Hello again everyone, my name is Brandon and I am a new contributor to Underwear News Briefs. My route to UNB was somewhat “organic” I guess you could say. In February of this year I created a Twitter account named @TheFirstThingOn designed to essentially “share” my underwear collection which blossomed into a Tumblr page. A couple of months later, the brilliant mind behind UNB invited me to contribute, which was very flattering and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

I was asked to contribute primarily on the basis that I occupy a unique piece of real estate in the underwear-crazed landscape. I’m straight.

As a straight guy operating in a world that is occupied predominantly by gay men, it gets a bit lonely, but my ultimate goal with The First Thing On, and now with UNB, has always been to provide a voice, or some sort of “go-to,” for all of the straight guys who love, or are curious about designer underwear; but who may also be a bit apprehensive because the culture that surrounds it.

Of course I am referring to the very organic attraction of gay men to designer underwear. For most straight guys though, that isn’t a major hang up necessarily, but they do fear that pursuing an interest that so many gay men have already been satisfying might leave them open to unfair judgement from others.  So, the average straight guy who may want to “take a risk” and buy those Calvin Klein bikini briefs he constantly has been ogling at Nordstrom, starts to feel that he can’t because he might be “judged” in some way or another.

Yes, it’s 2012, and a solid amount of progress is being made in the long-term task of easing the United States’ organically humble, puritan view about anything that can be perceived as sexual, and that of course, includes the underwear you’ve got on. The overwhelming “straight” view about underwear remains however, and that is that function and conformity are preferable to flash.  Since that is the case, any straight guy who subtly or a not-so-subtly chooses to deviate from this view, is ripe for potentially public ridicule.

And it is not just men that perpetuate this, “you’re straight, you must wear bland, poorly-fitting underwear” either. Women are as much a part of the problem as men. But there is hope. Many straight men are starting to become exceptions to that rule, and are starting to pay more attention to what their underwear can do for them.

I became the ‘exception’ about two years ago. Like most straight men I was comfortable sticking to social norms with my underwear, and as I’ve already laid out, that means I wore humongous Hanes knit boxer shorts throughout college and into my professional life. Like most straight men, I barely thought about my underwear. Luckily for me, this “journey” I took was somewhat forced upon me by my wife (then-girlfriend).

She brought home a pair of 2(x)ist trunks that had a contour pouch, which up until that moment in time, I had never seen, let alone heard about. After putting them on, I never really looked back. They had given me something I had never been able to “feel” in underwear up until that point, support. And it was awesome!

Like most straight men, I had always perceived “support” as crushing “tighty whities,” but this felt different. My package was actually being “held” in place, not getting squished, and it felt great.  My response was to snap up more trunks from designer brands, and eventually my underwear drawer was transformed from baggy boxer shorts from Hanes, to trunks from Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist.

Going from generic brand boxer shorts to designer trunks was the easiest and most thoughtless step for me to take, and one that I would encourage all straight men to try. But going from trunks to briefs is not nearly as easy, especially with the societal stigma around straight men wearing anything without the word ‘boxer’ in its title being the prevailing “wisdom.” Eventually I decided to take that leap.

My “transition” to briefs did not come without serious thought, however. I knew briefs would give me even better support than my trunks, which I still liked, but I also knew I didn’t want my briefs to have that bigger, traditional cut (think Hanes, or even American Apparel). I wanted something with a bikini cut, but with a nice sturdy fabric. So the 2(x)ist Neon Sports Brief became my first brief since I was a little boy, and as soon as I got them in the mail and got them on, I was hooked.

I still have and wear those briefs today, and I love the way they feel and look on me. The best part in the days after I had made this transition, was that I didn’t once have any negative emotion or second thought about them, which I thought might occur from the societal “stigma” that tend to follow brief-wearing straight guys. With no worries about that whatsoever, my new found love for briefs started to lay the foundation for what today can only be viewed as an obsession for all types of men’s underwear.

What I mean by that is, a chain reaction started to take shape. Once I discovered how great these “modern” briefs were, I started focusing any of the attention I was giving underwear, solely on them. They caused me to pay attention to fabrics and pouch designs and through some basic trial-and-error I had figured out my preference which was for high-quality briefs with the ample pouch my body required and sporty, or bikini cuts.

By the end of 2011 (this whole process started in Summer of 2010) my collection probably numbered about 25 to 30 pairs total of designer-only underwear, but I had no idea that seven months later I’d own almost four times that many pairs of underwear, let alone that I’d have my own blog dedicated to my new passion.

After some reflection, I attribute that humongous “increase” in interest to two “discoveries.” The first was the discovery of the male thong, and the second was my much too delayed decision to buy my first pair of Andrew Christian briefs.

It took me a couple of months to do it, but in December of 2011, I finally submitted to my own curiosity and bought the Calvin Klein Body Thong. In all honesty I was skeptical about how it might fit or make me feel. After wearing it for a day, I was amazed by the fact that I was wearing a pair of underwear that offered me the best support any design can give, while simultaneously feeling like I wasn’t wearing underwear at all. That sentiment, along with the overall sex appeal that comes with thongs had me hooked, and I started researching designs and materials and it was the thong that exposed me to the underwear subculture, as I was seeking out reviews of men’s thongs, which led me to websites like this one. After reading these blogs, and some reviews on retail websites of specific thongs, my collection just started to grow (and will continue to).

To be honest, the first brief I wanted to buy was the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sport Brief. The problem was that I couldn’t bring myself to pay $29 ( price at the time), so instead I opted for other great designs but that had a much more affordable price tag. Once I found that featured direct, and thus much more affordable prices I have not stopped.

Once I got my first pair of Almost Naked briefs on, I fell in love with underwear all over again and the reason was simple. I had finally found a brief that felt like they were made for me. The “anatomically correct pouch” that allowed my package to hang naturally fit better than even the best contour pouch briefs I owned. From there, I just kept buying and buying until eventually I came to the realization that I was obsessed.

The decision to become an underwear blogger was somewhat of an easy one in the end. I had sort of inadvertently felt a need to amass this collection, I was familiar with social media, and I knew that I wanted to start with a Twitter account that simply allowed me to display my collection to the world while remaining mostly anonymous. Once I quickly gained 100 followers, I discovered Tumblr, and knew that it would give me the opportunity not only to share photos of me in my collection, but to write about my feelings about all the different aspects of men’s designer underwear as well.

It wasn’t until I started The First Thing On that I came to realize that a guy with my sexual orientation being a part of this huge subculture-of-great-taste is unique. That also happens to be the reason I wanted to share my story-to show that great underwear is there for all men to enjoy.

I look forward to writing more, much shorter stories and opinions that will serve to break other straight guys of their inhibitions while also providing a qualified voice to all of us that love underwear.

Undz Boxer Brief

There are so many amazing underwear manufacturers coming out of Canada that I was extremely curious and excited to have an opportunity to evaluate a recent boxer brief released by Undz.Org.  Just to add some context around Undz, the company focuses on only two styles of underwear; boxers and briefs and only in solid colors.  The intent is to offer trendy, low cost, and colorful men’s underwear. They also pride themselves on the fact that they offer a 30-day return and exchange policy on items that are unworn and have the original tags attached.  Perhaps more surprisingly is the fact that all underwear is priced at $4.99!

This particular pair titled, “apple green” is offered as both a boxer and brief.   The classic boxer brief is designed to provide additional coverage around the leg and additional support around the waist by incorporating a Spandex waistband.   The materials consist of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, which are washed again and again by the manufacturer to assure color quality and size control.

I’m not a huge fan of the apple green color, but overall it works just fine and the company name printed across the waistband adds a little stylish pop to the solid color boxer.  They do offer them in other primary colors such as light blue, black, purple and grey that work much better.   Clearly these are no nonsense underwear at their finest but for the price, you can’t beat it; especially in this economy.

I found this pair to be extremely comfortable, well-constructed and provide a high quality of materials and definitely represent practical and fashionable underwear.   I wore these all day and not once found them uncomfortable or even realized that I was wearing a boxer brief.   While I’m not overly excited about another plain boxer, I was impressed by the quality and price point.   I would encourage you to check out their website to determine for yourself.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 5.0
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 3.0
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.5

This boxer brief was provided by Undz.Org and can be purchased directly from their website at the following:

Editors Note: sell their undies for $4.99 for each pair!






We have had the great opportunity of reviewing Croota underwear a few times since their creation and it has been no less of a thrill.  They have been busy over there creating underwear for the creative, style conscious, and the playful.  The WW-III selection from their World Collection is our interest for this review and honestly, this one pair proved they are ahead of many in the game.

At first glance, something about these stands out.  That would be the pockets on both legs.  It’s not a large pocket, so don’t think you can get pack happy!  It’s a small pocket that could come in handy to store something to help you out a great deal in the near future.  Who knows what may happen when you wear these Australia square-cuts.  When you pull them on, go ahead and put something important in a pocket for your night out.

The pouch had to be my favorite asset to this pair.  It provides you the much needed room for your assets and allows them to push forward.

I give this collection an A+ for creativity.  The color combination is terrific.  This pair, as pictured above, is called Ultramarine.  It has an white waistband with two stripes of coordinating colors.  As the major accent, the rear features the country letters AUS, accompanied by three stars.

The fit was perfect and hugged the body as it was meant to.  As mentioned, the pouch offered a generous amount of room.  I can’t express in words how well they fit me.  The tag is sown so that it is not irritating to the back.  On the tag, the advice given was “Best Before: Marriage.”  That’s awesome!  I have worn these through busy days at school and around town and I have also worn them for days sitting at work.  In either situation, they proved to be comfortable and never binding.  It’s another hit for the creators at Croota.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

You can find this Australia selection at the Croota website located at  You can choose from their numerous countries in the World Collection.  This pair was provided for review.

Everyone has to agree that the basic staples of any wardrobe consist of at least one black & white article of clothing.  In my humble opinion, stripes play an important role in creating an interesting visual effect while adding a sense of classic styling.  With both said, Ristefsky Macheda has hit the mark with combining both of these theories into one, hot, sexy brief.

Upon first inspection, I noticed the quality of construction in the seams and waistband.  After slipping into these comfortable and well-fitting briefs, I quickly discovered that these are low-rise and sit nicely along the hips without feeling inadequate in coverage and support.  These retro inspired stripes combined with the RM logo waistband make this style really pop.

As mentioned in previous reviews, I typically don’t gravitate toward s briefs, but you can’t help to fall in love with these because they feel incredibly soft and lightweight.  The ratios of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane create the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.  After wearing these the entire day, including a gym workout, I couldn’t find one thing wrong with this pair.  The line is available in other colors including Black/White, Navy/Grey, and Red/Grey. There’s plenty of visual diversity for everyone!

I don’t know that there’s anything left to say other than this manufacturer from “down under” has it covered down under.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.7
Daily Wear: 4.6
Overall: 4.8

These briefs were provided by Ristefsky Macheda and can be purchased at their website located at

When I opened the package of these Baskit Yellow Utility Boxer Briefs, I was visually surprised to see a pair of boxers in this color that I wouldn’t otherwise come close to considering.  However, this shade of yellow is actually attractive and it is supported by a dark grey waistband and trimming around the legs.  Likewise, this pair offers a pouch which is also represented in solid white and lends itself to an open fly.   While I’m not a huge fan of boxer briefs, I found this pair to be extremely comfortable and functional with the open fly which is unusual today with most briefs and trunks.

Their first test run included wearing throughout the workday while on vacation.  This included a full day of walking and hiking the coastline beaches in Southern California.  During the course of the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly comfortableness this pair offered with a snug fit around the legs, helping to keep them in place.  The waistband, sporting the company’s logo, and the dark grey trimming around the legs is what really grants these boxers a real visual appeal.   With a blend of fabrics, which includes 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, this construction makes for a breathable and flexible pair of sexy underwear.

As shown in the picture above, the front pouch is a solid material with the repeated dark grey strip and functional fly.   The pouch is constructed with additional fabric to create a pocket and enhance your package while remaining attractive and comfortable.  It’s clear that Baskit is an expert when it comes to design, functionally, and the ability to create something new, inventive, and esthetically appealing.

If you’re like me, when it comes to underwear in general, I don’t want to be bothered with a boxer that will not stay in place and continues to ride up the leg.  Having a pair that eliminates this worry and provides something attractive for the eyes is what investing in quality underwear is all about.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.5
Materials: 4.5
Construction: 4.0
Look: 4.0
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided by Baskit and can be purchased

The title of these N2N pair of briefs brings a whole new meaning to the word, Twilight.   I have several N2N pair of underwear in an array of styles/colors and I’ll have to say that thus far, this is my overall favorite pair.  I love the sexy black color with light grey and yellow stripping that’s incorporated into the waistband.  Give time, I suspect these briefs could gain equal share of recognition and popularity as the movie with the same title.

I wore these outdoors all day during a photo shoot and they held up extremely well in the heat and felt comfortable throughout the day.  Perhaps these are conducive to warmer weather due to the fact that they are constructed with a blend of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex.  Similar to a jock waistband, these fundamentally create extra freedom and provide a breathable fabric that makes them cooler than you traditional pair of bikini briefs.  The baby ribbed material provides an extra sporty and textured look that gives their silhouette color an extra added visual punch (also available in heather, and white).

My hope is that these will hold up after multiple wares and washes. Like many high end designers, a slightly higher percentage of man-made material (i.e. Lycra, Spandex) or quality cotton could further their life expectancy and go a long way with an even more polished and finished look.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.0
Materials: 4.0
Construction: 4.5
Look: 4.5
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided N2N Bodywear and can be purchased at the following website:

I recently had the awesome privilege in trying out a pair of N2N undies.  I have admired N2N Bodywear for some time now, especially their sheer undies.  Yes, I do love sheer if you haven’t figured that out yet.  The pair I was given to review were cotton.  No matter, I was super excited to try them.  I wasn’t disappointed.  They were super comfortable and I almost forgot what I was wearing.  I actually had to keep reminding myself I was wearing them and I needed to review them.

My review pair was the white cotton Twilight brief.  They are not the sexiest pair but are extremely comfortable.    They are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex and are ribbed.  They love your body and are very comfortable.

The overall fit was perfect.  They hug your body in all the right places and provide excellent support where needed.  The legs don’t bind and the waistband is not too large and non-binding.  There is plenty of room for everything you own.

I am super happy with my first N2N Bodywear brief and look forward to my next great experience in wearing their undies.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5


These Twilight briefs can be found at the N2N Bodywear website located at These briefs were provided for review.

The Twilight Brief is the first pair of underwear from N2N.  I have tried their workout shorts and liked how they performed.  I had wanted to review underwear by them and now I have been given the chance.

I was happy with the material, made up of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex.  It is comfortable with a good amount of stretch.  Call me spoiled, but I had hoped these briefs would come with a formed pouch.  With all the brands out there which sport an accentuated pouch, I would think N2N might want this great feeling brief to give its wearer the most comfort as possible.  I’m not a fan of briefs that push everything against my body, or in better terms, require me to form my own pouch.

The waistband is a color combination of yellow, gray, and black with the N2N logo surrounding the body.  The band measures 1.5 inches (3.81 cm).  To be elastic, it is a smooth material so not to cut into the body throughout the day.  The leg openings are lined with a cloth covered elastic band.  The altogether fit of the brief was helped by this feature.  The briefs remained in place all the day of classes and lots of walking.









Daily Wear




You can find the N2N Twilight brief from their website located at  This pair was furnished by N2N for our review.

Hi guys.  I’m Wayne, and although I spend a lot of time on the site, this is my first time reviewing.  In other words, bear with me!

Recently, I purchased a pair of the Andrew Christian “Show-It” thongs.  I know what some of you are saying right off the bat.  “OMG!  That’s enhancing underwear!”  Why, yes it is.  I work in retail as a department manager, sometimes putting in 13 hours a day.  I need a pair of briefs to provide the right amount of support so I don’t have to make the dreaded “crotch adjustment” in public.  That was my reasoning behind this purchase.

Andrew Christian underwear is made in the good old U.S.A.  Maybe someone at AC likes me, but every time I place an order, even though I pay for the regular USPS ground shipping, someone bucks it up to priority shipping without charging me anything extra.  No complaints here!

These undies are made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex.  The cotton makes them breathable while the spandex provides support in all the right areas.  The waistband is only a mere 1 1/4″ with the “anti-muffin top elastic”.  The designers hit the mark.  Personally, I can’t stand elastic that bunches up or rolls over during the course of the day.

The “show-it” technology incorporates a cotton pouch for your junk.  Slide them on, and with one adjustment, you’re pretty much good to go.  It kept my package in place all day without me having to make the any adjustments.

I’ve worn these underwear two times since receiving them.  They look great and feel just as wonderful (that is, if you’re into wearing a thong, which I can understand if that’s not your style).  I was at work during both times I’ve worn them.  The first time was for only an eight hour shift.  No problems and   comfy all day long.  The second time I wore them, it was for a longer day…a 13 hour shift.

I feel the thong strap could have been cut a bit longer because after many hours, they were becoming a little uncomfortable.  I powered on, however, and made it through the day.  I’d have to say that for a regular day, or a night out on the town, you’ll be fine and comfy the entire time.  Depending on how tight you pull up the thong back, you may want to rethink your choice if you’re going to be wearing them as long as I did.

Fit 4.0
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.5
Look 5.0
Daily Wear 3.5

You can find the “Show-It” thong from the Andrew Christian website located at

After a long break from writing about underwear, I have returned to review a couple pairs I’ve had in my possession for some time.  The next few articles from me will be playing catch-up in the world of underwear.

The first of these articles will be for the Rodeo Hipster from Croota, a nice, square-cut design with a forgiving pouch.  In the company catalog of designs, this would be the SP02 in grey and size medium.  This would be considered another great creation from Australia.  Over the past few days, you’ve seen reviews for other designs from Croota.  Seems these were accepted into the underwear world with open arms…or rather, open legs.

I’ve worn these a few times since receiving them.  I love the feel of the material and the pouch design couldn’t be better.  It conforms to your dimensions perfectly and allows them to rest in the comfortable material throughout the day.  The 2 inch (5 cm) waistband, in red, white, and navy, is greatly pleasing to me as I love a wider, supporting waistband on any pair I wear.  The leg openings are made from the same material (95% cotton, 5% Spandex), contrary to other brands tend to use a different material to cover elastic.

Not to bring down the happy mood created by Croota, there is one down side to my experience with this cut.  Through the day, there were a few times when I had to reposition the back of the underwear.  I guess it could be said that they rode up, not in the crotch area, but they did ride higher on the hips after a while of walking around at school and work.  Of course, this is just a small downside as I probably have a different hip shape that other who might wear the hipster cut with no problems.

Fit 4
Material 5
Construction 4
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 4.6

You can purchase a pair of Croota in one or more of their various designs from their website located at

This pair was furnished by Croota Pty, Ltd for review.

I have written an article in the past for Candyman.  It was the seaman brief with the chain and anchor pattern.  I loved the fit of that selection.  This brief, known only as the 9525 brief, failed to deliver that same great fit.

The overall look of the brief is great.  I can definitely see the sex appeal it would create.  Actually, just before writing this article, a very handsome gentleman I’m acquainted with put them on for a little modeling session.  I have to say with his skin tone, his lovely Italian body hair, and his great build, this pair of underwear looked fantastic and would easily take the breath away from any onlooker.  The pouch, generously filled….the rear, greatly accentuated.

But, I digress.  When I wore the brief, its construction seemed a bit far fetched.  The back wasn’t as uncomfortable as the front.  There is a stretchable seam that runs from the top of the pouch under and up to the waistband in the back.  The seam sits neatly in the crack, but it irritates the manly parts in the pouch.  It basically tells your rod, “Hey, pick a side!”  For those men who are more endowed, the seam will serve as a nice attribute as it allows the pouch to expand outward.  I felt it to be unnecessary for me and a cause for irritation.  As with a previously reviewed pair of underwear, these briefs had to be taken off before I arrived back home.

The brief is made of 90% nylon and 10% Spandex, making a nice stretchy and smooth combination.  The waistband is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and doesn’t cut in at all.  That’s always good!  Not taking the seam into consideration, the brief feels awesome.  It is definitely a brief I would love to feel against me all day.

Fit 4
Material 5
Construction 2
Look 4
Daily Wear 3
Overall 3.6

You can try this design along with many others from the Candyman website at

This pair was furnished by Candyman for review.

One thing that you’ll soon discover about me is that I have a twisted, unexplainable, quirky sense of humor.  Needless to say, when my second opportunity to review a new pair of undies arrived, Tribe generated a lot of initial thoughts.  The mere word conjures up the idea of intrusive missionaries who have been captured and tied to stakes, engulfed in flames while surrounded by half-naked pigmies protecting their tribe.  Therefore, I had high expectations that this kelly green pair of Tribe boxer briefs would live up to the wild and uninhibited image the company’s name conveys.

Let me start by saying that these are the most comfortable and light-weight boxer briefs I’ve sported in quite some time.  Their first test run included wearing them at work all day and then to the gym in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly cool and comfy feelings this pair offered while still holding its shape.  The waistband and elastic around the legs stayed in place despite the extremely soft and diverse blend of fabrics, including 94% polyester, 6%elastane, and 100% modal lining

This Modal / Polyester pair falls within Tribe’s Short Boxer line and it’s perfect for the active guy as these are designed to hold you in all the right places.  Per the Australian based company, this blend is ideal for the gym as it has 50% more moisture regain and air flow than cotton.  Modal will not pill, is anti-crease, and will retain its brilliant color.  Some noticeable detailing includes the Tribe logo that is front and centered at the top of the waistband.  Double stitching runs around the entire waist and down the center of the pouch in addition to around the bottom of each leg lending to a well balanced and symmetrical esthetic.

While I don’t care to join those missionaries back at the camp anytime soon, I do feel my inner tribal instincts surface every time I slip into these well fitting, sporty boxer briefs.

Fit 4.0
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.0
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 4.0
Overall 4.0

These briefs were provided by Tribe and can be purchased at their website,

So I was wondering what the different styles of underwear are and did some research and discovered the following on Wikipedia.  Now, I know that Wiki is only as good as the information provided but this was very helpful.  I hope this helps clarify things for you if you didn’t know what was what.

Bikini Underwear

Usually worn with the waistband lower than the wearer’s waist, and often at the hips, with the leg bands ending at the groin. Men’s bikini briefs normally have no fly.

  • High-sided bikini underwear
  • Low-sided bikini underwear
  • String bikini – consists of two triangular pieces connected at the groin but not at the sides, with a thin “string” around the waist connecting the pieces.


A type of thong consisting of a narrow piece of material that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips.


A type of thong which has no material around the sides other than the waistband.


Has a narrow strip of material along the center of the garment’s rear which sits between the wearer’s buttocks and connects the front or pouch to the waistband behind the wearer. Thongs are sometimes worn to reduce “panty lines” when wearing tightly-fitting trousers.

Boxer Briefs (Trunks)

These are similar in style to boxer shorts, but are generally shorter and form-fitting like briefs.

  • Athletic-style boxer briefs – similar to cycling shorts, these are skin-tight and usually have no fly.
  • Pouch boxer briefs – these have a pouch for the genitals instead of a fly.


These have an elasticized waistband that is at or near the wearer’s waist, while the leg sections are fairly loose and extend to the mid-thigh. There is usually a fly, either with or without buttons. The waistbands of boxer shorts are usually wider than those of briefs, and often bear the brand name of the manufacturer.

Boxer shorts with colorful patterns, pictures of cartoon characters, sports team logos and slogans are readily available.

  • Knit boxers
  • Woven boxers


These have an elasticized waistband at or near the wearer’s waist, and leg sections that end at or near the groin.

  • traditional briefs – these have a Y-shaped fly.
  • Diagonal-flap briefs.
  • Double-seat or double-back briefs.
  • Low-cut or low-rise briefs
  • Pouch briefs.


Consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. In some varieties, the pouch may be fitted with a pocket to hold an impact-resistant cup to protect the genitals from injury.

  • Strapless pouch – consists of a support pouch for the genitals and a waistband, with no securing straps.

We hope you have enjoyed our run down of the different types of Underwear. The pictures used were from International Jock!

Too cute to not see again. Rawr!
Too cute to not see again. Rawr!

Hopefully, no one has been on pins and needles, waiting for the exciting second part to Under A Bear’s Clothes. It took some time to get replies returned and get the information together. Then, of course, life steps in and takes care of the rest of the time since posting the beginning. But, fear not bears and bear lovers! Here is the results of my questions to stocky and bear men.

I have to say, first off, that bears can be a tad shy when speaking of their underwear.  It was either this fact or all the bears I knew didn’t want to comment.  To an extent, I think I received a good number of replies from my questions.  Let’s get this bear underwear party started (only in my dreams, boys)!

Question 1: What type of underwear (style or cut) do you prefer? Why this choice?
The majority of responses I received leaned toward boxer briefs.  The fact that the package has room to move and breathe is a concern with these guys.  Others said they liked briefs because they provided a snug fit, used in traveling said one response.  One or two people threw in pouch briefs because they offered more room and a greater uplifting effect.

Question 2:  If you were to branch out from your normal style, which one would you want to try? Could this new adventure go along with a thought you have had in the past?
Since a good number of these guys said they liked wearing boxer briefs, branching out for them consisted of trying briefs.  One mentioned the Ginch Gonch Pretty Kitty briefs.  I can see a bear with kitties covering his rear!  That’s a great thought!  Other’s mentioned maybe something wilder like mesh or bikinis.  With newer companies coming along every month or so, they may just have a chance to try these soon.

Question 3:  Have you found a material that bests suits you and your everyday activities, whether it is cotton, spandex, Lycra, or possibly a blend?
Cotton was a top choice of fabrics.  Lycra/spandex blends were also mentioned.  The reasoning for so much cotton is because of its airy nature.  Some blends can cause more sweating and bears tend to get grumpy when they swear too much.  I tend to like a sweaty bear, but that’s just me!  On the other hand, people like the blends because they mold to the body instead of the loose tendency of cotton. More molding! More airy! I see a new commercial in the making.

Question 4:  When purchasing underwear for your mate, is there a style you prefer to see him/her in?
This question is where I got a lot of feedback!  Some men were open about what they would rather like to see, including briefs, boxers, or bikinis.  Others, however, were pretty direct about what they wanted to see.  One response said he liked seeing his mate in a jock while another wanted to see his mate in red Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Even farther, getting into the single crowd, they said it all depended on who was wearing the underwear.  I can agree with that statement.  A style that looks good on one person may not be a good choice for another.  It would be a boring world if we all wore the same thing.

Question 5:  When getting a new pair of underwear for your mate, are you open to trying new things for the sake of making the other party happy or possibly satisfying a fantasy/idea they have discovered?
The resounding response….YES! This was a definite.  All responses said they were totally open to trying new things with their partners to make them happy and see where the venture takes them.  How nice of our bears to be so open-hearted and willing to do something new!

Question 6:  Are you a fly person or do you prefer your underwear with no fly opening?
Split down the middle, our bears chose both fly and without.  One said since they liked pouches, the fly would be hard to design. Another said that the fly served no real function to him, being the main reason he hated regular, everyday brand briefs.  Yet another responder said he liked the top/pouch fly as in those created once by Jockey.

Question 7:  Do you prefer underwear with seams in the pouch/front or are you more of a seamless brief wearer?
Most replied with seamless, but everyone agreed that it wasn’t a necessity.  Every once in a while, a brief with a seam in the front can be irritating to men.  It causes a pick-and-chose motion where the guy ends up grabbing his crotch and picking a better place for his tool to rest.  That can get annoying and can be corrected with seamless briefs.  The seamless briefs can pose a problem to many because they are not generally designed with an accentuating pouch and may restrict movement more than desired.  It’s a heads or tails decision.

Question 8:  Do you prefer the more modern styles of underwear, featuring the accentuation pouch, such as 2xist, C-in2, or Andrew Christian?
The guys said, for the most part, that they liked the new accentuation pouches, even if they had never tried them.  They liked the way the pouch made the package more pronounced and how it picked up the tackle from the legs.  Only one person responded with a dislike of the pouches.  There wasn’t any reasoning…just a simple “No, that’s fine” answer and we carry on!

Question 9:  If the accentuation pouch brief is something you have not tried or you totally don’t like, are you more of a traditional/classic underwear guy, such as preferring to wear Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, or Jockey briefs or boxers?
There were quite a few point blank “NO!” answers to this question.  I think when some men found out there was a world of underwear outside what Mom and Dad used to buy them for school, they refused to go back.  I don’t blame them at all.  I was the same way. Even though these guys said no, they were open to seeing someone else in the classic designs. There are some great built guys that look amazing in a pair of tighty-whities!

Question 10:  Would you be more apt to try new styles of underwear if you saw someone of a more muscular/beefy body build compared to someone not close to your stature?
For our last question, it was split down the middle.  Half of the guys said they would more likely try a new style/brand if they saw someone of their own build modeling them.  It would help them make the final decision on whether the style looked comfortable or even be practical.  The other half said that no matter who was modeling the underwear, they would try it if they wanted to give it a shot.  If it didn’t fit well or look good, they would remember it and ever purchase them again.  Personally, I would like a model, but again, I’m not a bear, but an in between sometimes.

I would like to thank the guys who participated with the article.  We have learned a few things with regards to the thought process of stocky, beefy men and their underwear purchasing.  We can only hope that in the future, underwear designers will branch out and try to welcome in the larger size men.  There is a request for larger sizes and designers could make a great difference in today’s underwear market is they listened.

A personal love of mine is trying underwear I thought, in the not too distant past, I would never have the chance to try.  The feeling of sliding new exciting underwear into place is one that cannot be described in words.  A chance to try underwear from another country…well, that can provide this exact feeling.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to wear a pair of James Tudor underwear.

The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer
The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer

From across “the pond”, James Tudor rises as an innovative new brand in the UK.  The motivation, it seems, behind this new brand is the need and desire of men to have underwear that meets the growing demand of fashion and comfort, something we believe should be synonymous with each other.  From the logo waistband to the piping, James Tudor has taken great strides in providing today’s man with both characteristics in “revolutionary styles, from the magnetic fly to the traditional basics such as the athletic brief.”

This review pertains to the Half Fall Boxer in black with white piping in size small, being 30-32 inches (76-81 cm).  When first slipping them on, I noticed the leg openings were a bit snug but not overly tight.  This was credited to my thighs being somewhat meatier than other small wearing men.  The crotch is crafted perfectly with a nice opening, circling the male anatomy and creating a nest for its home.  The fly, if that’s what it is referred to, is not your normal opening.  Three buttons fasten the fly closed.  The waistband is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide with the logo front and center.  The material is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.  The piping creates an amazing frame around the hips.  The tags are placed in non-irritating locations and are not rough to the touch, indicating great thought and design in the creative process.

The feel of these boxers is phenomenal.  The material is a fantastic combination and one that will provide you with hours of comfort.  The opening in the fly is not restricting to retrieval in the slightest.  The buttons unbutton to a perfect spot where one can easily remove and replace his tackle.  During a day of walking at school and shopping, there was no binding or pinching.  The cut may be different to some as it is cut more squarely than some other brand trunks.  Never the less, it is centered on comfort and style and I believe James Tudor is spot on.

Fit:                                5
Materials:                        5
Put Together:                5
Look:                                 5
Daily Wear:                     5
Overall:                         5

You can find these boxers at  The price, in US dollars, is $30.00.  While visiting the James Tudor website, don’t miss out on viewing the rest of their collection of new styles and great colors.  These boxers were provided for review by James Tudor.


I was given the privilege to review a new brand of underwear soon to be hitting the streets.  Junk Underjeans provided us a couple of pairs to test and review.  First impressions were very soft material, very comfortable upon putting them on, and really cool patterns.  I wasn’t too sure about the first pair, as it did not seem to do a good job with holding the boys in place.  Now, having tried the second pair, I think it might have been operator error.  I wasn’t sure about the zipper fly combined with the internal pouch and how it all worked together.

What happened with the first pair was that it seemed to stretch out and not keep everything secure.  I am sure my exploration of the ins and outs of the undies did not help matters.  I was a little concerned by this until I tried the second pair.  On the second pair, I did not check out or explore its features, but wore them as one probably should.  I put them on and away I went.  Everything fit perfectly, stayed in place, and they were extremely comfortable the entire day.

My wife loved the second pair, too.  She liked the look of them with the silver dots on the sides, the zipper, the way they conformed to my body, and pretty much everything else.  With that in mind, I would have to say they are great undies and will be enjoyed by all!

Fit                    5
Materials          5
Put Together     5
Look                5
Daily Wear      5

Overall          5