Petit-Q Underwear


Men sexy underwear PetitQ photoshoot from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Garrett Bridwell photographer in Las Vegas shot our new Petit Q underwear collection. PetitQ is a sexy men’s underwear brand.
We did this photoshoot on the Las Vegas Strip in a room at the Delano Hotel.
We hope you like our new sexy lingerie, we have brefs, boxers, thongs, bikinis and jockstraps. it’s available here :

PQ150015_Green_1The ever skimpy, never wimpy PetitQ has released a new collection for 2016. I love PetitQ for their bold colors and embracing of asymmetrical design. They are really celebrating the power of the male bulge. The styles you’ll see in this collection are labelled:  Trunk, Bikini, Thong, “Kini”, G String.

The trunk is kind of a boxer style, with the leg hem and bulge line level. The bikini and thong both have front pouches that extend around the back with a narrow strap to either a full seat (for the bikini) or a thong back. The “kini” and the G-string styles both extend around the back with thin string. The kini getting a narrow Brazilian style rear.  While the G-string gets the token string right down the middle.

There’s a few different design themes, so I’ll break it down for ya.

Nautical Blue/White Stripes:

The first theme is this nautical thin royal blue/white horizontal stripes print. I did some cross-referencing (the whole site is in French, and I’m a bit rusty), but the fabric is a 95% modal/5% spandex blend, which is always a super luxurious feel to a pouch. This theme comes in a bikini, thong, and kini style.

Yellow Background Hawaiian Flower Print:

This theme features a banana yellow background, with bright fuchsia flowers on it with deep leaves. A bright lime contrast trim goes around all the edges. This one just comes in the bikini and kini style.

Monochrome Lace:

This theme leaves the prints behind, and changes from printed spandex to lace. More French cross-referencing leads me to believe this lace is a 85% Polyamide, 15% Lycra blend. The styles come in a highlighter hues of green and pink. The green comes in a trunk, and thong, while the pink comes only in the bikini cut.

Black Lace Pop: 

This other lace family features black see through lace as the background with a pop color accenting the lace design. They come in red (a deep purply red), blue, and a yellowy green. The red color comes in the trunk and kini cuts. The yellow color comes only in bikini. The true front-runner, the blue color, comes in trunk, bikini, kini, AND g-string cuts.


The last theme in this collection is a mini leopard print sheer fabric. It comes in a G-string, Kini and Thong Cuts.

I have my eye on the blue/white stripe, but I’d love to hear which themes you are into.


Over the last few years more and more guy are wearing thongs! We can tell that when we talk thongs or post about them. Its not just one type of guy wearing them. Gay, straight, tall, short, big and small are all wearing them. Its been sort of a renaissance in the word of thongs! We have a few great ones to choose from for our reader awards!

Here are the 2016 Nominations:

Cocksox Thong
Cocksox Thong


Ergowear Max Light Thong
Ergowear Max Light Thong


Gregg Homme Speed Thong
Gregg Homme Speed Thong


Jack Adams Sprinter Thong
Jack Adams Sprinter Thong


JOR Bikini G String
JOR Bikini G String


PetitQ Eastside Thong
PetitQ Eastside Thong

These are the six pairs we selected! We hope you will pick your favorite now! Go Vote at the UNB Reader Awards!


Ever heard about the gay parody of So You Think You Can Dance ? Well it’s already season 5 for SYTYCF. This year the constestants are couples. You might even recognize two of our previous models. The contestants are Dylan Knight & Brandon Wilde, Theo Ford and finally Logan Moore and Sth and Billy Santory. For this episode the boys are wearing the new PetitQ collection for a runway challenge

anatoly-petitq_02Don’t you hate it when you get some great pictures and you forget to run them? The boys at PetitQ sent me these and I thought I ran them earlier this week. How they keep finding incredible models is a secret I want to know! This features Anatoly Goncharov.

Anatoly Goncharov is a russian hunk taking over internet with his sexy shots. These new photos were taken by photographer Telma Saturday in a fancy appartment in Moscow. They show Anatoly’s gorgeous body and face in some sexy poses wearing the very provocative PetitQ collection.

petitq-theo-ford-s_03PetitQ has been producing pictures every few weeks. Each time they find a really hot guy to try their super skimpy underwear. This time they had model Theo Ford. You maybe asking who is Theo Ford? Well This is what PetitQ tells us: “Theo Ford is a french fresh adult entertainer making its debuts in America. Wes Triplett photographed Theo’s very masculine body in a nice appartment in NYC. This is the first part of the photoshoot”

We should expect another shoot featuring Theo soon. We can’t wait to see the remaining pictures.

petitq-theo-ford-s_12 petitq-theo-ford-s_09 petitq-theo-ford-s_06 petitq-theo-ford-s_02

petitq-paul-dedona_06PetitQ has done some amazing pics! They have kept producing great pics. This time photog Paul Dedona puts the brand in his sights. Here is what PetitQ told us about the shoot:”Paul Dedona loves bringing sexy boys into his bed. This time Paul is introducing Andrei. Andrei is a waiter in London and it’s his first time posing in front of a camera and we can tell he’s good and not shy wearing PetitQ provocative underwear.”

For a first time model Andrei was A. Bold to wear the brand on a first shoot!  and B. looks amazing in all the PetitQ. We hope to see more of him

Florent-PetitQ-8PetitQ has some awesome pics and this time is no different. Before they have featured acrobats, this time its a French Reality star. “Florent was a contestant in alreay 2 real TV shows in France and just left “les Princes de l’Amour”, Princes of Love. Florent is a successful entrepreuneur, living in the south of France, who is looking for true love. The photos were taken by french photographer Lionel André. Florent is having fun wearing our underwear.”


Yesterday the boys at PetitQ showed us some great pics of their underwear on some amazing acrobats! Today we bring you the new line that was just released. PetitQ is a brand that is not afraid to show more skin than just about any other line. They are creative, erotic and super sexy.

My definition of the brand is “ultra skimpy”. They have a very unique take on underwear. Arthus and Nico have made underwear that seems to defy the laws of physics! Pouches that seem to float and pairs you go “how does that stay on?” It is some of the most creative I have seen on the market. They always seem to amaze me with all their designs.

The new collection builds on the previous ones. There are about a dozen new pairs in the collection. I am going to focus on few pairs that stick out for me.

The picture above features the Jockstrap Pise. The pair has a pouch and just one strap that attaches in the back. The front is just a bit off center, here it attaches and that gives it a wrap around effect. So it’s sort of a hybrid of a jock and thong.


We profiled this picture yesterday but it called the Bikini Bondage (on right). It’s a brief with straps that come off the waistband and go down the leg. Its fun and is not something you may wear to work but a fun night or maybe one where you stay in!


Maybe you want a pair that you could wear to work. The Brief Anthony is a pair that has a solid base but a pouch of a different color. So those who you want to see it, their eyes will be drawn to the important areas, without showing it all off!

Where can you see the full collection? Check out the page on GDD World PetitQ page!