197911_10150113248480079_1350045_nInspiration came to entertainer Andrew Makay while working as a performer on a cruise ship in 1987. That would eventually lead to one of today’s most iconic underwear brands. A simple turquoise bikini served as the spark that would turn into the blazing hot brand, N2N. Ten years later in May 1997 after lots of work and dedication the official brand was born.

That bikini got Andrew thinking, what if every day underwear was made not just to be worn but to be sexy?

In the years that would follow Andrew sought to learn the tools of the trade. He became self-taught in the design process. Most importantly in the use of the industrial machines that would help produce his underwear. This process was not always smooth, relying on the trial and error method a lot in the beginning.


The first pair that he worked on and finished was a bikini, perfect for where he was living at the time, Orlando. It was 1989, two years after he first bought his turquoise pair in Acapulco but still 8 long years before he would officially launch his brand.

Those years were filled with trials and errors and successes. Still he was fueled by his desire to bring his vision for sexy, ready to wear underwear to life. There didn’t need to be a line between every day wear and more lingerie. Which was only meant to be worn before intimacy.

He was continually helped by fellow performers and friends, especially Brian Sturzenacher, during that time. It would be through the help of friends that would get Andrew through the launch of his store. Also through the first many years. If they weren’t letting him crash on his couch they were helping believe in his vision. Like Angus Kennedy who later became the company’s CFO.

It would still be a little bit of time before Andrew would launch N2N inside of someone else’s store. Someone took a chance on him. Don with Los Angeles Sport Company agreed to sell some of Andrew’s designs in his store. This was it, his first real exposure. It was a big step for Andrew and for N2N.

One of the big moments that stands out to Andrew is receiving his first shipment of underwear sewn by a contract sewer. It would have taken him weeks if not months to do the same amount of work. His production could now be sped up and give him more time to focus on the design and the business. What a relief!


Finally in May of 1997. Ten long years after his life on cruise ships. N2N launched in a shared space with a women’s swimwear store in West Hollywood. His own designs, his vision was out there for the world, or at least the greater L.A. area, to see. Andrew was getting to help put men in seductive pairs of underwear.

In 1997 his designs relied a lot upon sex appeal. Skimpy. Tight. Alluring. The old adage that sex sells rings true for a reason and people were starting to notice N2N.

However, some of those people were his collaborators, his partners. First he noticed that the Women’s Swimwear store started to branch out and was selling remarkably similar pairs on their side of the store. Then he learned that his sewing contractor was marketing identical designs overseas as well.

Needless to say that was the end to those partnerships.


Scorned and saddened it was the enthusiasm generated from his designs that got him through. The reception was making a buzz and Andrew’s vision for suggestively filled underwear drawers pulled him back into work.

The first years were slim, not only in design but in financial success. When not couch surfing (before it was trendy) Andrew could often be found waking up having slept on top of his fabric bolts. Struggling but encouraged he continued to evolve his brand, his vision.

He wanted his underwear to compliment all types of guys. He moved the designs forward, past “skimpy = sexy” to experimenting with fabrics that left less to the imagination then the cut did. N2N would push the envelope of what every day underwear could be. While staying true to the goal of sexy, every day underwear that made the wearer feel empowered.


After many years of hustling his wears at trade shows. Andrew started to plunge more and more resources into the all mighty advertising. At the time the way to go was expensive print advertising. Pricy magazine ads helped to bolster N2N’s sales and the brand started to grow and grow.

After 6 or 7 years Andrew finally felt that N2N had arrived and had established staying power. From a cruise ship to a share space in West Hollywood to championing the brand around the industry. He finally knew his vision was hitting home. And then came…the internet.


The world at your fingertips and the world’s fingertips at your door N2N’s sales took off. Internet marketing was a godsend. With less cost than the pricy print advertising the brand’s reach was greatly extended.

Pairs of sexy underwear were being shipped all over the place. Eddie Flores, N2N’s artistic director, and Andrew Makay continue to stay true to their vision of incredibly sultry underwear for everybody for every day.

N2N’s lines incorporate different styles and cuts. So that any body type can find their own sexiness reflected in their underwear. Trunks can be sexy. Briefs can be sexy. Thongs can be sexy. You can be sexy.


For over 18 years N2N has been championing sensual drawers in your drawers. For those same 18 years N2N has been locally made in Los Angeles, a fact that Andrew happily highlights.

And speaking of happy highlights. One of the biggest moments for Andrew and N2N came in 2014 when none other than Neil Patrick Harris touted his love for N2N underwear. During an interview with Vanity Fair Neil stated that N2N was his current favorite brand. “They’re perfectly designed to honor the goods, and not smash them”.

Andrew described the shout out by NPH as one of the proudest in his professional underwear career. Other proud moments have come from dealing with some extraordinary models like William Levy and Adam Ritchson who have gone on to big things. Levy went on to have a very successful acting career and recently appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.


Yet when asked about what really brings him pride after all of these years of getting sexy men into sexy underwear he points to his repeat customers. People across the world look to their underwear to give them an extra bounce in their step. A feather in their caps and many of those people are repeatedly choosing N2N. Repeat customers give Andrew and the rest of the N2N team the knowledge that they continue to hit the bullseye of what makes people feel sexy, confident, wonderful!

It took a turquoise bikini, years of hard work, sleepless night, toil and turmoil, and constant encouragement but N2N has grown into one of today’s iconic underwear brands. Andrew, Eddie Flores, and the whole N2N organization continue to look to the future for inspiration so that the rest of us can continue to fill our underwear drawers with pairs that, as Neil Patrick Harris said, “…honor the goods…”


Tyler Rush is a well-known and very well loved gay adult film star. He started out as the hit of the Seattle Pup scene and went on to merge areas such as Cosplay, Bondage, Pups, and so much more into a very successful film career. (Read more about him on the Huffington Post here: When not shooting films he can be found Go-going in Seattle and at various conventions with groups like Bound Jock and more. One thing that anyone who has ever seen him or seen anything he’s been a part of will know and that…is his ass. And how better to display said ASSet than in a jockstrap. I sent Tyler some questions about Jockstraps to get his take on this popular underwear style and here is what he said.

When did you first wearing jockstraps?

2009 Actually

Do you have some favorite brands of jockstraps or assless briefs?

Mr S Leather, Cellblock, Timoteo

Where do you buy most of your underwear/jockstraps?

I can honestly say that the majority of my jocks are from Mr S Leather (@MrSLeather).

Do you consider jocks better than regular briefs/trunks? If so, why?

I think each undie has its time, place and event. A little better, sure, but again, I appreciate briefs for being comfy and giving a comfy layer against denim or other pants.

Do you have a preference between jockstraps and assless briefs?

Jockstraps for sure. Assless briefs are great, but I like having my legs uncovered. The less fabric the better.

What do you look for in a good jock?

A good lift of the butt up, but without any unnecessary skin folds, and a good dick push forward in the pouch.

How often do you wear jockstraps?

If I’m going to an event or going out and about I’ll put on a jockstrap, I honestly only own a few briefs, of which I only wear at family functions or professional job things. Jocks are my preferred underwear of choice. 


Okay for a season that saw many ups and downs I was not sad to go out with that second half against the Panthers that we had. If there is a team that can take you completely by surprise it is my Seattle Seahawks. Now for the first time in three seasons we will not be in the Super Bowl, a sad but true statement.

Now generally I am not a very superstitious person. I’ve stepped on many cracks and my grandmother’s back is completely fine. That’s how it goes right? BUT I do have my lucky pair of underwear for Seahawk games. It all started four seasons ago and has continued ever since. Attempts to wear a similar pair have ended in heartbreak.

For me there are certain requirements that a lucky pair of underwear has to meet for sports teams:

  1. It must be a jockstrap. Sorry, but it does. Nothing says sports like straps.
  2. It must be in at least one of the team’s colors.
  3. It better be cute/hot/sexy as F.

So bam. Those three requirements in mind my lucky pair for the last four seasons has been my green Diesel jockstrap. It’s fairly simple as far as design goes but it holds up very well. The straps still give my bum a lift and that’s after lots of washes. Green, blue and grey all play parts for the Seahawks. The year that I started with this pair our big accent color was lime green and it just made sense.

Like I mentioned, attempts to switch this pair with others like it (Blue Diesel Jockstrap I’m talking about you) have not gone well. Seriously, terrible games…WHY 4th Quarter WHY?!?! So even on disappointing outcomes I know it would have been worse if I were not wearing my lucky jockstrap. So if you’re a Broncho fan or a Panthers supporter make sure to don your lucky pair this Sunday.

Who knows your orange jockstrap might just win Super Bowl 50!

I promise I’m not crazy!

20160118_131333So first things first, a disclaimer: I have not worn boxer briefs for a very long time (Below the Belt furnished this pair for review). That being said, if I were to go back to boxer briefs Below The Belt would definitely be a brand I would get into. The first and instantaneous thing that you will notice is the quality. The fabric is a strong blend that will not easily wear down. Everything from the stitching to the pipping is extremely sturdy but not in an inflexible way. It remains comfortable while strong.

The colors and look of the pair I have are eye catching and bold. I love a bold, in your face color and this blue is just that. Bold. The waist band is simple, not a ton of style points getting awarded for the band but that’s okay in this context. Not every brand needs the flashy, trendy band if that’s not what they’re all about.20160118_131339

The feel is comfortable and very secure. The sizing is good for the waist and fairly good for the thighs. Some of us have a bit more on the thigh and it makes the leg part of this tighter but not uncomfortably so. Just very secure, if you will. The comfort is consistent throughout the day, no rubbing or anything. And again, I haven’t worn boxer briefs for ages so getting used to the little bit extra down the leg took a second.

Overall this is a really solid pair of underwear. And I do mean solid in multiple sense of the word. The brand is good. The structure and quality is top notch. The look and feel are both above average as well. They do a great job of taking care of everything…Below The Belt.

Beau Briefs recommendation: If boxer briefs are your cut, these are wonderful.

Rating: 8.5/10

Daily Fit: 8/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 9.5/10

Styling: 8/10

Daily Performance: 8.5

Pros: Fun, bold color, good/compact sizing, great durability.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.


Find this pair at Below the Belt.



Hi howdy hey readers. Happy 2016! I’m excited to be returning to UNB Blog for my second year.  I hope to be introducing you all too new brands, undies, and possibilities this year. I hope that the New Year has started out well for all of you as well. Mine did and I’ll tell you why!

In multiple places around the world it is good luck, especially for your love life, to ring in the New Year wearing red underwear. A world tradition that means I get to buy underwear, what’s not to love? So I picked up a brand new pair of 20151231_195749briefs and I could not be happier with them. I got the Jack Adams classic cut briefs, the Team Brief and they rock.

Now, I knew that they would be amazing before I got them. Because I have a similar pair in blue, so I was confident this would be a great pair. The bold red is reminiscent of that classic red Baywatch speedo. It really pops. It has the classic Jack Adams racing stripes alongside the bulge area that add a touch of sexy design to them.  That makes the front really stand out, more so than normal.

If the color wasn’t enough the feel is divine. With a fabric make up of 92% Cotton and 8% Polyester the feel could not be smoother. It has a good hold where it needs to and an airy breath about it where it counts. The fabric blend is one of Jack Adams staples and is nicely replicated in their trunks and briefs. Giving you a consistent experience across much of their line. The piping along the butt holds up well and gives that extra bit of lift that all bums can use. The bold waist band also helps give a great structure to the pair as well as an overall powerful look.

I picked up my pair from my local store, Under U 4 Men in Seattle. Their flagship store is based out of Portland, Oregon which is where Jack Adams is headquartered. I personally love the shopping experience of the stores. Seeing pairs in person and discussing options with the clerks there. Jack Adams can be found on multiple selling sites like International Jock and Jockstrap Central.

If you haven’t tried out Jack Adam’s line yet you should definitely check them out. If your 2016 hasn’t picked up to the start you were hoping for, go out and treat yourself to a pair of red briefs like these. You never know, they might just be lucky!


Beau Briefs recommendation: You’re gonna want to have this one. This pair furnished By N2N Bodywear for review

Rating: 9/10

Daily Fit: 8.5/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 9/10

Styling: 9.5/10

Daily Performance: …less used for daily more used for momentarily.

Pros: Sexy as hell, accentuates certain areas, pretty comfortable for a time, did I mention sexy?

Cons: Not sure on full day use for fabric, you better be ready to have that bulge bulging…

Okay, I had been wanting to try the N2N Liquid line ever since I first say a photo of it. And I was not disappointed. The label itself will identify as an erotic pair. The moment that it is on it is not hard to see why…even if not hard…get it? 😉

The Liquid Silver pair will easily slide up your legs and hug your hips, in the best possible way. Even just putting the pair on itself is a fairly sensual experience. Seeing the snug fit of the crotch and silver licking of the cheeks. It would be very difficult (avoided using the word hard again) to not feel much sexier just after slipping into it.

Now, as I mentioned, I do not know if this pair would be the best all day pair. Because the lining and the outside fabrics act very differently. The inside lining is comfortable and smooth. The outside is meant to have that shiny, sultry look and can be a bit stiff with how it interacts with the lining and movement. However, the two both do their jobs exactly as they are supposed to. The outside fabric without the inner would be super uncomfortable. The inside without the outside would just be a very basic black brief. Together…wow.


The visual of the pair when being worn is 100% what N2N was going for. I don’t care if you’re a shower. if you’re a grower, or if there just isn’t much up front, this pair will make everything WOW worthy.

The fit is great, it’ll hug you because that’s exactly what it should do. When it comes to a pair like this you don’t want it to be loose or baggy in anyway. If you’ve got a bit of a booty it might reign it in a bit but the look of lining caressing your cheek is well worth a bit of flattening.

Well, after trying this pair on and writing this review I am just a bit hot and bothered. In other words, the N2N Liquid Silver is a fully effective, sexy as HELL, line of undies and a must have.


After interviewing Adam Russell the designer and founder of Edge Apparel I could not wait to try out one of the pairs of underwear.  Edge Apparel supplied us with some underwear to review. I selected, as I always try to, a classic brief to start off. Since I’m a big fan of briefs I like to get my first look at a new brand with their briefs. I went for the darker, grey and red option.

The fabric blend of 7% spandex and 93% cotton was very comfortable. It was supportive and soft while still having just the edge of flexibility. It was very smooth to the touch which is always a bonus for the bum and it felt good all throughout the day.

The waist band is a great fit, it both stretches and holds, the ideal balance. It is a very cute, generally solid color band with the trendy logo on the front. The piping on the legs is just as balanced, stretchy, and comfortable and holds up well.

There is no “pouch” or anything in the crotch area. Personally, I’m not a fan of most pouches so I found this excellent. It much reminds me of the bulge area of Calvin Kleins, in a way, roomy, supportive but not overly defined.

When I went to the gym I didn’t have another pair to change into, as I often do, so I did my cardio day in the briefs. They felt fine, held up to the run, climb, and all. As mentioned in the cons section, I did have to tug the back out of my butt a time or two but nothing serious.

Overall I greatly enjoyed this pair of underwear. I am excited to try the other pairs out and give the boxer brief cut a go as well.


Rating: 9/10

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 8/10

Styling: 8.5/10

Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Cute, very comfortable fabric blend, supportive, and durable.

Cons: If running it may ride up your butt, however, that could have just been my butt…

Beau Briefs recommendation: An awesome new start for a brand, very solid product!


I had the great privilege last week to sit down with a founder and designer of a brand new underwear brand. Adam Russell is that new designer and founder of a company called Edge apparel. And he and I sat down to share some thoughts on underwear and what made edge the soon to be cutting brand.

Adam had a background with the corporate world and got to a place where he wanted to look for something that he would like to do day in and day out. Edge was his answer. He wanted to build a brand that would reflect a core desire, to feel good and sexy in what you are wearing. Looking around he felt that things today were becoming too skimpy, too dainty. He wanted to make something bold, powerful.

Edge underwear has a selection of striking color combination, a bold waist band with his catchy logo design, and a solid piping. All of these items were essential to creating the powerful brand imaging that Adam felt was lacking in the market today. He wanted to bring out another voice in the underwear market. One that crosses over from athletic to everyday, from sexy to comfortable.

Athletic brands have seen a resurgence lately with ultra-masculine brands like Jack Adams and Pump, so how is this different? Well, in my mind, it is that Sporty Chic kind of style. Emphasis on the word Sporty. It is the pickup game of baseball at the local school, it’s backyard football.

One of the biggest things, he wants the size on the underwear to actually be the size that fits. He felt that often you try a new brand or a new style.  You buy the size that you think would fit.  Your traditional department store size, but come to find out it’s too small. For those who sit at the higher end of any size (big shout out to those 30” waists with a booty, I feel ya).  when a brand runs small, pairs no longer fit. He is seeking to make a small an S, medium an M, large an L, etc. For instance, I have a 30” waist and fit very comfortably into a Small.

The current pairs come in two different cuts, a brief and a boxer brief (close to a trunk). There are 4 different color combinations. The pink/black is only in the boxer briefs and the red/grey is only in the briefs. Those pairs are special in another way too. The purchase of those pairs will donate a portion of the cost to breast cancer and muscular dystrophy. The blue/yellow and the black/yellow can be purchased in either briefs or boxer briefs.

And folks, this is just the beginning. Edge will also feature t-shirts, hoodies (which look amazing), hats, and more. Eventually Adam hopes to launch edge with women’s cuts and styles as well. He wants Edge to be all encompassing. Which is why you will find edge4men (all men), edge all day (more gay oriented), edge4women (all women) and simply edge underwear. He really does have a growing vision of where edge will go.

So when can you buy them? The official launch date for the site will be November 9th. Currently the site will be the main place to purchase all edge products.  Supplies will be limited so don’t delay if this new brand catches your eye. A launch event has not been scheduled yet but will most likely occur in the proceeding months in the perfect (I’m not bias) city of Seattle. Look for this brand because it truly does have the potential to be the new, cutting edge.

makeShort story: I once was dating a guy who was all about buying tons of different socks.  Much like I was all about underwear. There, did you like my story? Well, the point is, these two are generally a pretty logical pair. Socks and underwear, two things we all often wear every day that don’t get much limelight throughout the day.

What else? They both have the ability to be fun, whacky, and even sexy. So it makes sense to make a match! Now there are some brands out there that do indeed make matching socks. I have three sets of matching socks/undies from Cellblock13. I didn’t always buy the pairs together but picked up the matching socks later.


The nice thing about a brand making both the underwear and the socks is that the branding, markings, etc. They will generally be consistent and match each other. A perfect pair! I myself have three pairs of matching Cellblock13 socks and underwear. It’s great to have a perfectly consistent design and color scheme. And there are options too: My yellow socks are much different in design than my blue ones but they still all match the underwear great. I recently wore my yellow and black pairs to an underwear night and was declared quite a sexy little bumble bee.


However even when a brand doesn’t it can be super fun and empowering to make a match! By chance, I had a pair of bright pink knee high socks (like one does). They happen to match the waist band of a pair of JOR undies I have. Naturally one day, I made a match! And why not? It’s super fun.


Now the Cellblock13 socks that I mention are much more aligned with the sexiness and more fetish side of the matching idea. They are definitely meant to entice and that’s perfectly good. Other socks can be much more innocent, meant to perk up an outfit. Much like underwear they can be used in completely different ways and it’s all up to you.

For super fun and funky designs Happy Socks always has a good offering. These are great to wear to work and have them peeking out at the office all day. They just make everything a bit more jovial and who couldn’t use that?

I mean when you think about it, it’s what Superman did. There is something so fun and uplifting about know that underneath your work attire or day to day wardrobe. You’ve dressed like SuperYou. Just give me a cape and watch me save the day. Seriously. It’s enjoyable and yes, in a way, kind of silly and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

So go for it, make a match!



Some underwear can be an adjustment to get used to. The first time I tried a thong I was not convinced. So it took a few more times before I realized how fun and great they could be. I believe the same could be true for this unique pair of Body Aware briefs as well. Most traditionally aligned with a bikini cut Body Aware makes its mark with an unexpected twist of a “string” waist band. Instead of the most traditional elastic ½” band that we’re all fairly used to.

However, it is those strings that will take me a few tries to get comfortable with. Their support is fine, they hold up and hold in but it is the look it that plays with my mind. Perhaps if I have a better “V” then it would be different because I could see it being very sexy on someone. The little ‘windows’ created by the combo of the strings and the bikini cut will just take some getting used to.

All that being said, the pair is moderately comfortable. The nylon feels great on the bum as it gives a very smooth, very silky feel that is always welcome on the rear. The pouch is similar, very smooth. It is a much defined pouch, as one would expect, and given the windows the bulge definitely stands out.

So, if you want a fun and unique pair that might take a time or two to get used too then this is the pair for you. It is fun, it really is. The colors are vibrant and flashy. The cut is one of a kind. The fit is good.

Pros: Fun colors, very comfortable fabric, flashy and fun.

Cons: Slightly odd string band, slits that could take time to get used to

Beau Briefs recommendation: These are an interesting pair that one will either really love or be on the fence about.

Rating: 6.5/10

  • Daily Fit: 5/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 6.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 5/10

BodyAware furnished this pair for review.


Untitled design (6)

A perfectly charming, bulge-tastic pair of briefs: aka exactly what one should expect from N2N. These 90% cotton, 10% spandex Fresh briefs hug in all of the right places.  The briefs make the front/package go, “BAM”. They really do support and exhibit the bulge in the best possible of ways. But not too x-rated but not too subtle either. In other words, I was happy with it.

The piping along the bum also supports everything in an “uplifting” way. They keep it all at height, tight, and well, right. The piping all around is very supportive and only slightly tight in the inner thigh area. That can happen for those of us who are the upper end of Small. The waist band is thin (in a good, sleek way), attractive, and fitting.

The one thing that is just the tiniest bit off is the color. Now, disclaimer, this could just be this particular pair so take this next sentence with a grain of salt. The color seems like it is a sun-faded black. It isn’t a bold, dark black but a kind of washed out shade. And again, this could just be this one pair.

Overall this is a great pair of briefs to add to your routine. They are comfortable to wear all day. They are attractive in a classic, hip brief cut. They are complimentary in their support 😉 They are a great pair of briefs.

Pros: Comfortable, great bulge support, smooth look and feel.

Cons: If you’re a 31 (like myself) the inner thigh might be a tiny bit tight, my pairs color seemed a bit faded.

Beau Briefs recommendation: A great example of what N2N does and how briefs ought to be.

Rating: 8/10

Daily Fit: 8/10

Sizing: 8/10

Construction: 8/10

Styling: 8/10

Daily Performance: 8/10

N2N Bodywear furnished the Fresh Briefs for review. Find them at the N2N Bodywear site for $22.00



So here in Seattle (and I am SURE all around the world) we have some {gay} clubs that enjoying having Underwear Nights. Now of course this will sound overly sexual to many people. Other people will stick with their beliefs that most people going to underwear nights are probably “not the ones you want to see if underwear”. To both of those I say, BULLSHIT.

Okay, so you like, love, or enjoy underwear so why not go to an underwear night? They give you a chance to show off your newest or best pair in a comfortable, controlled setting. How better to discover new brands or styles then when you’re having a drink with friends or new friends at a bar?

Let’s talk nerves. Yes, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking. You are electing to shed everything, well almost everything, to a bar full of people. Talk about exposed. Remember, you’re not alone in this. It can be uncomfortable at first and maybe it will take time to feel natural again but I promise it is worth it. And of course it is always the moment right before that’s the most scary.  Either right before entering the club, right before deciding to go.  Or right before having to take off that first piece of clothing. Breath, take one moment, and then do it!

It can be an amazing rush to ultimately become confident and strong by making yourself vulnerable to everyone there. It’s one of those funny conundrums of life that an act of exposure and openness can make you the most whole and invincible. Will you still fidget, adjust, check and double check? Of course but that’s no problem, we all do it.

Sexuality and sexual energy does not need to have anything to do with the night. Oddly, think of it as a form of natural, nudism.  Yhe point is not to hook up the point is to spend an evening with fairly likeminded people just being you. Our undies are a form of self-expression and that does not need to be sexual in nature. At these nights one often just ends up chatting with friends or strangers.  Rnjoying a strongly poured cocktail or two and just being.

As to the people who assume that “the ones in their underwear are not the ones you’d want to see in their underwear.”  all I can say to them is, “you’re an asshole”.

I like to believe that for every one in their underwear. Rhere is someone out there that wants to see them in their underwear. Perhaps the people that say that are just self-conscience or scared.  Perhaps they are so closed minded that what they think of as an attractive person is the only kind. Either way, it’s too bad for them because they are missing out on a great experience.

This last weekend I went to back to back underwear nights in Seattle. One was at a bar I had never been to and the other was a city staple for this kind of night. I had a blast at both. Everything from the selection process of the underwear, to the meeting up with friends, to the hanging out and being just completely comfortable was great. Plus, getting compliments on my undies was a hoot as well (this weekend was all about CellBlock13 and PUMP! for me). I also saw some new styles I had not seen before and that was a thrill as well.

So, underwear nights, I say try it. I say go for it. I say have a blast. Remember, so many of us love and cherish our underwear for how it makes us feel. Getting to put that out there for everyone to see is empowering. Be brave, be bold, be you…in undies…at the bar

IMG_0104What’s neon green, partially mesh, and went for a run in the park today?

My N2N Sheer Skin runners. Being a nylon/spandex blend these neon green runners definitely hug every part from ankles to waist, every part. That means that, well, they show. Really show. And why shouldn’t they? Even if the neon green wasn’t flashy enough and showy enough there’s always the peak a boo mesh tushy to show off. Let’s just say, there are things to see when wearing these.

So this morning I took off for a great local park with both tree covered trails and out in the open paths. And I took off wearing my runners and a cute neon pink tank-top because if you’re going to go bold, go BOLD. Now, the N2N runners don’t have a built in pouch so the fabric fits and cradles the goods to make its own pouch. At first it was nerve racking, seriously everyone that I ran past on the way to the park, at the park, and on the way home could see…everything.

There were looks and there were looks. And then, I just got into the rhythm of running. In the park I took both covered trails and open paths. I passed many other runners, some who glanced and some who just were focused on their run. Oddly, it was freeing, super freeing. No one said anything, no one objected or called me out and if they were thinking something they kept it to themselves.

This run was for me. To push myself to do something that I wouldn’t normally do. Before this part I had really only wore these runners with short shorts over them or just lounging at home. But hey, it’s Fetish Friday and I wanted to be adventurous.

Now, as far as the runners themselves go: They are super-hot, aesthetically. The nylon/spandex blend feels really great, very comfy. However, they don’t like to stay up very well. Now, I have a little bit of a white boy booty but I still found the runners trying to slip down over my cheeks. It would require a pull every so often, just to keep things up. Overall though this was a very freeing, very exciting, and very “out there” experience. Will I run in them again, of course 😉

R8-14-C R8-14-Full

jS8NLsN2.jpg-largeI’m N2-it, that’s for sure. N2N Air Jock Jockstrap



When you need a reliable, comfortable and sexy brand it’s hard to beat out N2N. They constantly produce high quality lines that define, support and accentuate all of the goods. This jockstrap was no different.

With a very cute, lean band the waist band design took on a “skinnier” look and design from most traditional jockstraps. The logo design is sleek and edgy with a streamline (literally, line) look. That plays very well in black and white, especially when constricted with the bold red pouch. The one thing that I thought was a bit off was just the sturdiness of the straps and band themselves.

I often say that I’ve got a nice lil booty for an average white boy. So perhaps that’s why I feel the straps and band were a little lackluster in their ‘support’. And comparing it with other N2N lines, like my thong, the straps are almost identical but the strength of them seem different. Perhaps it’s all in my head (very well could be) and does it mean that this isn’t still a super great jockstrap? No it does not.

Speaking of that red pouch from earlier, YAY! It is a classically perfect N2N pouch. It holds everything that it should well and helps really draw the eye. Everything from the bursting red color to the smoothness of the fabric makes this pouch pop. You’ll be able to rock this all day, all night and for some, even on the walk of shame (#nojudgment).

Look at this jockstrap as a whole and it is SO well done. The sleek and slim, black and white design of the waist band and straps plays just perfectly with the popping pouch of eye catching red. While the straps didn’t feel like they lifted my buns to high. holy heaven they did do their job well enough for me to be happy with this new pair from N2N.

Sizing will be consistent with your normal sizing and the 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex fabric blend is perfectly delightful.

Pros: Sleek and stylish, comfy and supportive pouch, playful colors

Cons: Smaller straps could mean less support,

Rating: 7.5/10

If you’re looking for a slender jockstrap to add to the bunch this is a good one to consider. Find the Air Jock on the N2N Bodywear page for $19.00

N2N Furnished this pair for review.


PN_OnHK3.jpg-largeLast week my bum got chummy with my new pair of Bum Chums, British Puddings Rhubarb and Custard Trunks.


For starters I LOVE any pair of undies that calls its color Rhubarb, you won me over with that one BumChums. Now I just want pie. Anyway, I do honestly really love the color. Especially the contrast piping listed as (Custard, I mean come on! Love it). Enough about the colors? Fine.

The first thing that I noticed is that there is a definite difference between the tightness of the waist band verses the legs. I’m a size 31 waist so smalls can technically be hit or miss with me, there are a few brands that I know to just order up a size. This one however was the opposite, the waist band felt looser. Now, not loose as in I was gonna have dropping drawers throughout the day but it just didn’t have that relaxed hug. Comparatively the piping around the legs were very snug, on the boarder of a bit too much and passable.

Now the fabric is Polyamide 92% and Elastane 8% blend and do you know what they means? Heaven J The feel of the fabric is exactly what one wants in an underwear. It’s got a smooth, soft feel but it fits and holds the things it needs to fit and hold…if you catch my drift.

If you didn’t catch my drift, the pouch or “bulge” area was perfectly comfortable. It had a fair amount of room but it also had a fair amount of restriction. I am personally not a fan of underwear that I feel won’t give any resistance to hardening opposition. So I was very happy with this pairs pouch. 10 points to Gryffindor, I mean, BumChums.

Overall this pair of trunks was wonderful. It wore nicely throughout the day and was very comfortable in any position and motion. Sometimes great pairs aren’t so great when one does too much walking or steps throughout the day. These held up perfectly without losing any of the comfort. My one critique was just the waist band. The band itself is very cute and fun I just wanted a little more hug.

Pros: Super fun and creative colors, good wear throughout the day, super comfortable fabric

Cons: Slightly tight leg piping, a bit slack waist band

Rating: 8.5/10

These will make a great new addition to your undies collection! The British Puddings Rhubarb and Custard trunks for £15.99 at the Bum-Chums site

Bum-Chums furnished this pair for review

UnderLoverWear-0991It starts a bit awkward. It feels a bit weird. It is definitely a new situation.  And then you laugh.

That’s how it was in the first 15 minutes of a photoshoot put on by Handsome Pictures (Instagram:
). I had known the photographer for years and for as long as I’ve known him, he’s known my underwear obsession. So he approached me a little while ago about doing a shoot, “of all of your underwear”. Well, all of it was going to be out of the question but of a small portion, SURE!

Now for everyone who has ever looked at your own body in the mirror. You know that there are times that you feel really good about it and times that, well, you don’t. If you had asked me early this year I would have told you I felt GREAT. We’re talking, swim thong in the hot tub in Whistler for Gay Ski Days great. But by the time that the shoot came around in May…not so much.


Still, the shoot was scheduled and I really did want to have a good time. I stuffed a bag full, FULL, of different underwear. I did diverse brands, different cuts, colors, materials, all of it. I could barely zip the bag closed and I was off! That bag contained some of my most favorite pairs; blue and orange assless briefs from Timoteo, a deep red jockstrap from Obviously, hot pink briefs from Garcon Model, my N2N Y-thong sailor striped briefs from CoxSocks and much more.

We got all set up for the first of three locations and I went to get changed. I nervously walked out of the bathroom.  Realizing what would follow would be a saga of sucking in, angling, and trying to smile. For the first few clicks of the camera I was stiff and both the photographer and I knew it. And then, he made me laugh. I can’t remember the line or joke but I just laughed out loud and *click* there was the first, good photo.


In that moment I recalled that feeling uncomfortable is in direct contrast to the cornerstone of loving undies. And then, the photo shoot was on. I arched, smirked, twisted, and had a great time.

We went out into the woods and did another section, my favorite section. Being in inspiring underwear surrounded by nature is the most natural feelings there is. By the time he said we should go to the more “product shots” I didn’t want to go in but reluctantly followed.

The shoot finished with a black backdrop for shots of just the underwear. The finished product would look like a shots you’d see on a seller’s page. The lights were hot, the camera was close and it was still fun.


Want to know the worst part of the entire thing? Waiting for the finished products. Yet, when they came, I couldn’t believe it. So many of the photos caught the essence of how underwear should make you feel. I looked elated in them. I looked comfortable in them. I looked sexy in them. And for having felt so…not great… about my body at the time. I smile every time I look at those photos and am so grateful for Handsome Pictures for capturing it all, one click at a time.


That’s how one would describe the new Nasty Pig REF brief and jockstrap. These 94% Modal, 6% Spandex pairs are in the traditional Nasty Pig vein and will cross over for anyone who has not ever counted themselves as a NP fan. The hard stripes give great lines for even the smallest of bulges, where the eye is naturally drawn. Thick pouch lines boarder and emphasis the center piece as well.

In two classic NP colors, black or red, these pairs look to be winners. With a solid waist band and classic hog logo lending a bold feel these pairs are in charge, without a doubt. Priced competitively at $29 this pair will go well with anyone’s existing collection. So whether you want a covered bum with the Nasty Pig Ref Briefs or you want a nice lift (and easy access 😉 ) with the Ref Jockstrap NP has you covered…or parts of you.


UnknownWhat is better than an accent color, a good pop of difference to run the trim? The OUTLINE, as AussieBum’s new briefs are called, have just that. And let’s face it that is frickin cute. They keep the classic features that one would expect from AussieBum “Soft, sleek and body contouring.” Is not only what you can expect from these pairs but a well contoured bulge as well, having the outline piping dip around the bulge for more emphasis.

Unlike many pairs from this and other brands the Outline brief has a thin waistband. This has the effect of not pulling the eye in an obvious way but helping to accentuate the briefs as a whole, matching the width of the piping around the legs. My personal favorites are the red outline around the Royal Blue and the olive like green around the black. Although, fans of classic white briefs will salivate over the emerald lined white pair.

The briefs are 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane, will bring that gentle fabric feel to your days spent in these. As they are saying, this pair will be ideal to wear under “form fitting jeans and pants”. And the best part, they are selling for $14.56!

_MG_2254Should I? We’ve all said it, whether while standing in a great underwear store or clicking through pages online. Should I? I mean, I’ll NEVER actually wear it. Will I? I just don’t see the point if I’m not going to use it. Right?

All I will say is: If you get it, you’ll find a reason, a time, an occasion to wear em if you want to.

Sometimes we come across those pairs, the leather straps, the unsupportive mesh the zippers that we secretly want to have even if it’s just to have it. One of the first pairs like that for me was a leather jockstrap with a zipper right down the pouch. I don’t remember the brand, I don’t remember where I got it and sadly, I don’t have that pair anymore. Did I ever find a time to wear it? You bet I did.

Deciding to buy a piece of what might be called fetish or erotic wear comes down to the same thing as any high quality underwear. Will it make YOU the wearer, feel good? If it will make you feel sexy, then forget about the potential viewer.  Forget about a potential situation.  If it gives you a spring in your step then it’s 100% worth it. This is about you and what makes YOU feel hotter than the sun.

For those who are really concerned about the usefulness…if there is a willy there is a way-y.  Fetish wear or leather is not something that everyone uses or incorporates into their every day or their bedroom time, that’s okay. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t let yourself try owning one. Should I? Will I? Right? It’s okay to just, have it. To know that it’s there in a drawer and then one day you’ll mention it to your date, spouse, significant other, as a joke and the joke will become real and even if it’s just for that one time, worth it.

To date I have a handful of those pairs and I like having them. I have some black all mesh Male Basics briefs. I have a Petite-Q c-string. I have a generic zippered speedo. I have a blue and white Pulse jockstrap with mesh pouch, and more. Have I ever used any of them as regular underwear or to spice things up? Absolutely. Do I use them or wear them very often? Absolutely not. But I could, because I have them.

Should you? Sure, why not! Find one that the thought of having secretly excites you and then muster the courage and get it.

So if you’re thinking that Fetish Friday isn’t for you, it could be if you let it.

Travel & UnderwearWell, actually, mostly all briefs and a few jockstraps but the word play was just too tempting. Hi! My name is Tim and on Twitter I tweet under the name @underloverwear. I have been in love with higher end underwear ever since I would sneak the Nordstroms catalog into my bedroom and stare at the models, even in tightie whities. When I was 13 I bought my first pair of Calvin Klein, black, hip briefs and my obsession was sealed. Generally I sway towards fun, bright briefs and very supportive, active jockstraps but I try to have a good sample of everything.


A few years ago I got to live out one of my dreams and moved oversees for a year, to France. Oh la la, c’est vrai. I had studied French throughout college and this was the perfect time in life to get some travelling under my belt. I took a position with the French Education Ministry to teach English in Normandy for 8 months. It was the perfect chance to get long term paperwork to live in France and have a small bit of income coming in throughout the time there.

Now, this was not my first in Europe or in France. I can say that I definitely have a pair of cute trunks with the French tricolor (their flag) on my ass.  When I was in my “home town” of Caen I tried to go underwear shopping. The mission was not going super well and I bounced between stores for a better part of the afternoon before settling on a sheer black bikini from HOM Chic. It was by chance that I picked up a French brand among all of the offerings.

Then it hit me, underwear was a perfect souvenir. Sure one can always pick up some cute knick-knacks and take tons of photos but underwear is interactive and special. It gives you that extra bounce in your step and can be kept as that day’s little secret. So why not have it remind you of an amazing trip, a fun city, a moment in time?

WP_20150720_20_41_17_ProFor the rest of my year living and teaching in France I tried to travel a lot. Hitting two different locations or countries every time I had a two week break. First up, Ireland. I am IN love with Dublin and now I have a Modus Vivendi green jockstrap to remind me of the streets of Temple Bar, of meeting new friends at The George, and taking a bus out to Glendaloche. Also, it makes my ass look amazing.

I was not always able to find countries or cities with local or native underwear companies so.  In the case of Ireland, I tried to tie it together some other way (green might be cliché but that’s okay with me). Edinburgh is thought of every time I slip into my (slightly small) black briefs with bright orange trim.

And not only is having the underwear great but buying it is too. Generally I would find the “gay” neighborhood or street or area of the city, if there was one, and explore if they had any underwear or even sex items shop, since they often have a small selection of undies in them. Cities like London, Paris, and Berlin these were easily spotted and explored. Other cities like Dublin and Stockholm did not seem to have them. In these instances I would turn to the dreaded department store to browse the racks of universally sold underwear from big names.

In one instance a guy on Grindr directed me to an underground sex store in Stockholm that had a small wall of undies. I checked it out but in the end decided to go with Sweden’s own Bjorn Borg for good measure. Most times that I would ask guys on Grindr if there were any specific stores to go to. I would get a very typical response that they just go to the big box stores or they buy them online.

WP_20150720_20_42_12_ProSometimes, like with England (London specifically) I went with a native brand, SURKEW, and scored even bigger because it used the good ole Union flag as the pattern. In Berlin I got a mesh pair of briefs that I was not 100% in love with, so what did I do? I bought my first ever singlet. Now I will never forget Berlin.

As mentioned, London, Paris, and Berlin had huge selections, multiple stores, and pairs for days! Browsing through selections was so much fun. Brands from home that I love, like Timoteos and Jack Adams, weren’t found much over there. I got introduced more to Addicted and ES3. It was fun to see the difference in brands. In some places (cough, Germany, cough) had a wider selection of kinky or fetish themed underwear.

I mostly stuck to my favorites with briefs and jockstraps.  In France, I tried some new ones too. I picked up a grey swim thong with orange piping and a black and maroon square cut jockstrap just to try something a bit new. You never know what you might like if you don’t try.

My friends rolled their eyes at me when I told them of my souvenir plan. But I honestly can’t think of a better way to commemorate a trip. Without trying to sound too hokey. every time I step into those undies, I step back in time and think about that year, that trip, that place and that pair of underwear gives me an extra spring in my step that day.

So what all ended up in the Souvenir Trunk:

  • Dublin: Green Modus Vivendi Jockstrap
  • Edinburgh: Black and Orange hip briefs BRAND
  • Stockholm: Multi color Bjorn Borg trunks
  • Berlin: Andrew Christian black mesh briefs, BRAND assless singlet
  • Paris: Addicted Jockstrap, BRAND Jockstrap, BRAND swim thong, Sheer HOM Chic bikini
  • London: SURKEW Union flag trunk with peek a boo hole
  • Boston (on my way home to Seattle): Lavender Calvin Klein Steel briefs
photo by
photo by

We all have those long shot dreams that we don’t ever really think will come true. For me, that was becoming some kind of underwear model. Let’s face it, I hate the gym and work out very reluctantly, I don’t have an athletic build or a classically handsome face. The dream was never going to happen.

That love and long shot dream started when I was 13 years old and would sneak clothing catalogs into my bedroom to look at the underwear section. I did not know why or what it was about them, but I was captivated. I would see those men in the catalogs and I somehow wanted to be like them, in any small way.

I grew up in a very conservative household where things weren’t flashy, tight, or sexy. Things were very traditional, expected, and plain. Except…for my new, secret underwear collection that all started with a pair of Calvin Klein hip briefs. The packaging caught my eye for how they cut across the thigh, how they formed a well-rounded bulge, and how bold the black was. After a few more pairs of Armani Exchange and Tommy I bought a grey, Calvin Klein thong. The obsession and slight rebellion was in full force.

Photo by
Photo by

What was it about the underwear? No one besides me ever saw it. Heck, when your first kiss doesn’t come until you’re 18, it’s not like your seductively pulling down your pants for a captivate audience.

What was it? It was my secret, move over Victoria these were mine. Sitting just under my clothes these well-made, sultry undies hugged my lil bum and supported everything that needed it but more than that, they made me happy. Really happy. It made me smile in secret, it made me feel attractive, attractive! I was a goofy looking kind, big nose, straw hair, slightly gangly, just about average height but underneath I had a secret weapon.

The obsession grew and grew.

In college I branched out from my safe, known brands and into new and exciting territories. I started to get Andrew Christians, 2xist, Diesel, Aussie Bum, and Timoteo. At the time I would always go for regular briefs or trunks. I don’t mind trunks but briefs, and later jockstraps and thongs, are what really excite me when it comes to different cuts.

I was in love with the colors, the styles, the design and the feel. Knowing that at any moment I could slip out of my pants and be rocking some cute baby blue Diesel briefs or bulging out in some white lined red Andrew Christians.

And then one day, I snapped a photo. *click*

These days who hasn’t taken a “naked selfie” or in my case an “undies selfie”? They were happening way before camera phones and I’m sure they will continue with whatever technology comes next. The camera phone and subsequent smart phone sure did make them easy. I wanted to share my picture. Not just with a few close guy friends but I wanted people to see it because I felt SO attractive, so cute, so proud of myself in those photos and believe me, I had a few photos to share.

Twitter. The first time I launched @underloverwear on Twitter just last summer I started with a simple tweet: For my first tweet I thought a thong would be good #underwear #manthong. With a photo of my backside and a classic cut, teal, Andrew Christian thong. In my mind, the world exploded at that instant. Seeing as I only had 7 or 10 followers by that time I was blown away that it got retweeted almost 20 times and liked almost twice as much.

Thus, my tweeting began. I would post every few days and tried to find all of the brands and other enthusiasts to follow. Sometimes a photo would hit it big and I would be lifted even higher that day. Other times photos would sit there with just a little attention, but that was okay. It was all fun and apart of this new, uncharted adventure.

I kept my face out of the photos for the beginning until some fun, fellow tweeter @Chase_Z91 told me how much more personality my photos had with all of me in it. Sure, the photos of my bum had always been the most popular but now when I would post a frontal photo with my smiling or smirking face, people noticed. From there I was shocked and humbled by the numbers of likes, retweets, and followers. I never thought it would get anywhere near 300, or 500, or 1000, or 2000 like it has.

So, maybe it’s not the same as being that guy in the catalogs that I used to sneak into my bedroom. And maybe it’s not the same as actually working as an underwear model. And maybe it will all end tomorrow. But it has helped fulfill that long shot, impossible dream of mine and I am excited with each and every post. I’ve amassed a small collection of around 200 pairs of underwear and each and every one of them gives me the ability to be, in a small way, like those underwear models I used to see in the catalogs and let me share what was once just my secret.