The boys are back for another thong show! Andy, Erik, & Ryan are back this week talk about the beginnings of their love of thongs. They discuss: 

  • What was their first in-store thong purchase experience
  • Talk about their first time wearing a thong (under clothes)
  • Talk about their first time wearing a thong in public (visible to others)

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JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354)Welcome to Ipanema Baby! Jor has added swim thongs to their line up. Let me introduce you to the Ipanema swim thong (0354) from JOR. If you are a swim thong fan or thinking about trying one out? Then take a look at the Ipanema swim thong. These are a pretty standard swim thong that would be great for anywhere it is acceptable to wear thongs. It actually might have a little more coverage than a traditional thong. Could be a great thong to break into the beach scene for the first time.

Like I mentioned this thong is along the lines of a traditional cut. With them being a low rise cut and slightly wider sides, it gives the impression of more back coverage than I typically vision a thong having. These offer full frontal coverage with a center seamed front pouch. They say it is an ergonomically shaped pouch that provides extra comfort thanks to the anatomical fit.

These thongs are made from a resilient microfiber fabric that is quick drying and super sleek. It’s a composition of 84% nylon and 16% polyester. They’ll be available in three colors: black, green, and orange. You have the sizes options from small to extra large. The thongs are brand with a tag on the left hip that has the JOR star and name on it.

This is a nice looking basic swim thong with good solid color options to start off with. Maybe they’ll expand upon them if they become a good seller. Right now only the colors black and green are available. Orange is coming soon, so keep watch if you want that color. It’s great seeing a brand like JOR adding swim thongs to their line. Hopefully, it means they are becoming more popular amongst us guys.

PAIR: JOR Ipanema Swim Thong
COLORS: Black, Green, Orange (Coming Soon)
FABRIC: 84% Nylon, 16% Polyester
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00
LINK: JOR Sport Swim Thong (0355)

JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Black FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Black Back
JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Green FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Green Back
JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Orange FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Orange Back


We all search for that pair of underwear that helps define who we are and what we feel when wrapped in that waistband.  Some guys prefer boxer briefs, while others prefer briefs and so forth.  It may be a brand, a style, or even a color that we feel our best in and really excites are inner being.  As time passes, underwear, like everything else, evolves and changes into something new.  I have always enjoyed many types of underwear from various brands and styles but over the past year I have discovered a style that encompasses everything I love about underwear.9514_0224

The first time I saw the jock-thong I could not believe my eyes.  I love a jock for its exposure, support, and fit.  I love a thong for its sex appeal and the way it makes me feel.  When both were put together, I knew I had to have it for myself.  I bought the Andrew Christian Jock Thong last summer and tried it on.  Oh my it was amazing!  I actually feel that the jock thong adds more support than a regular thong or jock because of the side straps brought together a little closer and tighter by the center strap.  In fact, I recently told a straight male who was interested in getting more into thongs that the jock thong may be a good transition pair of underwear because of its additional support and feel.  The side straps take away some of the pressure from the center strap, making it more jock like than thong like.  So to everyone who enjoys a brief or jock and wants to give a thong a try, this is the way to go.


I am excited to see more brands taking part in this new underwear evolution.  Andrew Christian was my first jock thong purchase and they have since offered a few more selections.  I have recently seen brands such as Jack Adams, Candyman, PPU and more come out with new jock thong combinations.  This is a new market in underwear that has potential to really expand.  As underwear enthusiasts, we need to expand our underwear knowledge and continue to grow with the underwear community.  I encourage anyone to take a chance and sample the jock thong  that is evolving within the underwear community.

Let’s hope 2015 continues to see the development of the jock thong market where men can embrace this new pair.





Men and ThongsIMG_8955

For years, many people have associated thongs with women and as a more feminine underwear.  The thought of a man purchasing and wearing a thong seems to take away from his masculinity or questions his sexuality.  It may be somewhat acceptable for a muscular man competing in bodybuilding competitions to wear a thong as part of his performance.  But what about every other man?  Is it ok to add thongs to your underwear drawer?

Many brands today are embracing thongs and including them in their new collections that they release each season.  Brands such as Andrew Christian, Joe Snyder, Clever, and so forth continue to actively develop new thongs on a continuous basis.  Thongs are not prominent in every brand that designs underwear and are not always included in every collection that comes out.  Brands that see more success in the briefs and trunks such as 2(x)ist, Timoteo, and others only release thongs on occasion.  So again, are these popular enough sellers or do they not reach enough men for fear of defending one’s own masculinity?   For the most part, underwear is kept private.  We do not go around all day discussing what underwear we wear or showing it off to everyone we meet.  Few people throughout your day or lifetime will see your underwear.  Whether it is a spouse, someone at the gym, or a roommate, people can not take away from who you are or determine whether you are masculine or secure in your body and sexuality.



IMG_9051Thongs can be a very practical choice as well in comfort and style.  Tighter pants with a pair of boxer briefs underneath may feel like there is too much fabric or bunch up.  With a thong, the fabric is very minimal and keeps everything in the front in place and comfortable.  Imagine living somewhere warm and you may wear a cream or white colored linen pant.  Most types of underwear and colors would be able to be seen through the pants.  A practical choice would be a basic white thong.  Thongs can offer a great deal of movement for your legs that other underwear may feel restricted on.  But would a man risk wearing a thong to the gym for fear of changing in the locker room?  The gym is a place where you work on your body so why not wear what makes you comfortable or sexy.

At the end of the day, a man needs to be comfortable in his own skin and, in this case, his own underwear.  As we always say, underwear is meant to be worn as an expression of who you are, a way to make you feel good about yourself, and a way to keep everything comfortable throughout your day.  Thongs may not be for everyone but it is not something to stop others from enjoying.  Don’t be afraid to try something new if you have a desire to do so.  Buy a pair that suits your style and wear it around the house to give it a try.  You may like it and you may not.





I live in the brutally hot Midwest, so in my quest to get back into the underwear game I immediately started searching out thong options from my favorite designers. I ventured to Andrew Christian and found one of the most interesting looking thongs I have ever seen. There were cutouts in the front and a cutout in the back. While everything was held together by half of a jockstrap style waistband in the back. Of course, I am talking about the Almost Naked Infinity Thong from Andrew Christian. I was hooked on the look, but unfortunately AC’s website had already sold out of my XL size. I was down on my luck until I remembered AC stocks an online store through Amazon! I checked there and boom! Plenty of XLs still available so I picked it and another couple pairs up.

Obviously, the look of this thong’s design is eye-catching and that, and maybe the hot pink color drew me in at first. I was really concerned from its design alone that it may not really work for me. I was apprehensive about the aggressive and almost feminine “cutouts” in the front of the thong and I was unsure how comfortable the rear string or strap would be given its look. I couldn’t judge this book by its color so I was thrilled when it arrived and tried it on first. After a little maneuvering it looked about how it did in the picture, and I was pleasantly surprised at how it fit.

The front is sturdy because the straps that form the cutout are made of a sturdy elastic covered in Andrew Christians soft rayon fabric. The quality of construction provides a tighter than usual fit. The cutouts are purely for visual appeal, because the overall construction of the front provides you with the same fit as just about any one of the brand’s brief. Which is consistent with their previous Almost Naked line thongs. The back of the thong is less thong and more “Brazilian bikini” with the fabric that rests on and between your cheeks mimicking the lower portion of a bikini. The only difference and one that gives this more of a thong look generally is the huge cutout in the back. The cutout along with the waistband I mentioned earlier makes the rear also require some “adjustments” before you get it in the most comfortable of places.

Once you get it adjusted, you shouldn’t have too many issues from there–at least I didn’t. The cutouts that make this thong what it is also really assist in keeping you cool, which is invaluable in the hot summers here. The fit does take some getting used to. Which is a result of the design more than anything else, but these are a real eye-catcher, so try not to spend too much time standing in front of a mirror in them. The pouch is ample and soft and the rayon hugs you in comfort.

As far as where, or how you can wear this–I am confident that this is a thong that can be worn for just about any occasion, save maybe a rigorous workout. Unfortunately it was so popular that it sold out quickly on, but I think if you act quickly you can still find most sizes on

If you’re looking for something sexy to spice things up in the bedroom, surprise your current love interest, or even give yourself a boost of sexual confidence before heading to work, you should check this thong out.


  • Good Looking/Sexy
  • Adventurous
  • Fun design


  • Not the easiest to keep in place.
  • May not fit everyone’s definition of everyday wear.


  • Daily Fit: 8
  • Sizing: 9
  • Construction/Materials: 10
  • Styling: 10
  • Daily Performance: 7
  • Overall: 9

You man can find this pair at the Andrew Christian site, if not check out a few of the other styles. Note post contains and affiliate sales link

It was to be an epic battle:  Jockstrap Vs. Thong for support while working out.  The gym was booked.  The parameters were set.  Each contestant had to give it their all and workout twice – once with a jock for support and once with a thong.

Let’s frame the debate.  Greg and Wraith have become fast underwear friends here on Underwear News Briefs.  They each have their own style and favorites and they each know underwear very well.

The subject of working out and whether a thong or jock provided more support came up in one of their conversations.  Both guys have worn jocks, thongs, regular underwear, and have even gone commando to work out, but for the purpose of the article, we thought that Jocks Vs Thongs was a better way to frame it!

1826fatig_12xist Thong White 4

When all was sweat and done, here are the results of that grueling battle:


I have worn both a jock and a thong when at the gym lifting weights or out running a 5k. All I can tell you is that a jock is the best way to go, hands down. Now, that is not to say a thong is horrible or uncomfortable. I found both to be just fine and totally versatile when it came to working out and getting a good sweat going. Having said that, jocks rock!!! There is something about them that screams, “Sexy.” No matter how thick the waistband is or what color (for the most part), there is something very inherent about a jockstrap that is both sexy and manly. I’m not to saying that every single jock out there is manly, but there are a few that are a bit too feminine for me. The best jock, in my opinion, is one that is designed with an ample pouch and is wide enough to not give the look of panties. I won’t name names, but I could give you examples of the good and the bad out there.

The next great thing about a jock compared to a thong is the leg straps. Leg straps are hot!! They are functional and greatly frame your ass. Not everyone likes the idea of a strap/string up the crack but everyone is generally cool with leg straps.

In conclusion, jocks are the best workout gear. They give you the support you need and freedom of movement, but the most important aspect is that they are simply hot to look at and even hotter to be sporting.

AC Sports Mesh Jock Light Blue 2Bike Swimmer Jock White


Like my colleague, I took on this challenge and wore a jockstrap and thong to work out this week…not only for the cardio.  I can say that both are sexy and both offer support while you’re working out.  For me, however, the more comfortable option of the two is a thong (at least within the parameters of this article).  A jockstrap is hot, and as Wraith pointed out, it frames an ass nicely with its leg straps, but it’s those leg straps that drove me crazy!  I personally believe that both choices scream sexy and I have seen both being sported in the locker room.  Come on, what’s hotter than a muscle boy, stripping out of his suit and tie to change at the gym and throwing on a thong for support?  In my humble opinion…there is nothing.  Not everyone appreciates ass floss, as it’s called in some circles, but if you are a thong person and have worn one, it’s something you get used to.  I happen to think that a thong will help frame an ass nicely as well for show; it frames it in a different way.  When I wore a jock, the leg straps kept riding up and caused some minor uncomfort for me which is the last thing you want to experience while working out.  I also felt like I was going to fall out sometimes.  Given the way the jockstrap is designed, it has a little gap where the leg straps meet the pouch, and that is a little disconcerting to me.  With the thong, it stayed in place and did its job during my work out, ranging from squats to lunges and anything else I threw at it.  It never rode up and I never fell out.  I will agree with Wraith that like jocks, to wear a thong for a work out, you need to have one designed for a man with a pouch up front for the goods and room. You don’t want to be squished.

Unico Thong Yellow 16230819Z-Black-3

My conclusion is if you don’t mind the thong, the thong wins hands down!  I felt like I had much more support, less slippage and I didn’t fall out.


The epic battle, having been fought gallantly by our contestants, is alas, a toss up.  No winners or losers have been declared.  It really is all about personal preference.  Just workout and keep those bodies moving so you can keep wearing sexy underwear!


Thongs aren’t just for the ladies anymore and I was bound and determined to prove it. I set out a couple months back to look for my very first male thong. At first, all I wanted to use it for was to maximize the amount of skin I could get tanned while laying in a tanning bed, but it soon became more. It became a quest to find something that was comfortable and didn’t feel like I was wearing dental floss.

I am such a huge fan of Undergear, both their website and their print catalog, that I am sure the mail man asks wonders 6152216M-Lime-1things every time he drops it in my mailbox. Naturally, that is where I started my search.  I had seen plenty of different styles, colors and fabrics. Now all I had to do was figure out what exactly I needed.

The first thing I noticed was the range of male thongs that fall into the intimate apparel category.  If you are looking for something that is more than “just a little sexy”, then your options are as broad as your imagination can take you. I was looking for something that wasn’t going to fall apart the first time I washed it. I continued to look at other alternatives. I noticed that the number of designer brands, adding a thong or g-string to their collections,  was growing with every catalog I received.

As I was flipping through the pages, I saw a fairly new brand of underwear that UnderGear started carrying a few months before. Clever is the brand and their Basic Thong instantly caught my attention. It has a one inch waistband and comes in some fun colors. It was also inexpensive. That is something that definitely caught my eye. Since this was my first thong purchase, I didn’t want to be out a ton of money if I didn’t like it. I ordered it in lime green and size medium, which is the same size undies I wear.

When the thong arrived, I tried it on. I wasn’t impressed at all and was disappointed. Not to have been taken advantage of by my mild obsession with new undies, I decided to give it another shot during one my many trips to the tanning bed. After I had w70sGSbackorn it for my 10 min tan time, I got up and realized that after a few short minutes. I didn’t notice it at all. I continued to wear it when I went to the tanning bed. This thong held up great, and was perfect for my short 10 min sessions in the tanning bed.

After a few weeks had gone by, it was no big deal and the thong fit didn’t bother me at all. I thought I would take it one step further and try it for everyday wear. I decided one morning that I was going to wear it to work. I slipped it on, took a deep breath, and off I went. I was amazed at how well it felt for all day wear.  I was afraid I would find myself constantly picking at my butt, but it stayed in place and wasn’t intrusive in the slightest bit. I have worn the thong many times since then and haven’t looked back.

The biggest challenge I faced with was finding the thong that interested me.. Thongs come in many different cuts and they all wear differently. Look around and find something that is exactly what you are looking for or needing for the perfect fit.  Don’t just settle on one. Many underwear designers offer thongs. Clever was a new brand for me. Find your favorite brand and see what they have to offer. Since my thong purchase, I have given Clever much more business!

Thongs aren’t just for the ladies. In fact, guys that are gay, straight, and otherwise, are jumping on the male thong bandwagon. It is one of the fastest growing trends in male underwear today! Isn’t it about time you open up your mind to something new! I did and am a fan for life!

I have another review for you guys. I very much enjoyed this review because I have made N2N Bodywear one of my top favorite brands! This time our friends at N2N sent us their Cotton G-String to review. I have a size large. If you are interested in this revealing item, make sure you check out the N2N website where you will find a large selection of color choices in this particular g-string.


At first glance, the N2N Cotton G-String seems like any other standard g-string. It has a modern “less-is-more” design. I love this style of design since I want the support but not the unwanted extra material and bulk.

I became aware of two things while wearing this thong. Firstly, it fits well and molds to the shape of the wearer. This gives the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything at all. Secondly, the material and the way it was constructed make it very comfortable so that you hardly notice the rear string. That, I believe, is the most important factor in finding a good thong….whether or not the rear string is noticeable and comfortable for daily wear. As I have mentioned in previous postings and articles, I am more a fan of the Y-back designed thongs. This T-back design, however, works well. The folks over at N2N did a great job on this one!


I feel that this thong has a great look. The design and cut is solid which adds in how well it hangs on a guy. I wore this thong for a full day and found it very comfortable and not irritating in the least. I did not have a chance to wear it to the gym. Maybe I will the next time I choose it from my collection.

In conclusion, the N2N Cotton G-String is a revealing and sexy thong that should be a part of any guy’s underwear wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

If you are interested in getting your hands on this thong, make sure to hit up the N2N website at Along with this thong, you can check out all the other great items that N2N has to offer. I personally love to browse the site often and can’t wait till I get the chance to review their workout gear.


I am back again with another review of some great stuff that our friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with. Actually, we didn’t just get one pair to review we got the whole line! This line from Joe Snyder has someone for everyone’s taste. It is the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. And it can only found at Now reviewing a whole line is a tall order but I aim to please. As I write this review I have already had the privilege of sporting three of the four items in this line. And I plan on wearing making it four-for-four before the week is out.

dscf5040Joe Snyder continues to use quality materials when constructing their underwear and this new line for is no exception. I recently brought you a review of the Joe Snyder Camo Thong and I can tell you they used the same comfortable and stretch material in the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. The fabric molds to your body and gives the feeling of total support without the feeling that you’re constricted at the same time. I think that if underwear can do that then you have found something you have to try on. Our good friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with size mediums to review and like I said last time I am more of a large, but that didn’t stop me from sporting these. The size mediums fit well and still give me the room I need.


Now I need to focus on something unique that has been designed into each style of this line. It is a “lift” system. I am sure you have all seen other lines that have some sort of “lift” constructed into it. Whether it is an internal sling that you have to attach around your package or an opening that allows your package to hang out like a suspensor jock; nothing can compare to what Joe Snyder has done. I have tried out many version of this some work, and some don’t. This one is a keeper! The more important feature is that it’s simple.

Basically you slide on the style you like, whether it is the bikini or the thong and you place your package through the whole. This gives your package its own pouch in the underwear separate from the rest. Once you have placed your package through the hole you lift up the pouch and snap it in place. Now what can be simpler than that? One other brand had something similar, well at least one that I thought enough of to buy and the only difference was that the whole pouch unsnapped. Now this might seem like a great idea. And believe me I have thought about it a great deal. But I feel the Joe Snyder version is much more practical. It gives you the same lift and coverage with the added sexiness, but not a lot of hassle. The comfort and lift of the pouch is the best feature and pictures cannot full describe the way it feels so get one on ASAP.


And finally, the last point to chat about is daily wear. I have worn the trunk, bikini, and the thong since I received the goods from Joe Snyder and I can say these are great for daily use. They are comfortable, stretchy and lift my package up well with no annoying side effects.

So to sum it all up, I believe the Joe Snyder Exclusive line is a crowd pleaser for all. I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   4
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            4.8

Again, don’t forget that this exclusive line from Joe Snyder can only be found at So make sure to check it out ASAP. The bikini, thong, and trunk range in the usual sizes of Joe Snyder and the jock is a one-size-fits all. You can’t go wrong with a line that has something for everyone. No matter if you are a totally jock fan like me and only occasional sport briefs and trunks, or you are the total opposite. There is something for everyone, and everyone deserves a great “lift” right where you need it.

dscf4985 dscf5007


This is my first review of underwear so I will try not to ramble too much. Underwear is a hobby for me and I am known for getting carried away. Today’s “item of interest” is the Joe Snyder Camo Thong. Obviously, to give this item a proper review I had to try it out for a day, so I did. I spent last Monday wearing it under my business casual attire for work. And I have to say that it wasn’t too bad. The thong fit pretty well for being a size medium when I would normally sport a large in most brands. Prior to putting on the thong I was a bit worries since I own another Joeimg_3306 Snyder item that is a “one size fits all” jock. The pouch on the thong is very stretchy and allowed for a great fit around my package. This particular type of thong doesn’t have a waistband but its sides are comfortable and didn’t cut or irritate my waist. The pouch is the best feature because it molded and stretched well around my package and I really didn’t notice I was wearing it at all.

However, the review is not over.  I still have to tell you about the backside. With a thong, the rear strap/string is the most important part of a thong when it comes to “comfort”. I am much more a fan of Y-back thongs and this camo thong is a T-back. The Joe Snyder Camo Thong has a bit more material then what I am normally comfortable with, but it wasn’t too bad to sport the whole day. I never felt the need to jump up from my desk, strip and rip it off or anything like that.

img_3303Like I mentioned earlier, the stretchy material is very comfortable and light so I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. It is basically like going commando but with support. The camo print itself is hot and I had several friends (who I shared a photo or four with) said it is HOT! Overall, the thong looked pretty well put together, very solid design. For a guy like myself with a few extra pounds, but who carries it well, I think I look pretty good in it, especially since I was sporting a size medium. I totally see myself sporting this thong again while at work or out having fun. Hopefully it will be a situation with others will get to enjoy it too.

So to sum it all up, I believe the Joe Snyder Camo Thong is a pretty hot item. I give it an overall rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5.

  • Fit: 4
  • Materials: 5
  • Put Together: 4
  • Look: 5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 4.6

If any of you are interested in picking up this HOT item you can find it at Not only do they have a very large selection of Joe Snyder gear but a great deal of camo for those military guys at heart. Keep checking back with us for more informative reviews on great underwear from jocks to briefs and thongs. Let us know if you think there is something out there you would like us to talk about or review and we would be happy to do what we can.


410qfxhshel_ss400_What is on the mind of the average guy when they think of thongs for men? And why is there some kind of taboo against wearing them. I myself have worn thongs on and off over the past of seven years. I have times when I am all about them and times when I am not. I have a pretty decent collection of various styles. Some are very comfortable and some are just the opposite. But obviously I don’t have any of the issues that seem to be floating around out in the general population. Let’s try and see if we can make the thong a bit less scary for all the guys out there. 

4150p6zhr0l_ss400_1A thong is not just for women. Men deserve variety in their underwear choices as well. If we are going to have equality, we should have it everywhere, even underneath our clothes. Also, men deserve the chance to be sexy, pure and simple. Being sexy is the really reason thongs were created in the first place. To make a women look sexy to reveal more to their other half without revealing everything. Men should be able to do the same. And as luck would have it there are an increasing number of underwear manufactures that are beginning to see that. They are taking the thong and giving it a bit of a twist so that men can start to see that a thong can be something both sexy and macho. Guys, don’t be afraid to show off a little more. The end result might be more exciting and unexpected then you think.

One of my very first thongs is a great example of a thong meant to appeal to guys. It was the Tactics jock that I picked up from Now you are probably thinking, “it’s a jock” but it isn’t. The Tactics jock is actually a Y-back thong. It has both a sexy and athletic look and feel to it. The waistband and pouch are made of very comfortable material. I still own this jock and always love to wear it. By the way, I own the Tactics jock in a size medium. The only negative about the Tactics jock is that no longer carries it. I am not sure if that means it has been discontinued. Another great jock that also likes to hide under the name “jock” is the RIPS jock. This thong also has the same characteristics that the Tactics jock has. It is a Y-back thong that has a great pouch made of comfortable material that has an athletic look and feel to it, besides being sexy. I actually picked up several pairs of the RIPS jock backtactics-jockstrap in the day when it was the best thing out there. Unfortunately I bought them in a size medium and I wasn’t able to stay that size. I am currently back in the range to wear the medium but I was able to find the RIPS jock in a large and it fits very well, with a good amount of room. The downside to the RIPS jock is that it has been discontinued and can only be found on a few sites that still have remaining stock.

One thing that you can conclude from my choices is that I have a preference for Y-back thongs. For me, I feel that the best thongs are ones that are so comfortable you don’t know that the rear string is “you know where”. And to make that happen, less material is better. So a Y-back style thong is for me. But I don’t want you guys out there to ignore the other style that is out there, the T-back thong. I have several in my collection that are T-backs. But again for me less material is more comfortable when constructing the rear string. Usually, with a T-back thong there is more material to deal with near the waistband. However, there are a few brands that make a version of the T-back thong that I find suitable. Two brands that have a T-back thong that have the right cut and style are Unico and Sauvage. As I write this article I am actually sporting the Unico thong. I would have to say that it’s very comfortable. There is plenty of room in the pouch and the rear string is barely noticeable. I do like this brand but it does have one flaw. The sizing runs small so you would want to always get at least one size up then what you normally get. My Unico thong is a size extra large. 

So gentleman, take the plunge and try on a thong. You never lose anything by trying. If you feel that it might be a waste of $$$ then you just need to check out a few discount stores or website that have one on clearance and pick one up. And after trying it, if you still don’t like it, I will take it off your hands. For me, you can never own too many.