now exist in my collection:

  • I committed to this blog with an open mind and promise to UNBTim that I would try new things. I never said I’d like everything that I try or that I’d write reviews that aren’t true.
  • I have tried everything that brands have sent me to review. Thongs have been a part of those assignments.

What has your journey looked like so far in reference to thongs?

To date, I have received several thongs to review for the site. At first, I was a little reluctant and then I decided to give everything that comes in the mail a fair shake. One of our distributors sent over an Ergowear X3d thong for me to try. I decided to put it through my ultimate review testing cycle: 1.) All day wear 2.) Workout-wear 3.) Sleepwear

I enjoyed every moment of each of the three scenarios. The thong portion (up the but crack) didn’t bother me at all. Keep in mind that Ergowear X3d meets my anatomical pouch requirement (read any number of my posts to pick up on my pouch snob attitude) and provides some of the highest quality fabrics out there. In other words, I didn’t go to a discount store and try a cheaper brand. Quality counts for something in every situation and you get what you pay for.

Admittedly, I’m not stockpiling thongs, but I don’t have an aversion to them at all. It’s nothing for me to randomly pull one out of my chest of drawers and not think twice about putting it on for the day. It’s just another pair of underwear.

If you’d like any recommendations, hit one of the writers up on Twitter. Everyone is game for helping you find the perfect fit.

90004_AIR THONG _11_It’s Thong Thursday! Today I wanted to showcase a thong for those who like the g-string side of the thong world. We have quite a few readers who love this style. Oddly enough, I rarely see g-strings from brands. Sure, we have all kinds of thongs but g-strings? Not so much. I don’t know if this is the seedier side of underwear. But, regardless we think all guys should wear what they love!

Andrew Christian  has released the Air Thong. You maybe saying “It looks just like a regular g-string.” Oh, not so fast my thong loving friend. This one features the fabric from the Air line. It’s very similar to a sports mesh and allows some breathability. It also makes it just a bit see through. Let’s face it, if you’re daring to bare as much as this pair shows off, the semi-mesh fabric wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I actually find it a bonus.

The Air Thong comes in three colors. Black, White, and Yellow. Each of the pairs has a black elastic with matching black trim around the pouch. I personally am a fan of the Yellow version. The white and black are classic in the world of underwear. I think you should always spice up your undies, especially a thong!

For you pouch guys the pouch of the Air Thong is anatomically designed. It will fit you pretty well. From the picture ,It looks like its well designed. I think many times the pouches on g-strings are an after thought. It can be one of those pairs that is meant to be on for an hour before the fun begins.

If you are interested in this pair you can find it at the Andrew Christian website.

BRAND:Andrew Christian
STYLE: Air Thong
COLORS: Black, White and Yellow
SIZES: XS- X-Large
COST: $16.00

thong thursday

Since Cocksox turns 10 this week, we had to profile them for Thong Thursday! One of their popular thongs is the Cocksox Sport Thong. Why did we choose this over the CX05 Thong? I personally love the waistband! I think it really is super hot! We have a lot of readers that love smaller waistbands on thongs. But we all have to step outside of our box sometimes!

Being a pair from Cocksox it has the most amazing pouches. I am a bit biased in the pouch. To me, Cocksox has one of the top thongs on the market. It gives amazing support through out the day. The pouch will also enhance what you have with out any special attachments. If you have pouch issues, this pair maybe for you. While, it may not be work appropriate for some (the bulge may show off more than you want).

The material is super soft as well. The 92% Supplex ® 8% Lycra® feels amazing against your skin. I think all the regular pairs of underwear, except mesh and such, are made out of this blend. It holds up very well over time. Most of the pairs of Cocksox I have in my collection have lasted for 4-5 years or more.

The thong is “Slender, plunging waist line for maximum ‘cheekiness'” From the front many would think it’s a brief. As you turn they will notice that its something more revealing. Thongs to me are about the support of a brief and the freedom of no underwear. Plus you feel a little bit sexier when you wear a thong. At least I have this feeling when I wear them. I’m not an every day thong guy but special days deserve something fun.

BRAND: Cocksox
LINE: Sport Thong
STYLE: Thong
COLORS: Nightfall, Lush Green and Fervent Blue
FABRIC: 92% Supplex ® 8% Lycra®
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00


It’s time to live it up this Thong Thursday! What better brand to do that than Gregg Homme. The makers of some of the best eroticwear on the planet. I have yet to wear anything from them that I didn’t like. Plus the quality of the construction and fabric is in a class all it’s own! So what did we choose for this Thong Thursday? Why the Desire thong of course!

Why wear some boring white (sorry white fans) undies to work today under you suit or khakis. Wear something super hot that will bring out the animal in you! The Desire thong will do just that, make you feel super sexy! The official description is: “Desire introduces a refined wild look that is laser printed on a fine European silk knit with soft hand feel.  The Desire animal print thong is seductively wild in men’s fashion underwear. Finishing includes one of a kind Gregg Homme logo detachable clip with logo.”

Gregg Homme takes underwear designing to the next level. You hear laser print but what does that mean. It means when the fabric is stretched it won’t loose it’s color. Some times when fabrics are printed, when you stretch the fabric it turns white, this will not do that. I saw it in person and it’s pretty amazing.

Also, the pair has a detachable clip. This won’t come in handy at work but may after. So you can perfect your favorite Magic Mike moves for your partner of choice.  Thong Thursday should be about fun and trying something new. The thong comes in two color combinations for the print. Make sure you give the Desire thong a look for your next thong day!

BRAND: Gregg Homme
LINE: Desire
STYLE: Thong
COLORS: Two color combinations in print
FABRIC: European silk knit
COST: $29.00


When the topic of thongs comes up I always think of the 2(X)ist Y-Back thongs. It is probably one of the most classic thongs on the market. When it was released men’s thongs were not big on the market as they are today. The Y-back thong was also some what of an innovation on the thong. I can’t remember any thongs that resembled it at that time. It is one of the classic thongs in the world of men’s underwear!

I was unaware that this was for sale. I thought that 2(X)ist had discontinued it. Which I wasn’t happy about. Then I was asking about them something else and threw out the I wish they had the thong. They responded its on the site! So I headed over and there it was, and it was hidden under Jocks!

So, why should you wear this pair for Thong Thursday? First, as I covered above it’s a classic. It is one thong I thing I have worn more than any others I have ever owned. I bough many pairs of this style over the years. Next, it’s a very good starter thong for those wanting to try thongs. The string isn’t bulky and its designed to fit just right. Lastly, its not too skimpy for a thong. That might sound counter intuitive for a thong. Not every guy likes to wear super small thongs.

The Essential Y-Back comes in just black and white. It’s the same colors they had when it first came out. You won’t hear me say this too often but I think it would look odd in other colors. The black and white kind of fit a classic pair of this sort.

I know this may not be for all of you out there. This thong has quite a following and many have said they missed it. If you want to get the pair, it’s now available in a two pack for $22 on the 2(X)ist website.